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Assessing the flint preferences of the Mesolithic habitants in Estonia and northern Latvia with the help geochemical methods. MOVE: Mapping mobility — pathways, institutions and structural effects of youth mobility in Europe - presentation of the project Kmiotek-Meier, Emilia Alicja Conference given outside the academic context Urban Air Makes Who Free?

Three methods, four outcomes! Bildungsbericht Luxemburg Dissemination of information on voluntary return: How to reach irregular migrants not in contact with the authorities - Luxembourg Li, Lisa ; Petry, David ; Nienaber, Birte Report Global flows, local conflicts and the challenge of urban governance: Managing the city-airport interface in London, UK Mcdonough, Evan Scientific Conference , May Nienaber, Birte Scientific Conference , March Neck Reinhard, Schmidinger Heinrich Hrsg.

Der facettenreiche Luxemburg-Effekt! The rural regions of the old-industrialized Saarland - between globalization and regionalization. Viele Sprachen, viele Kulturen. How should rural policy be evaluated if it aims to foster community involvement in environmental management? Optimum structure and equity in a city with local traffic-induced air pollution Schindler, Mirjam Scientific Conference , November Traffic-induced air pollution concerns and policy design Schindler, Mirjam Scientific Conference , September. Traffic-induced air pollution concerns and policy design — Impact analysis on urban structure and distance-related exposure equity Schindler, Mirjam Scientific Conference , July Endogenous traffic-induced air pollution and equilibrium city structure Schindler, Mirjam ; Caruso, Geoffrey Presentation , February.

Planung unter Freunden? Local- community for global challenges: carbon conversations, transition towns and governmental elisions Taylor Aiken, Gerald in Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability , 20 7 , Inter-regionalism and participation: Could the experiment succeed? Inter-regionalism through civil society participation Velasco Pufleau, Monica Presentation Whose Decisions, Whose Livelihoods?

Leben jenseits der Mosel. Die neue Auswanderung aus Luxemburg? Wille, Christian ; Boesen, Elisabeth Conference given outside the academic context Intercultural work environments in Luxembourg. Energy Security in Southeast Asia? The use of detention and alternatives to detention in the context of immigration policies - Luxembourg Becker, Fabienne ; Petry, David ; Baltes, Christel ; Sommarribas, Adolfo Report Internationalisation of the housing market in Luxembourg - spatial planning and transnational context Becker, Tom Scientific Conference , May.

Blondel, Cyril Scientific Conference , November Sustainability — The travelling paradoxical master-signifier Carr, Constance Scientific Conference Rescaling sustainability? Local opportunities and scalar contradictions Carr, Constance ; Affolderbach, Julia in Local Environment , 19 6 , Whither sustainability? How green neighbourhoods make cities more compact? Consequences of the internationalisation of housing markets within the Greater region — an inter-urban discourse analysis Christmann, Nathalie Scientific Conference Dreizig Jahre Transformation und trotzdem noch ganz am Anfang?

Biogas — Macht — Raum. Energetic Regionalising original titel: Energy is spacy with a chance of region Faller, Fabian Presentation , August Faller, Fabian Scientific Conference , July Politiken und Normierungen. Spatial patterns of land-use and neighbourhood diversity: a multilevel analysis of residential land prices in Luxembourg Glaesener, Marie-Line ; Caruso, Geoffrey Scientific Conference , August Just "Dump and Boring", or Over?

Plan ohne Land Hesse, Markus Article for general public Is what they get, what they want? Back to the Future? Opening bicycle sharing system trip counts using station level data Medard de Chardon, Cyrille Scientific Conference , August De-bordering and cross-border governance in a post-cold war era along German borders Nienaber, Birte ; Kriszan, Agnes Scientific Conference , June Work and residential cross-border mobilities for people working in Luxembourg : developments and impacts Nienaber, Birte ; Pigeron-Piroth, Isabelle ; Roos, Ursula Scientific Conference , November Biographies of innovators in rural areas: migration structures and ways of integration of international migrants in the rural town of Merzig Nienaber, Birte ; Roos, Ursula Scientific Conference , June Conference report Oesch, Lucas in Crisyr Carnet de recherche Reinventing the wheel?

The interaction between the media and the public opinion: social media becoming a source of information in Luxembourg, Petry, David ; Baltes, Christel ; Becker, Fabienne ; Sommarribas, Adolfo ; Li, Lisa Scientific Conference Pigeron-Piroth, Isabelle in Questions de communication , Mapping uncertainty from multi-criteria analysis of land development suitability, the case of Howth, Dublin Quinn, Bernadette ; Schiel, Kerry ; Caruso, Geoffrey in Journal of Maps Spatial implications of endogenous pollution externalities in a residential location model Schindler, Mirjam ; Caruso, Geoffrey Scientific Conference , August.

The green economy and post-growth regimes: opportunities and challenges for economic geography Schulz, Christian ; Bailey, Ian in Geografiska Annaler Series B : Human Geography , 96 3 , Kuus ruutmeetrit ajalugu. Arbeitsmigranten aus Bulgarien. Common Sense Community?

Las elecciones europeas Velasco Pufleau, Monica Conference given outside the academic context Resultado de las elecciones europeas Velasco Pufleau, Monica Article for general public University of the Greater Region: Project experiences Wille, Christian Conference given outside the academic context Australian uranium deal could make Indian nuclear power safer Wong, Catherine Article for general public Cooperation and exchange for sustainable urban development Becker, Tom Scientific Conference , October. Fake can be just as good? Rempart ou Pilori? The space of flaws — on the contradictions of integrated planning in a fragmented environment Carr, Constance ; Hesse, Markus Presentation , November.

