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Then, Azrael strikes while the couple are fighting. He takes Cassa prisoner and then arranges for Watts to not only escape his imprisonment in the Middle East, but also to be given a drug that will allow his disconnected spinal nerves to fire back up again allowing full movement in exchange for the last names of the men Azrael is hunting down. Cabal goes wild at Cassa's kidnapping.

His animal side, always so careful and controlled, completely loses its cool then. Stripes appear across his face and body, his canine teeth elongate, and claws erupt from under the beds of his fingernails, outing his secret that he's a Primal Bengal Breed to the world. He rushes to rescue Cassa, and in the ensuing fire-fight, Watts is paralyzed once more, Azrael's identity becomes known but he escapes, and Cassa is shot.

Cabal finally confesses his love for her just as she goes unconscious. Days later, Cassa finally awakens, the surgery to save her life a success. Cabal is relieved, and agrees to take on less dangerous assignments, since he's now a mated male. Cainis Ryder a. First Appearance: Dawn's Awakening. Biological son of Carson Ryder and Angel born naturally from their love union.

His mother died just hours after giving birth to Cainis, having been fatally shot by Council-loyal soldiers. His father raised him, but they were always on the run and in hiding from the Genetics Council. When he was ten-years-old, his father was killed by Council soldiers in Washington state, leaving Cainis to make it in the world on his own. His father's ghost stayed by him until he found his mate years later, and then told Cassie a little about Cainis' past before moving on to be with his wife in the afterlife.

Leader of Ghost Team under Jonas Wyatt's command, double-agents pretending to be Council-loyal soldiers to help the Breeds escape laps and bring down the Genetics Council and all who aid them. Believed to be the most lethal Coyote ever created. That act allows them to learn the truth about Cassandra "Cassie" Colder-Sinclair's biological sister, Kenzi. Cainis preferring to be called 'Dog' makes a deal with Cassie, his mate, to save Kenzi and bring her to safety. He does so, and then calls in the debt.

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Cassie appears at his hotel room in Window Rock, Arizona and proceeds to have sex with him. The sex gets out of control when it becomes apparent that they are mates, and Dog mates Cassie that night. She suspected they might be mates, but didn't know for certain, and at that time, she'd assumed Dog was a Council loyalist, and so was upset by being mated.

Callan Lyons - Lion Breed. First Appearance: Tempting the Beast. Biologic son of Leo and Elizabeth Vanderdale his sperm, her egg combined and implanted in another woman's womb for birthing. Biological brother of Dane Vanderdale and Jonas Wyatt. Biological uncle of Gloria "Ria" Rodriguez-Warrant. Cara - Human. Sister of Horace Engalls, sister-in-law of Mrs. Was under arrest for unknown crimes regarding the Breeds as of the beginning of Primal Kiss.

Carl - Human. Doorman at the hotel where the Breed ball was held in Rule Breaker. Carson Cain Ryder - Human. Mate of an unnamed Coyote female, whom he dubbed 'Angel'. Son of Senator Aaron C. Ryder and an unnamed human female. Father of Cainis Ryder a. Brother of an unnamed human female deceased.

Uncle of an unnamed human female. Father-in-law of Cassandra Colder-Sinclair a. Ryder, who was a prominent member to go into various labs to train Breeds who were to be sold as mercenary soldiers on the black market. There, he met his Coyote mate, gave her the name 'Angel' as the lab scientists hadn't named her , and he helped her escape the labs.

The two went on the run, but Angel became pregnant at some point. Only hours after she gave birth to their son, Cainis, they were discovered, and she was shot and killed. Carson took the baby and raised him on the run, assuring no one knew about Cainis. He secretly contacted his sister, who was kind enough to wire him several hundred-thousand dollars to aid in his escape, but somehow their father found out about his daughter's interference and he had her killed for it. Carson found out and went deeper underground, and his hatred for his father was cemented then.

Ten years later, he and his son were hiding in a cabin in the woods somewhere in Washington state when a team of Aaron C.

50 Of The Best Photography Books – 12222

Ryder's hired Coyotes tracked down Carson while out on a supply run. They murdered him; his body was found in a back alley with a hole through the heart, according to the local news. For decades, his ghost followed his son around until Cainis going by 'Dog' then met his mate, Cassie, and the two of them permanently ended the threat Aaron C. Ryder represented. Only then could Carson feel at ease in leaving his son's side. Cash Winslow - Human. Worked for Brandenmore Pharmaceuticals as a security specialist. At Glen Ferris, West Virginia, he lured Patrick Wallace and his small pride into a trap that ended in many deaths, including Wallace's mate.

