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Claudia Busching: Papierarbeiten aus 34 Jahren 34 years of paper work Art. Top Event. Political Cabaret. Always a guarantor for a successful evening: Humorous entertainment with a head in the charming theater directly at the memory church. An exhibition on the history of the "capital of the GDR" from the late s until the reunification of the city in The exhibition focuses on everyday life in East Berlin.

It shows the city as a place balancing between its role as a centre of power for… Read more. The Prenzlauer Berg before, during, and after the fall of the wall. Distributed on an area of about m2 the continuities and discontinuities in East Germany compared to before and after the reunification are evident in concrete examples in the seven… Read more.

Faces of the s Art. Portraits and self-portraits by the painter Lotte Laserstein put a face on modern society in the Weimar Republic. Alongside her exhibition here at the Berlinische Galerie, we have chosen some other self- portraits by artists who were living and working in… Read more. The tech conference for the fashion industry. Digitalisation affects every aspect of modern lifestyle. The sculptor, draftsman and graphic artist Hans Scheib presents current sculptures and graphic works with an extensive solo exhibition in the historic pillar hall of the Zeughaus on the Spandauer Zitadelle.

Since the s, the famous milliner designs Berlin's exclusive headgear. Berlin welcomes the World Class of Archery. Since the tournaments take place in the greatest metropols of the world with the best… Read more. Until then they had been dependent on private teachers, overpriced "ladies' classes" or arts and crafts schools. Already in , as a result of the Munich Agreement, Germany had annexed the so-called Sudetenland. Hundreds of thousands of Czechs were deported to forced labour… Read more. Paintings on Paper Art. Adolph Menzel was the eye of the nineteenth century.

For a long time, the cosmos of these intimate, colourful works has not been known in its entirety, and… Read more. Stup, the little shooting star Family. Stups is a small shooting star that has lost its hometown, the comet Rasefix, when it circled far too narrowly around the sun. Since then, she's looking for a new home, but she does not know where to start.

The sun is too hot, the moon sends stupes away, as… Read more. When we look at the sky, there are many different things to admire: By day it is the sun that gives us light and warmth. The moon, which looks a little different every day, is sometimes found in the sky during the day and sometimes at night. German History Backward Family. Here the time is literally turned back: The tour begins with a piece of the wall and ends in the time of the Golden Twenties.

When looking at VW Beetle or Trabi, unpacking a West package or puzzle-zoning zones, we learn from everyday life in the days when our… Read more. Since its establishment in , the firm Gerber Architekten, with offices in Dortmund, Berlin, Hamburg, Riyadh, and Shanghai, has realized a wide range of building typologies, ranging from cultural, educational, and research buildings to new forms of housing… Read more.

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Jewish Vacation Workshop Read more. School construction in Germany is facing major challenges. In the conurbations in particular, the number of pupils is rising continuously and, according to all forecasts, population growth will continue in the coming years. A friendship and cooperation between Israel and Palestine often incredible in the Middle East - but in Berlin possible! Since September , the Rudi-Dutschke in Berlin's Kreuzberg district, not far from Checkpoint Charlie, has been home to Tim Raue, a restaurant awarded two Michelin stars and 19 Gault Millau points, which was voted among the world's top restaurants for… Read more.

Open microscopy center Workshop. In the microscopy center, classes and groups of visitors can get to know the functionality of a microscope and examine smaller and larger creatures from Berlin's waters and soils. By the way, in the courses offered, students learn the methods of scientific… Read more.

Where do we come from? What had to happen before we humans could evolve? Experience in impressive pictures how our Milky Way, the sun and the earth emerged and developed the life. Technical Form, Mechanical Form, Functional Form, Form without Ornament — the question of form characterises the programmatic controversies in the context of Werkbund and Bauhaus.

With rockets to planets Lecture. Kommt mit auf eine spannende Abenteuerreise zu den acht Planeten unseres Sonnensystems! Weiter geht die Weltraumtour zu den… Read more. Comprising over objects from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, it is one of the most important private collections of its kind. Assembly books of international mail art Exhibitions. Under the title "Tiziana Baracchi - Message from Venice. Assembly books of international Mail Art from Italy ",… Read more. The exhibition shows paintings and drawings by the three artists. My Dearest Sweet Love Art. How did a gay partnership work when gay marriage was not even on the horizon and public acknowledgment of homosexuality was career suicide?

How did a 33 year same-sex partnership work when one partner was a noticeably older, internationally acclaimed author,… Read more. In a tour through the park Babelsberg the mostly lost equipment of the sculptures is explained. Trade fair. The goal and vision is to change fashion together. Through collaboration and innovation, sustainability and technology. Neonyt is a new trade fair, business and communication platform.

Neonyt is the new global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation. Spaceship Earth Reading. With a countdown the planetarium spaceship starts and you rush into space. Have you ever seen from space how our earth flies around the sun? You will get to know the sunlit day side of the earth as well as the dark night side with the bright lights of the many… Read more.

In her third solo exhibition at ep. The artist, who lives in Berlin, was born in in Bochum and studied for intermediate stations in Africa, India… Read more. Planets - Expedition into the solar system Lecture. So we already know today what astronauts can experience there. Local Histories Art. Works from the Friedrich Christian Flick Collection at Hamburger Bahnhof, the Nationalgalerie Collection and loans The exhibition Local Histories traces the relationships and conditions under which key works in the collections were developed during the second… Read more. Faust made a name for itself as a puppet show during the 18th century in numerous versions that spanned a wide spectrum from socio-critical tragedy to comedy.

