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Though he is offered a contract to write for a manga series with an upcoming artist, his personal ambitions get in the way. After the death of his father, his aging mother Yoshiko Kirin Kiki seems to be moving on with her life with hobbies with the local elderly ladies. Ryota finds his sister Chinatsu is visiting their mother frequently and suspects she is trying to sponge off her; he believes she makes their mother pay for her daughter's figure skating lessons from her social pension.

His sister in her turn suspects Ryota's visits are for taking advantage of their mother. Ryota is trying to get back with his ex-wife Kyoko Yoko Maki , who has grown tired of Ryota's excuses for his continual failure to pay child support and threatens to stop letting him spend time with their young son, Shingo Taiyo Yoshizawa. Ryota is aware that Kyoko has a new boyfriend and fears her remarriage will end his relationship with Shingo.

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In a stormy summer night sheltered at his mother's home with his family, Ryota attempts to take back control of his existence and to find a lasting place in Shingo's life. His ex-wife says it is truly over with them and grown-ups cannot live only with love, planning is required as well and Ryota isn't cut out to be a family man. If he were, he would have done so earlier.

Ryota understands and uses the storm as a chance to bond with his son by repeating a memorable experience he once had with his father sheltering in a local playground as the storm rages. Kore-eda conceived of the film in when he visited his mother who had been living alone in a housing complex after his father's death. He started writing the screenplay in the summer of On its opening weekend at the Japanese box office, After the Storm was placed fifth, with 89, admissions. The site's critical consensus reads, " After the Storm crosses cultural lines to offer timeless observations about parental responsibilities, personal bonds, and the capacity for forgiveness.

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After the Storm (Kali Uchis song)

After the Storm Theatrical release poster. Retrieved 14 April Retrieved 28 December Cannes Film Festival. In addition to terrific stories the reader gets to learn a lot about the Amish. This story opens with Kate and her bo This has become one of my favorite series. This story opens with Kate and her boyfriend, state agent John Tomasetti, going to her brother's farm for dinner. Kate's sister is also coming. This is unusual as they are no longer as close as they were when they were children. Before Kate left the faith. Things start out good but of course it doesn't take long before the tension starts.

Then Kate gets a phone call. There is a tornado in the area and it is headed straight for Painters Mill. There is loss of life, including a baby that Kate could not save. A loss for which she is being blamed. A loss that haunts her. After the storm comes the clean up. During the clean up human remains are discovered in an old barn. Evidence seems to point to murder. The remains appear to have been there for thirty years. Kate works to identify the remains and how they came to be in the barn.

As she works on the cold case Kate finds herself deep in the Amish community that she left. She also finds that someone wants her dead. She is a target.

After The Storm Collection

Is it because of the death of the baby she tried to save but couldn't? Or is someone trying to prevent her from identifying the remains found in the old barn and learning what happened thirty years ago? While these events are happening in Kate's professional life there is a storm brewing in her personal life. She discovers she is pregnant and is not sure how to tell Tomasetti.

Tomasetti as readers of other books in the series know lost his first wife and children to a murderer. It almost destroyed him. Kate and Tomasetti are living together but marriage has never really been discussed much less children. Kate's pregnancy will test their relationship. Neither had planned or is ready. Each of them has emotional baggage and their relationship has been fragile. Will the relationship survive? Or could it be the breaking point?

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View all 8 comments. A decent police procedural with the biggest mystery being what will happen between Kate and Tomasetti. Once again, there are some extremely graphic scenes that could bother some readers. I listened to this book and the narrator did an excellent job. Jan 07, Brenda rated it it was amazing. Tension builds quickly in this book with a tornado on the ground and headed Kate's way. In the aftermath, there are more storms brewing in Kate's life, both professionally and personally. The Kesters are out for blood and money, a human skeleton is found, someone wants Kate dead, and then there's Tomasetti.

