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In the middle of a sentence you can see that it is capitalized but in spoken German or in the above examples there is ambiguity. If "sie" comes with a verb in singular , it means she. If "sie" comes with a verb in plural , it means they. There's one more option apart from those explained in the fellow answers, namely a change in gender in translation:. In English, you speak of orange and lemon as neuter, whereas in German you use feminine gender for both Apfelsine and Zitrone. You can already figure out exactly the same distinction in English if it is presented to you as a puzzle. Even though it's not something you usually have to do, because it requires a context in which you don't know what it is that a name refers to.

You are just confused when you have to do it in German because you haven't internalised German verb conjugation yet. A British pop fan made a confession about his bad taste. Put his sentences back into the correct order. Start with the two that are about a woman. To refer to someone using "du" is called "dutzen" in German. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to differentiate between sie they and sie she?

Ask Question. See this example: Could I have known which one does it refer to? Trufa Trufa 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 6 6 bronze badges. How to differentiate between you one person and you many persons? For example in "You are bad". How do you know how many people are bad? No, I can't! In the office there was much to do. Was tust du in deiner Freizeit? What do you do in your leisure time? Ich habe mir weh getan. I hurt myself. Er ist gar nicht mude.

Ertut nur so. He is not tired at all. He is just pretending. Then Sie muss noch ein bisschen uben. Dann kann sie bald gut schwimmen. Werk [vsrk] n, - e s, -e work n Die bekanntesten Werke der Ma- The best known works of the lerin sind in diesem Museum zu artist can be seen in this museum.

He waved as the train deDarted. Aktivitat [aktiVi'tE:t] f -, -en activity n Wenn Sie Karriere machen wol- If you want to move up the career len, mussen Sie mehl: Aktivitat ladder, you have to show more zeigen. Angewohnheit [angavo:nhait] f habit n -,-en Sie hat die Angewohnheit, wah- She has the habit of reading while rend des Essens zu lesen. Du musst dich mehr anstrengen, You have to make more of an sonst schaffst du es nicht.

The effort was worth it. Das It is really hot today! You can kann man ja kaum aushalten. His order was not respected. Bemuhung [ba'my:uq] f -,-en effort n Vielen Dank fur lhre Bemu- Many thanks for your efforts! Die Durchfuhrung des Plans war The execution of the plan was schwieriger als alle gedacht more difficult than expected. The building is still in the planning Die Arbeiten beginnen erst stages. Construction won't begin nachstes Jahr. The course has 18 oarticiaants. Es kostet mich grol3e Uberwin- It's very difficult for me to be dung, zu ihm freundlich zu sein.

Vielleicht schaffen wir es Maybe we can do it alone. Sie will selbst ein Regal bauen, She wants to build the bookcase aber ich glaube nicht, dass sie herself, but I do not believe that das zustande bringt. Hat jemand angerufen, wahrend Did anyone call while I was gone? Is Ms. Sommer there? Wir haben keine Please hurry up! We have no Zeit. Come on and stay for dinner! Bleiben Sie ruhig! Es ist nichts Remain calm! Nothing has hap- passiert.

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Dafur bleibt mir keine Zeit. Eile [aila] t -, kein PI. Sie konnen den Brief spater You can send the letter later. Das hat keine Eile. There is no hurry. The task is urgent. Hast du es eilig, oder konnen wir Are you in a hurry, or can we get noch einen Kaffee trinken? Stadt gefahren. Die Klingel geht nicht. Es geht ihm ganz gut.

Tauche eine halbe Zitrone in Backpulver und lass dich überraschen!

Worum geht es? When did you come? Es ist Wasser im Keller. Woher There is water in the basement. Where does it come from? He ran as fast as he could. Lass uns laufen! Wie Iauft das Geschaft? Wo liegt die Tageszeitung? Where is the newspaper? Why are you running so fast? Bitte setzen Sie sich doch! Do sit down, please! Wo stehen die Weinglaser?

Where are the wine glasses? In der Zeitung steht, dass das It says in the newspaper that the Wetter besser wird. She fell from the ladder. She kicked the dog. Er ist mir auf den FuO getreten. He stepped on my fiat c. Have you been waiting for me long? Ich weiO davon nichts. It is Sie ist schmutzig. Anwesenheit [anve:z a nhait] f , presence n -, kein PI. Bitte gehen Sie!

Your presence is wird nicht aewunscht. The floor is Der Boden ist glatt. The CUD fell from the table. He can climb like a monkey. We are slowly reaching our goal. She sneaked into her room quietly. Als sie sich umdrehte, sah sie ihn. As she turned around, she saw him. Geh bitte nach der Arbeit beim Go to the bakery after work and Backer vorbei und bring Kuchen get some cake. She left early this morning. Wann kehrt ihr von der Reise zu- When are you coming back from riick? Die Hose ist vie1 zu eng.

Ich kann The trousers are much too tight. I mich kaum bewegen. Bringst du mich morgen zum Can you take me to the airport Flughafen? Was bringt das Fernsehen heute? Yesterday the coat was still hanging there. Vorsicht, der Ball rollt auf die Watch out, the ball is rolling into StraOe. Die StraOe ist zu eng. The street is too narrow. She threw stones into the water. She drives the cows into the barn. Das Boot trieb ohne Besatzung The boat drifted on the sea auf dem Meer.

