Love Cloud Cross Stitch Pattern

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Start with an easy project, and work your way up to the kits that have more intricate detail. We always advise customers to read the instructions thoroughly prior to beginning your project. Start at the centre of the piece and work your way outwards. We recommend that you avoid using long strands of thread, and do not pull too hard if your thread starts to tangle or knot.

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If your fabric starts to fray as you are working, tape the edges or use a fabric glue to prevent it from becoming tangled. If you are not quite sure how the stitch should be, then you could practice on a piece of scrap fabric before you start.

Valentine – Page 16 – Daily Cross Stitch

Finally, always work in a well-lit space. Cross stitch is fiddly work, and you should not strain your eyes working in poor lighting.

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Cross Stitch kits Spotlight offers a fine selection of cross stitch kits for beginners as well as advanced hobbyists. Remove all filters. Filter 0. Beutron Flamingo Cross Stitch Kit. Beutron Watermelon Cross Stitch Kit. Beutron Swan Cross Stitch Kit. Beutron Pineapple Cross Stitch Kit. Beutron Unicorn Cross Stitch Kit. Once you've decided on a color scheme, make an X mark on each square so you know where your stitches have to go.

Try using color-coded marks to fill in the grid so you know what thread to use. To learn more about how to choose a color scheme or get inspiration for your design, keep reading!

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This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 7 references. Categories: Featured Articles Cross Stitch. Learn more Use a photograph. You can use a photograph that you took or one you found in a magazine to create your cross stitch pattern.

This will make it easier to convert the photo into a cross stitch pattern. Use a photo of a flower, a tree, or clouds for a simple design.

Opt for a photo of a person or landscape for something more advanced. It helps if the photo is already the desired size for your cross stitch. However, you could always photocopy or scan the image and resize it. Draw something. If you prefer, you can also draw your own design by hand or use a paint program on your computer.

For example, if you are new to cross stitch, you might draw a simple flower, some balloons, or a tree.

Cute Narwhal Cross Stitch Pattern

If you want something more advanced, you might draw a puppy, a sunset, or a person. Drawing freehand is also a good way to form letters and words for your cross stitch. Use a cross stitch pattern for inspiration. If you are not sure what type of image might make a good cross stitch design, then look at existing cross stitch patterns for inspiration.

Look at cross stitch pattern books in your local craft supply store, or search for cross stitch patterns online. Look at patterns that reflect your skill level. Creating your cross stitch pattern based on an advanced pattern may not give you the desired results if you are new to cross stitch.

The 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Cross Stitching | S2E4

Lay the image you want to use on a flat, backlit surface. Tracing an image is much easier when the image has light coming through it from behind. To backlight your image, use a light box or hold the image against a window on a sunny day. Place a piece of grid paper over the image. Grid paper is perfect for creating a cross stitch pattern. Take a piece of grid paper that is large enough to completely cover the image and lay it over the image. Center the design under the grid paper so that it will be about the same distance from each of the edges.

Carina posted recently about her love for Denyse Schmidt fabrics. I sent her 2. I got an absolutely amazing package in return which I will show off tomorrow! But so far everything has turned out pretty well. I need to get the pattern cleaned up and make a few changes from the original I made! I love it! The solar system definitely counts as a place. Jen sells a lot of gorgeous floss organizers but not the cloud one. Wow, that is very neat! I am participating in my first Stitch Swap this month and am very excited. We did it with one yard of fabric and I have a great idea of what I am going to sew.

I loved your cross-stich pattern and neat gift idea.

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  5. Great job on your post- I love the photos and how you wrote it up. A fabric swap would be fun! I love doing swaps!! Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words! Love the solar system project!