Rumored to have been responsible over the years since Breed freedom from the labs for kidnappings of Breeds and selling them back to various pharmaceutical companies for experimentation. Wallace took his revenge years later by drowning Cash in a river. Cassa Hawkins-St. Laurents - Human. Cassandra Colder-Sinclair Ryder a. First appearance: Elizabeth's Wolf. Mate of Cainis Ryder a. Cain, Dog Cross Breeds. Until Dash met Elizabeth face-to-face, however, none of them knew this fact and everyone believed Cassie to be Dane's biological daughter. Dash and Elizabeth never formally explained this to Cassie, instead making her seem to be his adopted daughter to protect her, but Cassie always knew the truth about who her real father was.

Sister of Mackenzie "Kenzie" Deacon. Sister of Kenton Sinclair. Her father is not a natural Primal, so where she gained the ability is unknown. Head of the Covert Breed Management Division a. Her mating to Dog was the first known mating of two Hybrids, as well as of two Primal Breeds. Description: Stands 5' 4". Long, curly black hair. Physically the twin of Mackenzie "Kenzie" Deacon, so the two share the same features and body type, however, her genetics are mixed with Coyote and Wolf Breeds, unlike her sister. Catarina was born to an unnamed mother deceased and an unnamed father status known.

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As a newborn orphan at the hospital, she had been discovered and targeted by Philip Brandenmore of Brandemore Labs as a potential for his experimentation, due to the fact she had been born with a rare and fatal genetic anomaly according to Jonas Wyatt in Stygian's Honor , at two months old she'd been diagnosed with infant AIDS and given only weeks to live, but then in Bengal's Quest , Gideon Cross had said she'd been born with a "a missing gene vital to hormonal and immunity development.

Brandenmore had arranged with Cat's parents to take her into custody when she'd been just four days old, and he brought her to his labs, turning her over to Dr. The doctor made her the ward of his eleven-year old breed "apprentice", Gideon Cross. From the minute he'd held Catarina in his arms, Gideon who had already been suffering from some of the effects of feral fever had given her his heart, the Primal Bengal within him recognizing that she was his not just as part of his pride, but his in every way that mattered.

At the time, Gideon hadn't known that he'd imprinted upon Cat, however; he'd just loved her. From the start, Gideon, a brilliant child-Breed prodigy in the sciences he'd already studied and mapped the genetic code for humans by then had been brought in by Dr. Foster to come up with a therapy to save Cat's life. Recognizing the flaw in her genetic code, Gideon had helped develop a counter: filling in the missing gene with his own Breed genetics which were stronger, and would guarantee Cat had the best chance of surviving long term.

The treatments, which slowly changed Cat into a Breed, continued throughout all of Cat's young life, and were incredibly painful for her to endure. Gideon was with her though the entire process, though, holding her and soothing her after each treatment. He was given charge of the young Cat, told by Dr. Foster to raise her, and he did When Cat was approximately two years old, a young girl named Honor Christine Roberts was brought into the labs by her father and mother, who were desperate to find a cure for their daughter's rare form of leukemia it was killing her quickly, and she only had a short amount of time left.

Fortunately, Dr. Foster and Gideon's work on gene therapies was able to help Honor, and over the next eight years that she remained in the lab, she and Cat became good friends. When Honor was ten years old, her leukemia was finally cured and she was taken home by her parents. During those long years in the lab, Cat who referred to Gideon simply as "G" also came to love Gideon as both her alpha and her best friend.

He was her hero and her trust in him was unshakable. When she was almost twelve years old, Gideon escaped the labs, taking Cat's teddy bear with him he'd hidden memory sticks filled with Lab data on Breeds, intending on turning it over to those Breeds who had already escaped their labs around the world. Cat was adamant that Gideon had not abandoned her, believing he'd be back for her soon.

Four months after his escape, the lab director, Dr. Bennett, decided she and Judd were of no longer any use to them and arranged for them to be transferred to another facility to be euthanized. Four hours after that transfer, somewhere in the Pennsylvania mountains, Cat escaped the guards who were taking her and Judd to their deaths she tore out the guard's throats, shocking Judd with her level of unexpected violence and how calm she was after the fact.

Then, Gideon arrived on the scene to save them from the remaining guards, but he had been been mortally wounded in that fight. Cat knew the only way to save him was to give him a blood transfusion. Gideon knew, however, that Cat was his intended mate and that as a fully adult male Bengal by then, if he was to take any of her blood into his body, the mating hormone would trigger and Mating Heat would begin.

