Masochism: Current Psychoanalytic Perspectives

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  1. Masochism : current psychoanalytic perspectives (Book, ) []
  2. Masochism: Current Psychoanalytic and Psychotherapeutic Perspectives
  3. ISBN 10: 088163171x

Hats off to Drs Glick and Meyers for having honed this volume on contemporary views of masochism into an eminently readable and incisive presentation. They lead off in their 'Introduction' with a historical review.

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Taking us back to Venus in Furs , Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's novel about a man's willing submission to enslavement, humiliation, cruelty, and physical and psychological abuse, they trace the development of key ideas about Masoch-ism from Freud to the present. They show how 'psychoanalytic interest in masochism dates from the earliest days of psychoanalysis , [and] how the various approaches to its understanding have reflected the developmental vicissitudes of psychoanalytic theory as it moved from its early focus on instinct to considerations of psychic structure and oedipal dynamics, object relations , separation-individuation , self-organization, and self-esteem regulation and as it progressed into more systematic investigation of child development ' p.

This is their guiding perspective, and once the reader is armed with it, what might have seemed a rather uneven collection of eleven papers, written by a distinguished but highly diverse group of analysts, becomes a coherent and an exceedingly rich explication of masochism from complementary psycho-analytic points of view. Robert S. Liebert's paper, 'The concept of character : An historical review', launches an inquiry into the nature of masochism as a 'controlling, adaptive organization'.

His panoramic review scans the contributions of Freud, Reich, Anna Freud , Fenichel, Hartmann, Kris and Loewenstein, Kardiner, Erikson, Sullivan, the British object-relations school , Kohut, and Lacan, focusing on what each theorist added to our picture of the nature and function of character and to our notion of how it is created by the individual in the context of object relations and within a particular culture. Coen 4.

Masochism : current psychoanalytic perspectives (Book, ) []

Clinical Dimensions of Masochism - Otto F. Kernberg 5. Those Wrecked by Success - Roy Schafer 6. Asch 7. Cooper 8. Masochism and the Repetition Compulsion - John E.

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Gedo 9. Rosenfeld Adolescent Masochism - Charles A. Sarnolff show more.

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Review quote "Hats off to Drs. Glick and Meyers for having honed this volume on contemporary views of masochism into an eminently readable and incisive presentation. Thanks to their skill as editors and teachers, the reader comes away with a much clearer picture of the current state of our understanding of masochism and a coherent, multifaceted theoretical framework within which to make crucial diagnostic distinctions concerning object relations and level of ego and superego development.

Bernstein, International Journal of Psychoanalysis "We can welcome Masochism as a valuable addition to our libraries, whether or not we are pure psychoanalysts or practitioners of a more eclectic persuasion.

Masochism: Current Psychoanalytic and Psychotherapeutic Perspectives

Glick and Meyers have presented a well-written, easily understood first chapter, which directs the reader's attention to twelve intriguing and varied discussions of this complex, contradictory, but nearly ubiquitous existential human phenomenon. Readers of this book cannot help but add something to their knowledge of the psychoanalytic theory of masochism. Most of us will learn a great deal. Strochak, American Journal of Psychotherapy show more.

ISBN 10: 088163171x

About Robert A. Glick Robert A.

Glick, M. Donald I. Meyers, M. Rating details.

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