This was a great addition to the Kate Burkholder series, and I enjoyed it a whole lot more than the last book. Most of us have only seen pictures of the devastation left in the wake of a torna Tension builds quickly in this book with a tornado on the ground and headed Kate's way. Most of us have only seen pictures of the devastation left in the wake of a tornado. Castillo describes it very well. There was more animosity toward Kate from the Amish community, and this book had characters from the Mennonite community as well.

Kate's dogged determination to identify the skeleton leads to a disastrous conclusion. Well written and evenly paced. I am eager for the next book! I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads. Jun 11, Brenda rated it it was amazing Shelves: thriller , borrowed-from-library , release. The tornado that hit Painters Mill and the surrounding area was one of the biggest in a long time — Chief of Police Kate Burkholder knew there were likely to be fatalities. The trailer park was particularly hard hit — the small Painters Mill police department was stretched to its limits.

But when the call came in to Kate that a group of Boy Scouts who were cleaning up at an Amish property out of town had unearthed a human skull, she had no idea the direction the discovery would take her. The evi The tornado that hit Painters Mill and the surrounding area was one of the biggest in a long time — Chief of Police Kate Burkholder knew there were likely to be fatalities.

The evidence pointed toward the human remains being around thirty years old — a cold case that would prove every bit as difficult as Kate originally suspected. As Kate worked with her small team to identify the remains, her fledgling relationship with state agent John Tomasetti also came under pressure. Living together for the past seven months, Kate had felt secure in their love for one another — but were there problems in her personal world?

When Kate was attacked by persons unknown, Tomasetti was quietly frantic — but the entire police department was on alert. The danger was moving closer; the pressure building and tensions were rising. And when Kate unearthed a horror on an unimaginable scale she found herself in even more danger. The secrets and lies which spanned decades were slowly coming to the surface — would Kate survive unscathed?

I absolutely loved this latest instalment in the Kate Burkholder series! Linda Castillo is now firmly up there with my favourite authors. An intricate plot that has an extremely fast pace, lots of tension and heart racing moments; plus the characters are great! I really enjoy catching up with them all in each book. I have no hesitation in highly recommending After the Storm , but for the purpose of meeting the characters and growing with them, I would recommend starting at the beginning of the series.

View 2 comments. Jun 18, Barbara rated it really liked it Shelves: womchallenge. A ferocious tornado rips through Painters Mill, Ohio causing damage and fatalities. Two consequences of the tornado are especially relevant to Chief of Police Kate Burkholder. First, Kate rescues a baby from a crumpled trailer. The baby later dies and the parents blame Kate. Second, the bones of a man who disappeared decades ago are found among the ruins of an old barn on an Amish farm. Kate - who was raised Amish but left the fold long ago - investigates with her detectives.

Though it takes the A ferocious tornado rips through Painters Mill, Ohio causing damage and fatalities. Though it takes the police some time to identify the dead man the reader can guess who it is pretty quickly from the book's prolog where a man is pushed into a pen of hogs and eaten.

Meanwhile, Kate is now living with her boyfriend, investigator John Tomasetti, from whom she's hiding a secret. To add to Kate's problems, someone is trying to kill her - and Kate suspects it's the baby's meth-head father. He's elusive, though, and the police can't track him down. The investigation into the dead man requires Kate to question several Amish families, who are less than cooperative. Nevertheless, Kate is able to put together a number of clues, connect the dots, and get on track to solve the crime.

This isn't all smooth sailing because Kate tends to be reckless and keeps putting herself in dangerous situations - a bad idea when someone is trying to kill you. The plot is well-crafted and the book's characters - including the various suspects, Kate's detectives, the police dispatchers, Kate's family, the baby's parents, and more - add interest to the story. I also liked the peeks into the Amish community, including aspects of their lifestyle and beliefs. I enjoyed the book and recommend it highly to mystery fans. Jan 28, Carla Johnson-Hicks rated it it was amazing Shelves: thriller-suspense , adult-fiction , detective-crime , netgalley-books-read-in , netgalley , This is the seventh book in the Kate Burkholder series, but the first that I read.

