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Following the official statement, Newscorp CEO Rupert Murdoch [42] took his reactions to Twitter where he expressed his criticisms of Google and the current administration:. Murdoch, who is an outspoken supporter of anti-piracy bills, asserted that White House's response was made to appeal Google, the company that he accuses of indexing sites offering illegal downloads of copyrighted material. After sponsors of the bill agreed to remove a controversial provision requiring service providers to block access to users by manipulating the Domain Name Service DNS , it was reported by several news agencies including New York Time that another hearing of SOPA will be shelved indefinitely until a clearer consensus could be reached.

According to the satire website FreeBieber. A new bill in Congress makes posting a video containing any copyrighted work a felony-- with up to 5 years in prison. If this bill passes, he could get 5 years in jail. In a joint effort to raise the awareness of the congressional hearings scheduled to begin on November 16th, a day of online protest dubbed "American Censorship Day" was launched on the same day at a.

Organized by EFF and a network of supporter groups including Free Software Foundation, Fight For the Future and Creative Commons, the campaign asked its participants to place a censorship badge over the site's logo in display of solidarity against the legislation of the bill. On Twitter, participants of the protest tweeted links to their websites with the hashtags sitecensored, dontbreaktheinternet and blacklist.


SOPA copyright bill draws fire - CNET

Sign this petition for the love of the internet" was posted on the frontpage. Tumblr also took part in the protest by censoring dashboard content in black and providing a link with contact information of U. On the next day, Fight For the Future published an infographic chart illustrating the turnout of American Censorship Day, which reported over 6, participating websites, over 1 million e-mails and over 3, handwritten letters sent to Congress about the bills.

According to a tweet posted from Tumblr's Twitter account, an average of 3.

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Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi also revealed her stance against the bill via Twitter, in responding to a tweeter who asked: "Where do you stand on internet censoring and SOPA? On December 10th, , Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales asked the readers' opinions on a potential blackout of the website in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act. In an impromptu straw poll launched on his user talk page [13] , Wales announced that while there are no immidiate plans to blank out Wikipedia, he noted the Italian Wikipedia blank out in early October as a precedent, in which the parliament backed down on the privacy law after Italian Wikipedia took all of its pages offline.

On December 11th, , a single topic blog titled "I Work for the Internet" [10] was launched to compile a long list of user-submitted webcam portraits in display of solidarity against the legislation of SOPA. On October 31st, , TechDirt [18] and the Domains [19] both published articles stating that Christine Jones, the general counsel and corporate secretary from GoDaddy.

TechDirt countered the statement by posting screen shots of how GoDaddy itself encourages people to violate SOPA by suggesting domain names that would infringe on other established sites' copyright and name trademarks. The day before the bill was set to be heard in the House ON November 15th, GoDaddy filed an official statement [20] breaking down exactly why they were supporting SOPA, claiming that "there is no question that we need these added tools to counteract illegal foreign sites that are falling outside the jurisdiction of U.

This information was relatively unknown until December 22nd when Redditor selfprodigy [21] posted about GoDaddy's statement to the Politics subreddit, suggesting GoDaddy users move their domains on December 29th to protest the company's support of the bill. In response, CEO of Zferral Jeff Epstein provided a step-by-step guide on how to transfer domains from GoDaddy to another host [28] and Fight For the Future launched a special pledge page for the would-be boycotters.

A number of major Internet companies vowed to drop their GoDaddy accounts including Wikipedia and the image hosting service Imgur. Following the news coverage of boycott campaign on December 23rd, GoDaddy [29] released a statement by CEO Warren Adelman announcing that they will no longer be supporting the act and pulled down a post outlining the reasons they had previously supported it:.

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  • SOPA copyright bill draws fire.
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  • Getting it right is worth the wait. Go Daddy will support it when and if the Internet community supports it. Despite GoDaddy's decision to withdraw its support for SOPA, Internet users reportedly waged the boycott campaign with an estimated figure of over 37, domains dropped within the first 48 hours and over 70, domains by December 29th, including the internet culture blog BuzzFeed. NetCoalition leader Markham Erickson was questioned about the blackout rumors and revealed that "there have been some serious discussions about that.

    Schumer and Kirsten E. Gillibrand, who co-sponsored some of the proposed legislation. On January 4th, a team of hacktivists gathered at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, Germany and announced a plan to launch satellites into orbit to put the Internet beyond the reach of censors.

