Daybreak At Midnight

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Chasing Daybreak

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Today most of the witches have seceded from the Night World. Many have followed their maiden and mother and have joined Circle Daybreak.

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  • It’s Daybreak in Denmark when it’s Midnight in Minnesota.

These witches do not answer to the Inner Circle. The witches of Circle Twilight were known to use their powers for the greater good. First House of the shape-shifters:. The Drache family forms the First House of the shape-shifters. They are the rulers of all shape-shifters including the werewolves and the panthers.

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According to historical writings this royal family are the only shape-shifters to have dragon blood running through their veins. The dragons are the strongest shape-shifters, having powers no other shape-shifting animal can possess such as the ability to shape-shift into any animal form.

Daybreak Midnight Sunrise

Even though the witches put the dragons to sleep over thirty thousand years ago the Drache family still possess some of the powers of dragons in diluted form. This is because the Drache family are the descendants of the only dragon that was left awake by the witches. This dragon was a young princess considered too weak to cause harm to the world at the time.

The Drache children have the choice to choose which animal they would like to call. They also have telepathy the ability to connect with any animal mind.

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