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One could reflect on the possibility that the premeditated anonymity of the references to the exodus could enable both resistance to anti-Semitism and the bolstering of Jewish exclusivity. It is significant to take note of the correspondence between the Wisdom of Solomon and Hellenistic philosophy -especially Stoicism - that is reflected in the emphasis on the immortality of the soul. Creative theological reinterpretation emerged when Greek philosophy was combined with Jewish spirituality.


Exodus: Empires at War #1

Thus the paraphrasing of the exodus was used to praise Wisdom and God for the guidance of 'the heroic leadership of unnamed ancestors whose deeds and virtues led to salvation' in an apologetic manner that was highly critical of Egyptian culture and religion the combination of encomium and apologia to form a synkrisis or comparison. Although one could argue that sections in the first half of the Wisdom of Solomon had a universal appeal for Jews and Gentiles, the rhetoric of especially the second half of the book is geared towards exemplifying and propagating a life style of accommodation between Greco-Roman culture and Jewish religion.

Therefore the Wisdom of Solomon seems to be more orientated towards addressing members of their own culture than to provide an apology to the Gentiles on behalf of the vilified Jews DeSilva The Exodus traditions maintained a significant place in the ongoing negotiation of Jewish identity in the Greco-Roman diaspora. On the one hand, they reminded the Jews in Egypt of their longstanding association with the country, whilst on the other hand, they emphasised the profound role Wisdom played as a divine personification.

Thus, the memories of the plagues as signs of the ongoing providential care of the Creator God leading up to the Exodus were incorporated into new narratives in the Wisdom of Solomon to remind the Jewish audience how God acts to save the just and the righteous Murphy In a theologically creative manner, wisdom as divine personification and history as memories of salvation during the Exodus are combined in the Wisdom of Solomon to convince the Jews in the diaspora that justice will prevail - not only in this life but also thereafter.

The article is dedicated to Piet Venter, professor of Old Testament at the University of Pretoria, who has just retired after several decades of being committed to solid scholarship. Piet Venter made a significant contribution to Biblical Studies in South Africa by addressing areas of research often neglected by local scholars: the canon of the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament; the book of Daniel; Jewish Apocalyptic Literature and Deutero-canonical books like Enoch and Jubilees et cetera. The author declares that he has no financial or personal relationship s which may have inappropriately influenced him in writing this article.

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The Elements and the Exodus by S.R. Ford

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The Holy Bible - Book 02 Exodus - HCSB Audio

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Zsengeller, J. Correspondence: Hendrik Bosman Email: hlb1 sun. Received: 05 Sept. The Authors. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Not all scholars agree that the Wisdom of Solomon or Book of Wisdom constitutes a rewriting or reinterpretation of the story of Exodus. Zsengeller argues that 'the Book of Wisdom does not really rewrite the previous narratives, neither interprets them but uses them as a source of reference.

Kolarcik points out that the Wisdom of Solomon displays a familiarity both with 'Greek rhetoric and with Platonic and Stoic philosophical discourse', as well as biblical traditions such as 'Genesis, Exodus, Davidic kingship, Isaiah, and the sapiential texts of Proverbs and Sirach. References to the exodus can be found in the Apocrypha: Baruch ff. One could also ask why this contribution focuses on the Exodus tradition? One is then well reminded to take note of Gruen's statement about the ongoing importance of the Exodus: 'The Exodus was a defining moment, perhaps the defining moment in ancient Israelite tradition.

Preview — The Elements and the Exodus by S. Ford Goodreads Author. The war is far from over. Tolucan may be dead, Malystryx may have been purified, and Zarrys may have been crowned; but that was only the beginning. Far south of Mount Ryel, nestled safely inside a stronghold of a wall, lies the majestic palace in Dedoram, a battleground that remains to be conquered. The entire continent is freshly scarred from the two decades of war, and the humans will doubtfully take to the rule of an elf with kindness.

As King Zarrys and his comrades make their way south, a great debate has already begun. Shunul, the greatest enemy of the new king, has put his next plan into action. Fiona is not alone in Dedoram, and Shunul knows precisely whom to attack next. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 1. More Details The Kingdom Chronicles 2. Other Editions 1.

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