When he was five years old, Goethe, accompanied by his grandmother, saw his very first performance of… Read more. Standortwechsel - relocation Workshop. For more than a year, they have the opportunity to become… Read more. In good company Art. In addition to purchases from own resources, these include donations, bequests and individual… Read more. Herdanziehungskraft History. The food of cooked food is natural for us humans and everyday in the truest sense of the word. The interactive exhibition "Herdanzziehungskraft" sheds light on the development from the fireplace to the Thermomix, throwing a winking eye at the attributions of… Read more.

Blue Man Group Top Event. It is a mixture of music, comedy, art, and science. Hinten Gymnasium, vorne Museum Lecture. On the occasion of the exhibition "The Black Image Corporation. Stars over Berlin Lecture. Berlin - a city in constant change, home to 3. Her eventful history is also reflected in the sonorous names of astronomy and natural science associated with her: Johann Gottfried Galle, the discoverer of the planet Neptune, Alexander von… Read more. On 24 May , scenes from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust were performed for the first time in Monbijou Castle, exactly where the summer theatre on the… Read more.

Gustave Caillebotte Top Event. The Musikinstrumenten-Museum Berlin collects instruments of the European classical music tradition from the 16th to the 21th century. At this time the museum owns nearly 3. About instruments are on display in the… Read more. Berlin's hot spot: a relaxed summer day with friends far away from the hustle and bustle, a sunset to lean back and savour or an evening off with a dream view of the city's landmarks. Susanne Zinser: Blickwechsel - Painting Art. Both her themes and materials offer a poetic, feminine view of the world. Location Zimmer 16 Zimmer 16 Time pm.

Fantastic universe Lecture. Experience the beauty of the universe! We discover constellations from Ancient Greece, explore our solar system with its planets, learn about the life cycle of a star, and explore the origin of the universe. Creation and Evolution in Schools Lecture. In the United States, Israel, and some Muslim-majority countries, some religious schools do not teach evolutionary biology. This has encountered growing criticism, including from some Jewish and Muslim theologians and scholars.

They complain that the lacking… Read more. Julia Runge - Basterland Photography. The idea of a place for stimulating conversations, relaxed get-togethers and good drinks has a long tradition on Museum Island. As early as the end of the 19th century, a drinking hall opened under the colonnades on the Spree River, which could last until the… Read more.

Contemporary Dance. Soda Social Club Contemporary Dance. Dance Course and Party! About the seduction of angels Top Event. With raw, penetrating poetic power, Brecht's love poetry deals with equality, distance, jealousy and guiltless sexuality. Helene Weigel, Brecht's partner, once confided to her daughter: "Your father was a loyal person.

Unfortunately too many. Chicago - The Musical Musicals. The original Broadway musical Sensual, smart and murderously sexy: Chicago is one of the most coveted Broadway musicals of all time for the first time in the English-language original version on Germany and Austria tour. Classic Open Air Top Event. The Gendarmenmarkt, one of Berlin' most beautiful squares in the historical centre, composes the grand scenery for the Classic Open Air Festival.

Classical Music. The German Film Orchestra Babelsberg will play. A crowning finale is the great fireworks finale. Romeo and Juliet - by William Shakespeare Performance. In the 20th anniversary year of the Poetenpack Theater, it stages the most famous and popular tragedy in world literature: Romeo and Juliet. The work stands for universal humanism and is an expression of deep gratitude for the rescue of hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians during the Japanese-Chinese War of … Read more.

Who can you be? Although her life is subject to external control, her yearning for freedom lives on. Indeed, one day she does begin moving to a different beat. So he is not only co-founder of the legendary "Central Quartet", but also since the s, an internationally sought-after improvisation musician. Dragonheart Musicals. And loyalty. No particularly current topics in today's Germany, one might think. But on the contrary. What you do, how you fight and above all for what - these are the big questions every young… Read more.

Earth - birth a planet Religion. Experience the fascinating history of the origin of our planet! Formed 4. How did it happen and what is special about our homeland compared to Mars or… Read more.


Electra Play. Turkish TV star Ece Hakim and six young actors embark on a moving journey of exploration into controversial values such as family and justice. A moving exploration of family and justice: Thousands of years ago, King Agamemnon ruled over Mycenae alongside… Read more. Everything you want Play. Lucie, a successful playwright, has a writer's block. Previously her unsuccessful and chaotic private life provided the material for her pieces, but now she is happy, also happily married, as she says, and lacks any inspiration for writing; the paper remains… Read more.

The state coach! The comedian presents his new program: More fun has never been! If he comes, the complainers have break! Ingo Appelt has found a secret recipe against the German depression: There are twelve until the sun shines again. Gisela Mang, a middle-aged woman, is on the desperate search for her dream man. In her distress she visits the psychologist Mrs. Meditations Contemporary Dance. With Meditations, Berlin newcomer Max Levy presents his first evening-length work, a collage of self-awareness and observation, spent in the moments between moments.

Utilizing a background of classical education morphed by countless collaborations with… Read more. Location Acud Acud Time pm. Join the charismatic ensemble of actors, dancers, and acrobats on a fantastic adventure and wild journey to the… Read more. North-Lichter Tip. Just like last summer, the wonderful soul singer from Berlin, Astrid North, will be opening the 3rd Summer of… Read more. Salzburg on the Spree Classical Music.

Stachelschweinerei Political Cabaret. From Sternstunde Lecture. Learn about the objects and constellations that you can currently see in the sky of Berlin, and then fly out into space: past the planets of the solar system and across the stars closest to us. The twelve charismatic bundles of energy take off on their Millennium Tour - a homage to the world hits of the last hundred years! The Golden Gmilfs Religion. The Birds Play. The Friedrich Air Prize nominated play is back: six women are on their way.

Dream job and such. They notice: Somehow little money in the account. What now? Retraining, retrain! Germany Rents no longer affordable, the government unstable and Merkel's chancellorship at the end. The way out: the project Futur of the Federal Government. So by time machine off in a happy future. Angela Merkel is desperate - no one really loves her. On the couch of her psychologist, she comes up with an idea: With her knowledge as a physicist she makes a time machine.

