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  1. Some magazines are figuring out how to drive growth online and in print, but only a few.
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Some magazines are figuring out how to drive growth online and in print, but only a few.

Some telemarketers avoid identifying themselves as sellers. Others ask for credit card numbers for "verification" purposes or claim their company is "regulated" or "approved" by the government when no such agency exists for this purpose. When offered a bargain over the phone: Listen carefully. Ask for the total cost, the time period covered and the individual subscription cost.

A hurried "yes" to the caller may obligate you to years of monthly payments for magazines you may not really want or could purchase elsewhere for less. Get the name, street address, and phone number of the company, in addition to the name of the salesperson. Ask for a written copy of the sales terms.

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Don't give your credit card number out over the phone for "verification" purposes. Unwanted subscriptions could be billed to you. Billing and Credit Another area of major concern is the credit and billing procedures used to purchase magazines. When problems of this type occur, the consumer's first step should be to contact the credit card company as soon as possible within 60 days after the first bill containing an error is mailed to you with a written letter.

In the letter, include: your name and account number; a statement explaining why you feel there is an error in the billing; the dollar amount involved; the reasons you believe there is a mistake; and photocopies of sale slips or other documents. It is a good idea to send this letter by certified mail with a return receipt requested. Keep a copy of the letter and all the original documents for your records. Under the Federal Fair Credit Billing Act, the credit card company has 30 days to acknowledge that the letter was received.

GQ and Men's Health report biggest sales in PPA digital report

Within the next 90 days, or two billing periods, whichever is shorter, it must conduct an investigation into the possible error. The credit card company must then correct the mistake, or explain why the bill is believed to be correct. During the investigation, the credit card company cannot damage your credit rating or report you delinquent to anyone. Negative Option Plans "Negative option" is a marketing plan that means, "We'll keep sending you our product until you tell us to stop.

When you send in an introductory coupon for a "free" or "trial" copy of a magazine, you may be committing to a binding contract with the company which requires you to buy a specified amount of merchandise within a limited period of time. If you are dissatisfied with the "trial" product, it becomes your responsibility to contact the company and cancel any future orders. If you fail to notify the company in writing that you're not interested in continuing a subscription, you may find yourself receiving not only lots of magazines, but lots of bills.

Too many consumers toss the package on the shelf, or the bill in the wastebasket. Unless you deal with the problem, the bills will keep coming--each one with a more threatening collection message.

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If you enter into an agreement that involves a negative option plan, pay close attention to all the mail you receive from the company. Keep a record of all the orders you place and all the bills you pay. When you decide to cancel a contract after you have complied with all terms of agreement, contact the company in writing to cancel future orders.

Poor magazine sales threaten newsagents

If possible, send your notification by certified mail. Return unwanted shipments and keep records of how the merchandise was returned, any dates of the transactions, and copies of correspondence.

65 Standard Templates

If you receive a copy of a magazine and are absolutely certain that someone in your household did not sign an agreement, or agree to review a "trial" issue, you are under no obligation to make a payment. Consider the item an unsolicited gift. If a bill arrives, however, take the time to write the company and clarify your position.

Things To Remember When you agree to purchase a subscription, carefully review the solicitation.

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Compare the price with what it costs to purchase a subscription directly from the publisher. Calculate the cost of the subscription for the entire year. Monthly rates may sound appealing, until you realize the total cost is actually several hundred dollars during the course of the year.

If you do decide to make a purchase, carefully review the sales contract before you sign it. Magazine Media Sales Guarantee The Magazine Magazine Sales Guarantee is an industry-wide money-back or space-back guarantee of advertising performance, a first for any industry.

Magazine Management Reports and Flex Reporting Suit

What are people saying about the Magazine Media Sales Guarantee? Brand Audience Report. Social Media Report. Online Engagement Report. MPA Factbook.