Do you need the car tomorrow? I thank vou for your assistance. We received the monev. Please give me my bag. Hast du Angst? Are vou afraid? Ich nehme das Menu Nr. Nehmen Sie doch noch etwas Have some more meat! The money was distributed fairly. The money was divided. The sick person needs quiet. Das Brot reicht nicht. There is not enough bread. She handed him the flowers. Ich muss heute fruher I have to leave early today.

Can I exchanoe the Droduct? Du kannst mein Fahrrad haben, You can have my bicycle, but you aberdu musstesmirmorgenzu- have to give it back to me to- ruckgeben. The law was changed. Meine Adresse hat sich geandert. My address has changed. She held the door open for the customer. Wann horst du mit der Arbeit auf? When do you finish work? Bist du bereit mitzumachen? Are you ready and willing to join in? Das Bein ist gebrochen. The leg is broken. Warum sind die ganzen Kleider Why are all these clothes in such a durcheinander? Die Versicherung wird den Scha- The insurance will Flay compen- den ersetzen.

Sie hat gestern drei Fische ge- Yesterday she caugkit three fish. Er fing den Ball mit einer Hand. He caught the ball w ith one hand. Der Tank fasst uber 80 Liter. The tank holds over 80 liters. Please hold on to your dog! Sie hielt an ihrem Plan fest. She held firm to her plan. Bitte halten Sie sich wahrend der Please hold on well during the Fahrt gut fest. Seit dem Tode seiner Frau fuhrt er Since the death of his wife he has die Firma allein. Er alleine ist fur die Fuhrung des He alone is responsible for run- Geschafts verantwortlich.

Er fullte die Glaser mit Saft. He filled the glasses with juice. Vor dem Gebrauch muss die Fla- The bottle has to be shaken be- sche geschuttelt werden. Ich mochte meine Jacke ment? I would like to take off my ausziehen. He lifted the child onto his arm. The door lock is broken. Die Briefmarke klebt nicht richtiQ.

Hier gibt es oft Slow down! They often check the Geschwindigkeitskontrollen. Ouch, the cat scratched me. Ich habe mich an einem alten Na- I scratched myself on an old nail. Ich mag das nicht. Stop that! Er wurde nicht in Ruhe gelassen. He was not left alone. Ich habe die Maschine reparieren I had the machine repaired.

Die Sachen lassen sich ver- The materials can be burned. Ich habe mir eine Bohrmaschine I borrowed a electric aus geliehen. Jensch is the dir lung. Die Autos wurden uber eine Hilfs- The cars were direc brucke geleitet. Please open the can BE: tin. Wann offnet die Post? When does the post office open? Die Tur offnet sich automatisch. The door opens automatically. Who is taking care of your sick father? Den Garten pflegt meine Frau.

My wife takes care of the garden. Have you checked the invoice? Der Hund reibt sich sein Fell am The dog is rubbing his fur on the Baum. Er sammelt Briefmarken. He collects stamps. She slammed the door and left.

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Er schlug mit der Faust gegen die He slammed his fist against the Tur. Die Kinder schlagen sich. The children hit each other. Please close the door! Die rur schlieOt schlecht. The door closes poorly. Die Geschafte schlieOen urn The stores close at p. Abends schlieOen sich die Bluten In the evening the blossoms of dieser Blume.

Shall I slice the cheese? Die Schere schneidet gut. The scissors cut well. Ich habe mich mir in den Finger I cut my finger. Die Jacke schutzt mich gut vor The jacket is good protection Wind. Vorsicht, die Pflanze sticht! Careful, the plant is thorny and will scratch you! She bumped him in the back. Ich bin mit dem Kopf gegen eine I banged my head on a glass Glastur gesto0en.

Ich habe mich am Knie aesto0en. I banaed mv knee. Ich suche meine Brille. Have sie gesehen? Suche rzu:xa] -, kein PI. Gesicht aetroffen. Ich treffe-Uwe morgen. Wir treffen uns jeden Tag. We meet every day. Es ist besser, wenn wir uns It would be better if we parted trennen. Sie haben sich vor kurzem ge- They separated recently.

Er hat sich stark verandert. Sie allein e haben die Verantwor- You have to bear the responsibili- fiivf l a Entscheidung. He lost his credit card. Die Katze hat sich auf dem Dach- The cat hid in the attic. Ich habe keineverwendung dishes? I have no more use for mehr dafur. Er hat sich gut auf die Prufung He prepared well for the test. Die Leiter steht nicht Be careful! The ladder is not fest. Das Wetter wechselt standig. The weather changes all the time. Konnten Sie mir ,- DM wech- Could you change one hundred seln? Marks for me?

Did you weigh the suitcase? Ich bin 1,65 m gro0 und wiege 55 I am 1. Please close the window! Der Uufer gab erschopft auf. The runner gave up, exhausted. Er hob seinen Mantel vom Boden He picked his coat up off the floor. Would you please open the bottle? Wann macht der Supermarkt auf? When does the supermarket ooen? Wir hatten das Zelt direkt am We put the tent up right on the Strand aufaestellt. Welche Fremdsc:x h e n beherr- Which foreign languages do you schen Sie?

