Healthy Living: How to Purify Your Body in a Polluted World (Healthy Living Book)

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More Books by Gina 'The Veggie Goddess' Matthews

This allows the reader to create a detox cleanse program that suits their individual needs, increasing the likelihood of a successful dextoxification process and experience. Section two of the book, covers expanding your detoxification efforts to include healthy body care practices, as well as green cleaning and green household practices. Ready to start your get clean-live clean lifestyle?

Gina provides a multitude of holistic Asian-based therapies and detoxification programs for her clientele, as well as educates them on healthy living and good nutrition practices. Vegan Cooking.

Some providers prefer to utilize a provoked urine test, which is when a chelating agent is introduced to and trigger toxins to be released into the urine to give you an idea of the metals dormant in the body. More on chelation and the role an essential oil detox plays below…. However, each piece of the puzzle should come together to indicate the course of action. Heavy metal exposure is a big deal and can be deadly. The Environmental Protection Agency notes the following range of symptoms for lead poisoning alone 3 :.

Signs and symptoms of mercury poisoning vary based on the type and level of exposure 4 :. There are two primary kinds of reactions to toxins: acute and cumulative. The list of diseases linked to toxicity is not intended to be conclusive, by any means. This is just a snap-shot of what the literature says…. Cases of allergies and asthma have skyrocketed in recent years. Current data places the amount of Americans with nasal allergies alone in the 50 million range! Why is this so? I tend to agree with the scientists who reviewed this topic in when they successfully drew connections between environmental toxins and allergic disease.

As researchers have described,. In other words, the pollutants and chemicals that we were exposed to as children and that our children are continually bombarded with has culminated in a plague of allergic disease! Another plague of our era is cancer , which many experts believe is not only more prevalent now, but in some cases may be entirely new to recent generations. The connection between allergic disorders and cancer is a dampened immune system. Able to keep us from getting sick and staving off chronic inflammatory conditions, immune system function is invaluable.

Unfortunately, toxins throw that balance off quite easily. We see this most clearly with autoimmune disorders triggered in occupations that expose workers to high levels of toxins.

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Case in point, silica dust, which is strongly connected with autoimmune problems like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, while pesticide and solvent exposure is linked to their own conditions. Not surprisingly, while chemical toxins bombard the immune system and appear to cause immune disorders, heavy metals carry significant immunotoxic capabilities as well. We know that each body system is closely intertwined with the others, however, the immune, endocrine hormonal , and immune systems are especially linked not only in function, but also in effects from toxic metals and chemicals.

As Dr.

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Metals are not the only concern. In an extensive study published in in , the effects of a long-term buildup of pesticide exposure is as follows:. Mercury and lead receive most of the attention, but there are other metals of concern for hormone conditions.

Healthy Living: How to Purify Your Body in a Polluted World

Arsenic comes to mind, especially for metabolic concerns. In fact, researchers content that arsenic can actually contribute to the onset of type II diabetes! In , this was documented in the journal Toxicology Letters:. In Bangladesh, prevalence of diabetes mellitus among arsenic-exposed subjects with keratosis was about five times higher than unexposed subjects.

Verified five years later, individuals living next to hazardous waste sites were found to be five times more likely to be hospitalized for diabetic related complications than those living elsewhere. Other hormonal disturbance due to toxic exposure include the estrogenic effects of bisphenol A BPA , as well as concerns with organochlorines — chlorine substances classified as pollutants, which are used in pesticides and other chemical treatments. Organochlorines have been known to cause hormonal effects on both fertility and sexual development.

Arsenic, cadmium, lead, are mercury are all highly available across all the world and are associated with significant adverse health risks, with lead and mercury being the most concerning and prevalent. Not an exhaustive list, these resources provided by Dr. Hardick can help ensure that your and your family are safe.

The story of America, as told through diet books

Doing an essential oil detox can be a great way to clear the junk out of your system, but you should know that detoxing is a way of life, and definitely not a one-time thing. This is where an essential oil detox makes all the difference in the world:. Please remember this. Stop hurting me! Literally everything we eat or drink, everything we put on our skin and every particle that we breathe in will either help naturally detoxify our bodies of harmful chemicals or will contribute to our toxic burden.

There are several resources out there to help you detoxify your body through nutrition and other natural approaches, and I recommend that you use these along with implementing the advice that I give below about how to do an essential oil detox. For a fantastic guide to help detox naturally and safely, check out Dr. Toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury are virtually ubiquitous and have no beneficial role to us and contribute to epidemic of chronic diseases that are plaguing our people. While drugs are eagerly sought-after to solve this problem by helping aid the detoxification of toxic elements, pharmaceutical chelators are mainly used for acute poisoning.

To date, most of the research we have about essential oils and chelation has been done about iron, a micronutrient required by almost all living organisms. Harmful microorganisms have developed a high affinity with iron, particularly fungi. A critical element critical for normal growth and development, iron is actually the most abundant transition metal in the human body. Interestingly, iron chelators can mobilize iron in human tissue, which causes them to be excreted in feces and urine and can be used as therapeutic agents against different types of microorganisms.

Therefore, is of significant interest to help manage the side effects and improve the quality of life of people suffering from iron overload. This is where an essential oil detox can help, and these 10 essential oils are some of the most promising out there!

Due to the antioxidant capacity, research has shown that essential oil compounds can induce detoxification enzymes and can actually prevent toxicity and even cancer in cell line models.

The compound citral is the perfect example because it can increase the activity of a key phase II detoxification enzyme known as glutathione-S-transferase, and researchers suggest it has a possible role in skin cancer prevention. Application : Add drops of citral-rich oils in your diffuser for an effective essential oil detox!

Healthy Living: How to Purify Your Body in a Polluted World: Healthy Living Book

When many people think about how to do an essential oil detox, lemon naturally comes up, not because of the research done on the subject, but because of the wildly popular lemon detox drinks that are being raved about in the health community. We need to remember that the chemical constituency of the lemon rind which the oil is made from and thus the oil itself are quite different from the juice.

According to Indian researchers, hesperidin a bioflavonoid found in lemon oil has the ability to do even more by preventing lipopolysaccharide-induced endotoxicity in rats. Previous studies have shown that hesperidin has several beneficial properties against inflammation and oxidative stress. Additionally, hydrodistilled lemon oil has been proven to slow down key enzymes that are linked to neurodegenerative conditions and is a strong antioxidant as evident by its ability to chelate iron.

Application : Add lemon oil to your diffuser to support your cleanse efforts! Rosemary essential oil is a known iron chelator that has been proven to protect DNA.

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In one study rosemary outperformed other health and essential oil detox superstar oils oregano , thyme , sage, and clove. This is what the study found:. Application : Premake an immunity blend with cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, orange and rosemary. Add 1 drop of the blend oil in some honey and coconut oil for during your next cleanse! Valerian root essential oil is another ferrous iron chelator.

WHO: Breathe Life - How air pollution impacts your body

It simply suggests that other non-oil forms are effective as well. Application : Diffuse 3 drops valerian, 2 drops vetiver and 1 drop cedarwood to do an esential oil detox for your emotions and spirit from negative feelings and hurt. Several oils in the mint family have been shown to detox iron and ginger mint extract is the most prominent, presumably due to its antioxidant capacity.

We are assuming that the ability to chelate iron II species is linked to the principal chemical compound present in each essential oil: M. Application : Diffuse 2 drops each of ginger mint, peppermint and spearmint for an invigorating, energy boost during your next cleanse! Research studies on echinus have shown that it contains significant antimicrobial and antioxidant activities, as well as anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Research has also uncovered that the essential oil from R.