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  2. What is an API Gateway? | Glasnostic Blog
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For example, we might do a product search in our e-commerce app and as a result, it will return a list of products, the top review for that product, and how many are on hand.

Without an API Gateway, instead of a single request, the client will need to make multiple network round trips to the backend services and in the process, add significant latency, particularly in the mobile world. Of course, high latency is directly related to bad user experiences.

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Without an API Gateway, each backend service has to make its own security-related decisions about each incoming client request. For developers, this adds complexity to the code required to deliver a service because they first have to determine if a request is authorized, if the communication is secure or if the client is issuing too many requests.

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For operators, more complicated code means more bugs, more maintenance windows and potential downtime, plus an increase in the overall attack surfaces available to bad actors. Instead, with an API Gateway, organizations have a centralized place from which to handle authentication, SSL, client rate limiting and other security-related policies for all their backend services. The above is just a sample of the many API gateways that are available, including some highly specialized ones.

An API gateway also helps to minimize the potential dangers of exposing backend services and data sources directly to clients.

What is an API Gateway? | Glasnostic Blog

The use of an API gateway makes for cleaner and simpler client code, less latency, and more simplified authentication and encryption. There are a variety of open source and managed API gateways organizations can choose from, written in a variety of languages. This is why many fully-realized microservice architectures that operate at scale have to make use of an API gateway as well as a control plane that performs interaction management and provides availability and observability capabilities.

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Moving Forward with Gateway Express in Pinellas

Glasnostic Blog. The new express lanes are in addition to existing general purpose non-tolled lanes.

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The goal of express lanes is to ease congestion, improve the flow of traffic and give drivers travel options. Express lanes are dynamically priced to maintain steady traffic flow in the lanes themselves. With dynamic pricing, prices increase as the express lanes become more congested and decrease as congestion goes down.

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Gateway Expressway. Gateway Expressway The Gateway Expressway project will create two new 4-lane elevated tolled roadways.