Caruso, Geoffrey Conference given outside the academic context Doing the energy transition. A multi-level approach to economic practices of biogas production Faller, Fabian Presentation , September Local transition paths to sustainability. Nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung durch energetische Regionalisierung Faller, Fabian Conference given outside the academic context Theorizing Borders Through Analyses of Power relationships. Spatial effects and data aggregation in hedonic pricing Hedonic Multilevel Model for residential land in Luxembourg Glaesener, Marie-Line Presentation , September Paris versus Berlin.

Image, urbanisme et tourisme. Decem Cities and flows: re-asserting a relationship as fundamental as it is delicate. Hesse, Markus in Journal of Transport Geography , Integration vs. Wachstum, Innovation, Metropolregionen. Arheoloogilised kaevamised Eestis — Li, Lisa Scientific Conference Optimal station localization for bicycle sharing system Medard de Chardon, Cyrille Scientific Conference , September Research on residential cross-border migration along the Luxembourgish-German border as well as along other German borders Nienaber, Birte Scientific Conference , February Is diversification of farm households still an option for integrated rural development?

Is migration a problem for EU member states? Paraschivescu, Claudia in Romanian Journal of Sociology Modelling dynamic urban structures and air pollution exposure Schindler, Mirjam Scientific Conference , September. On the impacts of transport policies and urban form on traffic-induced air pollution - a modelling system Schindler, Mirjam Scientific Conference , May. Ruano, L. New York: Routledge. Wayessa, Gutu Olana Presentation , July We, you, the others. Individual profiles and migration trajectories of third country national cross-border workers the case of Luxembourg Baltes, Christel ; Besch, Sylvain ; Monteiro, Joaquim ; Sommarribas, Adolfo Report Profils individuels et trajectoires migratoires de travailleurs frontaliers ressortissants de pays tiers — le cas du Luxembourg Baltes, Christel ; Sommarribas, Adolfo ; Monteiro, Joaquim Report Theorien — Konzepte — Methoden.

Not always as sexy as New York… Perceptions and representations of Luxembourg-City at the international level. Blondel, Cyril Scientific Conference , March Energetic Regionalisations as processes for the transition to renewable energies Faller, Fabian Scientific Conference , August Energetic Regionalisations: How the bioenergy sector creates spaces of action.

Conceptional thoughts and first observations in and around Luxembourg Faller, Fabian Presentation , June Energetische Regionalisierung. Rescaling the borderland: cross-border bioenergy production patterns facing spatial policies Faller, Fabian Scientific Conference , September Smart Transition to Renewable Energies? How do residential land consumers in Luxembourg value neighbourhood amenities: a spatial hedonic model Glaesener, Marie-Line Presentation , February Suburbaner Raum.

Regionalisation processes as practices of borderisation. Paradoxes of the creative city. Contested territories and creative upgrading — the case of Berlin. Is the Mediterranean urban? New Geographies Mediterranean Ohne Rock mehr Geld? Aufschwung durch die Energiewende. Booming cities and cross-border migration to rural towns Nienaber, Birte Scientific Conference , August In der Fremde daheim?

Regional Resilience through social capital as an instrument to sustain biodiversity Nienaber, Birte Scientific Conference , November International labour migration in European rural regions — The example of Saarland, Germany Nienaber, Birte ; Frys, Wioletta in European countryside , 1 , The European Union and the protection of the Roma minority in the fields of education and housing Paraschivescu, Claudia in Romanian Journal of Sociology Structure and determinants of urbanization change around Moscow, Pavlinova, Olga Doctoral thesis Kirchenbau im Les sciences du territoire en Allemagne.

Establishing identity for international protection: challenges and practices Sommarribas, Adolfo ; Koch, Anne ; Besch, Sylvain Report Les frontaliers au Luxembourg. Nous et les autres. Interkulturelle Arbeitswelten in Luxemburg. The developmental state in ecological modernization and the politics of environmental framings: the case of Singapore and implications for East Asia Wong, Catherine in Nature and Culture , 7 1 , India's nuclear programme: Trust abroad but not at home Wong, Catherine Article for general public Blondel, Cyril Scientific Conference , February The institutionalisation of the Serbia-Croatia border from a local perspective: reinterpretations and real effects Blondel, Cyril Scientific Conference , April Sustainability Carr, Constance in Morris, A.

Encylopedia of Energy Analyses Economiques du Paysage Das Planungssystem Luxemburgs. Christmann, Nathalie Diverse speeches and writings Ideenskizze: nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung durch energetische Regionalisierung Faller, Fabian Presentation , September Nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung durch energetische Regionalisierung.

Entwicklungspfade der und Regions re konstruktionen durch Bioenergieerzeugun Faller, Fabian Presentation , December Regional Governance und Strategieentwicklung. Placing dryports. Frys, Wioletta ; Nienaber, Birte in European countryside , 3 , Hedonic analysis using spatial-lag and quantile regression on property prices in Luxembourg Glaesener, Marie-Line Presentation Hedonic model of property prices in Luxembourg: Spatial and quantile regression approach Glaesener, Marie-Line Presentation , July. Hedonic model of residential land prices in Luxembourg: a spatial and quantile regression approach Glaesener, Marie-Line Presentation , July.