So she could catapult her people into a carefree future - and then even gain… Read more. Arte Sommerkino Kulturforum Films. An armada of red lounge chairs is invitingly ready. Not a dream, but real open-air cinema in the here and now. This evening, the audience has the power.

It's about identifying the main character of the second half. In moving monologues, rousing songs and funny scenes a variety of characters are improvised: weird birds, icy killer, lascivious divas, scary commissars F r isch vom Haken - Fishing as a sport and leisure activity History. Fishing is as old as mankind itself. It has always been tried to outwit the fish, to catch it with the most different devices and methods, in order to eat it deliciously prepared and enjoyable. Romain Van Wissen - La maison somnole Art. The house - sometimes as a dilapidated hut, sometimes as a skyscraper, sometimes as a multi-storey townhouse, sometimes as a castle - is a central motif in Romain… Read more.

Bani Abidi Art. Bani Abidi is known for her distinctive filmmaking aesthetic, which derives from the dark absurdities of everyday life. Opening in June, her solo exhibition They Died Laughing will bring together moving image and print-based works spanning over a decade. Dream Weddings Exhibitions. Wedding - the great dream. For many, the most important moment in life. What do these dreams look like? How are they created? I was extremely happy to get this one.

I know the surfaces are a bit rough, but it is still a VF example of a rare coin. Denarii of Caligula do not show up for sale very often outside of large auction houses. When they do appear they are often very expensive. As soon as it did I bought it. I want to share a quick word about where I bought this coin. It was a purchase from Forum Ancient Coins. Coins are guaranteed authentic for eternity, and the service is second to none. Forum is also an incredible source of information concerning ancient coins. If you have a question about ancient coins, chances are that question has been asked and answered on Forum Ancient Coins.

Many experts frequent this site and they are always willing to share their expertise. Anyone trying to assemble a set of the 12 Caesars in silver will need to find a denarius of Gaius. His is one of the most difficult to add along with denarii of Claudius and Otho. It has also been suggested by some that it is the fault of 12 Caesars collectors that drives the prices so high.

While true that there is a lot of competition for these coins when they appear, it is also true that there are alternatives to the denarii of Gaius. One popular choice is the Vesta As. These are quite common and can be had in nice condition for reasonable prices. On the obverse we have the typical portrait of Gaius, while on the reverse we see a portrait of his great grandfather Augustus.

Augustus is depicted as a Divus or god. The reverse legend "Pater Patriae" refers to Augustus as the father of the country. One reason Augustus was on the reverse was to remind the people of Rome of their emperor's connection to the Julio-Claudian ruling dynasty. Why are denarii of Gaius so scarce?

One explanation is has to do with Gresham's law or bad money drives out good money. The theory is that the monetary reforms of Nero, which debased to coinage in both weight and fineness, caused people to hoard the older more valuable coins of emperors like Caligula and Claudius. The problem with this explanation is that there are plenty of "tribute penny" denarii of Tiberius. The other possibility is that perhaps smaller numbers of Gaius' denarii were originally minted.

Maybe there was already enough silver coinage circulating and therefore fewer were needed. Whatever the real reason, we are unlikely to ever get a satisfactory answer. AD AR Denarius Rome mint. Struck AD The portrait on this coin is what I like to call the "Fat tyrant" portrait. Earlier coins of Nero show a much more slender and younger version.

Although he did not fiddle or play the lyre while Rome burned, he did mange to spend the imperial coffers quite extravagantly. His excesses, including many building projects meant that Nero had to make the silver for coins stretch to provide ample coinage for the empire. In order to do this he debased the denarii.

He also reduced the weight of the denarii. This is one of the reasons why some early denarii are scarce to very rare. People hoarded or melted down the earlier denarii. This includes the coins of Nero himself. While coins of Nero after the debasement are relatively easy to find but very popular , his earlier coins are quite difficult to find. If you are interested in Nero and see a pre-reform denarius recognize that you might not see another for a while. This coin is also interesting because of the reverse.

Notice it has both the legionary standards, and Aqilla-the legionary eagle. Vespasian was not the only one to use previous coin types. Legionary denarii were minted by Marcus Antonius. I do not know why Nero would want to recall these earlier days. However, the earlier legionary denarii were still circulating at the time of Nero's rule. Durotriges stater.

Obverse: devolved head of Apollo. Reverse: devolved horse. VA ; Seaby From the Blandford Forum Hoard, Size: This issue is draped and the IMP in the legend begins closer to the chest. Berk: "Rare without P P in reverse legend.

Titus must have accepted the title Pater Patriae quite soon after the beginning of his ninth tribunician year on 1 July 79 AD. Cohen cites this coin 'with or without P P' as being in the Paris collection, but in fact Paris lacks the denarius of this type without P P, though it possesses the corresponding aureus Paris Cohen must have seen the denarius without P P in another collection.

We had another specimen in our Catalogue , , ; none in Reka Devnia hoard. In turn, this minimised the impact to the landowner and his farming activity. In this instance, swift action and close cooperation by the finder and the local Finds Liaison Officer led to an excavation of the findspot. The results of which showed that the hoard had been contained in a large pottery vessel broken by the plow , most probably previously used as a cooking pot as evidenced by burns marks on the outer edges.

The pot had been buried in a U-shaped gulley or ditch that formed part of an otherwise unknown late Roman site. Treasury Allerton Bywater Hoard, Notes - with many thanks to Curtis Clay for his help with the following information on this coin. This is a somewhat scarce type for Verus on denarii. Of the 6 RD coins with TR P, 4 showed head bare, 1 head bare with fold of cloak on shoulders, 1 bust draped with head bare.