Bitte bleib ruhig und beherrsch Please be calm and control your- dich! Man She still needs a lot of rest. You muss beriicksichtigen, dass sie have to consider that she was sehr krank war. He burned his hand. The slightest Jede Beruhruna tut weh. The children formed a circle.

Der Wind blast mir ins Gesicht. Wind is blowing in my face. Who turned on the radio? Hand nicht erreichen. Sie konnen mich unter dieser You can reach me at this number. Nummer erreichen. Hast du erreicht, was du wolltest? Did you get what you wanted? The thief was caught. Hast du den Zug noch erwischt?

Did you still make your train? Ich habe noch einen Pullover er- I managed to still get a sweater. Sonst waren fast alle ver- Most of them were already sold. Es gibt an unserer Schule jetzt At our school there are courses to Kurse zur Forderung der schlech- help weak students. Jemand klopft an die Did you hear that?

Someone is mr. Machst du bitte die Tiir The doorbell rang. Would you auf? Dlease oDen the door? Auf einigen Klaus can paint well. In a number Bildern ahmt er van Gogh nach. She sews all her own clothes. The storm knocked down the tent. Der Dieb hat ihr die Tasche weg- The thief ripped off her purse. Achtung, das Seil reifit! Look out, the rope is tearing! Wegen einer Storung konnte er Because of an interference he kein Fernsehbildempfangen. Er stutzt sich auf einen Stock. He supports himself with a cane. Die Farbe trocknet schnell. The paint dries quickly.

Bitte That can't be right. Please check uberprufen Sie die Rechnung the bill again! Ich uberraschte rneine Tochter, I surprised my daughter smoking als sie heimlich eine Zigarette a cigarette secretly. Er ist ein unvorsichtiger Fahrer, er He is a careless driver; he drives fahrt so wild. Die Tiere verbargen sich bis zum The animals hid in the forest until Abend im Wald. Die Qualitat der Produkte hat sich The quality of the products im- im letzten Jahr verbessert. The canal connects two rivers. Monika spilled coffee.

She helped him get a job. Seit ihrer Krankheit hat sie sich Since her illness she has changed vollkommen verwandelt. She spoils her cat. Sie wagt sich nachts nicht allein She does not dare to walk durch den Park. Niemand, es ist in der Spulma- o Nobody; it shattered by itself in schine von selbst zerbrochen. He covered the sleepincl child. What does this word mean? Begriff [ba'griq rn, - e s, -e concept, term, idea n Mein Arzt verwendet oft medizini- My doctor often uses medical sche Begriffe, die ich nicht ver- terms that I do not understand.

Beispiel ['baiJpi:l] n, -s,-e example n Er erklarte das Problem anhand He explained the problem using eines BeisDiels. Bibliothek [biblio'te:k] f -,-en library n Das Buch habe ich in der Biblio- I borrowed the book from the li- thek ausgeliehen. The word has nine letters. Fach [fax] n, - e s, Facher subject academic n Sie weiO noch nicht, welches She does not yet know which Fach sie studieren mochte. German language and literature enjoys a long tradition. He is a very good teacher. The -Die Schuler mogen ihn. He is readina the newsDaDer. Sie kann schnell rechnen.

She can calculate quickly. The book has pages. I do not know where he lives. Wissenschaft [vis a njaft] f -, branch 09 knowledge, acade- -en mic subject, science n Philosophie ist die alteste Wis- Philosophyis the oldest branch of senschaft. Uber die Ursachen von Krebs gibt There have been many scientific es viele wissenschaftliche Unter- studies on the causes of cancer.

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The poem has seven lines. Biologie [biolo'gi:] f -, kein PI. Semester Bio- She is in her third semester in loaie. Blatt [blat] n, - e s, die Blatter piece, sheet of paper n Kannst du mir bitte ein Blatt Pa- Could you please give me a piece pier geben? Block [bbk] m, -s, die Blocke pad of paper , block n Bringe mir bitte einen Block Pa- Please bring me a pad of paper pier aus dem Schreibwarenge- from the stationery store. Bucherei [by:qa'rai] f -, -en library n Das Buch habe ich in der Stadt- I borrowed the book from the mu- bucherei ausgeliehen.

I Chemie [qe:'mi:] f; -, kein PI. Jahrhunderl war das Zeit- The fifteenth century was the age alter der grol3en Entdeckungs- of the great journeys of discovery. Stone Age. Konzentration concentration n [kmtsentraYsjo:n] f -, kein PI. Der Text ist schwierig. Das Lesen The text is difficult. Reading it re- erfordert hohe Konzentration.

Ich muss mich Don't disturb me! I have to konzentrieren. Notiz [no'ti:ts] f -, -en note written n Ich habe mir wahrend des Ge- I took notes during the conversa- sorachs einiae Notizen aemacht. Philosophie [filozo'fi:] f -, kein philosophy n P1. Herr Dr. Kranz ist kein Arzt, er ist Dr. Kranz is not a physician; he is Doktor der Philosophie.

