Book of Days: Book #5 of the JP Kinkaid Chronicles

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  2. Book #5 of the Jp Kinkaid Chronicles
  3. Book #5 of the Jp Kinkaid Chronicles

Oh Kim, Love the plot to that upcoming book. It sounds like fun…literally. Called Dream Me Off My Feet — first in the series by Stevie Kisner and yes it invovles a hot rock star, sex and our heroine is a photogapher!! True, it got a bit heart-wrenching at the end, but I think she told a good story. Need a little Trey…. The first book is about their wild years of drugs, sex, rock and rehab.

The second book is a love story with alot of angst and drugs, sex and rock. It end on a cliff hanger. The third book continues the love story, and has a love triangle. Over all the story was good. According to the author, this is a story about being careful what you wish for. And with the shocking ending, the author made her point. Short and HOT!!!!

Rae has three other rock star books out that are already on the list so this is her 4th YEAH!!!! Also we can add Love Revolution by Michelle Mankin that actually has 2 couples and both guys are rock stars!!! You are going to LOVE it!! Wooo hoooo over rock star books!! Over Way to go Maryse!! Just saying…. Worth reading, even just to see how she makes it fit. The author provides her own soundtrack of how she images the bands to sound. Biker Rockstar series by Bec Botefuhr : 0. Phoenix Rockstar 2. Heart Song.

Orion the Hunter series by J. Chase : 1. The Hunter 2. The Hunted 3. Hunting Lust. Cameron: 1. Rock Hard Love 2. Rock Hard Envy. From what I read from the review the women in this book lost her lover and was finally ready to go back into the world and meet people again,she goes to a bar awhole in the wall bar and meets a man there.

This man was disguised so no one could tell who he was. This man choose to go to this bar cause he felt no one would recognize him there. She notices him and wonders why is he trying to disguise himself. So please help me find out what the name of this book is. Help please! Help me anyone! What a great list, thank you so much! There are two more books for it: Mel by Liz Berry my all time favorite! Hey just got my first book published called Life of the Rock Star. Its out now and can be found on amazon and other book websites.

At the minute I am trying to get more interest. On return to his home town for his last gig of his tour, famous rock star Kacy kay meets a woman who will change his life forever. Nicole is half vampire and half human. When she gets the chance to meet her favourite singer her world is complete. When she falls for Kacy she feels complete, but when her family gets attacked her world starts to fall apart. Trying to find the name of a book I read… the story is about a caterer who is hired to caterer after parties for a rocker who is engaged… and she gets hired for his wedding in Spain as well… and takes her staff down to Spain… Have you heard of this one?

Love your Rockstar books recommendations. However, there are 2 missing. Loved the 2 books in her series of 4. There is also a sequel called Baby be mine. They are both very enjoyable books for anyone looking for a rock star romance! Also there is Sandra Hill, her take on the Viking way of life is, funny and exciting. Both authors are fun to read, I will stay up all night with one of there books.

She is an amazing author who knows how to write smexy stories! I love ALL her books. Excuse me if I am using poor netiquette for mentioning my own book, but with so many people here who seem to enjoy fiction about rock stars, I did want to share a link to my forthcoming novel Identity Theft now being funded on Pubslush. Thanks for this ridiculously thorough list. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that link number 3 no longer exists. Looove so many of these books!! Hot rockers are my ultimate weakness!

I was wondering if someone could help me find a book I forgot the name to. The girl is in college and she also sings With her boyfriends band. When she was younger she recorded her father being killed. She has a twin brother. Can anyone help? It starts off with Breathe which introduces you to Jax Stone a rocker who likes to take some time off and stay in Sea Breeze Alabama where he meets Sadie White who is just your gorgeous but poor girl next door.

Needless to say boy meets girl boy and girl fall in love but not without a few obstacles are overcome. You also meet several other characters that each get their own stories throughout the series and there are a few other bad boy rocker types in this series. Abbi Glines is who introduced me to the whole rockstar genre.. Each band member has his own books about the trial and tribulations of finding someone special for themselves. Loved this series and was sad to see it end..

There are 4 books and 1 novella in the series so far and the next book should be released any time this month.. Gaaaahhhhh when I found this series lets just say I read that book in a day and was left wanting more, which luckily I was not left wanting more for too long.. You learn about the alpha bad boys of the band Falling Down and can I say if they were a real band I would def be a groupie. The series starts with Jesse Kingston front man for the band reuniting with Luciano Russo famous academy award winner actress wanting to follow her real dream and be a rockstar herself..

This series has some tears, feels and laughs.. She lost her way one rainy night then end up in the rockstars house. So many rockstar books. Who knew?