Das Steinerne Berlin. Mapping textual data by keyword co-occurrence to determine subject-matter domains in geographical statistics Madeira, Nuno ; Caruso, Geoffrey Scientific Conference Cross-border migration as part of the European integration process Nienaber, Birte Scientific Conference , September Sustainable rural development and rural land use conflicts in the era of globalization Nienaber, Birte ; Frys, Wioletta ; Kriszan, Michel Scientific Conference , May Migration and integration in rural areas of Saarland, Germany, against the backdrop of demographic change Nienaber, Birte ; Roos, Ursula Scientific Conference , September Ville jordanienne, refuge palestinien Oesch, Lucas Article for general public How do the Romanians live the process of Transnationalism?

Canada and the UK Compared. How new technologies can be adapted and used to reach out to migrants. Paraschivescu, Claudia in Bottomline Importing Poverty? Etrangers familiers. Flexive Zonen. Luxemburg macht nicht immer eine gute Figur. Vertraute Fremde. Sozio-kulturelle Milieus in Luxemburg-Stadt. Exploring a campus in terms of urban integration and regional development Becker, Tom Scientific Conference , July. Border regions in the Balkans: places to renegotiate citizenships and identities? Blondel, Cyril Scientific Conference , June What role for planning in the Western Balkans?

Blondel, Cyril Scientific Conference , February. Density Carr, Constance in Robbins, P. Data mining in geographical contexts and texts Caruso, Geoffrey Presentation Country Report Austria. Application of the hedonic pricing method on land prices in Luxembourg Glaesener, Marie-Line Presentation , September. Mann Verlag Cities, material flows and the geography of spatial interaction. Urban places in the system of chains Hesse, Markus in Global Networks , 10 1 , The Luxembourg air freight-hub.

Market niche development, supply chain-insertion, global positionality Hesse, Markus in Airports in Cities and Regions. Research and Practice Mainport und Hinterland unter Druck. Resilient suburbs. Reurbanisierung oder Metropolisierung? Suburbs: the next slum? Explorations into the contested terrain of social construction and political discourse Hesse, Markus in Articulo : Journal of Urban Research , 3 , The City as a Terminal.

Hesse, Markus in Rundbrief Geographie , , Vom hohen Ross auf die nordamerikanische Stadt. Wie kommen Themen in die Welt? North American Logistics. Global Logistics An agent-based model of residential patterns and social structure in urban areas. Nienaber, Birte Conference given outside the academic context International Conference: Doing Identity in Luxemburg. La perception des travailleurs frontaliers dans les milieux socio-culturels du Luxembourg Wille, Christian Scientific Conference , September. Fit human life and capitalism to Nature Wong, Catherine Article for general public May Cross-Border planning facilitate interethnic reconciliation in the Western Balkans?

Blondel, Cyril Scientific Conference , August Blondel, Cyril ; Fournier, Marie in Urbanisme , , Encyclopedia of Urban Studies Are they Categorically Exclusive? Carr, Constance Presentation , November. Complex Sciences Multiple City, Endless City - Stadtentwicklungsfragen. Hesse, Markus in Kommune , 2 , Umgang mit Stagnation oder Schrumpfung. Hesse, Markus in Planerin , 1 , Globalisierung der Wohnungswirtschaft. Gegenwart und Perspektiven der Geographie in Deutschland Nienaber, Birte Conference given outside the academic context Crampton et Stuart Elden eds , Aldershot, Ashgate, , p.

Oesch, Lucas in A contrario , 11 , Velasco Pufleau, Monica Article for general public Finanzplatz Luxemburg. Vom "Steuerparadies" zur Investmentfonds-Kapitale. Wunderheilungen Unserer Lieben Frau von Luxemburg im Perspektiven der Steinkohle im Jahrhundert Helfer, Malte in Geographische Rundschau , 60 1 , Logistics and Freight Distribution in an Urban Context.

Hesse, Markus Book published by Ashgate Reurbanisierung: Urbaner Diskurs, Deutungskonkurrenzen, konzeptionelle Konfusion. Hesse, Markus in Raumforschung und Raumordnung , 66 5 , Schrumpfende oder atmende Stadt? Residential location, mobility and the city: mediating and reproducing social inequity Hesse, Markus ; Scheiner, Joachim in Mobilities and Inequality Fortress Europe or a Europe of Fortresses? Peter Lang Regional currencies — an instrument for sustainable and integrated rural development in a globalised world Nienaber, Birte Scientific Conference , June Soyez, Dietrich ; Schulz, Christian in Geoforum , 39 1 , Fremder Alltag?

Wille, Christian Conference given outside the academic context Zum Modell des transnationalen sozialen Raums im Kontext von Grenzregionen. Suburbanisation, Suburbia and "Zwischenstadt"? Kommunikationswissenschaftliche und affekttheoretische Perspektiven, in: Hermann Kappelhoff u. Metzler: Stuttgart. Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft. Forschungsfelder und Fragestellungen der Gender Media Studies.

Wiesbaden: Springer, S. New York: Routledge, S. Politischer Journalismus als Forschungsfeld. Theoriegenerierendes empirisches Forschen in medienbezogenen Lebenswelten. Ein Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch. Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, S. Journalismus als kultureller Diskurs. Wiesbaden: VS Springer, S. Kritische Perspektiven auf Medien und Kommunikation. Bielefeld: transcript, S. Vom Spinnen in der Kunst.