Physik [fy'zik] f -, kein PI. Praxis ['praksis] f -, kein PI. Derience in her Drofession. Symbol [zym'bo:l] n, -s, -e symbol n Das x ist das Symbol fur Multipli- "x" is the symbol for multiplica- kation in der Mathematik. Tabelle [ta'bela] f -,-en table of information ,chart n Die genauen Daten finden Sie in You can find the exact data in the der Tabelle. Fuchs wur- The concepts of Prof. Fuchs were den ausfuhrlich diskutiert.

Das Buch beginnt mit einem all- The book begins with a general gemeinen Uberblick uber die Ge- overview of the history of the ni- schichte des I do not know English. Could you Konnten Sie mir den Brief uber- translate the letter for me? German translation for the book. Er zeigte vie1Verstandnis fur mei- He showed considerable under- ne schwierige Situation.

Jens has a verv loud voice. Why are you so quiet today? Wort [v3rt] n, -es, -e Worter word n Dieser Satz hat funf Worter. This sentence has five words. Sie kann komplizierte Dinge mit She is able to explain complicat- einfachen Worten erklaren. Ich habe What did she say? I was not lis- nicht zugehort. Die franzosische Aussprache ist The pronunciation of French is fur Deutsche sehr schwer. Bitte How do you spell that? Please buchstabieren Sie! Laut [laut] m, -es, -e sound in words n Es war vollig still.

Man horte kei- It was completely quiet. You nen Laut. And I truly wonder what kind of paradise elementary school Jabonah went to in the seventies! Where was this? Was it a touched school with an emancipatory approach to elementary school education? Certainly not a Baden-Wuerttembergian village school But, as mentioned, they had a lot of cool projects.

He missed most of the lessons of the wood working etc. Pythagoras - who cannot love it? Here they have several approaches to explain natural and mathematical principles. Sorry, Swiss German. Another approach was: Three thick plastic squares of the respective dimensions. Put the two smaller of them on one side of a beam balance and the big one on the other side.

Goldammer , I believe my primary school in Bremen was a perfectly normal state school, but as I don't know any others, I can't be sure. And I don't want to give the impression that everyboy enjoyed all the handicrafts we did - I just don't think it was traumatising to anyone. Bit of a nuisance to some, but fun to others. To me - and to mbshu , I see - PE was far more traumatising then as well as later. And I maintain that the problem is that all other subjects are explained and practised, but never PE.

Either you can do it, or you can't. If you're lucky, someone [and in primary school that is usually just your class teacher] shows you how to throw, or jump or whatever. When it comes to climbing up ropes or using the high bar, quite often they just tell you how to go about it, and that's it.

No practising correct technique [as you might learn times tables, or vocabulary, or correct pronunciation, or important kings and dates Sorry, rant over. Qwertzu , I like the pyramid for the mice approach. I bet everyone learnt something, and enjoyed themselves into the bargain! Which brings me to yet another museum, which I visited with Chaja: the Old Operating Theatre in St Thomas's Hospital - another one definitely worth a visit. We were lucky enough to visit at the same time as a school group of year-olds, who got a detailed tour and demonstration of how surgery was performed in the early s.

Not something we got to do when we were that age! On the other hand we did learn that the smell that seemed to hang around school corridors in our childhood was due to carbolic soap - and that carbolic soap is bright pink, at least the one on display there! Hallo rundum Ich versuche eure Erlebnisse mit meinen in California in den 60er Jahren zu vergleichen.. Aber was es so alles gab, bin ich mir nicht sicher.. Ob es noch weitere 'electives' waren Es gab 'band', wobei ich jedes Jahr die Klarinette gespielt habe. Diese Stunde..

Bis heute noch, mag ich Sports nicht leiden. Da bin ich glimpflich durchgekommen.. Der Papagei guckt sich um. Klappe schnellt wieder zu. I learned how to crochet in the 3rd grade. This was a gender neutral activity in elementary schools in that particular state in the early s. I wish we had learned how to sew instead, that's a much more useful skill. My wife knows how to sew by hand and with a machine. Come to think of it, I never asked her where she learned it.

My experience with PE was quite to similar to what eclectus described. Probably the reason I totally ignore sports. Did I ever use the Pythagorean Theorem after high school? I am not sure, but I once was challenged by a new boss to prove it. This was ca. I managed to construct a graphical proof on my whiteboard. Although I worked as a software engineer and still program for fun in retirement, I never learned proper touch typing.

But I am sufficiently fast typing with my two middle fingers, and have developed enough motor memory that I don't hunt and peck; I just need to look at the keyboard every few words. Correcturitos and suggestions the things I comment on needn't be mistakes; sometimes I just had ideas how to put it in a clearer or more colloquial way. I did't understand why typing was important for kids who were supposed to get a higher education Besides, until a few years ago when computers started to come up, a highschool would never offer typing classes - maybe for this very reason: the university graduates-to-be would always have a secretary later in their lives who would do their typing for them I'm also one of them.

I taught myself how to swim while Teacher trained the good swimmers I don't understand I'm sure I'm wrong, but what then? I had lessons in "Textiles Gestalten" at grade 5 or 6 in the s. It was the only lesson I really screwed up, and was never really interested in knitting and stuff. As for "Werken", I guess, I would have liked it, my father showed me very much about it, but it was never offered at my school. I liked PE from the very first day, but I wasn't to good for the first years. It changed when we moved to a neighborhood where I could play outside every day, and when I started soccer in a club soon after.

