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You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Comic used with permission. Comic Books. In Avengers: The Initiative , this is specifically mentioned. Cloud 9 is shocked when she blows up an enemy plane, saying that "I mean in cartoons when that happens you see the guy bail out with a parachute It was usually referred to as him having forced her to love him which was something the drugs also did.

When "die" is not said, it is often for stylistically reasons, or when a more funny way to say it fits better the story. Sometimes even "kill" is said, when someone thinks a character caused the death of somebody after a catastrophic big bump or Monica hits somebody with a plush rabbit throw. Apple Bloom : Ah can't "go" before I get mah cutie mark. Comic Strips. Acres : These worms said "go". Ace Combat: Equestria Chronicles zigzags this, in regards to Mooks. They're usually said to be "defeated" by the heroes, but it's often very clear said Mooks were killed: punches and kicks are often aimed at a foe's neck or head, and there's a general implication that if they aren't killed in mid-air, they fall to their dooms off-screen, due to their injuries leaving them unable to fly.

Named antagonists, however, are often explicitly said to be killed. Chapter 24 of Cellar Secrets justifies this because Satsuki wasn't sure how to explain death to Ryuuko, so she tells the latter that their dad "went up to where the stars are", keeping the point that their father is gone and won't come back. The chapter after that has her using a variant of that "going to the sky" to explain the situation of Shiro passing away, to which Ryuuko understands and protests.

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Earlier, this is played with as Nui reminds Ryuuko that Ragyo is gone but she says "she passed away" instead of "she died". Films — Animation. Played with in Big Hero 6. Hiro tells Baymax to destroy Callaghan after he callously denounced Tadashi's death as Tadashi's fault, a nice Call-Back to his earlier bot fight to ruthlessly destroy his opponent.


never say die

In the aftermath, the rest of the team repeatedly said that they "never signed on" or "wasn't part of the plan" to kill Callaghan. Disney censors "death" and its related words, "saint", "naked", "God", "holy", "sin", "heaven", "pray", "tragedy", "Christmas", "demon", "devil", "exorcism", "anointed water", "stupid", "idiot", "moron" and "fat". She was killed by Queen Elsa " is changed to "The princess Anna has His dramatic line " Your sister is dead, because of you! During the holiday special , however, Tai Lung shows up in a dream and Po states, "I thought you were d—" before he gets clobbered, unable to finish his sentence; then again, the one having this dream didn't even witness Tai Lung's fate.

Other than that, they aren't shy talking about death, especially in Kung Fu Panda 2 , which outright states whenever characters are Killed Off for Real. Of course, there's not much of an excuse to use this trope when you have genocide as a major plot point.

In Chicken Run , although the human characters are planning a mass slaughter of the chickens, they never, ever say they are going to kill them. The chickens, however, use not only "kill" but also "die," "death," and even "suicide. Apparently Americans care more about this trope than British do. Parodied and lampshaded in Bartok the Magnificent : The wicked sorceress Ludmilla orders her Obliviously Evil Minion , Vol, to kill Prince Ivan, but phrases it "Get him out of the way", so he does just that, locking him at the top of the tallest tower in the palace.

When she finds him, the exchange goes like this: Ludmilla : The Prince?! I told you to get him out of the way! Vol : He's in the highest room in the tallest tower! How much more out of the way could he be? Though, it may have gone unnoticed because it was in a long list of teams Batman was listing off as he was asking who he was working with.

Films — Live-Action. Muppet Treasure Island plays with the trope : Billy Bones' death after getting the Black Spot a is totally overblown for comedic effect, and b gets a reaction of "He's dead!?

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But this is supposed to be a kids' movie! Taken further when a pirate weeps over the recently shot Dead Tom until another pirate patiently explains he was already dead. That's why he's called Dead Tom.

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The bereaved pirate unceremoniously drops the skeleton and moves on. Messily and painfully! Bodily functions taboo lampshade: In Pleasantville , Jennifer is astonished to find the girls' room at Pleasantville High has no toilets. Apparently it exists only as a ceramic-tiled girls' chat-retreat with running water, as the Fire Department exists only to get cats out of trees.

As for death In a variation on this trope, the film The Pope Must Die about a newly elected Pope being plotted against was forced by Catholic outrage to change its name to The Pope Must Die t about a fat The "t" was added to the cover art as if cut from a magazine. No dieting happens in the movie.