The last two were new variants, the first had been reported in Rivista ital. New specimens of this coin can easily show new bust variants and this is one of them. BMC lists ten different right-facing portrait types for Verus on aurei and denarii of , plus three left-facing types! Hirsch 24, , Weber , Cat. The Fortuna Redux type is common on Albinus' sestertii, but rare on his denarii 4 spec. In my thesis I catalogued just eight specimens of the As, from two rev. One of the rev. Further specimens have turned up since , but no new rev.

Ragged flan as often and some pitting, but really quite a presentable specimen, in my opinion! No examples in the Reka-Devnia hoard maridvnvm. Minted in Emesa, Late A. BMCRE -. No examples in the Reka-Devnia hoard Martin Griffiths. RIC a Rated R2. RSC a 2. Notes and Monographs, 55, Pg RSC a 3. Weight 2.

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RIC a var. RSC e var. All these references cite a single coin from the Reka Devnia hoard page 98, which in itself refers to Cohen var. Perhaps this interpretation is incorrect and it is simply the regular COS II legend as on my coin, which is think is quite likely. RSC RIC S. Additional information courtesy of Curtis Clay:- "Oxford has a variant coin, obv. Bought Baldwin, , ex hoard, NC , p. RD 2 examples The fact that there were only 2 examples in the RD hoard would seem to confirm the scarcity of this type.

No specimens of this coin in Reka Devnia hoard, for example. Combined with medium beard length of portrait increases interest. Macrinus was letting his beard grow and the same coin can also be found with either short or long beard! This is second issue, date c. AR Denarius. Rome Mint. RIC Ex HBJ. Galba, the first of the 4 emperors of 69 A.


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He was assassinated after 7 months of rule and succeeded by his former supporter, Otho 3 comments Lucas H. But both legend varieties are now known. Uneven strike. The obverse die is A23 in Colin Kraay's unpublished Oxford dissertation, the rev. Kraay didn't know this die combination, but it is recorded by RIC 70 from a single specimen in the Termopolio Hoard from Pompeii, published in These are rare types: only one other obv. To see what your dies looked like before the corrosion, see RIC pl. These are the same two dies on well preserved specimens in other die combinations.

New pic 1 comments Randygeki h2. AR Victoriatus. Uncertain Mint. Obv: Laureate head of Jupiter right. Rev: Victory standing right, crowing trophy; VB monogram between. Sydenham , RSC 36m. It was hoarded separately from denarii, and could have been used for trade in southern Italy among the Greek colonies. It was later remade into the Quninarri keeping the victory motif from the old Victoriatus. Emperor and Empress 1 "A very interesting coin from the historical point of view as it belongs to the issues dating from Severina's interregnum after the assassination of Aurelian september-november It is clear that the Empress as regent was exercising alone power and right to coin.

In fact the evidence shows that all eight mints that were active in the autumn of across the Empire were producing issues in the name of Severina alone. The mint at Serdica struck coins for Severina with the legend Severina Augusta. The mint at Antioch exceptionally gave the Empress the titles P ia F elix , normally reserved for emperors; on the reverse, the legend is changed from the plural form Concordia Augg Augustorum to the singular Concordia Aug, which may be expanded as Concordia Augustae.

The type no longer shows the standard reverse, Aurelian shaking the hand of Concordia, but an anonymous male figure, now without laurel-wreath and sceptre, shaking the hand of Severina, who is easily recognizable by her characteristic hairdress and is shown in a larger size. Thank you S. This avers legend not listed in RIC from this type!!! The same obverse is listed by Pink.

Venera Hoard pl. Early A. Not listed for this officina in RIC. Estiot La Venera Minster hoard maridvnvm. Estiot, Venera Hoard , one spec. La Venera -. Estiot p. There are no examples of this coin in LaVenera though there is an equivalent coin with the Q in exe, LV 2 examples cited, The usual type is Pax standing.

A nice example with sharp detail and nice brown hoard patina. Ex Ancient Imports. Michael DiMaio, Jr. Salve Regina University Caius Galerius Valerius Maximianus, more commonly known as Galerius, was from Illyricum; his father, whose name is unknown, was of peasant stock, while his mother, Romula, was from beyond the Danube. Galerius was born in Dacia Ripensis near Sardica. Although the date of his birth is unknown, he was probably born ca. As a youth Galerius was a shepherd and acquired the nickname Armentarius.

Although he seems to have started his military career under Aurelian and Probus, nothing is known about it before his accession as Caesar on 1 March He served as Diocletian's Caesar in the East. Abandoning his first wife, he married Diocletian's daugher, Valeria. As Caesar he campaigned in Egypt in ; he seems to have taken to the field against Narses of Persia, and was defeated near Ctesiphon in In , after he made inroads into Armenia, he obtained a treaty from the Persians favorable to the Romans. Between he overcame the Sarmatians and the Carpi along the Danube.

Because of the almost fatal illness that he contracted toward the end of , Diocletian, at Nicomedeia, and Maximianus Herculius, at Mediolanum, divested themselves of the purple on 1 May Although Constantius was nominally senior Augustus, the real power was in the hands of Galerius because both Caesars were his creatures. The balance of power shifted at the end of July when Constantius, with his son Constantine at his side, passed away at York in Britain where he was preparing to face incursions by the Picts; his army proclaimed Constantine his successor immediately.

As soon as he received the news of the death of Constantius I and the acclamation of Constantine to the purple, Galerius raised Severus to the rank of Augustus to replace his dead colleague in August Making the best of a bad situation, Galerius accepted Constantine as the new Caesar in the West.

The situation became more complicated when Maxentius, with his father Maximianus Herculius acquiesing, declared himself princes on 28 October When Galerius learned about the acclamation of the usurper, he dispatched the Emperor Severus to put down the rebellion. Severus took a large field army which had formerly been that of Maximianus and proceeded toward Rome and began to besiege the city, Maxentius, however, and Maximianus, by means of a ruse, convinced Severus to surrender.