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    The story was covered by the BBC [35] and questioned hacker activist Nick Farr about the purpose of the satellites:. Let's take the internet out of the control of terrestrial entities," Mr Farr said. If passed, the act would allow for some sites to be blocked on copyright grounds. The Hackspace Global Grid [36] hacker hobbyist group was subsequently formed to "understand, build and make available satellite based communication for the hackerspace community and all of mankind.

    Users had been using the BlackoutSOPA [38] web application that automatically edits the Twitter profile picture after being given access to the account. The same day, Reddit announced on their official blog [39] that they would be blacking out Reddit on January 18th from 8am to 8pm EST, the same day Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian would be testifying before congress.

    On January 16th, Wikimedia founder Jimmy Wales announced that the English-language Wikipedia will be participating in a hour blackout on January 18th, joining the pledges of several other Internet companies like Reddit, Cheezburger, Wordpress, Zynga and Mozilla among others. The 24 hour shutdown of Wikipedia will be replaced with instructions on how to reach out to your local US members of congress:. On January 12th, Vice Magazine published an article titled "The Author of SOPA is a Copyright Violator," [41] pointing out that Congressman Lamar Smith had used a nature photograph as a background image for his website without the artist's permission, as shown in an archived screenshot from July 24th, Upon tracking down the photographer DJ Shulte who took the photograph, it was discovered that no request for permission was given.

    On the following day of the post, Vice launched an open campaign known as "Shop a SOPA" Copyright Hypocrite Hunt in order to catch other copyright infringement associated with supporters of the bill.

    What Is SOPA Anyway? A Guide to Understanding the Online Piracy Bill

    The well-known tech blogs BoingBoing went offline for the day and Wired blacked out its text on the frontpage. The blogging platform Wordpress also featured a grid of "censored" thumbnails in place of the regular blog thumbnails. Mozilla featured a similar call to action on its homepage. Reddit also participated in the blackout protest, going offline for 12 hours from 8 a. Cheezburger sites went dark with a pop-up message encouraging visitors to contact senators regarding the bills. The reverse image search engine Tineye also went offline in protest.

    Image hosting service imgur also went offline. Quickmeme posted a bulletin message with links to external pages on homepage. The news of websites' blackout protests were immediately picked up by CNN, New York Times and other news agencies, including several mainstream publishers who have written little about the debate in Congress. On the following day, the organizers behind the protest released a report explaining the turnout in numbers: at least , websites participated in the strike, 10 million signatures were signed to Google's homepage petition and over 3 million e-mails excluding ones sent from Wikipedia were sent to Congress.

    In addition, thousands of demonstrators attended real-life protests in New York, San Francisco, and elsewhere. By January 20th, seven co-sponsors of PIPA and a total of 45 Senators had either withdrawn their sponsorships or opposed the legislation of the bills, according to a count by OpenCongress. Americans rightfully expect to be fairly compensated 4 their work. Search queries for "internet blacklist", "protect ip" and "stop online piracy" rose dramatically in October Sign this petition for the love of the internet. View All Videos.

    I agree that piracy is a serious problem and between and when I testified before Congress, we discussed many solutions, none of which violate our First Amendment Right to Free Speech.

    Protests against SOPA and PIPA

    Karen Kotchar contributed as an editor to this story. Find the writer on Facebook here. They lobby for the passage of bills that would give the government enough power to not only attempt to stop piracy and fail, BUT while failing would also infringe on free speech, cost millions of jobs and hamper innovation all at the same time.

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    The studios and labels have a much more difficult time with websites such as Piratebay. A peer, or node is a personal computer connected to the internet with an open source application based on BitTorrent open source code. Those files are made available for download using a torrent download application which happens to be the same application that hosts the infringing files. When someone downloads a file using a BitTorrent, they are actually receiving that one file from multiple machines that are hosting the same exact file using the same piece of software and then they are many cases, making that file available to be downloaded from their machine and the cycle begins.

    It is this confusion that it makes things more difficult and more dangerous. Dangerous because, Piratebay. The same goes for YouTube and Facebook. Domain names are simply a fancy and more informative way for you to find a website since the data for a website resides on a server somewhere and that server has a digital address identified by something called an IP or internet Protocol address.

    For most users, shutting down an infringing DNS address would prevent them from reaching the website that contained the infringing content or the link to the infringing content.