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Does it make someone a monster? Here are five of my fave YA girls with superpowers who answer these questions in different ways. In this richly constructed fantasy world, Adelina is the survivor of a blood fever that has left her and other children with varying superpowers. Adelina has also been raised by an abusive father determined to exploit his daughter and her powers however he can.

Adelina treads the line between superhero and super-villain throughout the series and reminds me very much of Catwoman who had year-old me rooting for her in Batman Returns. Juliette can kill with a touch and she considers herself a monster. She lives in a dystopian society run by a government called the Reestablishment who offers to let Juliette out of the asylum——if she agrees to use her ability to torture for them on demand.

The question of who the real monster is becomes a recurrent theme throughout the novel and, like with Adelina, the reader becomes extremely invested in Juliette as she learns to define her own identity. Probably because I not so secretly want to be recruited into one. In Hunting Lila , our heroine has been hiding the fact that she can move objects with her mind.

Dun dun dun. I love stories where the protagonist has the proverbial carpet pulled out from underneath them, forcing them to question everything they thought was true. Lila is headstrong and relatable as she learns more about her own power and the motivations of the people in her life. Set in the year , the world inhabited by the protagonist, Zel, is one where genetic modification has run amok and extraordinary abilities are sold on the black market. Reese is slightly rude and ignorant of Tor's affections, although she still displays that she loves him. A common habit between the two is Tor telling Reese to put her hair back, so he can see her eyes, but Reese dislikes him doing this.

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Tor has thinning red hair and is slightly larger than average. He also has a full red beard and mustache.

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He resembles his daughter. Reese has long wavy auburn hair that often falls on her face and dark brown eyes. She is of average height and size for a nine-year-old girl.

Tor Miller - Carter & Cash

Reese is blind in her left eye due to chronic oxygen deficiency. Abigail Griffin Edit Abby and Tor seem to know each other and have a strong doctor-patient relationship.

Tor and Reese Lemkin | The Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

While he does not seem to like the Council , he understands that Abby is trying her best to help everyone and remain friends until his death. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. That there was nothing I could do to help.

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