Later, in , Severus was put to death under clouded circumstances. While Severus was fighting in the west, Galerius, during late or early , was campaigning against the Sarmatians. In the early summer of Galerius invaded Italy to avenge Severus's death; he advanced to the south and encamped at Interamna near the Tiber. His attempt to besiege the city was abortive because his army was too small to encompass the city's fortifications. Not trusting his own troops, Galerius withdrew.

During its retreat, his army ravaged the Italian countryside as it was returning to its original base. When Maximianus Herculius' attempts to regain the throne between and by pushing his son off his throne or by winning over Constantine to his cause failed, he tried to win Diocletian and Galerius over to his side at Carnuntum in October and November ; the outcome of the Conference at Carnuntum was that Licinius was appointed Augustus in Severus's place, that Daia and Constantine were denoted filii Augustorum, and that Herculius was completely cut out of the picture.

Later, in , Herculius died, having been implicated in a plot against his son-in-law. After the Conference at Carnuntum, Galerius returned to Sardica where he died in the opening days of May By Michael DiMaio, Jr. Used by permission. Galerius was Caesar and tetrarch under Maximianus. Although a talented general and administrator, Galerius is better known for his key role in the "Great Persecution" of Christians. He stopped the persecution under condition the Christians pray for his return to health from a serious illness. Galerius died horribly shortly after. Edited by J. Fitzgerald, Jr.

Laureate bust right, drapery on far shoulder, and over back of neck rarely seen Rev. Emperor seated left on sella curulis on platform; behind, officer; before, Liberalitas with coin counter; in front on steps, citizen. A tessera plural: tesserae, diminutive tessella is an individual tile, usually formed in the shape of a cube A rare reverse variant showing four rather than just two participants in the distribution: only one specimen in Reka Devnia hoard.

Bastien RIC 29 Bust type F 3. Start A. Autumn to Late A. Gricourt, Venera Hoard, 63 specimens One of the specimens illustrated has a small Aeternitas like this example and may even be from the same reverse die. It is nearly always attributed to Trier Treveri , but a comparison of portrait styles and an examination of follis hoards reveals that this issue was not struck in Trier but in Cyzicus.

Two officinae struck this issue, and the KS in the field between the two figures is actually the mintmark, not the PTR. The Senior Augustus issues of Diocletian and Maximianus were struck at every mint currently in operation. Apparently, the first coins of this type were prepared at Trier and examples were sent to the various mints for the individual mints to copy.

At Cyzicus, the die engravers copied everything, including the Trier mintmark and put their own mintmark in the field. Eventually someone soon realized the mistake and new dies were prepared with the mintmark in its proper location. Minted in Trier. STR in exe. Horseman turns to face the soldier, and reaches his left arm up towards him. His books included Coins and the Archaeologist , 2nd ed.

He was the author of numerous articles on Roman coinage and hoards, including the finds from Piercebridge. There were 36 coins of this type found in the hoard. Bust of emperor wearing stemma, divitision and jeweled loros of traditional type; holds in r. Globus cruciger. Size Pellet in each limb of nimbus cross. REV Bust of emperor wearing stemma, divitision,collar piece and paneled loros of a simplified type; holds in r hand scepter cruciger and in l.

It has two variations A and B , both are equal in rarity , the difference is a stroke on shaft on type B. This coin is very heavily silvered, it was part of a hoard that was once thought to be electrum, it is not, just very heavily silvered. With obv. Your coin is a new bust variety to my knowledge, of AD and thus, as was to be expected, from a different obv.

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Celtic Alexander Tetradrachm? Obverse: Head of Alexander as Herakles, wearing lion's skin headdress. Tripod at left. In researching this coin, I found five coins which are from the same pair of dies as this one. These are the only examples of this type tripod on reverse that I've been able to find. Palladium sale 10 Nov. Palladium sale 11 April , described as "unlisted in Price, and apparently unknown before a recent hoard find. Variant of Price Goble, OTA, This is the coin pictured above. Unpublished in the standard references.

By virtue of its style, fabric, and weight, this Alexander imitation is certainly an early issue, probably struck during the first decades of the third century BC. Somewhat unusual style on the obverse. I will agree, though, with the last statement of coin 4 above, that this appears to be an early issue.

Wikipedia:Redaktion Film und Fernsehen/Archiv/2011/2

This coin is on a thick flan resembling coins minted during Alexander's lifetime and immediately thereafter and is made from good silver. There is something a bit barbaric about the style of this coin, although there are genuine Alexander coins listed and pictured in Martin J. Price's book which are more barbaric than this one.

An interesting coin. Mint: 20mm 3. Mint:Cologne Sear Moneyer: Daemond. North ; Seaby This number suggests there were quite a few mints producing this coinage. Several of the moneyers are also found on coinage of Edward the Elder and Athelstan from other parts of the country. This suggests that this issue, although in the name of the martyred East Anglian king, extended beyond East Anglia, and perhaps continued until East Anglia was regained by the English in Challis Cambridge University Press, IV, two spec.

Gricourt Coll. Provenance: Tetney Hoard, Winstanley Collection. Gamma in Exergue Mint: Rome RIC V-1, Rome var officina letter. Blayne W. It also has a few Roman Provincial coins, one Medieval coin, some crisis and decline era coins and a few other unknown coins. This lot is not a hoard but a random selection of coins found in random locations in Negotin, Serbia. RIC Obv. This denarius is rare with Liberalitas standing left rather than right as usual.

