Mr Charalambus and The One Soul

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  1. Author of erotic romance, erotic suspense, and romance.
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Author of erotic romance, erotic suspense, and romance.

Add to basket. For the past fifteen years I have practiced as a consulting Counselling Psychologist in a busy East London community health setting. Although I have previously been published in academic works and provided chapters in books for counsellors' psychologists and psychotherapists I have always nurtured a love of and talent for creative writing.

Over the years I have attended writer's workshops, written and performed poetry as well as provided lyrics for jobbing musicians.

Elder Anthimos of Saint Annes - Bousias M. Charalambos - Google книги

However I have long harboured the ambition to write full length fiction. And this I am now doing. The plain and simple truth is that I enjoy writing.

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I always have. Sometimes it feels like the flow of hungry words is never ending and I will be swept right off my feet, carried along on an imaginative stream of unconscious process. But like everybody else I have a life.


To some it may seem narrowly defined. Focussed as it is on work, family, writing and music but to others without the opportunity to learn, make relationships build a future and have the freedom to choose it may seem like it is a world of riches. Whilst on most days it really can feel like that to me, on other occasions it can be an effort to maintain enthusiasm: In other words my life is not that much different from many and better than most.

I have known tragedy and delight and struggle to account for what might be its unequal measure. But I live, love and am loved so in truth I have to say I am blessed.

Mr Charalambus And The One Soul

I hope the same can be said of you. Revived with the last two drops of an elixir by Cora, a healer with whom he has an instant mutual attraction she charges him with the task of re-filling a silver phial with the healing tears of the fabled Wolf-Dragon. Accompanied by Lightning, a broken down old horse with the gift of speech and a need to regain the power of flight he embarks on a journey of discovery, betrayal and redemption. He is confronted by his connection to earlier times and learns of his relationship to Josep, a hard working loner who has spent much of his young life drinking and talking to an invisible friend.

In this parallel story Josep meets an exotic stranger known as Mr Charalambus, a mysterious and enigmatic man with an unusual hypnotic personality, who may or may not be the Devil. He acts as benefactor to the poor boy and introduces him to the trappings of wealth and society whilst promising the hand of his niece the Lady Karina. Guided by Charalambus the young Josep steps into a strange new world of privilege in which wealth confers power and the expectation of obedience.

One day whilst investigating an enchanting orchard he has an electrifying encounter with Karina to whom he is instantly attracted.

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He also discovers that she is a one-soul, as well as a healer of great power and keeper of the Wolf-Dragon tears. Whilst grown-ups score points and look to survive, children can be left to drift through the debris of their own lives, desperate for love and with an ever deepening, unexpressed need to make sense of it all. The parents of divorce often under-estimate the impact separation can have on their children. Caught up in their own pain they often fail to take account of how two angry voices, drifting in the dark, muffled by walls and closed doors can plant frighteningly dark images into the minds of their children.

These images distort dreams and lonely ruminations can easily intrude into waking.

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Friends may try to help but understanding is difficult and too often other children give the grief stricken a wide birth. The result of this can mean that already vulnerable children feel isolated and confused.


For the child of divorce left to grieve alone, self blame is an obvious result and any effort to help them accept their innocence must be supported. Written in simple language with a gentle nuance of humour and love, Tom's Sunflower is a teeny triumph. Divorce is never easy Peter B. Forster Chartered Counselling Psychologist and author.

The latest in the Copper Tree Class series, Tom's Sunflower is about helping children come to terms with difficult situations. Hana is feeling sad because her mum and dad are splitting up and going to live in different places. Davis, the teacher, tells the class a story about a boy called Tom whose parents split up and how he learned to understand that he could make new friends in new places and that it wasn't his fault.