The Blue Widows (Ben and Danielle)

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Chief Inspector Danielle Barnea of Israel's National Police is called to investigate, accompanied by Palestinian detective Ben Kamal, whose nephew was among the victims. Joining forces once again, Ben and Danielle are swept into a maelstrom of secrets and subterfuge that spans three continents. How are the shocking murders of elderly Holocaust survivors connected to the deaths of high school students in Israel and the West Bank? Palestinian-American detective Ben Kamal and Israeli detective Danielle Barnea soon discover that the answer to this blood-drenched puzzle lies as much in the past as in the present, with the clues leading from a Nazi labor camp to the forefront of modern biotech research, while leaving a trail of deception and death behind.

The West African country of Sierra Leone has long been known as a diamond-rich area. With civil war ripping the heart out of the country, all aspects of life there are unstable. Worst of all, guerrilla rebels, in their lust for the resource-rich land, have sunk to depravity and terrorism to evict people from the country.

Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea Series Audiobooks |

It's into this maelstrom of political and emotional turmoil that Ben and Danielle must go. In today's terrifying new world, in which small groups of individuals with unlimited resources can wreak incredible havoc and catastrophe, the task of stopping them becomes all the more urgent and compelling.

Jon Land's latest topical thriller finds Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea facing just such a threat: an obsessed fanatic plotting nothing less than the total destruction of America. Sixty years later, the survivors of that unit are systematically murdered because of what they saw. Working for the United Nations, Ben and Danielle are forced to return to the Middle East to investigate a massacre in a Palestinian village.

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Sort order. Jan 14, Paul Chan rated it it was amazing Shelves: joe. I'm happy to say that I enjoyed this book every bit as much as all the others in this series. Mr Land is a wonderfully entertaining author his characters are well defined and believable and the stories in this series are relevant to our lifetimes my only regret is that there are not more books continuing this storyline. Jul 26, Hermien rated it it was amazing Shelves: crime-thriller , ebooks , middle-east , series.

A fast paced page turner that was hard to put down. May 07, Brett Thomasson rated it it was ok Shelves: thriller , espionage , full-review-available. The fanatics they face have a sinister plan to humble the U. Both of them will find their own families and family histories deeply intertwined with those of their opponents, and the only way to defeat their enemies requires them both to face family issues from their respective pasts. Land writes a serviceable enough thriller and knows how to keep his action scenes brisk and to the point. He displays little of the same discipline when it comes to his actual plotting, throwing in more coincidences than a Victorian melodrama and tossing in characters who are either too important for the brief stage time they get or not nearly important enough to rate the work spent defining them.

In a couple of cases, they are both.

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Land also has a few too many important things happen "offscreen," so to speak, as we learn about some major events only through the secondhand testimony of others, rather than any of our lead characters. The flashback sequences that explain both the title and the roots that led to the current crisis are clumsily inserted, lurching backwards to pick up some vital details before jackrabbiting forward again with the storyline we'd been following.

They make the book the equivalent of a teenager learning how to drive before he or she understands gradual pressure on the brake and accelerator pedals.

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Reader enjoyment of The Blue Widows is likely to depend on a willingness to overlook those kinds of problems. I picked up my copy off the clearance shelves at a used book store, which generally helps my overlooking, so although Widows has some serious dead spots, I suppose I liked it well enough. Just not well enough to tackle any more cases with Ben and Danielle. Original available here. Feb 07, Ed Schmidt rated it it was amazing. A fanatical group has stolen several vials of smallpox from a supposed secure facility in the US.

Their plan is to destroy the US.

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A rich Saudi woman owns the company contracted by the US to make enough smallpox vaccine to vaccinate the entire US population. Ben and Danielle discover that she has contaminated the vaccine with a virus that will render every American sterile, thus ending reproduction in the US. Ben and Danielle must stop her before the vaccine is distributed.

Feb 28, Teresa rated it it was amazing.

Ben and Danielle

It seems so real at times, one begins to think that most likely the events that take place in this book actually happen. Suspense, terrifying read about terriost here in America involving Palestinians, Israeli and Americans. Could not put this book down. Apr 15, Liliane rated it it was ok. Decent plot, but come on, a little more effort on fleshing out the characters and reducing the cliche factor.

Jul 02, Erika rated it liked it Shelves: mysteries. A really good book- very comparable to Grisham or Clancy. It would make a good movie.

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Lots of twists and turns. Aug 31, Judie rated it really liked it. Jan 05, Greg rated it liked it. Good book but starting in the middle of a series like this one you miss a lot about the characters. Will go back to the beginning.

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I registered a book at BookCrossing. Aug 13, Ellen R-S rated it really liked it Shelves: central-asia , mystery-thriller , series-i-read , Shoshana rated it liked it Mar 24, William Warren rated it it was amazing Feb 22, George Schwenzer rated it really liked it Aug 02, Jeff Hall rated it really liked it Jul 24, Tina rated it really liked it Feb 29, Kim rated it really liked it Apr 13, Peggy Kincaid rated it it was amazing May 20, Carol Mccarthy rated it really liked it Oct 15, Sadie rated it really liked it Nov 15, Eric Vanorsdale rated it really liked it Jun 01, Sherry rated it liked it Sep 10,