THE BILLIONAIRE FORTUNE MAP How to Leverage Wealth Creating Opportunities

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  1. How to Get Rich Without Being Lucky - Naval Ravikant
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  3. Sizing Up the Tech Giants

We believe a few minutes spent with Michael Robinson each month will pay off for you the way it did for Robin Pipes :. Subscribe to Radical Technology Profits. Click here to learn more.

Fifty years ago, our smart phones and laptops were the stuff of sci-fi. Now these things are real. For the investor with vision who gets in early, such radical technologies can form the bedrock of million-dollar portfolios. Naturally, such a fast-moving market filled with so many new-to-the-scene innovations can seem confusing, even to smart and savvy investors.

These companies are perfect for bringing you short-term gains in anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. The service came to life on May 17, , when Michael sent out two bold 3D Printing recommendations. Michael and his readers! The San Diego-based Kratos is a small-cap leader involved in complex gear for satellite communications, drones, electronic warfare, surveillance systems, radar jammers, and ballistic-missile defense.

At the time of that recommendation, everyone was running from companies like Kratos, because of deep cuts in the defense budget. He knew that the Pentagon would never cancel its contracts with Kratos. This was because, thanks to fees written into those contracts, cancellation would actually cost the government more than fulfillment.

How to Get Rich Without Being Lucky - Naval Ravikant

But what really convinced Michael to pull the trigger on Kratos was a series of high-level meetings he held with Major General Michael Mazzucchi. For readers of Radical Technology Profits , stories like these are par for the course. For one, as a veteran reporter, he has a Pulitzer-quality nose for spotting a breaking technology story. While other analysts are glued to their screens, hoping to spot a trend, Michael might be out sailing with Reed Tausig , CEO of a promising software startup… or dining with Dr.

Radical Technology Profits helps everyday investors get in on the ground floor of explosive opportunities in biotech, military defense, supercomputing, 3D printing, and every other cutting-edge breakthrough. And Michael is there with you every step of the way to help you manage these plays. Moving to Australia from Sicily as a year-old, Mr Rubino battled as a trades assistant in Kwinana until he started a career in engineering subcontracting.

He started as the Rubino Company, which evolved into United Construction, and then took control of Monadelphous in He restored faith in Monadelphous by giving personal guarantees to suppliers and using his reputation to restore confidence in the business. But to gamble something you cannot afford to lose? That calculated risk also involves a diversified share and property portfolio, with less than 10 per cent of his wealth now tied up in Monadelphous. Of the small number of year-olds with 12 years experience in tech start-ups, Melanie Perkins could well be the only one from Perth.

Now Sydney-based, Perkins commands the billion-dollar Canva, an online graphic design tool whose 10 million users produce about 20 designs a second.

The Top Earning Celebrities, Dead and Alive

Perkins, together with her personal and business partner Cliff Obrecht, started Fusion Books in Perth in to help schools publish their year books. But start she did, and she has not stopped, with a possible listing on the tech-friendly NASDAQ market on the horizon. For Ms Perkins, achieving another round of funding is a major affirmation of value.

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And the icing is her securing the backing of Silicon Valley legend Margaret Meeker, whose new fund Bond Capital chose Canva as its first investment. In , the maths teacher got together with education administrator Rod Jones to come up with a pathways college concept to help international students make an easier transition to tertiary education.

Sizing Up the Tech Giants

And he backed the company behind SEQTA education management software, which is used by schools around the country. He retains a 6.

Video presented by: Meilin Chew. We welcome tough prospector Anton Billis onto the West Australian Rich List after action by the corporate regulator in the Takeovers Panels shed light on his successful corporate empire. Former insolvency accountant and veteran company promoter Ross Norgard is also in thanks to the success of his sharemarket-listed internet maps company Nearmap. And the Georgiou family are reaping the rewards of patience and diversification during the downturn. Nick Giorgetta. Picture: Simon Santi. Marylyn New. Ross Norgard and Stan Perron. Anton Billis. Peter Prendiville.

Picture: Nic Ellis. Charles Bass.