All I can say is that I need to go back and start this series from the beginning. I really enjoyed this book. Kate is the police chief in the little town of Painters Mill, Ohio. She was raised in an Amish community but left the community to go to college and become a police officer. She speaks Pennsylvania Dutch so is able to speak and understand the Amish when they are involved in an investigation. The book starts This is the seventh book in the Kate Burkholder series, but the first that I read. The book starts with a tornado that is heading towards Painters Mill and on track to hit the local trailer park.

There is nothing anyone can do but hope for the best. When Kate and John Thomasetti her live in companion head to the trailer park they find a woman and baby in a trailer. The get them out, but this starts a chain of unfortunate events. Also as a result of the tornado, some old bones are unearthed at an abandoned farm. Kate sets out to identify the bones and again, sparks another tragic set of events to unfold.

This was a well written story and I assume the rest of the series is as well. I like the way she tells about the Amish community and how they live as well as how it feels to be an outsider. The characters are very real, with emotions that you would expect from anyone. They are not over the top, yet they are not afraid to show their feelings. I really enjoyed the mystery and suspense. I thought I knew who the culprits were, and I was right, but the story was more about how Katie is able to prove it.

It was suspenseful and the tension in the book seldom lets up. The way the two story lines were put together was well done and made for a great book. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley. May 02, Sherri Thacker rated it really liked it Shelves: great-books-but-not-quitestar-bo. This is book 7 in the Kate Burkholder series and I really enjoyed it!

From the first page to the last. View all 5 comments. Sep 23, Jeannie rated it really liked it Shelves: I love this series! Each book gets better. This book had a lot more detail about Amish life which I think is interesting. I love the relationship between Kate and Tomasetti. Plenty of suspence to kept me reading late into the night with this book also.

I am getting attached to the characters. I hope their story continues. View all 3 comments. I continue to enjoy this series. It is difficult for me to tear myself from the book. So this is another great mystery along with the continuing love relationship that flounders from time to time.

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Jul 16, Jean rated it really liked it. This captivating caper is beset with one tempest after another. There is little time. Soon all hell breaks loose. In the aftermath of the destruction, Burkholder and Tomasetti race to a mobile home court and rescue an injured mother and her unconscious baby. The next day, a Boy Scout, whose troop is assisting with cleanup at an old farm, discovers a human skull. Does Kate take too many chances, as Tomasetti frequently rebukes her?

Of course she does. And naturally, while she never comes out unscathed, she survives. Does she often care too much?

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  4. Tomasetti and her loyal police cohorts love and respect her for that. I continue to wonder how many murders this community of Painters Mill can realistically have, but I think that Castillo gets around that by dishing up year-old unsolved disappearances and the long-hidden secrets of the survivors. In this novel, several characters question the plausibility of an Amish person being involved in a terrible crime because the Amish are known to be peaceful, non-violent, religious folk.

    As Kate points out, they can also be judgmental, rigid, stubborn, loyal — and very human. Maybe it was the addition of the Mennonite character as one of the main mysteries that piqued my interest. Also fascinating was the unique and horrifying manner of death, and we actually see it through the eyes of a child in the prologue. Was it accidental, or was it murder?

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    Kate and Tomasetti have their own personal turmoil to weather as well. The outcome is predictable but unsettling. As always, each member of the supporting cast of police officers all has great potential, and I wish that Ms. Castillo would take time to develop them more. They are devoted cops and public servants, each with wonderful little personality quirks. There are some details that got missed in the editing phase, and for those who want to figure out a couple of mysteries, the puzzle is not all that challenging.

    Tirades, assaults, ambushes, and inner unrest — Kate goes through her own F5 tornado in After the Storm. Does she land on her feet? Mar 26, Maureen DeLuca rated it it was amazing. Sworn to Silence was the first book in this series- a 5 star read- now after reading number 7 - another 5 star read - and books all pretty much 5 and 4 star reads. This series keeps getting better and better. For those of you who never picked up a Kate Burkholder series book A police procedure book with an Amish twist to it. Don't let the Amish part throw you I can on Sworn to Silence was the first book in this series- a 5 star read- now after reading number 7 - another 5 star read - and books all pretty much 5 and 4 star reads.

