Body Worship 3: Satisfying Julia

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    Domination Sex: Conditioned Response. But harder than convincing her to move in with him, dragging her halfway around the world, and even breaking her fear of letting him breed her…is satisfying his little Julia now that she has blossomed. Warning: Explicit sexual content.

    Body Worship, no. 3

    Intended for mature readers only. All characters depicted in this story are 18 years of age or older, and all sexual activities are of a consensual nature. Then those gorgeous green eyes narrow. Kai prefers me naked in private, and I know this very well. I glance away coyly, sucking on the tip of one manicured nail, before meandering affectedly toward the cream leather couch positioned to look out over the city.

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    The feeling of the smooth, slightly cool leather against my bare buttocks sends a gentle shudder through my shoulders and a gush of fluid through my primed pussy. He has twisted about in his chair to watch me, and a knowing smirk hints at his amusement over my ruse. My body slave has her own needs on her mind.

    Standing directly over me, Kai makes a show of ceremoniously unbuttoning his shirt front and cuffs, little by little revealing the sun-kissed, extremely athletic body that made him the focus of all my darkest fantasies long before I ever worked up the nerve to try flirting with him. Our sexual bond is not just about submission but also my absolute obsession with the power and form of his tall, muscled frame, paired with the effortless confidence and gentle domination that defines Kai.

    Kai is anything but stern. Self-possessed, confident and relaxed in his mastery, patient—so patient, in fact, that his slightest sigh of frustration distresses me more than if someone else had yelled and cursed at me.


    With my hands folded demurely at my clasped, bare knees, I regard Kai from under my lashes. Yes, sir. The smell of the man—musky and spicy from the hint of oriental cologne mixed with his natural body chemistry—sets me on edge, makes me want to drag him down on top of me to smother me under all that muscle and heat and musk. My pregnancy has heightened my sense of smell until I am enveloped by the sense of this man even when he is not with me, from a whiff of his jacket as I hang it in the closet or from the sheets when I change the bed linens. Kai uses one foot to sweep mine apart, making me spread my legs.

    I swallow the catch in my sigh.