The Cow and the Carabao

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Training and conditioning of the race carabao to its full extent is a serious job. Spectators fill up this unique spectacle, some betting on their best carabaos, others watch for the thrill. The carabaos, geared with their carts on their back, race together with their dear farmer to win prizes. The race is divided into two classes, one for amateur or first-time carabao racers and the other is for the veteran carabao racers.

Lambingin Bridge

Carabaos were introduced to Guam by Spanish missionaries in the 17th century from domestic stock in the Philippines to be used as beasts of burden. A feral herd on the US Naval Magazine in central Guam was classified as protected game, but the population has been declining since , most likely due to illegal hunting.

Carabaos were used for farming and for pulling carts. They were fairly common in Guam before the 20th century, with a population numbering in the thousands. Today, they are rare in most parts of the island except in the US Naval Magazine near the village of Santa Rita , which is fenced on all sides. The carabao population of Naval Magazine has grown to several hundred, to the point that they have become a pest and caused environmental damage, and polluted the water supply in the Fena Reservoir.

In , the Navy began a program of extermination to control the carabao population of Naval Magazine, a move that was protested by many Chamorro people. The carabao is considered a symbol of Guam.

What are the moral lesson from the legend of cow and carabao?

In the early s, carabao races were a popular sport in the island, especially during fiestas. Today, carabaos are a part of the popular culture. They are often brought to carnivals or other festivities, and are used as a popular ride for children. Carabao meat is sometimes eaten as a delicacy.

The carabao is the official animal of the state of Negeri Sembilan , Malaysia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For other uses, see Carabao disambiguation. Water buffalo Bubalus bubalis.

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Life from the Philippines

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The carabao and the cow : a Filipino folktale

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Pangalan kailangan. Join 14 other followers Lambingin mo ako! They could both walk on only their two hind feet then.


They both served a farmer who demanded much of them as beasts of burden. But the cow and the carabao were thinking that he made them work too much. So it was that one noon, while the farmer who owned the first cow and the first carabao was fast asleep, the two friends shrugged off the plow and raced to the nearby river. They took off their skins, hung them on the low branch of a tree at the riverbank, and dived underwater.

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