In Drop Dead Gorgeous , one of the brainless bimbos talks about her previous dog, a German Shepherd who went to 'live on a farm' after attacking her.

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Naturally, she doesn't get that it's a euphemism. In the Victorian farce The Wrong Box , young idlers Morris and John Peter Cook and Dudley Moore need to procure a death certificate to cover up an untimely demise; they get a lot of mileage out of the word 'thing': Morris: Now you remember that chambermaid you got into, umm Morris: Thing. Who was the doctor who did the, umm John: Thing?

Pratt, Doctor Pratt. Morris: Was he a venal doctor? We were all over the place. Everybody was playing a different thing. We weren't getting along with each other and we were all fucked-up with drugs and alcohol.

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And I got fired. It was just a bad thing. You try to lift your head up above water, but eventually the tide sucks you under. In the liner notes to the live album Reunion , Ward defended the album: "In the circumstances, I thought we did the best we could. We were taking care of business ourselves, we didn't have millions from the record company and, despite the booze and Ozzy's departure, we tried to experiment with jazz and stuff the way we had in the early days.

The bottom line was that 'Breakout' was stretching it too far for me. With tracks like that on the album, we might as well have been called Slack Haddock, not Black Sabbath. The only impressive thing about a jazz band as far as I was concerned was how much they could drink. While Butler received credit for "Swinging the Chain"'s lyrics, they were actually composed by Ward. The sleeve for the album was the second following Technical Ecstasy by Hipgnosis and the US and UK releases differed slightly in the faint images of British military pilots seen in the sky.

The inner-bag featured graphics in keeping with the sleeve and credits, but no lyrics. The aeroplane on the cover appears to be a North American T-6 Texan. In the UK the title track, released well ahead of the album and the band's first UK picture-sleeve single, reached No. In the UK the album reached No.

Love Is Dead

Tour to promote the single. The song marks the first and last time guitarist Tony Iommi sings backing vocals. The album received mostly negative reviews and is not held in high esteem today, with AllMusic referring to the album as "unfocused", saying it "will hold little interest to the average heavy metal fan". Speaking in October of the new album, Osbourne said, "It's a combination of what we've all been through in the last ten years.

It's a very varied album.

Iron Eagle (Never Say Die) - King Cobra

Like, we started out playing in blues clubs, because British blues — like John Mayall and early Fleetwood Mac — was the thing at the time. We were into a twelve-bar trip and early Ten Years After -style stuff. So it's part of that sort of trip. Then there's the heavy thing and the rock thing. It's not just steamhammer headbanging stuff all the way through We got rid of all our inner frustrations: what each of us individually wanted to put down over the years but couldn't because of the pressures of work.

So we put a lot of painstaking hours into developing this album. I'm ashamed of that album. I think it's disgusting". Is this really Black Sabbath? I'd just fuck off. Black Sabbath's Never Say Die!

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  • Ward's drum tech Graham Wright and Osbourne's personal assistant David Tangye, who write extensively about the tour in their book How Black Was Our Sabbath , reveal that relations between the two bands got off to a shaky start at the 22 May show at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester. After Sabbath finished their soundcheck, Van Halen "hit the stage and started to play Sabbath tunes. It was their way of paying tribute to the Sabs, but Tony Iommi was annoyed by it. He may have misinterpreted the gesture as a piss-take, which it certainly was not.

    The unwitting faux pas was soon forgotten. The two bands came to get along very well together, and Alex Van Halen would often sit Weren't you trying forgiveness and weren't you trying to stay? Weren't you trying to look up and weren't you trying to pray? Never Say Die song meanings. Add your thoughts 2 Comments. My Interpretation This song is about bailing when you're in a new relationship. It was promising - it was supposed to be fun and new; it had the hope of being different from all the other people they've been dating. She had a feeling it could be true. That's what he implied and that's what she was hoping for: "Wasn't it gonna be fun and wasn't it gonna be new?

    That killed it for her: "But I'm falling in, I'm falling out". When he kinda bailed - maybe by wanting to continue dating other people while still seeing her - she declared she's definitely out. She was really into him, but it wasn't love yet, and therefore she is not wishing death on him - as we sometimes do when someone breaks our heart: Weren't you trying forgiveness and weren't you trying to stay? No Replies Log in to reply.