Love this genre, but never realised there are so many to choose from. Hardly know where to start clicking! Rock Addiction Book 1 has a super sexy tattooed rockstar falling for a librarian, both with issues in their pasts to face. Loved it. Some of the other books in the Rock Kiss series are a bit too angsty for me, but I know others have really enjoyed them. Book 3 Rock Redemption just came out a few months ago, I think. My fav is book 2, Play. Mal is so funny and super sweet.

Also love book 3, Lead. OK, now for some clicking. Thoughtless, Breathe, maybe Falling Down…. OMG, how have I not read these books before? Mmmm, where to start??? Yep, there goes the rest of the day…. I read it still have to review and give about 3. Review to come. Chasing Shadows Shadow Series 2 by S. Still have to review. I mostly enjoyed it had butterflies and everything but had moments of disappointment. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. Sara J.

Love the rock star books!!!! Lori Whitwam. So glad to add it, Lori!! And congratulations on the print copies!! I added them — thank you!!! Karina Halle. Thanks for the add, Maryse! Diana Holquist. Kendall Grey.

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Book #5 of the Jp Kinkaid Chronicles

Kendall… so glad to have you here!! Here are a few more, I apologize if you already have them: 1.

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Where do I start? Only read about 5 of these, better get busy! Glad to see that you included the Conquest boys in there. Love them! You are a Blog Goddess!!! Lynn Rush. Nina Gomez. Ive read some of these books and cant wait to get into more!! Awesome list, my TBR list just doubled in size. Thank you Maryse!!! You might want to add Loves Rhythem by lexxie Couper it was really good. I am so excited to see Kendall Grey on this list. I adore those books!!!!! Cathy Tudon. Autumn The Autumn Review.

Thank you Lucylou!! Sara Minor. I was waiting for you to do this list!! Can you email it to me?? Awesome Lucy! I shall be adding these in tomorrow. Woohoo rock stars or everyone! Keep going, you rock! Joanne Bustamante. You should also include the Hidden Gem series by India Lee. Both leads are pop stars! Tammy Coons. Free on Kindle today. Go Kim Go! Maryse will break the Mark!!!! More Rock Stars for everyone!!! Oh we will get you to !!! I found more, of course : , and I will get those to you!!!! Elyssa Patrick. Such a thrill!

Deborah Grabien. I have eighteen published novels out, and the Kinkaids are far and away the books of my heart. LucyLou- I agree!!!

Enya - Book Of Days [Live]

Hey Maryse, Found some more Rock Star books. Maryse I think we can shoot for ??? What do you think? I will be adding these new additions once I get home tonight. I just Maryse to get to !! Stephanie Dunn TheStephanieD. Face the Music by Andrea K. Robbins After losing her mother in a tragic accident, Allison Banks takes on the sole responsibility of caring for her little sister, her young niece, and her disabled grandmother.

Oh YAY! Let me know what you think of that one. I keep meaning to start it. I meant to write: he is in seat 3a, she is in 3b. Avis Exley. Thanks so much for including Love Notes on your list. So honoured! Avis xx. Ok and I found a few also that need to be added so I shall revise shortly. Lexxie Couper.

Book #5 of the Jp Kinkaid Chronicles

Does anyone know when Rocked Under by Cora Hawkes is to be released! Grabien is a master at giving a musical instrument a starring role. It never ceases to amaze me how vividly and realistically each bit of information helps pull the reader intimately into the world of a touring rock band. And did I mention food? The logistical nightmares detailed in the Chronicles, from booking hotels to managing medical emergencies, give each of the stories a depth that strangely lifts them out of anything considered light reading.

These musicians have been playing together for more than thirty years. They now face the issues that come with aging, and they are all coming at long last to grapple with seriously growing up. We read of death from cancer, disappointments in children, and caring for aging parents. For readers who have passed through those same years, the characters touch us deeply. Grabien has given them rich, full lives, both musical and personal. They may be older, and certainly wiser, but they sustain their intense familial and love relationships.

Grabien has given us two very remarkable and modern characters in JP and Bree. That hardships become turning points in their lives is not surprising, but how the accumulation of these hardships brings JP and Bree to an awareness of their importance to each other is rather unexpected and arrived at without cliches. Grabien reminds us again in Book 6 that she is in a class of her own when it comes to pulling the reader into the music of her stories. Diverse Voices is our catch-all for writers and other staffers who did but a few reviews or other writings for us. It also includes material by writers that first appeared in the Sleeping Hedgehog , our in-house newsletter for staff and readers here.

The Green Man Review.