Cohen cites this variant from a private collection, Elberling, that was published in Your specimen is from the same pair of dies as this BM specimen ex Blacas and Elberling. Strack knew only two specimens of this coin, the BM one and another in Vienna. This variant was missing from the Reka Devnia hoard, compared to seven specimens with Liberalitas standing right. I have a specimen with Liberalitas left myself, from different dies than yours and the BM's.

The old RIC of , pp. Strack objected strongly and correctly in his Hadrian monograph of , and in BMC III of Mattingly had no choice but to relent and abandon his "posthumous" attribution. This issue is beyond question simply Hadrian's earliest issue with the title Pater Patriae, struck between Hadrian's acceptance of that title in and c. BMCRE , pl. Lawrence, and Ball VI, , lot This is the sole appearance of the personification Patientia on Roman coins. Dot under neck. Reverse: Dioscuri riding r. ROMA in relief.

Weight: 2. Group 2, with splayed visor and horse tail hanging downward. Three bar visor. See P. Mint BC. They may have been struck with silver from Cleopatra's treasury. The legionary denarii provide an interesting record of the 23 legions, praetorian cohorts and the chort of speculatores of which Antony's army was composed. Some of them give the name as well as the number of the legion honored. They have a lower silver content than the standard of the time. As a result they were rarely hoarded, heavily circulated and are most often found in very worn condition.

This specific coin was fun to photograph, it seemed like no matter how you turned and twisted it still turned out great. A photogenic coin, in other words! A long time ago in a galaxy far far away The obverse of the coin is a portrait of a helmeted head facing. Achaemenid Empire - AR siglos 5 views Sardis c. XIII, ff. All within laurel wreath tied at bottom. Agrinion Hoard a same rev. Exe: R crescent delta. RIC , Common. Langtoft Hoard. A much nicer coin than my other example of the type! Unlisted , Eauze hoard 2. Aeolis, Kyme, ca. Forum Ancient Coins. Head of Apollo right. Ex Berk th Auction, lot Obverse struck in high relief.

Mint State with minimal hoard deposits. Jason T. Mint State with hoard deposits. Silvered antoninianus. Head of Athena right. This is the earliest provenance for a coin of Leukas,and the coin itself belongs to the rare series which represents the earliest issues of the mint. O: Aramaic legend King Alexander in three lines within a dotted circle. Hendin , reverse appears to be a match with Menorah Coins die 1.

This coin is a bit of a mystery and therefore quite interesting. These were at one one time extremely rare and therefore not believed to be a coin at all but rather a trial specimen or a token used to gain entrance to an establishment. As hoards were discovered, it became apparent that this coin was common although far more rare than his bronze issues and in general circulation in the Transjordan. These are the only types of Jannaeus that have an Aramaic inscription.

The appearance of both Greek and Aramaic on these coins may reflect a softening of Jannaeus a staunch supporter of the Hellenistic Sadducees toward the Aramaic speaking Pharasees. This is apparently only the third known specimen in the world, the other two being in Vienna and La Venera hoard. My coin shares the same pair of dies as the Vienna specimen information from Ph. Gysen as well as the reverse die with the Venera specimen information from J. A coin of the highest rarity and numismatic interest! Shield decorated with emperor on horse spearing enemy!

Only 5th example of this type known to me 1 ex. In La venera hoard cited by alfoldi; 1 ex. Luethi collection; 1 ex. Gysen collection Barnaba6. This coin is part of a very rare and brief emission struck by the third officina with the letter T before the reform mark XXI sometimes the letter "t" is in the field.

Only Adventvs and Soli invicto reverses were struck during this brief emission at Siscia. Ex Gianni collection Barnaba6. Apparently only the second known specimen in the world with this bust type and officina the first one being in La Venera hoard. Alfoldi erroneously depicted clouds underneath the spread quadriga on La Venera specimen. In reality, there are no clouds on the Venera specimen, as on my specimen the latter information courtesy of Jean Guillemain. Ex Ph. Ancient barbarous antoninianus of Tetricus ca. Excellent quality for these. Found in a hoard in Northern France.

Antonio Protti. These coins with the figure on the reverse bent at the waist were manufactured in Normandy, though the exact sites of their production are unknown. Ancient barbarous radiates seem to have been produced between the reigns of Claudius II and ca. It is likely that at least some of the barbarous radiates were produced after AD all the way into the early 's.

The value of the barbarous imitations was almost certainly not equal to their official counterparts - they probably saw only local limited circulation, and fulfilled the role of token coinage in times of an acute coin shortage. Ancient barbarous antoninianus of Tetricus I struck ca. Found in a hoard in Northern France Antonio Protti. Ancient barbarous antoninianus of Tetricus II minted ca. Light brown patina, Found in a hoard in Britain. Anonymous 7 views Anonymous. AR Victoriatus Spearhead first series. Mint in southeast Italy. In around BC, at roughly the same time as the appearance of the silver denarius, mints in the Roman Republic began to strike silver coins bearing on the obverse a bust of Jupiter and on the reverse a figure of Victory placing a wreath upon a trophy.

Known as a victoriatus in Latin or tropaikon in Greek, this coin was primarily issued to facilitate payments in Greek-speaking southern Italy, where its weight was roughly equivalent to a drachm or half nomos. Rome at this time had a great need for coinage, as the Second Punic War then raged across Italy, and the city needed silver to pay her allies. This function is demonstrated by the hoard evidence, which shows that their circulation was generally limited to southern Italy, and later Cisalpine Gaul and Spain.

Despite this, it proved to be an important coin for the budding empire. Though the type was discontinued around BC, the coins themselves continued to circulate, eventually becoming worn enough to function in the marketplace as quinarii. Accordingly, even into the early Imperial period, the silver quinarius was also sometimes refered to as a victoriatus. Bronze AE 11, Houghton and Lorber , cf. SNG Spaer ff. Newell attributed this type to Antioch. Houghton and Lorber assign it to Sardes based on control links. This coin was purchased in a group that appeared to be part of a hoard that included coins mostly from Ionia and Lydia, supporting the re-attribution to Sardes.

