Latin Prepositions: A Handbook for Teachers and Students

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They are in school from August until May. Starting in August and ending in May. She will graduate within 2 years. Not longer than 2 years.

Similar authors to follow

Prepositions of Place To refer to a place, use the prepositions in the point itself , at the general vicinity , on the surface , and inside something contained. They will meet in the lunchroom. She was waiting at the corner. He left his phone on the bed. Place the pen inside the drawer. The bird flew over the house. The plates were on the shelf above the cups. Basements are dug below ground.

There is hard wood beneath the carpet. The squirrel hid the nuts under a pile of leaves. The cat is hiding underneath the box.

English translation of Latin ablative prepositions.

The gas station is by the grocery store. The park is near her house. Park your bike next to the garage.

Pellegrino, David / Preposition Song

There is a deer between the two trees. There is a purple flower among the weeds. The garage is opposite the house. Prepositions of Location To refer to a location, use the prepositions in an area or volume , at a point , and on a surface. They live in the country. The post office is across the street from the grocery store.

We will stop at many attractions along the way. The kids are hiding behind the tree. His shirt is off. Walk toward the garage and then turn left. Place a check mark within the box. Prepositions Following Verbs and Adverbs Some verbs and adjectives are followed by a certain preposition. She complained about the homework. I read about the flooding in the city. At: arrive a building or event , smile, look He arrived at the airport 2 hours early.

The children smiled at her. She looked at him. From: differ, suffer The results differ from my original idea. She suffers from dementia. For: account, allow , search Be sure to account for any discrepancies. I returned the transcripts to the interviewees to allow for revisions to be made. They are searching for the missing dog. In: occur , result , succeed The same problem occurred in three out of four cases.

My recruitment strategies resulted in finding 10 participants. She will succeed in completing her degree. Of: approve, consist, smell I approve of the idea. The recipe consists of three basic ingredients. The basement smells of mildew. On: concentrate, depend, insist He is concentrating on his work. They depend on each other. I must insist on following this rule. To: belong, contribute, lead, refer Bears belong to the family of mammals. I hope to contribute to the previous research.

Latin Prepositions and Verb Systems (Part I)

My results will lead to future research on the topic. Please refer to my previous explanation. With: dis agree, argue, deal I dis agree with you. She argued with him. They will deal with the situation. Ending a Sentence With a Preposition At one time, schools taught students that a sentence should never end with a preposition.

Ends with a preposition but is acceptable Unclear Revision: Paid for the car had not been. Unclear sentence. Ends with a preposition but is acceptable Overly Grammatical Revision: I would like to know from where she comes. Example: My research will focus on the community the students lived in. Revision: My research will focus on the community in which the students lived.

Example: I like the people I am working with. Revision: I like the people with whom I am working. Unnecessary Prepositions If the preposition is unnecessary, leave it out. This creates more clear and concise writing. This book has been designed to give you the essentials that you need to make that happen: the explanations, the dictionary definitions, the usages, and the material for practice. Once you can handle the prepositional phrases speedily, your reading will be noticeably improved. You will also be able to approach any text with some increased feeling of confidence because you will already be familiar with those recurring particles known as prepositions.

Presented here are over exemplary phrases to use as a reference.


This book has two unique features: 1 a collection of prepositional phrases from select authors and works so that you can become familiar with authentic classical prepositional use; and 2 a full unpacking of almost all of the very difficult and confusing abbreviations used in Lewis and Short's Latin Dictionary.

The second feature will be of special interest to any scholar who wants to begin to develop a sense of the specifics of Latin literature. This handbook is an inexpensive way to get what you need to know about all the major Latin prepositions. It can serve as a secondary text at any level of Latin study. Product Details About the Author. Average Review.

Write a Review. Related Searches. Cicero De Domo Sua. It is nevertheless of interest as a most passionate and personally charged plea by the orator on his return from exile in 57 BCE.

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The pater View Product. Students can easily find Corderius Colloquies Book 2. The simple sentences, the little dramatic interchanges, and the representation of daily concerns provide an This phrase-book facilitates the understanding of Horace's Odes by extracting and translating all of the This phrase-book facilitates the understanding of Horace's Odes by extracting and translating all of the adjectival phrases.

Teachers and learners favoring a phrase-based Latin pedagogy will find that this work provides much time-saving assistance. It is an easy on-ramp to