Ich danke dir vielmals Norbert! Ich denke manchmal, ich sollte mich mal wieder mit Integralrechnung befassen. I remember that I quite liked calculus at school. In the orals for my A-levels, I had to calculate the volume of a torus not quite a doorknob But today, I wouldn't have a clue how to do it, and I must confess, I'm not as ambitious as you, eclectus , to even consider going into it again During the celebration of 50 years Abitur last year we got a chance to visit the old Gymnasium which we entered to "learn for life not for school" I think the smell on the corridors was still almost the same as 50 years ago, the smell of Bohnerwachs on some wooden floors I had the chance of joining a Friends' School in East Anglia for one term and it was the first time that I learned about the "freedom" to select certain classes Smells are very much connected to the memories of how one felt in a certain situation in the past, aren't they, walther?

That's something I find very fascinating. Olfactory memories, and how clearly they can bring back memories from the far past. In our school and in many other "official" buildings they used floor buffers for polishing the floors, using a kind of wax for every kind of floor no wood in our case, but floor buffers were pretty common. In Switzerland, floor buffers are called "Blocher". And "Lumpen" can be the plural of "Lump" which is a bad guy Dictionary: Lump , but also a cleaning cloth like in southern Germany, I suppose.

At that time I am telling from Christoph Blocher was in the Bundesrat. So, here is the sentence which actually was a header: "7 Lumpen und ein Blocher". Hereabouts, a Blocher is called a Blocker , and I remember that as a small child, I sometimes was invited to "ride" on the Blocker , holding fast to the stick - this increased the pressure on the floor and by that, the polishing effect, and I loved it!

There was a Bohnerblock in the house I lived in when I was small. I have a feeling I was allowed to ride on it, too, but maybe it's just a childhood topos? We lived in a villa that had been divided into flats, and somehow I think the very old lady she was in her nineties, so she was not just old in my eyes who lived in one of the first-floor flats waxed the landing and the stairs.

But maybe it was her daughter, who lived in one of the other flats? I fell down those stairs and got concussion once, I do know that. I'm still surprised when I find that we did 'calculus' at school. As I have said before, when we moved on to mathematics from simple arithmetic, I lost the plot quite quickly although possibly different teachers or teaching methods might have made a difference here, too.

Infinitesimalrechnung is just one of the things that eluded me, but the word 'calculus' makes it sound rather more appealing. Son1 is currently reading a book on the subject, but as he knows my limitations only too well, he hasn't shared his insights with me.

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  5. Son2 used to read a series of books called Murderous Maths - he wanted to get rid of them recently, but I made him keep them, because I quite like the way they explain things, and I haven't quite given up hope that one day I may understand Wurzelziehen Inzwischen bin ich ein bisschen gelangweilt. Oder habe auch da noch was zu lernen? You were right about aufeinander folgende without an n, though. Cinnamon rolls in einen Korb leg. Believe it or not, here in Saudi Arabia I had a few nights and even mornings when I did need the heating!

    Hard to believe The news of the cold spell in the US is all over the media here, including Mr T. A good visualisation of the development of the Earth's average temperature is xkcd's Earth Temperature Timeline. There you also find information about when the dog was domesticated, when the sabre-toothed tiger went extinct, when stonehenge was built, when the steam engine was started to be used etc. On the news they reported on the cold wave in parts of North America. They had chosen Chicago as an example. I hope for everyone living there that it will get warmer soon.

    Melodie & Rhythmus

    We have a few centimeters of snow for the first time this winter, and the children were thrilled this morning so was I -- this is so much better than having to drag them out into the usual constant drizzle in the mornings I am glad however that our temperature is stable at just below zero degrees C. Those winter images from the US really are quite impressing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will get warmer soon. That goes for most of XKCD Ooh, Amy-Mimi , that is cold.

    I remember only one winter with C , when trains still had loos that opened onto the track And a friend reported that the sparkling wine she and her neighbours shared at midnight on New Year froze in the glasses Here in southern England it was -3 according to our thermometer this morning - probably a few degrees colder out in the open.

    Snow is forecast for tonight Sometimes needed despite scientific background! The timeline also gives the relevant information when the last North American Pokemon went extinct - but I didn't mention it because I feared that this might make it appear dubious We have blue sky with a few cirrus and a little bit of white powder snow on the ground unfortunately not enough for sledging. Driving you car or other heavy machinery, like reed harversters on the ice is not unheard of over here, either. It then becomes Austria's largest impromptu open air ice rink, drawing thousands of visitors from all over the greater Vienna area and beyond.

    Are ENS used to the Latin numbers? Or is it just done to get affection Aufmerksamkeit erregen? Any takers? Oooh, so tempting!! I'm way too clumsy for such a job though, I'm afraid. Also, my assumptions about everyday life at the palace may be brutally mistaken, being mostly influenced by the very, very trashy series "The Royals" which I binge-watched while packing boxes the last time I moved houses I meant the vacancy, not the superbowl.

    Unfortunately, I have nothing to say on that subject, other than that I learned this morning from the radio that apparently chicken wings consumption peaks at those events. It seems that the writers have taken numerous liberties with history, but I am not opposed to fairy tales based on actual events I am pretty sure those are made up, or at least the particular circumstances of those meetings as portrayed in the series. Snow is equally famous as the nurse, since he is considered to be the founder of epidemiology and was an early pioneer of medical geography.