Antiochos VII in the name of tetradrachm, c. He notes they may have been struck to pay foreign Syrian? Antoninus Pius, RIC b var. Rome, AD RIC b var. This is an extremely rare variant with the title P P added to the long obv. The first sestertius with this obv. Additional sestertii were collected by Curtis Clay in and This specimen is the fourth known.

Until now, all these sestertii have the Fides standing reverse type. Obv: Anchor; blank to left, crayfish to right Rev. C Obv. Image of a crab viewed from above on the right between the fluke and the stock. Instead of hair there are snakes with thin bodies. The image in a concave circle. Rome mint, CE. Scarce earlier coiffure with band of hair combed forward above forehead. All eight denarii of Aquilia with this reverse type in the Eauze hoarde showed her commoner second coiffure without the band. Archbishop of Canterbury, Ceolnoth views Struck c.

AR Penny 1. Floriated Cross type. Group III N. This actual type is not listed in the corpus. Infact, I believe these coins are of the same dies and moneyer. The Floriated Cross design is also found on coins of Aethelberht for the moneyers Dudda and Oshere but only 4 on database N. In superb condition, a single find from the Driffield area in Yorkshire. This coin is potentially the only complete specimum and should be considered a great rarity.

Gareth Williams at the British Museum kindly commented: 'I agree with your reading of the coin, and think that it is probably from the same dies as our fragment , , 6, as you suggest, although it's difficult to be absolutely certain - the angle of the D on the reverse in particular looks slightly different, but that may just be the lighting on the photograph' Rory Naismith from the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge is studying the period for his PhD dissertation.

He kindly commented as below: 'The Ceolnoth in particular is quite spectacular: not only is it, as you say, the only known whole floreate cross penny of Ceolnoth, but it is also a stunning coin of considerable historical importance. There is some reason to believe that it was found as part of a small hoard comprising at least three floreate cross pennies, the other two both being of Aethelberht by the moneyer Dudda.

One is unfortunately only a small fragment, but the other is beautifully preserved. As the only known hoard of floreate cross coins, this is understandably a find of some significance, although it is odd to find it deposited so far north. A trawl through the BM and as many other catalogues and find records as I could find turned up only a total of nineteen floreate cross pennies, including yours, struck by seven moneyers. It was probably a lot larger than this meagre record seems to suggest: were it not for the large Dorking hoard of the preceding Inscribed Cross phase would be almost as little-known, and many moneyers who produced this type reappeared in the Lunettes coinage, so they may well have continued over the intervening period as well'.

The initial coinage of Group III has as the reverse motif a cross crosslet with pellets in the angles [coin 1, illustrated above]. Those of Ceolnoth are of good style and feature a neater tonsured bust of the archbishop possibly wearing his pallium. Those of Aethelwulf for the same period, Phase II at Canterbury, tend to have a rather crude right facing bust with thick lettering in the legend - although a few are of better style. Not all of Aethelwulf's coins of this type have pellets in the angles of the cross crosslet. This type was struck until c. The Inscribed Cross coinage, struck only by Ceolnoth and the two aforementioned kings, have an identical reverse with a large voided cross that contains the moneyers name within and in the angles.

Comparitively large numbers of these coins survive and they have been the subject of much study with regard to dating, reduced silver content and so on. Toward the end of his reign, c. These coins as would be expected have a large floriated cross on the reverse and had a very limited striking - perhaps as little as a year. Less than ten examples survive today for the king and archbishop. Illustrated below is the only known complete example of the Floriate Cross type of archbishop Ceolnoth.

Argolis, Epidauros ca. Struck from worn dies as are all examples of this the last civic hemidrachm issue of Epidauros. This emission was the last civic silver issue struck by Epidauros. It was struck on a reduced weight standard that was adopted throughout most of the Peloponnesos from around BC. In BC the last of pro-Macedonian tyrants that had ruled Epidauros for the previous fifty years was forced to step aside by Aretos of Sikyon, the strategos of the Achaean League. This event probably bought to an end the civic silver issues of Epidauros, although bronze civic coinage continued down to ca.

After this, a few Epidauran issues in silver and bronze, conforming to Achaean League standards, were made in the period leading up to the defeat of the League by Rome in BC 1 comments n. Struck on the reduced weight standard introduced around BC. Hoard patina - an uncleaned example from the Epidauros Hoard. Requier, Pierre. Revue Suisse de Numismatique, 72, , p. Until the discovery of the Epidauros hoard, the hemidrachms of Epidauros were exceedingly rare, a handful of examples being known.

The Epidauros hoard brought an additional examples to light. Most of the specimens found in the market in the last thirty years originated from the hoard, including the four examples in this collection. The Requier Series number as quoted in the attribution reflects the subdivision of the Epidauros emissions by Alan Walker and BCD, while the bracketed number is the original series number of Requier.

Arsakes I 5 views Arsakes I. AR Drachm 18mm, 4. Hekatompylos mint. Sellwood 5. EF, toned, traces of find patina, obverse struck with worn die. Ex CNG lot arash p. Arsakes II. Assar 54 views AR dr. AR Tetradrachm SNG Cop. XXII, 7. Nicely struck on a compact flan. Elegant style with a full crest. Shallow marks on Athena's cheek.

Choice Extremely Fine. Not from the recent hoards. Nice old-cabinet toning. Aurelian 5 views Ex South Petherton Hoard arash p. Metlich 95b. This type is believed to have been introduced after the one with Baduila's monogram. The Fontana Liri hoard contains coins of this type, but not the type with a lion on the reverse that is attributed to Rome Metlich.

