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Brigham Young, on the other hand, was born in Vermont and raised in Massachusetts. In , he joined Joseph Smith at Kirtland, Ohio, which is in the northeast part of the state — approximately miles from where my ancestors lived. Of course, there could be something way, WAY back. Possible, but not likely, especially considering everything else against this.

The story about great-grandpa having fought with Sherman in his March to the Sea? Could it be that one of my collateral relatives had joined the Mormons when they were in Ohio? It turns out there is… sort of. While I have not been able to find any familial relationship to Brigham Young or anything connecting my relatives to the early Mormon church, there is one tiny connection between Brigham Young and my grandmother. Her maiden name was Young.

Family legends can be entertaining and frustrating. Treat them like you would any other piece of evidence. Analyze them and check for plausibility.

Family Legends and Myths

Research the facts and evaluate how the story holds up. The entire story might not be true, but there could be a piece of it that is true.

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Spoke with someone yesterday and told to tell my story to out if answers can be found. I have also found articles of babies being abandoned and the woman who became my grandmother was given these babies to find homes for. She decided to keep this last little girl for herself and this woman became my mother. My mother also worked for 45 years for the Salvation Army in their homes for Unwed Mothers, helping other girls in their time of need. If it is at all possible we would like to see if we can find anything out about the woman who left her in the boarding house.

It turned out not to be true, but it is what got me into genealogy in the first place. I have 2 theories 1 is one of our confederate serving ancestor somehow met him or something like that 2 she found out we are somehow distant cousins.

Family legends

They had a total of nine children. When I tracked down the descendants of the youngest of these nine children, they proudly shared with me that they had a Family History book that great-grandma and written about her parents.

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Needless to say I was overjoyed when they sent me a copy. You want to know what it says? The only people who had relatives in other countries in those days were royalty who sent their daughters off to other countries to marry into another royal family. Yet many of the descendants of that line named their children Ramon and Jose because of this Family History book.


So clearly, they drank that Kool-Aid. Husband also took the DNA test and while we discovered many cousins that are part of other lines, it did not help us so far in resolving this mystery. This one took the longest to prove but it eventually did turn out that our ancestor Anna Ellis Barnum was a 2nd cousin of PT Barnum. Legend 3: Samuel Hendricks was very old when he married his wife Aurelia Fox and when he died she abandoned the children to be raised by native americans.

Not true at all. This story was obviously only half true and applied to a different ancestor than the one I was told about. There is always a small amount of truth in these legends…the fun is in proving or disproving them. I have a family genealogy written in the late s by my gg-grandfather. But I have to love this gg-grandfather: he interviewed all his many relatives, organized the information, and presented his siblings and many descendants an otherwise excellent genealogical history of a family living in coal-mining country in the 19th Century.

While neither legend is likely to be true and, in fact, the desire to have a connection to our first president generated a lot of these kinds of family legends , both ancestors did fight in the Revolutionary War and were serving under General Washington at Valley Forge and later conflicts, so there is the slightest grain of truth within the rumors.

Adolph Boeckelmann.

Son Family Tag List | Characters | Dragon Ball Legends | DBZ Space

He just got here to the US in time to serve. Be sure to check them out. There are several other ways to verify the truth. Thanks to DNA, stories of having a Cherokee princess in your lineage can be quickly dismissed if no Native American ancestry is found. Conversely, DNA can also support long held accounts. One of my family tales involves the early migration from a southern land to a stop on an island before continuing the route northward. I was amazed to discover my oral history was confirmed by DNA. My family migrated from the Middle East through the Greek islands and ultimately, to what is now known as Croatia.

Recently, a cousin connected with me via a DNA match. Elizabeth Shown Mills had written extensively about the importance of exploring the FAN Club Friends, Associates and Neighbors to overcome a brick wall and that practice can also be used to examine the validity of this family yarn. I have not found that Maria and Anna Swanson were related.

The Kernel of Truth

As shown above, depicting a relationship graphically helps clarify the confusion. Although I used Microsoft Excel, paper and pencil work equally well.

Historical accounts are useful resources in uncovering the truth behind family legends. My mother was outspoken against injustice and she attributed this character trait due to a frightening experience as a 6-year-old child. As the story goes, one autumn evening, noises were heard growing louder outside the home. Grandma grabbed the youngest and told my mother to hold hands with her sister.

The children were told to remain still. Spend some time reading about the history of the time, place or person which relates to your family's story or legend. Background historical knowledge may help you prove or disprove the legend. It's unlikely that your great, great Grandfather was a Cherokee, for example, if he lived in Michigan in While your genes may not have all the answers, a DNA test may be able to help you prove or disprove a family legend.

DNA can help you determine if you descend from a particular ethnic group, your family came from a particular region, or you share a common ancestor with a particular person. The Three Brothers Myth It's always three brothers. Brothers who immigrated to America, and then headed out in different directions.

Never more or less than three, and never sisters either. This is one of the favorite of all genealogy legends, and one that very rarely turns out to be true. But there really isn't such a thing as a Cherokee princess, and isn't it funny that it is almost never a Navaho, Apache, Sioux or Hopi princess? Our Name Was Changed at Ellis Island This is one of the most common myths found in American family history, but it actually almost never happened.