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But he never wrote about a change of the Sabbath. Everybody in God's eternal kingdom will keep the Sabbath holy. Is this correct? The Bible says the saved people of all ages will keep the Sabbath in the new earth. The only day the Lord has ever blessed and claimed as His own is the seventh-day Sabbath. Jesus instituted baptism--not Sunday keeping--in honor of His resurrection. Therefore we were buried with Him through baptism into death, that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.

The Bible never suggests keeping Sunday holy in honor of the resurrection or for any other reason. We honor Christ by obeying His direct commandments John —not by substituting man-made traditions in place of His eternal law. God predicted it would happen, and it did. This error was passed on to our unsuspecting generation as fact. Only God can make a day holy. Why did God make the Sabbath anyway? Sign of Creation. Sign of redemption and sanctification. In Isaiah , 14, God says all who would be blessed must get their feet off His holy day.

How important is keeping the Sabbath holy?

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The deliberate breaking of any one of the Ten Commandments is sin. How does God feel about religious leaders ignoring the Sabbath? Millions have been misled on this matter. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for pretending to love God while making void one of the Ten Commandments by their tradition Mark — Does Sabbath keeping really affect people personally? The Sabbath is a gift from God, who made it for you as a respite from the world! Indeed, love without commandment-keeping is really not love at all 1 John The good news is that choosing to keep the Sabbath will bless you profoundly!

Sabbaths unplugged

On the Sabbath, you can feel free to cease—guilt-free! Worshiping God with other believers, spending time with family, walking in nature, reading spiritually uplifting materials, and even visiting and encouraging the sick are all good ways to keep the Sabbath holy. After the stress of six days of work, God has given you the gift of the Sabbath to rest from your labors and to feed your soul. Would you like to honor God by keeping His seventh-day Sabbath holy? It is not for the Jews only, but for mankind—all men and women everywhere.

The Jewish nation did not even exist until 2, years after the Sabbath was made.

According to the Bible, each day begins at sundown and ends at the next sundown Genesis , 8, 13, 19, 23, 31; Leviticus and the dark part of the day comes first. So Sabbath begins Friday night at sundown and ends Saturday night at sundown. This meeting discussed in Acts 20 was held on the dark part of Sunday, or on what we now call Saturday night. It was a Saturday night meeting, and it lasted until midnight.

Paul was on a farewell tour and knew he would not see these people again verse No wonder he preached so long! No regular weekly service would have lasted all night. The breaking of bread has no particular significance here, because they broke bread daily Acts There is no indication in this passage that the first day is holy, nor that these early Christians considered it so. Nor is there any evidence that the Sabbath had been changed. Incidentally, this meeting is probably mentioned only because of the miracle of raising Eutychus back to life after he fell to his death.

There is no reference here to a public worship meeting. The money was to be laid aside privately at home. Paul was writing to ask the churches in Asia Minor to assist their poverty-stricken brethren in Jerusalem Romans — These Christians all kept Sabbath holy, so Paul suggested that on Sunday morning, after the Sabbath was over, they put aside something for their needy brethren so it would be on hand when he came. It was to be done privately—in other words, at home. There is no reference here to Sunday as a holy day.

Scholars and historians agree that although the calendar has changed, the weekly seven-day cycle never has. Therefore, you can be certain that our seventh day is the same seventh day Jesus kept holy! The disciples at this time did not believe that the resurrection had taken place. There is no implication that they counted Sunday as a holy day.

Only eight texts in the New Testament mention the first day of the week, and none of them implies that it is holy. Not at all. There were seven yearly holy days, or festivals, in ancient Israel that were also called sabbaths see Leviticus Their main significance was in foreshadowing, or pointing to, the cross and ended at the cross. The issue here is not over the seventh-day Sabbath, which is a part of the moral law, but over other religious days.

Jewish Christians were judging Gentile Christians for not observing them. That ceremonial law is no longer binding. It is still binding today. Screens are isolating and distracting. They live in our pockets, by our bedsides, in our offices. We have no break from the constant distractions that, sadly, break our connection with those around us. One of things that we try to do every sabbath evening in our family is sit down together for a meal. I light a few candles, as a sign and reminder that the sabbath rest of Christ is breaking into the world and that we are now deliberately entering into that rest.

The joy and often frustration of sitting together as a family reminds me of how critical community is to our growth. Our digital society is in desperate need of rest, and to rediscover what it means to live as human beings in relationship with one another and with creation. Yet this is the ever-unfolding beauty of the sabbath: what begins in each of us as a small grain of mustard seed grows into the tallest tree in the garden that offers the world a place to rest Luke It is not only members of the C of E who struggle with the proposals, says Steven Cooper.

But they must be seized. Church Army is a fast-growing, dynamic organisation which works predominantly with those on the margins; across UK and Ireland there are Church Army Evangelists in post, including in its Centres of Mission, hostels, and in projects such as those that work with young people struggling with issues resulting in self-harm.

We are a strong and vibrant community dedicated to serve and we have always sought to show the love of Christ unconditionally to all those who need us. The Archdeaconry of Walsall spans much of the Black Country, with its proud industrial heritage, diverse faiths and cultures, inimitable humour and resilience in the face of economic deprivation.

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It also contains a splash of South Staffordshire greenery. It is a colourful, challenging and enriching context for ministry. The benefice of Leadon Vale has spent the last year working with an experienced Interim Minister to reframe their approach to mission and ministry and determine their priorities for the future. Excitingly they have just joined with a neighbouring benefice to appoint a children and families minister.

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Sabbath's Theater

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