Dialogue Tips & Traps: A Guide for Fiction Writers

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It is exhausting and intimidating to try to write a story or a blog post that will please everybody. I also find it motivating since I am now eager to share my completed work with that person. Finally, in his sixth tip, Steinbeck urges us to read our work aloud. I find this is an important step not only for dialogue but for the entire piece. It is an excellent method to use to catch typos and awkwardly worded sentences. Want more writing advice from John Steinbeck? I hope you will find them helpful as well! When you are working on the first draft of a book or any kind of intense writing project, make sure you have an accountability partner.

Being surrounded by other writers who are all working towards their writing goals is incredibly inspiring. Thank you so much to all of you! Is there any tip you would add? If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment and share with someone you would like to inspire. Save Save. Unsubscribe at any time. Also, I like to read not only dialogues out loud but all text.

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I tend to make sentences too long and too crooked. Thanks, Jessica!

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Yes, reading all of the text aloud is a great way to catch typos and awkward sentences. Fantasy tips! I especially love the idea of writing to just one person! I feel like that will really help me! Thank you for your article. I am looking for inspiration to move forward with writing. However, I really want to write. Thank you again for your motivation. Hi, Sally! So happy to hear you enjoyed the article and found it motivating. All the best with your writing! This can even translate to writing blog posts some days, they feel like books… — one that really rang true was 5.

I also love the idea on focusing on one page at a time. Almost done with my first book and finding great resources like this only makes life better. Thanks for sharing the steps. The second step is what helped me get through without worrying about the structure at first.

Writing Fiction? 10 Sneaky Overwriting Traps to Avoid

Congrats on being almost finished with your book, Mark! Very helpful tips! Thanks, Elizabeth! I often find myself falling into the same trap. I love the idea of writing to a single person.

6 Tips From John Steinbeck That Will Help You Complete Your First Book

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the idea of trying to write for everyone…. Love these tips! Very timely as I work to finish up my non-fiction book to send off to the editor. I really agree with taking it one page at a time and writing separate from editing. I think the idea of actually sending my book off for others to read is starting to feel scary as my book gets finished — thinking about writing to one person not a general audience is good advice for this!! Congrats on being almost finished with your book, Christine! These are really great!

Love these tips as I am trying to complete my first eBook but procrastination and perfectionism are sabotaging my efforts. Luckily I have a coach now that keeps me accountable and that helps a lot! All the best with it! Love the tip about writing first and editing later!

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So true and so important not to get caught up in the little details before the big picture is done. Great article! Hi nicole, glade to read this article, I really learned something today. Also I am newbie blogger and I like to write articles. Explore such things through the thoughts of your characters. Ask questions: how would you feel as you stood on the walls of a keep as thousands of orcs charge toward you?

Perhaps your character is indifferent to death and fear, even thrives on it. There are ways for you to do more showing and less telling:. The great thing about writing and crafting your own tales is the unlimited possibilities. You could even do what this chap did and set sixty thousand medieval warriors onto three hundred Jedi.

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Think of interesting and different places fights or battles could take place. Let your mind run wild. Bear in mind the tone you wish to set.

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  4. Is this fight going to be one of desperation? This is a very important influence as to how you write the fight, particularly in the emotional reactions of your characters and how it all pans out. Make a decision as to how lifelike you wish your fighting to be. In medieval times if armed with a sword and shield a soldier held up their shield while swinging wildly over the top or side, all the while bashing forwards to try and push the enemy line back or break it altogether.

    Gracefulness was cast aside in such bloody warfare. Survival by any means was everything. Take the time to learn how weapons work.

    Four Simple Rules for Writing Dialogue by Robert Wiersema

    Assume nothing. Visit museums like the Royal Armouries in Leeds, historical sites like castles and keeps, even do a few archery or sword fighting lessons. Quite a few authors do. It could be like L. Consistency is key.