Bielefeld: Kerber Verlag. In: Klaus Meier, Christoph Neuberger eds. Stand und Perspektiven. Medien, Politik und Entertainment. Forschungsperspektiven der kommunikations- und medienwissenschaftlichen Geschlechterforschung. Methodologische und methodische Herausforderungen intersektionaler Medieninhaltsanalyse. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. Participation by and through Media. Participatory Spaces, Networks and Cultural Citizenship. In: Martina Schuegraf, Angela Tillmann eds. Gender Studies und Journalistik. In: Beatrice Dernbach, Wiebke Loosen eds.

Wiesbaden: S. Rezeption von Castingshows und Coachingsendungen. Skandalisierung im Reality-TV. Strategien und Erscheinungsformen In: die medienanstalten Hg. Keywords : transcription , video transcription , multicoding , multimedial coding , Grounded Theory , signs , symbols , field score. The field score. Multi-coding transcription of video data in qualitative social research. The author defines the field score as a sign and symbol system for the multi-codal transcription of video data, for researchers in the social sciences and humanities working qualitatively.

Using this method video data are no longer exclusively directly translated into text data as done in current transcription conventions, but audiovisual processual data will be captured by transmitting carriers of meaning in a two-axes system, a score: in their linearity, and by using signs and symbols also in their simultaneity. Thus they can be captured only to a small degree of its components, contained in the medium, with the methods of text transcription. All of this is explicated in theory, with three case descriptions. CouchSurfing als soziokulturelle Praxis.

Alternativer Tourismus im Zeitalter von Web 2. Kulturwissenschaft Keywords : couchsurfing , alternative tourism , tourism , hospitality , cultural sciences , reciprocity , host culture , hospitality communities , dualist realities , leisure , post-Fordism. CouchSurfing as socio-cultural practice. Alternative tourism in the age of the Web 2. In the book this transnational network of hosts is researched — focusing socio-cultural practices of the users. The study is based on empirical work: participant observation, qualitative interviews as well as quantitative online questionnaire. Magie der Geschichten.

Konstanz: University Press Keywords : stories, narratives, magic of stories, Steinthal, H. The magic of stories. World traffic, literature and anthropology in the second half of the 19th century. Of the 27 papers of this volume the following are of special interest for anthropology:.

Anthropological knowledge and the societal imaginary in the poetology of Fontane]. Heymann Steinthal and the profession of men]. Jahrhundert [Born leaders? Raabes Verwandlungsgeschichte Vom alten Proteus [The local circulation of anthropological knowledge. Korruption als Ordnung zweiter Art. Keywords : corruption , clientelism , Mafia , political clientelism , Yakuza , illegal economy , informal structures , second order economy , economy and corruption.

Corruption as a secondary type of order. On the specificity of informal institutions in Japanese society]. Geistiges Eigentum oder Kulturerbe? Lokale Strategien im Umgang mit kulturellen Ressourcen. Keywords : cultural heritage , intellectual property rights , globalization , glocalization.

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Cultural Heritage or Intellectual Property Rights? Local strategies in Dealing with Cultural Resources. Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property Rights are two means of protecting cultural achievement. They are western concepts that have been widely adopted by nation states in the course of globalisation and promoted by arguments of the circulation and preservation of cultural goods in the interest of humankind.

The international discussion on immaterial cultural property generally neglects the existence of local concepts of rights in cultural institutions and their history. This article analyses local concepts of rights in immaterial cultural goods in southwest cameroon. It illustrates the importance of their history for the understanding of what exactly is preserved by cultural heritage. In the course of the growing transatlantic trade activities, the owners of localized cults and rituals transformed these institutions into an alienable resource.

Since then interested parties were able to acquire them under certain conditions, use them for income generation and sell them to other interested parties. The sale concerned not the rights of original creators but those of ownership and performance. Since the s, these cultural institutions were increasingly understood as exclusive, traditional cultural goods restricted to specific administrative units. This development has to be seen within the framework of the UNESCO activities of preserving cultural heritage on the national level.

In this way, the UNESCO encourages the establishment of concepts of traditional culture owned by ethnic groups even though theses cultural goods may have been acquired rather recently and are owned by groups of individuals who paid others for obtaining their ownership rights. I felt attracted by the interdisci-plinary perspective of both of these projects and lived to see the growing insight into the inter-ethnical analogies and the concepts of the knowledge to cure "Heilwissen" in other cultural communities.

As a doctor in rehabilitation medicine I discovered the psycho therapeutic way of this ethno-medical perspective, especially in the context of family dynamics. On the other hand I was irritated by the fact, that there was much knowledge with the many disciplines in our society, but no ability and skills to work with the dynamics of our group in using its scientific and personal resources. My paper will show that researchers and their objects in the social fields are building up new group-settings.

The developmental chance of this group-setting depends on communicating the experiences of these group members in mutual respect. In this attitude Georges Devereux Paris agreed with us, when we discussed our research with him. Auf dem Boden der Tatsachen. Keywords : festschrift T. Bierschenk , Bierschenk, T. On a factual basis. Festschrift for Thomas Bierschenk. He has worked on the state and statehood, development, local forms of power, and strategic Fulbe groups, all based on long-term field research, mainly in West African Benin and the sultanate of Oman.

Signaturen der Kultur.