    I was aware of him because of my interest in maps. The nurse on the other hand is famous among other things :- for inventing the polar-area diagram, a particular kind of pie chart. That happened during the Crimean War which was contemporaneous with the cholera outbreak, so it is a bit surprising it has not featured in the series yet. Maybe that will be coming up next week? Since Prince Albert didn't die until , it would appear to be historically accurate that he is still alive at this point in the series. I don't think Victoria hosted her older sister for the extended amount of time shown in the series, if at all, but I have not researched it.

    Other details that may seem surprising are in fact accurate, such as Marble Arch functioning as the front entrance to Buckingham Palace.

    Learn German Easily

    I wonder how many viewers picked up on the use of the word nunnery for a brothel, which I only knew from "Hamlet". I am not sure it was still used in that sense in Victorian times. Making Sense of the Twentieth Century. Ok, this is about the 20th century but it reads very interesting and sometimes amusing. I don't know if his books were translated to English but your German is surely good enough for reading them as originals. First off: I own a full set of Joachim Fernau's post-war books, and have read most of them.

    With that in mind, he is a somewhat controversial author , and his writing, while internally consistent, witty and usually entertaining, is at times perhaps a tad trivial. He tends to over-simpilfy things and clearly has a conservative agenda. Nothing wrong with that, just something to bear in mind. He died in and I don't think he ever was translated into English. Amazon or Goodreads list the occasional title in Czech or Arabic, but not English.

    Thank you for clarification, Carullus. Actually, it is so long ago that I read some books of him - I think at that time I wasn't able to judge about the facts, simplification or whatever. Ich meine, es existieren kaum Werke, wogegen man nicht besserwisserisch spielen kann.

    Im Kino haben wir gerade "The Favourite" gesehen. What do you expect in a time where the national pastime appears to be taking offense with bursts of being outraged? Stimmt, Norbert. I give you credit for a poetic contribution, even if unintended, I continue it with a pun, and you call me verdorben. And all that before I have to go to work Just for the record: hm--us didn't call you verdorben. She commented that you had spoiled her Edith.

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    Or was that your next pun? Interesting question: is shep erd used generally or only for those looking after sheep? And I really liked the elf - Elf interference, btw. I do it myself, I fear, downplaying what I read - because the things I enjoy reading are not usually great literature. Why I should apologise for that I'm not sure, actually. I shall try and mend my ways.

    I remember finding them entertaining although, having read Gustav Schwab and Kurt Eigl on the respective subjects - both of whom I'd recommend - not particularly informative. These days I'd go for Rick Riordan's take on Greek gods and heroes, and Stephen Fry's Mythos is presumably also worth reading but I haven't got round to that one. Thanks to Brexit uncertainty I'm giving my mother the gift of a lightning visit on her birthday in March. I'm not sure how much we can squeeze into less than two days, but we'll think of something.

    But, shame on me, I was sure from the beginning that I knew the white leading guy, and knew him well, but it took me until the credits to find out who he was. And that's me - being able to quote most of Lord of the Rings by heart. As for the black lead: It really seems Mahershala Ali gets cast for all black leading roles in good films these days. And rightly so. In other news: the dentist informed me that I have to undergo three medium-sized operations in the next three weeks, starting coming Monday with a Wurzelspitzenresektion of two adjacent teeth.

    Furthermore, as at least Bob C. At least once, to see how it goes. Some place where nobody knows me. People tend to be friendly there. Talking about "Farewell Angelina": For me, like many others, Dylan is an incredible genius when it comes to lyrics. Each word spot-on. Each word.

    And, I mean, isn't "a sawed-off shotgun" one of the best metaphors ever for Twitter? And that song was written in the 60s. Danke Jabonah.. Viele von uns laufen mit einer leichten Art PTBS herum, denke ich, wobei wir immer halbweise zur Abwehr angespannt sind. Und ganz von anderswo: Jedes Mal, wenn ich hier Jabonah lese, denke ich automatisch an Seife , und ich haue mir die Assoziation nicht aus dem Kopf. Dylan is a great writer but not a good singer.

    Many of his songs have been performed much better by other persons IMO. Recently I saw a documentary and the farewell concert about Joan Baez concert in Paris. She was wonderful! Isn't it usually the English ones that make it into German? Anybody remember a time when we actually said DNS? But I digress. That said, I quite like Dylan including his voice , and his texts are often really good if not necessarily Nobel Prize-worthy, but that's a different story.

    But yes, sometimes other singers did great things with the lyrics, too, including unexpected translations Wolfgang Ambros, e. I mean that literally, of course: I binge-watched a new series "Russian Doll" about a woman who tries to leave her own birthday party, only to keep dying hilariously, at times and waking up in the bathroom again and again, trying to figure out what's happening Glitch in the Matrix?

    Brain Damage? Bad drugs? Excellent performance by Natasha Lyonne in this dark comedy. One of my favourites is Diamonds and Rust, where she looks back to her relationship with Dylan. Very moving. She also sang that one at the concert. Talking about Netflix, I just watched one of the best played and most suspenseful series es? Nothing at all in common with the American movie except the title. It's a Britisch series 6 episodes of an hour each about an ex army officer returned from Afghanistan with a serious PTSD who is then assigned as PPO to the home secretary.

