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A preliminary itinerary and schedule of the competions is available. Finalized itineraries will be e-mailed out to teams in February. Learn more If you have any questions concerning the Rules and Regulations governing the competitions, please feel free to contact:. Patricia Capistrant Phone: Rules for the Games are available for download now.

Registration for the Games is open now. Participation is limited; therefore, applications will be accepted in the order received. Full information about fees, options, and payment methods is available. Full information about travel and accommodations is available.

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Febbit - Bitcoin Mining Made Fun

Opportunities to sponsor the Games are available. MiningGames csmspace. Become a Sponsor! Competition The competition is comprised of seven events: Track Stand A timed event requiring a team of five people to add a section of rail onto an existing rail as quickly and accurately as possible.

Ore Muck Five members work to fill a 2-ton ore cart and run it down a track for the best overall time. Space Miner [alpha].

About The International Mining Competition

Mines of Volantis. Mine and collect resources to escape an abandoned mining colony. Bounty below. An idle adventure game focused on mining and smithing! William Cheek. Pixel Miner. LambNugget Studios. City builder set in the California Gold Rush. Black Lung.

Computer Science > Computer Science and Game Theory

Play as a coal miner during the Great depression, working hard to keep yourself; and your family alive. Scar Games. Mine deep under the crust of Epsilon Eridani and expand your fledging colony. Wood Dog Studios. Become Beautiful. An artsy game where you mine clouds and you gradually become beautiful. Dwarves Manager. A Miner Inconvenience. A game made for Ludum Dare 39 with the theme "running out of power".

How would it feel to own a company which mines out asteroids?

My Gold Mining Operation - First Gold Bar! - Gold Rush The Game Gameplay Part 1

Find out now. Ocean Mining. Balance profit vs the environment whilst mining the ocean floor. Crystalline Green Ltd. A peaceful non-combat 2d space mining game.

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Explore, collect ore, upgrade your ship. Utility Function. Galactic Billionaires.