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Marburg: Jonas Verlag Keywords : everyday life , folklore , cultural science , signatures of culture , material culture. Symbols of culture. Studies of everyday life and its analysis. This volume includes several studies on technology and civilization, embodiment and experience, material culture and museum, and spheres of the unconscious in culture and cultural science.

Taking the artifact, a gesture etc. Keywords : museology , exhibitions. A good review of an exhibition should include some research into the conditions and the time schedule that are decisive for the success of such an enterprise. Mainly two factors were decisive for the final shape of the exhibition "Anders zur Welt kommen": the political influences of representatives of the main cultural institutions involved, and the rather short time period of less than one year for an exhibition of over square metres.

The exhibition was never intended as a preview of the planned Humboldt-Forum but to give some idea of the work in progress. Normally this is not done.

Jeder Mensch ist ein Migrant - Integrationspolitik - Interview

Neither the new museum in Paris nor other large institutions put on special exhibitions as previews of their new museums. In this context it is also evident that an exhibition can never touch and deal with all possible themes. And even if the presentation of the subject of colonialism is important, that does not mean that every special exhibition has to deal with it. The exhibition 'Anders zur Welt kommen" offered several new perspectives not only in its design and presentation, but also in how it described and explained objects which will be further developed in future exhibitions of the Ethnologisches Museum Berlin.

Zur Tragweite einer praxis-theoretischen Grundannahme. Keywords : Practice Theory ; observation ; social epistemology , distinction , Bourdieu, P. Publicness as a Methodological Principle. The assumption that social practices are public and thus observable is a basic tenet of practice-theoretical approaches.

On the one hand, the "publicness assumption" defines the praxeological criticism of subjecti-vism as well as of relying on hypothetical structural entities. On the other hand, a certain conception of the "publicness assumption" allows critics to reproach praxeology for its limited analytical scope. In this article, we explicate in several steps the contentious - and often implicit - basic assumption that social practices are public in several steps. We sketch a notion of social practices and their fundamental "publicness" which avoids presentist misinterpretations and conceptualises sociality as chains of practices across time and space.

We do so by referring to the works of Schatzki, Wittgenstein, Giddens, and Latour. In these, the carriers of practices artifacts, symbols, media, bodies and the translocal structures they establish acquire particular significance. In a further step, we present some methodological considerations corresponding to the "publicness assumption" and exemplify these by referring to Bourdieu's study of "Distinction".

Social Media, Massenmedien und gesellschaftliche Wirklichkeitskon-struktion. Keywords : social media , mass media , media , public sphere , network communications , networks. Social media, mass media and social reality construction. Since the s, the Internet serves as a projection space for varied visions of a more transparent and integrative public sphere and a less dominant role of mass media in the social construction of a "common" reality. In light of those expectations, this text scrutinizes the relations between digital social media and mass media from a systems-theoretical perspective and observes the present preferences of German onliners as well as the content quality of network communications weblogs, podcasts, social networking services, microblogging.

The investigations lead to the conclusion that social media and mass media are situated on comple-mentary levels of publicness. The perception of digital games and mass media in Germany and Australia. Keywords : digital anthropology , cyber anthropology , killer games , games digital , culture and games. The book analyses the social history of digital gaming in both countries and relates it to their socio-cultural traditions. Concerning social history, Australia almost depicts an inverse mirror image of Germany.

Its foundational dynamics, closely associated with different egalitarianisms, led to a different form of distinction than in Germany - a country whose national self-conception was closely related to groups which perpetuated an idealistic notion of Kultur and later integrated it into a rigid class system. The book not only demonstrates how the discourses on games follow long-established patterns of rejection and approval of mass media but also regard them as an access to the inner workings of both societies.

How the games are perceived tells us a lot about German and Australian identity. Die Technik operiert mit. Zur Mikroanalyse medizinischer Arbeit. Keywords : medicine technology , agency , ANT , surgery and culture , machine agency. What Tools Do. Towards a Micro-Analysis of Medical Work. Medical work is deeply mediated by technology. In line with constructivist studies of medicine and technology, this paper conceptualizes routine medical work as being fundamentally marked by uncertainty and indeterminate situations.

To account for the agency of the means of medical practice in such situations, current discussions about the agency of technology are critically reflected and adapted to the analysis of medical technologies. Drawing on ethnographic observations in operating theaters this paper traces the empirical distribution of medical work between ensembles of humans and machines as well as the handling of uncertainties in daily practice.

Keywords : memory , collective memory , Halbwachs, M. On the Formation of Social Memory. Contemporary sociological theoretizing about social memory affords two alternatives: either theories follow the suggestions of Halbwachs and ground social memory in collective interactions, or they start from processes of functional differentiation and connect the formation of social memory to key media and dominant forms.

In discussing both variants of the sociological understanding of social memory, we identify factors of variation and selection in its formation. As factors of variation we identify functional, cultural, and generational differentiation, mediality, authen-ticity, and the communicative genres of narrativity and discursivity. These factors are combined with relevance as a mechanism of selection within a theory of the formation of social memory based on the sociology of knowledge.

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Reflexivity, media, and visuality. Ritual dynamics and the science of ritual IV. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag Keywords : ritual , theory of ritual , reflexivity and ritual , discourse on ritual , sacrifice , Hopi , modernity , Tylor, E. Held in Heidelberg from September 29 to October 2, by the collaborative research center SFB "Ritual Dynamics", the international conference "Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual" assembled most of the leading experts on rituals studies and more than participants for the purpose of reassessing the traditional subject in view of the latest research.

