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  1. Jehoshaphat and the Choir That Led an Army
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He built in Judah fortresses and store cities, 2Ch Of Benjamin: Eliada, a mighty man of valor, with , men armed with bow and shield; and next to him Jehozabad with , armed for war. These were in the service of the king, besides those whom the king had placed in the fortified cities throughout all Judah. So he had this massive army as a result of his campaign of education, and his policy to stand against Israel. He had created a united nation that were prepared to stand up for what was right, in the KJV, in v18 it read the war , ready for the war against the evil in the world. But that war never came, they never fought that war, because Jehoshaphat changed his policy before that war came.

So we have in chapter 17, King Jehoshaphat, rising, soaring above Israel and walking greatly upwards towards God. After some years he went down to Ahab in Samaria. And Ahab killed an abundance of sheep and oxen for him and for the people who were with him, and induced him to go up against Ramoth-gilead. Why would he make an affinity with Ahab? Well, he had great riches and honour, and this was the source of his problem. It caused him, for the opposite reason to Asa, to stop allying with God and go his own way, this self-alliance. Instead of strengthening himself against Israel which he did when he had nothing , he is now using his strength to try and save Israel.

Jehoshaphat and the Choir That Led an Army

He had great wealth, great honour, great reputation and he had an army so big that he thought his strength was sufficient to save Israel from their apostasy, so he decides to make an alliance. The Hebrew word is chathan and it means to give away in marriage, normally it would be a daughter, but in this case he gave away a son in marriage. So it means to form a contract of alliance by marriage, and of course it would be the practice of those days to cement alliances by marrying into each others families. In this case he took his eldest son Jehoram and gave him away to Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel.

Jehoram means exalted by Jehovah, while Athaliah means whom God afflicts, again showing this contrast between the 17th chapter and the 18th chapter.

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First a raising up, and then a bringing down. These two married together, defining the change of policy and the consequences. So Jehoshaphat went from Jerusalem, and he went down to Ahab down in Samaria, almost like going down steps, highlighting the decline.

Then next, Ahab kills sheep and oxen for him and for the people who were with him.

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Ahab sucked him in and persuaded him to go up against Ramoth-Gilead. If we go back to 1 Kings 21 we have the record of the death of Naboth by the evil scheme of Jezebel. There was none who sold himself to do what was evil in the sight of the LORD like Ahab, whom Jezebel his wife incited. That word incited, or stirred up, is the Hebrew word suth , and you only find that about 18 times in the Old Testament and it is used with the idea of persuasion, enticement, and the word comes from the root word for briers and thorns and it means to prick.

So you have Ahab who was stirred up, persuaded, pricked, incited to evil by his wife Jezebel. That same word is used in 2 Chr , that word induced, or persuaded in the KJV, and so Ahab was applying the same methods to Jehoshaphat that Jezebel applied to him, having just showered him with an abundance of sacrifices in his name.

We have echoes of a high priest making offerings to God, and treats Jehoshaphat as such, and then entices him to go to a city of refuge, Ramoth-Gilead, he might not have recognised it as such, but having just looked at the chapter where Ahab has Naboth killed, we have someone who thinks he is a high priest, who is a murderer and they are going to a city of refuge to take back the land from the Syrians. We will be with you in the war. But this was the wrong war.

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We have the remarkable story of where Ahab and Jehoshaphat find themselves sitting in the gate of Samaria surrounded by about foolish prophets of Baal. But here we have a problem.

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  7. Here we see what happens to those who are determined to achieve their objectives and when they get mixed up in foolish alliances. Jehoshaphat might have thought he was strong enough to handle Ahab, but look how weak his response is. If he had been back in Jerusalem he would have told Ahab exactly what he thought of these charlatans and insisted that the Lord gave direction.

    Following Jehoshaphat's Example in Dealing with Calamity - ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry

    But he simple inquires whether there was someone else they could take guidance from, tolerating the presence of these false prophets. Presumably the first time Micaiah answers, Jehoshaphat can tell he is not telling the truth, perhaps he has heard his prophecies before and so Micaiah in v16…. Here the prophecy in context is that he is predicting the death of Ahab, and Israel will have no master, but there is a far wider application to this prophecy which is dealt with in the prophecy of Micah. As far as God was concerned he had disappeared for making an alliance with Ahab, so when Ahab died there was no master, hence we read these have no master, let each return to his home in peace.

    Look at that last phrase carefully. Let each or every return in peace. Then have a look at 2 Chr Jehoshaphat the king of Judah returned in safety to his house in Jerusalem.

    He was just one of the ordinary defeated soldiers, who was like a sheep that had no shepherd. Of course he was. Why not? Because he has made an alliance with Ahab. What happened to all his riches, his strength, his reputation?

    When you trust in God, there is no need to fear.

    So with this prophecy in mind, Jehoshaphat and Ahab went up to Ramoth-Gilead, the city of refuge,. The king of Israel disguises himself as an ordinary soldier, but Jehoshaphat was to wear his kingly robes, and so the Syrians mistake him for King Ahab,. They thought it was Ahab because of the kingly robes. Why was it that Benhadad said to his men that he was only interested in one man, king Ahab? But instead of putting him to death as the Lord wanted, he took him into his chariot and made a covenant with him instead. So in v He narrowly avoided death and was allowed to go home, with no master, no shepherd, in peace to his own home.

    Our lessons from this are we should be strengthening ourselves against the evil in the world, like Jehoshaphat did in chapter 17, and leaving the world to fight its own battles rather than trying to help them like Jehoshaphat did in chapter We cannot successfully fight alongside those who the Lord is not with. So while Jehoshaphat is left to journey home and think about why he is in that situation, Ahab receives his death blow.

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    For as soon as the captains of the chariots saw that it was not the king of Israel, they turned back from pursuing him. But a certain man drew his bow at random and struck the king of Israel between the scale armor and the breastplate. Ahab has tried to escape Benhadad, but God was to execute the judgement required, and we read a certain man , there seems to be nothing deliberate or intentional to kill the king of Israel, perhaps looking for something to do draws his bow back and fires an arrow off at random.

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