    Top suspense from the first to the last minute, and it's now up there among my top 3 along with Breaking Bad and Godless. Carullus, I haven't watched the Russian Doll so far, but based on your recommendation, I guess I will. Just to clarify, eclectus - I'm neither Spanish nor related to soap although I love a good bar of soap - so much more stylish than perfumed gloop in plastic bottles.

    My nick is Mongolian I'm not very imaginative, so when I was signing up for Leo and had to come up with a nick in addition to a username, I looked at my bookcases for inspiration Thanks to you lot I had at least heard about The Favourite , which was quite successful. And I would have gone to see Bohemian Rhapsody , but somehow we never found a suitable time and son 1 watches things online anyway, so was less interested after that.

    I was amazed to find that Rami Malek is 37 years old - he looks and moves like a teenager, I thought. Most of the other films I had never even heard of, and am not particularly tempted to go and see, either. It's all about British mostly English and American films made in English, and then there's the occasional award for something in a foreign language.

    It is so entirely unglobal. Off on a tangent, it is my belief that if language teaching was better in England, and a more positive attitude to language was conveyed early on in school, Brexit would not even have been a topic for discussion. But as long as a great number English people have no real interest in acquiring another language even though - or because? Jabonah, that applies to my son as well - with the exception of Bohemian Rhapsody which he watched at the cinema with friends. He said it was great and you have to watch it on a big screen. Fortunately, here in Switzerland movies aren't dubbed.

    It seems like we are in a "Hey, check this out" phase. So let me add a recommendation of my own to the list. Well deserved and long overdue, I would claim. I came across Brandi some years ago in a quirky way. I haven't paid attention to what is happening in the music world for the better part of thirty years. At some point I noticed that the TV program "Frontline" on PBS, which is dedicated to investigative journalism, used part of a catchy rock song with strong female vocals for their advertisements.

    Impressed and intrigued, I researched on the internet and eventually found that the song is "The Story" by Brandi Carlile. I had never heard it up till then, but apparently it was quite successful when it came out in and has since been covered by other singers. In an interview Brandi stated that her vocal distortions when singing at full blast are the equivalent of an amplifier turned to eleven For many years Brandi Carlile has collaborated, both on the songwriting and the performance side, with the Hanseroth twins Tim and Phil who sing stunningly beautiful harmonies.

    If you want to check out Brandi, here are some of her songs in reverse chronological order:. Wow - just listened to The Joke and The Story from your links. I'm going to listen to more! I haven't known her until now, but I like her a lot. Thanks for pointing her out. It's such a beautiful clip, I nealy wept watching those people's faces - quiet at first and then joining in with the song which is indeed very lovely, too.

    Ich bejahe seinen Vorschlag komplett, aber man kann den Satz ja mit know formulieren, nur muss man of oder about vor her setzen, damit her ein in direktes Objekt wird. Das direkt Objekt wird dann ein stillschweigendes anything. Zudem klingt es besser im Plusquamperfekt Since when has Valentine become such a big business for Flowershops and Sweets? I remember that in damals when I attended a Friends' School in East Anglia, the pupils tossed anonymous letters to each other.

    But even in town I did not see much of "business" or ballyhoo about the day. Of course then there were the Beatles When I 'm 64 but the big thing started later. Am I right in my memory or am I just immune or allergic about such feasts same thing for Halloween which was brought to Germany app. No celebration here. As far as I remember, the whole business thing started about 20 or 30 years ago.

    We never joined in; I'm also someone who decidedly ignores Mother's Day. There were a few years when the Goldammersons were in day care, that they brought some Mother's Day piece of art they had crafted in "Kindi", but that was that. I sometimes think how somebody's sweetheart might feel when she gets a box of the cheapest Lidl Valentine sweets I just followed a memory that came up That's by far the nicest Valentine's Day poem I've seen social media were full of countless more or less hilarious ones.

    I'm at a bit of a loss why these Catholic saints should exert such a fascination over so many people who are not Catholics, and often barely Christian St Patrick is another one. I've got nothing against love, or beer, but I'm quite happy to celebrate them without recourse to other people's saints. Hier in den Staaten finde ich St. Patrick's Day am Aufdringlichsten. Die verdammten irischen Katholiken haben uns dies angetan! And while I love your Sankten, unfortunately you can really only use this in the singular, and with a particular saint or a city etc.

    »German McCarthyism« | Melodie & Rhythmus

    If you're talking about saints in any other context, you'll have to use the German word Heilige. As to St. I got an E-Mail from Amazon, informing about the delivery of an outstanding article the next day. I could not recall any outstanding delivery annd checked the whole thing mistrustful: Sender was Amazon. Everything looked normal. My ID-data were required, but in addition I was requested to put in part of my credit card number — for further identification, it read.

    That was the point I stopped and left the page. I left the E-Mail center hastily, shut down my PC, and called my daughter to check the net for information. Nothing harmful has happened so far , but I was shown though I had known before — theoretically that the internet is a more criminal place than the Rastro in Madrid. I was wondering about walther's "Good luck! If you were taken to something that looked like your correct amazon account, I think you might have been the victim of one of those recently published huge data leaks and should at least change your account name, password etc, maybe also other accounts that run with your mail address as part of the identification process.