    I can only hope that Linda Castillo keeps on writing this series View 1 comment. Jul 21, S. Hubbard rated it liked it. I really wanted to love this book. Many mystery fans whose opinions I respect love Linda Castillo, and I had never read her work. After reading a glowing review of After the Storm, I decided to take the plunge. The novel starts with an exciting Prologue in which a young girl witnesses a gruesome crime. Then it continues with a sort of Prologue Part II, written from another point of view, in which the entire motivation for the crime becomes quite apparent.

    After The Storm

    Then, once I knew the motivation and met I really wanted to love this book. Then, once I knew the motivation and met the cast of suspects, it was totally obvious who the killer must be. Unfortunately, the detective, Police Chief Kate Burkholder, did NOT have the benefit of reading the Prologue, so she spends half the book bungling along asking, "But why?? It's never a good thing for the reader to be two steps ahead of the sleuth. The author could have totally avoided this problem by leaving out the second bit of Prologue.

    Nevertheless, I kept reading because the characters are interesting and I thought there might be a twist coming. No such luck. The book ends as I predicted, and several loose ends are never tied up, including why the body was moved to the place where it was discovered when there were literally acres and acres of better places to dispose of it. After a tornado rips through the town, human bones are found in the clean up of an old barn that was destroyed in the storm. In trying to identify the remains, Kate finds evidence that points to foul play as possible cause of death.

    She finds herself becoming becomes embroiled in a 30 year old case with suspects in the Amish community where she once belonged. In addition to trying to solve this case, Kate is also dealing with her own personal issues with her relationship with a state officer, a law suite against the town, the PD and herself and also finds herself under attack from an unknown assailant. I enjoy this series and look forward to the next book. I like how the author writes about her relationship with the Amish community, which she grew up in but left when she was a teenager.

    Aug 19, Lyndsay rated it it was ok. Quick, enjoyable read. Although Kate's recklessness is now detracting from the story rather than enhancing it. And when is she going to start calling Tomasetti by his first name? When a tornado tears through Painters Mill and unearths human remains, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder finds herself tasked with the responsibility of identifying the bones--Kate digs deep into the case only to discover proof of an unimaginable atrocity, a plethora of family secrets and the lengths to which people will go to protect their own. Talk about horrific deaths. I thought I had read just about every kind of horrible death there could be, but nope, this book included yet another one.

    Le When a tornado tears through Painters Mill and unearths human remains, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder finds herself tasked with the responsibility of identifying the bones--Kate digs deep into the case only to discover proof of an unimaginable atrocity, a plethora of family secrets and the lengths to which people will go to protect their own. Let's just say I will never look at pigs the same way again. It seems as if the Amish community as a whole is getting darker in this series. There are just so many individuals from that community at this point in the series that have been involved in or done something terrible.

    I had to laugh when I got to a part where Kate states that she is the chief of police in a small town and that her job is relatively safe compared to other places. Who is she kidding? All those murders in that tiny little town make Painters Mill the most dangerous town in the US! The mystery in this one was ok. It was pretty obvious who had been involved in the decades old murder, but I was surprised a little by the second killer and also a little sad that it went that way. The best thing about this book was the personal drama between Kate and John Tomasetti.

    For a little while there I thought I was going to end up despising Tomasetti, but he pulled through eventually. I did think his reaction to something felt a little manufactured just to add drama, especially considering what I've come to know about him as a character. It just didn't quite fit. Overall I liked this book a lot and I'm surprised at how quickly I've been going through the books in this series. What started out as a slow progression has turned into a marathon read. I plan on getting caught up on this series this year so I'll keep reading, but because this series is so heavy on the dark and sinister, I do think I need to take a breather for a little while and read something lighter.

    Review also posted at Writings of a Reader Sep 08, Robin rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , When a tornado rips through the small town of Painters Mill, a skeleton is unearthed.