The results, which are presented in five volumes, are pathbreaking for future transcultural, interdisciplinary and multimethodical research on rituals. The convention was marked by the broad range of disciplines and the corresponding diversity of methods. It embraced a great variety of topics in terms of cultural geography and spanned a time horizon from antiquity to the present. The proceedings show how broadly the term ritual can be defined, as well as the conditions, modes and functions of ritual actions in different cultures of the present and past.

Section I : Reflexivity and Discourse on Ritual. Section II : Ritual and Media. Ritual Spirit Presence and the Limits of Media. Section IV : Ritual Design. Der Mensch in der Medizin. Kulturen und Konzepte. Lebenswissenschaften im Dialog Freiburg: Alber Verlag Keywords : medical traditions , cultures of medicine , medical anthropology , Mesmer, F.


Man in medicine. Cultures and concepts. Patients and healers as object of good and bad intentions]. Zur Theorie des Leben-digen in der Paracelsischen Medizintheorie [On the theory of the living in the medical theory of Paracelsus]. Auswir-kungen neurowissenschaftlichen Denkens auf das psychosomatische Menschenbild und die Arzt-Patienten-Beziehung [Between freedom and necessity.

Effects of neuro-scientific thought on the psychosomatic image of man and the physician-patient relationship]. Approaches of an integral medical anthropology]. Keywords : reciprocity , direct reciprocity , generalized reciprocity , exchange , social exchange. Introduction to social forms of reciprocity. Stegbauer deals with everyday social reciprocity in this introductory textbook. He argues that causes for this behavior are not to be sought in individual purpose-means calculations but is rooted in the relations of the partners of exchange. There is no single-dimensional principle in this kind of reciprocity, but relations between those exchanging govern the way and value of products being exchanged.

Queer buccaneers. Transnational and transatlantic American studies Keywords : pirates , discourse analysis , post-structuralist analysis , film analysis , sexuality.

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  • Pirates captivate the western cultural imagination at the beginning of the 21st century. Reading the films from a variety of post-structuralist perspectives, this study demonstrates the contradictory discourses and power relations that characterize the series. It argues that 'piracy' constitutes a sliding signifier that facilitates the de construction of discursive boundaries of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class and nationality.

    Domestikationen des Fremden. Keywords : alterity , embodiment , mediumistic healing , healing , trance , possession , self , Waldenfels, B. Domestications of foreignness. The handling of trance and possession is often brought into focus in anthropological literature and has challenged rational explanations. The emic discourse of the mediumistic healers in Germany I have researched as well as the etic discourse of anthropologists about experiences of trance and possession in religious contexts oscillate between finding the origin of such experiences inside and outside the Self.

    On the one hand "spirits", "Energies" and similar things are seen as autonomous entities affecting the Self, while on the other hand they are seen as having originated in the Self through projections of the unsconscious or through imagination. Even some phenomenological approaches which actually aim to conceptualize experiences beyond dichotomies such as inner and outer or the Self and the Other, like the much cited approach of Thomas Csordas, tend to entangle themselves in such dichotomies and tend to trace back experiences of the other as having originated in the Self.

    This paper traces different emic and etic conceptions of body, soul, the Self and the other and, against this background, argues with reference to the German philosopher Bernhard Waldenfels for a phenomenology of otherness which is grounded in the assumption of an otherness of experience itself and offers an alternative to one-sided externalizing or internalizing inter-pretations. Die missionarische Gesellschaft. Mikrostrukturen einer kolonialen Globa-lisierung. Missionsgeschichtliches Archiv Stuttgart: Steiner Verlag Keywords : mission , missionaries , globalization and mission , segregation politics , history and mission.

    The missionary society. Microstructures of a colonial globalization. The author assesses Christian mission, Catholic and Protestant, as a way of globalization, very much in concord with colonialism. Wendt thus focuses on specific local situations and discusses mission settlements as locations of social order, forms of missionary segregation politics, education and mission, indigenous helpers and native clericals. Ethnologie und Psychologie. Berlin: Reimer Verlag Keywords : ethnology and psychology, psychology and ethnology, Bastian, A. Ethnology and psychology. The Leipzig School of the psychology of peoples.

    In Germany, the disciplines of ethnology and psychology emerged in Leipzig. These scholars propagated distinct concepts of their fields, like: anthropology as ethnic psychology Bastian ; psychology of peoples as psychic evolutionary history Wundt ; anthropology as historical cultural geography Ratzel ; anthropology as cultural foundational science Weule ; anthropology as ethnic sociology Vierkandt ; psychology of peoples as social ethno-psychology Thurnwald ; psychology of peoples as ethno-characterology.

    Another chapter is devoted to the idea of structure in ethnology and psychology, which is elaborated in the case of Felix Krueger and Fritz Krause, and influences of this approach to structure is briefly described in ten other scholars. The final chapter asks if there are remnants of the idea of structure even today: in the context of time, in persons, and in contents.

    Keywords : growth limits , translation , Enlightenment , doubt. The individual issues deal with the following topics:. Jahrhundert [Doubting is human. Enlightenment in the 21st century]. Visuelle Medien und Forschung. Visuelle Kultur.

    Anna-Lisa Müller | University of Osnabrück - jiwopumo.tk

    Studien und Materialien 5. Keywords : visual anthropology , film , photography , ethnography and photography. Visual media and research. How to deal with photography and film scientifically and methodologically.