    I forwarded the fake mails to A. The main character is struggling with living with a genius, with getting older, and — sometimes — with being gay. His adventures as well as his frames of mind often are funny the smiling, not the laughing-out-loud kind of fun , sometimes sad. Ah, just for the record: we ultimately failed with the 19th century authors, RenaRd, I must confess.

    We tried at least 3 stories and just couldn't warm to them For the time being, we're reading the Good Ol' Grimms fairy tales, from the wonderful edition with the pictures by Ubbelohde. There are sooo many fairy tales altogether, many of them totally unknown, some of them very weird, some very violent and not very suited for children, I daresay but I don't think the Grimm brothers intended their collection for children in the first place.

    Altogether, very good reading matter and maybe a tip for you and Mrs RenaRd, too? As you know, my son is going to leave home for an exchange year in Japan soon. We got a recommendation for an electronic dictionary Japanese — English — German and I ordered this on January, 8. It is only available online by a Japanese company ca. According to their website shipping would be ca. They sent me a tracking number and a link which said that the package was sent from Japan on January 10 and arrived at the Frankfurt International Mail Centre at the airport on Jan.

    Then I found an e-mail address of the postal service. After some days, by the way better Japanese tracking webpage, I found out that the package was sent back to Japan! I wrote to the company which told me that they will check with their postal office and offered me to send it back.

    So far I only know that it left Japan on February 16…. I wonder which tricks I would need not to pay customs on it…. Now it's at the customs but I think the Swiss are efficient We all know that often the last miles take longest, but sometimes wonders do happen. I love happy endings. RenaRd , well, I was referring to the two volumes of short stories I recently bought, the ones you and Ms RenaRd were taking such a pleasure in while reading them together. Not to the authors altogether, I thought this was clear from the context.

    I should have described it more clearly. Addendum for When I came home yesterday night rather late, as we had a guided tour at our lab I already found a pickup note for getting the package. Having said that, we don't have a post office in our village or rather community as it consists of 4 villages any more - but, our local supermarket a chain dedicated to smaller communities has a postal service. This market is open Monday-Friday from 6 am to 8 pm - much longer than any post office, so very convenient!

    I will pick it up very soon I do hope fraudulent emails and absconding packages have all been sorted out. I had some fake mails from the Amazon a while ago at a when there was quite a spate of them, so I was forewarned. And I have been even more careful what I open since then But it is bona fide, and may lead to some work, so all is well. Mr J, Son2 and I spent last week in blazing sun and a bracing northerly gale straight from Russia - it is very far to the east, after all.

    We had been planning to go for some time, but this is the first winter with flights to Bari from here! It's a stunning region, and I would recommend it unreservedly. There is so much to see that we barely scratched the surface. We saw the breathtaking caves or grottoes, as the English leaflet insists on calling them at Castellana and the trulli at Alberobello, the castle of Otranto and Castel del Monte, and of course a number of churches and cathedrals one of which even possesses a thorn from the crown of thorns and another one of which contains the mortal remains of Saint Nicholas.

    In addition to this the people were charming, the food and wine were delicious and the roads much better than in other parts of Italy where we've been I think my favourite city was Lecce which is about as far east as Budapest! And as a lot of Puglia is quite flat, there are many cyclists and cycle networks in and around the towns. Better maybe : rausekeln? I don't really know what they are doing, so I can't say if that's the right choice of words.

    I know, those are nuances which may be difficult to get for non-native speakers, and also others may disagree and find it ok. I just wanted to say that I sort of stopped short when I read it. Better maybe: rausekeln? Please correct me as needed. So maybe: Verschrecken? Since I don't follow soccer or any team sport, for that matter closely, I really don't know about the state of their negotiations or search for new talent.

    Closer to the home front, as it were, we managed to sign up our son 4th grade at the time being for a coveted spot at the local Gymnasium. Since he has the required good grades no to mention his sister at the same school already, which is taken into account we should have taken this more lightly lightlier? They do turn away a good number of prospective students every year, even though they will be having 7 incoming classes at 25 or so pupils in Like his sister he'll be attending a special experimental "fast track" program, where the whole class skips the fourth year together.

    We'll see how that goes I think vergraulen would be the word. Not as strong as rausekeln and probably more what hm--us meant. If this is a nomal G8 high school - does this mean then, that he'll graduate after 7 years in the end, if they skip the fourth year?? I must say, I feel a bit sceptical about such an idea. Why shorten this precious time the young people can spend to gain a good general education by yet another year? What for?

    To get them into professonal training or specialized university studies, and eventually into working life even earlier? If this is a nomal G8 high school - does this mean then, that he'll graduate after 7 years in the end, if they skip the fourth year? Yes, that's the idea. They are not learning less, just doing it faster my daughter, who's officially in 6th grade now, just started with the 7th year curriculum. There is a comprehensive pre-selection process to make sure students are up to this.

    It's an experiment Schulversuch supported by a bunch of psychologists and educational scientists from the University of Vienna. I was quite skeptical at first, too, but my daughter's been doing it for a year and a half, and she couldn't be happier. Because they can? As I've said, they are not learning less.