Baktrian Kingdom, Eukratides I, ca. The distinctive reddish black remnant patina of this coin is a characteristic of the silver coins from the Mir Zakah deposit. It is probably from this, the largest hoard of coins ever found, that the coin is derived. Hollis argues that Eukratides was in this way connected to the Seleukid royal family and was perhaps facilitated by the latter in his endeavor to seize the Baktrian throne. This coinage has a number of curious characteristics. The legend on this coin names Eukratides is in the nominative case, so that it serves to label his portrait rather than to identify him as the issuing authority of the coinage.

The legend naming his parents, on the other hand, is in the genitive, normally used to indicate a filial relationship an argument supported by Hollis. However, it could also imply that Heliokles and Laodike had authorized the coinage. Both sides of the coin have defined filleted borders, unique in the coinage of Eukratides. All other issues bear only an obverse border around the image of the king.

The fabric of these coins indicates that Heliokles and Laodike occupy the obverse, anvil struck side of the coin. Nevertheless, they are most frequently described in the opposite manner, in accord with the convention that the ruler occupies the obverse side of the coin. Barbarous antoninianus of Claudius II, ca. Brown patina, 18mm, 2. Nicer than the scan, scarce this nice. From a French hoard. Brown patina, 17mm, 1. Barbarous antoninianus of Tetricus I issued ca.

Billion denier Aimery de Lusignan CE and later to Hoards show that these debased deniers were issued in large numbers, and often recoined. Weights ranged from. The allusion to the previous fortunes of the Kingdom are represented by the Holy Sepulcher which had previously been in Latin Christian hands. Rather similar to french tournois and Venetian grossi as in the example above, and rather unlike the Byzantine types of Constantinople and Thessalonica, possibly they represent likely a coinage for the Franks who were living in the new Western capital of Morea after the fall of Constantinople in Though in the past these coins as above have been attributed to Robert of Taranto due to site finds, Malloy admits that Metcalf proposes that these imitation grossi are possibly Serbian or another Balkan power.

Perhaps more evidence will be uncovered, wileyc. All within a border of dots not here visible. All within incuse square. Notes: 1Considered the ancestor of all Thessalians. The figure is also sometimes considered to be Jason of Jason and the Argonauts , who according to one tradition was the father of Thessalos HGC 4, p. According to Lorber this coin should be placed in the revived bull wrestling drachm coinage, beginning c. Triton XV Auction. Lorber, Catharine C. So I am unsure if it is a Trebonianus Gallus or a Gallienus from his joint reign.

All 16 of these coins comprise a small hoard of antoninianii which have abviously been in a fire at high temperature. I have christened them "Burnt Hoard". The hoard is reportedly from the Viminacium area. Much of the area in and around Viminacium was reportedly burned and ravaged circa AD after the revolt of Ingenuus was supressed. It is unclear if the conflagration which engulfed this hoard was related. Fifth letter could be L or I. Appears to have Apollo standing right, cloak waving behind.

Not a type I can find for either Trebonianus Gallus or Gallienus. Burnt Hoard Coin 10 obverse 8 views No details can be made out. Burnt Hoard Coin 10 reverse 7 views A few letters can be seen on the left but not easily made out. There are just enough hints of a figure standing in the middle to know that this is a reverse. Burnt Hoard Coin 11 obverse 8 views I can make out the radiate crown but not the letters. Burnt Hoard Coin 11 reverse 7 views No details visible on the reverse of the severly bent coin. Burnt Hoard Coin 12 obverse 7 views Nothing but remnants of a few letters visible.

Burnt Hoard Coin 12 reverse 6 views Nothing but remnants of a few letters visible. Burnt Hoard Coin 13 obverse 7 views Only remnants of some letters and a faint profile remain. Profile looks young-ish, maybe and Gordian-ish, to me. This coin has had its lower part melted away. Burnt Hoard Coin 13 reverse 7 views Few details remain but could be a figure standing, head left, arms out. Burnt Hoard Coin 14 obverse 7 views Nothing remains on this moonscape.

Burnt Hoard Coin 14 reverse 6 views Remains of a few letters and enough of a squiggly design to know that this was not an obverse. Burnt Hoard Coin 15 obverse 6 views A completely melted and re-cooled blob. Burnt Hoard Coin 15 reverse 7 views Any resemblance to an early Greek AR fraction is purely coincidental on this completely melted antoninianus. Only its resemblance to a punch mark made me choose to label this side as reverse and the other as obverse as there are no indications of the original surfaces. Burnt Hoard Coin 16 obverse 5 views The obverse is nothing but a melted blob.

Burnt Hoard Coin 16 reverse 7 views Interestingly the reverse retains a design despite the severe melting. Female standing left holding cornucopia in left hand and some unidentified object in right. Burnt Hoard Coin 2 reverse 6 views Faint image of female figure standing left holding cornucopia. A few letters which I have been unable to make out above. Obverse is Valerian I. Burnt Hoard Coin 3 reverse 27 views Nothing can be made out on this side.

The object in the middle does not appear to be a standing figure. It is unclear if the parallel lines on the upper right are related to a radiate crown. The other wide of the coin is clearly an obverse but this is a thick coin and could have absorbed part of another coin. Burnt Hoard Coin 4 obverse 14 views This coin appears to have a female head, as witnessed by the hair extending out below the neck. I can find no legend for a female that matches so perhaps the extension at the base of the neck is fire damage and not design. In any event there are no remaining signs of a radiate crown that I can detect.

Burnt Hoard Coin 4 reverse 7 views I can detect nothing in this burnt moonscape. Burnt Hoard Coin 5 obverse 4 views The imago has completely melted away leaving only a few tips of a radiate crown and some lettering. Sorry that shot is slightly fuzzy, there is little more detail in hand. Burnt Hoard Coin 5 reverse 4 views I can find no details remaining.