Daniel Taylor und das magische Zepter (German Edition)

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Since her wedding, she scarcely ever wrote to him. James loved those letters. Anne was his only connection to a world that had no demons, watchers, or other terrible creatures - except in myths. As James scratched his head, shaking a layer of grey sand and dust out of his brown hair, he thought about how he hated this dry, barren country, and wished he could return to Little Peak.


Daniel Taylor and the Dark Legacy: Part 1 of 3

Although the town was situated in the middle of California, where the temperatures were often sizzling hot, there was at least a bit of green, flowing water, and, above all, the people he missed so badly. His parents still lived there. Like him, they worked for the Watchers' Guild, although they were no longer in active service; they left that to younger members or those who had received special training.

The mission of the Guild was to protect humanity from all things evil.

Listen to Audiobooks by Monica Davis | jiwopumo.tk

The watchers were regular people, but acted like angels on earth: Although they were as vulnerable to injury as anyone else, they possessed certain special skills. They could even generate spheres of energy to protect themselves. The best thing was that they could "beam" themselves from one place to another. This was known as "dematerializing and rematerializing," "translocation," or simply "teleportation.

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He wished he could have told Anne who he really was; instead, he had had to play the role of a spoiled rich kid who, thanks to the wealth of his parents, was sent off to a fancy boarding school rather than attending Little Peak High with her. This was the best possible training ground for a future watcher. The island was owned by th. Hier findest du alle deine eBooks und viele praktische Lesefunktionen.

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Sofort per Download lieferbar. The story - packed with exciting adventure, emotional drama, and a momentous decision - takes place in Little Peak, a typical small town in California. Part 1. And if that weren't confusing enough, strange things start to happen to him. His world is turned upside down when he learns about his true origins.

Daniel Taylor between Two Worlds: Part 2 of 3

Daniel becomes caught up in the shadows of a dark legacy - a legacy that opens the door to another world, the world of demons- Part 2. In one, he can be happy with Vanessa. In the other, the world of demons, he could wield great power. Will Daniel's dark side win him over, enticing him to embrace his powers over the living and the dead? Part 3. Only Daniel can save her, but he's under the spell of the demons.


The Scepter of Power could seal his claim to the title of Overlord. As he searches for it, Daniel learns not only about his true origins, but also a great deal about himself. Ultimately, he has to determine which is stronger: the desire for power and respect - everything his demonic half yearns for - or his humanity? Monica Davis is one of the pen names of the German writer Monika Dennerlein. Born in in Berchtesgaden, she moved to Munich after high school, where she worked for a few years as a dental technician.

Synonyms and antonyms of Zepter in the German dictionary of synonyms

But she never lost her passion for writing. Since she completely devoted her time to writing, she has published 40 books and numerous e-books that regularly appear among the ranks of online bestsellers.

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Produktinformationen Format: ePUB. Kopierschutz: watermark. Seitenzahl: Nicolas Koop, Monica Davis, Marten zog einen dicken Markerstift aus der Christian M. Pohl, Nicole Zepter, Wist Theben S. Christian Leitz, Martin Zepter, Tegneserie, hvor detektiven Tintin roder sig ind i mysteriet om et syldavisk segl.

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  • Daniel Taylor und das dunkle Erbe by Monica Davis!

Martin Luther, Yamaha-Neuling Maverick Vinales stellte mit Die Organisatoren vom OK Penzberger Zepter [online]. German words that begin with z. German words that begin with ze.