Kendall Kingsley and the Secret of the Scarecrow

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Costiander, Malakias - released Common Trees of Pennsylvania by Mickalitis, A. Francis, J. Smythe, James P. Confessions and Enchiridion by Saint Augustine, trans. Albert Cook Outler - Edition available 18 Dec Augustine's Soliloquies trans. Hargrove, Harvey Lee - released Moreau [French] by Saint Possidius Calamensis ; trans. Moreau, L - Copyright cleared 20 Dec Writings in Connection with the Donatist Controversy trans. King, Rev. Dods, Marcus - released Kinkead, Thomas L. Monumentum Ancyranum: the deeds of Augustus ed.

Fairley, William - Copyright cleared 22 Apr Journal of a visit to Constantinople and some of the Greek islands in the spring and summer of - released Mahony, Felix - released Bradbourne, Lord Edward; Coolidge, Susan - released Montolieu, Isabelle de - released Ylpeys ja ennakkoluulo [Finnish] illust. Brock, Charles Edmund; trans. Joutsen, O. THE LOTTERY is considered the greatest short story by many, and in its release in , it appalled readers to the point where it was banned in many places across the country and the world.

Cleek has a few twisted secrets of his own, and his family are basically forced to be part of his little secret. The collaboration by both Ketchum and McKee punches you hard in the face with description, beats you down to your knees with pain and disgust, and never releases your throat.

Whether it is true or not, the account of the Smurl family in West Pittston, Pennsylvania is compelling and highly entertaining. The story takes place in an apococalyptic, dystopian future where a mother named Malorie and her two children are living alone, in fear of an outside world inhabited by an evil that cannot be seen by human eyes, the consequence being violent insanity. The mother decides that her family must leave their lonely domain and venture out to a place where they can seek refuge.

Malorie and her children blindfold themselves, and the journey ahead of them parallels from past to present, and is truly a terrifying adventure into the unknown. During a carnival, Fortunato tells his foe that he has a great cask of wine, and the man insists that he take him to his home to taste it. I do not want to ruine the end for Poe virgins, but the result is chilling to say the least.

It is the story of a man who is rooted in the underbelly of Hollywood and falls in love with a woman who is also part of the industry, and the once wonderful marriage becomes rocky, and results in her body being discovered dismembered in a gruesome fashion. This is a darker rendition of the Hitchcock classic if you can believe that, and is one of the most frightening stories you will ever read. The first is thrills, and they are there, everything Harris writes is painted vividly, with every detail described. Shelley was only twenty-one when she crafted this work of art, and it still has power, still breathes, and lives.

Once you open the pages, you will quickly realize why Blatty is a literary master of horror based on fact. The battle between good and evil, light and dark, the characters are so well detailed, and the journey is immense. From the beginning of the story with the outbreak of Captain Tripps to the union of divided groups, everything is large in scope, and Randall Flagg is one of the most charismatic, intricate, and intense villains ever created.

On the same coin, Mother Abigail is a formidable hero as well. Well, there you have it, a solid list that hopefully inspired someone else to pick up a good book. There are six titles available right now on Amazon in paperback and Ebook, and I will include the summaries and links below. After being deceived by Will Thompson to unleash the power of Sara and her mass possession on the women of the planet, Jason Cain unwittingly bands together with a small group of men in his apartment building, and meets a kindred spirit, a man named John Robertson, who has lost a son and agrees to help Jason in his journey to save his own.

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Will Thompson enters into his own troubles and enters into an other-wordly plane in his mind where he will hopefully seek answers to the terror he was sworn to bring about through his legacy. Will Sara be successful in the unmaking of man and the violent creation of a world of her making? The fate of the balance lies within the pages of this bloody, fast-paced, violent saga. A teenage boy stumbles upon a script and releases a malevolent force that threatens to tear his entire life apart.

Books by Paul Counelis

Terrified for himself and his family, he seeks help from a priest who is keeping a dark secret of his own. He is the ultimate legend in the horror genre, a wise-cracking demon who invaded the portal of the mind, violating the dreamscape of the children of Elm Street to exact his undying legacy of evil. But there was always a door that was never fully opened. Who was the man named Freddy Krueger before the parents of Springood exacted their revenge? Blake also introduces characters and moments that are true to the Nighmare film series.

Who is Freddy Krueger? What motivates a man to unleash his rage on the innocent? The infamous glove is back, razor sharp, and prepared to take you the edge of pure evil. Hugh Aaron wakes in a post-apocalyptic Earth to learn that he has been chosen as a candidate for godhood by a mysterious entity known simply as The Elder. Soon Hugh finds himself alone in an unrelenting wasteland with the vicious servants of the messianic tyrant Yahweh hounding his every step. With the aid of his ancient spell book, Hugh will fight for the genocide of the angelic hierarchy, the resurrection of the human race, and the power to conquer reality itself.

Between her largely dysfunctional family of two and the friends she does not feel particularly close to, Violet thinks he is the least of her problems. What she fails to understand is that the guy is no prankster and soon people turn up dead or missing, because of her. Yet, nothing could have prepared her for her close up with the psycho. Who will survive in this tale of obsession and misplaced devotion? I really think that I do. A deranged extra terrestrial experiment covered up by the government which is utterly helpless in the face of a power incomprehensible, and an evil unspeakable.

The Pattersons are now under ITS control, a soulless, murderous, monstrosity clad in angelic flesh with its own blood-thirsty agenda for all humanity. I will see you next week for another list or article.


Also remember the only thing that can impale your dreams is your own negativity. Do whatever it is you want to do in life, and I will scare you all later. What's your reaction? You might also like. November Horror Movies on Netflix wont have anyone very excited.