Oncoplastic Surgery of the Breast

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  1. Why is a Tumor Bed Boost Important in the Management of Breast Cancer?
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Depending upon the extent of surgery, it may be necessary to operate on the opposite breast to achieve symmetry. It is very important for a woman to share with her surgeon what her cosmetic goals are for the operation. A woman may simply want her body to be restored as closely as possible to what was present before surgery.

However, if a woman desires a lift with or without a reduction, this may often be incorporated into the surgical plan.

Why is a Tumor Bed Boost Important in the Management of Breast Cancer?

This often led the breast to heal with a depression or crater, especially after completion of radiation therapy. The goal of a Level I oncoplastic lumpectomy is to avoid this crater by shifting the surrounding breast tissue to fill that space. Furthermore, the scar may often be placed around the edge of the areola, under the breast, or in the armpit, so that the scar is hidden from view. They are often considered for women with large breasts or in cases where the breast tumor is larger. As with other parts of the body, the skin of the breasts can stretch over time.

This is called ptosis. Ptosis can be corrected by removing excess skin and lifting the nipple back to the center of the breast—a procedure known as a mastopexy. Relative contraindications encompass situations of higher risk of complications to the patient that may be outweighed by other considerations, such as the benefit to the patient. Relative contraindications include: [8].


Breast Reconstruction (Oncoplastic Surgery): Johns Hopkins Breast Center

Oncoplastic surgery is an important consideration in breast-conserving surgery that integrates plastic surgery principles into breast cancer surgery in order to preserve aesthetic outcomes and quality of life, without compromising local control of the cancer. It is based on three surgical principles: ideal breast cancer surgery with free tumor margins, immediate breast reconstruction, and immediate symmetry with the other breast. Oncoplastic surgery is not only limited to breast-conserving surgery, as the techniques and principles of plastic surgery can be applied to mastectomy as well.

As of , there had been no randomized controlled trials to compare oncoplastic breast-conserving surgery to traditional breast conserving surgery techniques.

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Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: What, When and for Whom?

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