    The following papers are based on the conference of the same title in Berlin in Zur visuellen Konstruktion ethnografischer Wissenschaft [On the visual construction of ethnographic science]. Zwei fotoanthropo-logische Fallstudien [Jakob Spieth as anthropologist. Two case studies]. Untersuchung digitaler fotografischer Portraitpraxis mittels Fotografie n [Images of second order. Analyzing digital photographic portrait practice with photographies].

    Medienkultur und Gesellschaftsstruktur. Soziologische Analysen. Keywords : media culture , society and media , subject and media , action theory. Medica culture and social structure. Sociological analyses. Ziemann argues that late-modern society has developed a rigid dependence on media technologies and audio-visual mass media. This has led to an operational adaption and change of structure in many societal areas, but also new ways of thinking, worlds of imagination, forms of action of subjects have emerged.

    The author problematizes the reciprocal, or mutual relation of production and dependence of media, society, and subject, and confronts the sociological theory of society with observations in the areas of cultural history and changing media science. He concludes that media culture has to be conceded a categorial and also practical pre-eminence.

    The governance of legal pluralism. Empirical studies from Africa and beyond. Keywords : legal pluralism , governance , Salafiyya activism , custom , institutional pluralism , nature conservation , human rights , family law , reproductive health , indigenous law , law , Islamism. The notion of governance subsumes analytic approaches that have recently become highly popular in social sciences. It directs attention to a holistic understanding of the participation of non-state actors in political processes, the resulting policies, their facilitation and implementation, but also their threats and social consequences.

    This volume assembles empirical studies from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America to shed light on the complex governance interactions determined by different constellations of legal pluralism and, in turn, reshaping these dynamic arrangements. Emerging Forms. Gewalt und Geschlecht. Sozialwissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf sexua-lisierte Gewalt. Keywords : violence and gender , gender violence , apartheid , colonialism and violence , migration and violence. Violence and gender. Perspectives in the social sciences on sexualized violence.

    Sexualized assault has always been part of personalized and organized violence, in civilian contexts, in spaces open to violence, or in war. Present-day violence and conflict, however, show increased sex-based cruelty, and one may ask whether such forms of injury, torture and mutilation are new forms of violence. This has been researched only marginally until now.

    Gender and violence]. Anthropophagy, economy and double standard in the age of Conquista]. Sexualized, racialized, and epistemic violence and basis of coloniality and modernity]. Reflections on transnational conditions of labor and violence in private households]. The constitution of violence at the interface of gender, sexuality, ethnicity]. Keywords : corruption , negotiation and dominance , ambiguous police work , police practice and culture. Police traffic stops in Northern Ghana. Police traffic checks in West Africa are normally only mentioned with reference to corruption.

    Yet anthropological research of these everyday bureaucratic interactions can also develop how police officers implement the law, refer to morality and sociality. Police practices evolve in adaptation to internal and external conditions and must constantly be socially legitimized. On the everyday level, the police are not enforcers of the state's monopoly on violence, but must establish their dominance through negotiation.

    Thereby the discretion of police officers is guided by multiple rationalities or registers. In order to countervail uncertainties in specific situations they dynamically choose registers which are not clearly separated, and they often draw them simultaneously. Selecting violence, public order, formal law, or sociality enables heterogeneous and ambiguous police work, in the face of missing formal guidelines and low legitimacy of the police. Corruption can be understood as a special subset of police discretion, as deviant and functional practices at the margins of it.

    Law and social order remain meaningful during these interactions, even if they are ultimately violated. Since the actual use of registers is highly influenced by civilians, police rationality can be seen as the result of everyday negotiations. Civilians have considerable means of influencing the police through the use of violence, connections, status and money. Police action cannot be understood as unilateral enforcement of either the state's laws or private interests; rather it is open to expectations and social beliefs of civilians. Adaptation and openness of police practices reveal that the implementation of laws and the reproduction of social order are co-produced by civilians, which enables a new perspective on police practices inside and outside of West Africa.

    Keywords : fieldwork , police and fieldwork , bureaucracies and fieldwork , civilians and police , participant observation. Drawing on our experience requesting access to police organisations in Ghana and Niger, this article explores the organisation and operation of two West African bureaucracies. It focuses on the administrative modes and the state agents' routines in their dealing with civil actors. Exceptional and risk carrying requests such as ours concerning a permission to conduct participant observation in police organisations create insecurity on the part of the bureaucrats concerned.

    Although rarely expressed in field reports and often discounted as a series of fortunate coincidences, we consider the researcher's access or refusal a crucial and illuminating moment of fieldwork. In our case, both technical bureaucratic operations and informal networks played a central role in our own approach as well as in the state agents' work routines and reflections on their daily occupation.

    Following an emic description, we call these two modes of procedure "ground work" and "paper work". The oscillating between the two reflects an inevitable interlacing of bureaucratic and informal operations, characteristic for bureaucratic organisations worldwide.

    Die Jagd nach den Piraten. Keywords : copyright , orality and copyright , intellectual property , property. Hunting for Pirates. Author rights have developed from centuries of legal acquisition of immaterial goods in the Western hemisphere. A pressing question in this context concerns the meaning and the effects which the imposition by the imperial West of these legal structures has upon legions of the world that had and will continue to have their own sets of rules concerning the treatment of such goods.

    This article will discuss the local practices concerning the treatment of intellectual property in sub-Saharan Africa before examining the local interpretation of the newly introduced regulations and concepts. It will be shown how local agents, aware of the challenges these new laws entail, succeed in benefiting from their disadvantaged status and from positive law.

    They explicitly achieve this by complaining about pirates robbing them of their respective returns and blaming the state for its inefficiency in upholding the author rights. Die Bedeutung von Heimatbesuchen in Kap Verde. Keywords : return migration , migration , banderona festival , transnational festivals , ritualization , home , diaspora. Creole configurations of return migration between coercion or the search for refuge.

    The meaning of return visits in Cape Verde. Based on anthropological research on Fogo and Brava, two Cape Verdean islands, this article focuses on migrant return visits and their particular meaning for "regrounding home", understood as an idea, a social construcrion as well as a physical place. After reflecting on the particularities of Cape Verde as a creole and transnational society since its historical beginnings, the author examines the banderona , a patron saint festivity, which since centuries annually draws thousands of migrants back to their islands of origins.

    What initially served as a hierarchic moment between colonial masters and slaves, later turned into a transnational ritual, used for celebrating the upward social mobility of migrant visitors and for redistributing their material gains. In our days these ritualized return visits constitute an important opportunity for reaffirming social ties and for negotiating asymmetric family relations. While non-migrant islanders make use of the festivity for articulating their needs and for claiming diasporic support, migrants express their social visibility and their willingness to contribute to a transnational livelihood.

    The author analyzes this articulated interest in maintaining home ties also in the context of the most recent shifts in the world economy, which force migrants to reassess their living arrangements in the diaspora as well as the viability of an eventual permanent return. Einleitung: Afroatlantische Allianzen. Keywords : history of anthropology , anthropological theory , transnational migration , migration , postcolonial anthropology. Introduction: Afro-Atlantic Alliances. This introduction outlines the theoretical framework of this special issue on "Afro-Atlantic Alliances".

    After summarizing key moments in the history of anthropological research along the Atlantic rim, the authors reflect on the interdisciplinary encounter which shapes the current debate on Afro-Atlantic cultures. By introducing "alliances" as a conceptual framework, ideas of relatedness and belonging as well as of entangled histories are recomposed in order to establish a methodology which aims at provincializing the traditional centers of power and at overcoming a methodological nationalism. This special issue brings together contri-butions on the impact of historical forms of return migration to Sierra Leone, on the meanings of contemporary migrant return visits to Cape Verde; on Mozambican students' agency in Cuba as well as in their country of origin; on Cuban artists' impact on race as an outcome of travelling between and performing in Havanna, Paris and New York; on transnational Yoruba religious networks in Cuba as well as on Cuban and Brazilian actors' strategies with regard to their religious practices and their migrant status in Germany.

    In the afterword to this thematic issue recent paradigm shifts in the study of the Afro-Atlantic world are discussed. Der Westen — ein Sodom und Gomorrah? Sulzbach: Helmer Verlag Keywords : gender studies , Muslim women , occidentalism , feminism , partnership , sexuality.

    The West — Sodom and Gomorrah? Western women and men in the focus of Egyptian muslimas. The author poses the question of how Egyptian Muslimas conceptualize the western world — as utterly depraved, the women living in the terror of seeming freedom? In this way she reverses the common perspective. Her study is based on fieldwork, describing living conditions of urban Egyptian women — family, partners, profession, religious questions, emancipation, and modernity, and she found very differentiated answers, much more diverse than the image of a Sodom and Gomorrah described in the media.

    The Convention on Biological Diversity CBD has three major objectives: 1 the conservation of biological diversity, 2 the sustainable use of its components, and 3 the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits. Here we exemplify implementation of the convention in DRC by presenting history concept and vision of the project "The Cuvette Centrale as reservoir of medicinal plants".

    Special attention is paid to local plant diversity with focus on medicinal plants, striving towards a better understanding of their threats and safeguard. For this, we document diversity and traditional use of plants in both a the country's interior and b the urban area of Kinshasa. Both in- and ex-situ measures designed for the conservation and sustainable use of specific plant resources for local and regional levels are presented. In order to develop visions beyond, the project has started a process of bringing together users and providers on a bilateral level to assess ways suitable to all parties to directly benefit from the utilization of indigenous plant resources towards the conservation of biological diversity and the sustainable use of its components.

    We show the current state of this process developing guidelines for a bottom-up approach of CBD implementation adapted to traditional requirements. The example shows both the potential as well as the urge for DRC to use its biological resources sustainably in order to safeguard them for future generations. It discusses the significance of the Nagoya Protocol adopted at the 10th Conference of the Parties in October for this and future processes. Keywords : ethnobotany , Curette Centrale , medicinal plants , skin ailments , plant secondary compounds , Nkundo pharmacopeia , Bantu , ethnopharmacology.

    The data presented here are based on a long-term study sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research on assessing the floral diversity of the Congo Basin with a focus on medicinal plants. Between and , interviews concerning vernacularly known plants were held with one of over ethnic groups living in DRC, the Nkundo belonging to the Bantu people. They were grouped into 12 disease groups. Most species were cited as being applicable for wounds, abscesses and ectoparasites, less lor onychia, mycosis, burns and eczema and least for allergies, ulcers, acne, aphtes and dermatosis.

    Here, we investigate the botanical, ethnospecific and phytochemical characteristics of the species cited. We assess the relation of plant secondary compounds and area of application and seek generalities as well as specificities of the skin-specific plants represented in Nkundo-pharmacopeia by reviewing literature on African medicinal plants used outside DRC.