He tried to get Cat to stop, without telling her too much and scaring her. In the end, he attempted to get her to hate him and walk away by telling her she'd just been his 'experiment' and he didn't love her at all. Hearing that broke Cat's child heart in two, but she loved Gideon enough not to let him die if she could save him.

She transfused their blood, not understanding what doing so would do to Gideon. He threatened to kill her then, and warned Judd to take her and run from him. As a result of the Mating Heat taking hold of him, Gideon's insanity already well underway as a result of the horrors he'd endured in the labs and as a result of suffering Feral Fever became fully realized and he ran in the opposite direction from Cat and Judd, determined not to hurt Cat as a result of the biological impulse to mate her, despite her age.

Cat and Judd went deep underground, hiding from the Genetics Council and from Gideon, changing their identities and keeping on the run. At some point soon after, she and Judd met up with Honor Roberts again who was on the run, too, as the Genetics Council wanted her back in the labs, needing the information from her physical body regarding her miracle cure, as Gideon had destroyed all of the files about her experiments, as well as the ones done on Cat, Judd, and himself , and the three of them stayed together, hiding under the radar and pretending to be other people to escape the Genetics Council, Gideon, and anyone else looking to harm them Cat took on the alias 'Fawn Corrigan' and Judd became 'Cullen Maverick'.

The three of them made it all the way to the underground Navajo railroad in Window Rock, Arizona. The railroad's purpose was to hide Breeds with Navajo genetics from the Genetics Council. The three runaways asked for help from the Navajo elders, who promised them safety and a new start this is thirteen years before the events in Bengal's Quest.

Quite by accident or perhaps fate , around that same time, the granddaughter of the Navajo Chief, Claire Martinez, died in a tragic car accident, along with her best friend, Liza Johnson. With the Genetics Council hot on "Fawn's" trail because they suspected she was Gideon's mate and they wanted to capture him by luring him out with her , the Navajo elders came up with a desperate plan: through a mystical Navajo ritual, the spirit of Claire Martinez would be transplanted into "Fawn's" Cat's body and her own memories repressed in favor of Claire's memories Honor would have the same thing done to her, only her spirit would be Liza Johnson.

Judd would take off to distract the Council soldiers long enough for the ritual to be done. Immediately afterwards, the girls underwent plastic surgery for their facial features to hide them more completely Cat's face was reconstructed to resemble what Claire would have looked like had she lived, and Honor to resemble Liza. As a result of the ritual, however, Cat's soul was repressed by Claire's, and she was put into a deep sleep, while Claire's consciousness controlled Cat's body.

The elaborate ruse worked, the Breed soldiers tracking Cat's Breed scent lost her trail completely when Claire was in control of the body, Cat's inner tigress was repressed and no Bengal scent marker was made , and so they returned to the Council and reported Catarina had died in a car accident ironically, that one that had actually claimed Claire Martinez's life, instead of the other way around.

Through a series of encounters over a year's span, they slowly narrow down the search on Gideon and the reason he's traveled all the way to Arizona: to find Claire Martinez, a. He thinks she's old enough and knowledgeable enough now to handle Mating Heat, and so he approaches her to get it started. She remembers Gideon's cruel words to her when last they met, and over the years, she's built up so much anger and resentment that she refuses him.

Eventually, they come to an impasse, then to an understanding. They mate and fall in love, although it takes longer for her to eventually forgive him for everything that came before.

Doing so causes a cascading effect: Claire Martinez's soul can no longer remain hidden inside Cat's body, and it begins to reveal all of Cat's hidden memories to her, revealing itself to her at long last. Chelsea Martinez a. Chel, "minx" - Human. Daughter of Terran Martinez. Sister of Isabelle Martinez-Morgan. Niece of Morningstar Martinez deceased. Niece of Raymond Martinez. Niece of Joseph Martinez. Cousin of Claire Martinez deceased.

Cousin of Lawe Justice. Cousin of Rule Breaker. Cousin of Lincoln Martinez.

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Cousin of Megan Fields-Arness. Former lover of two men both of whom are married and living somewhere on the East Coast of the United States. At the age of twelve, her father had put her in self-defense and firearms courses. During her teen years, whenever her cousin, Lincoln Martinez, was home on leave from his time in the U. Special Forces, he would train with her in firearms and self-defense. She became a legal secretary at age sixteen for her father, working under his supervision in his office and under his supervision, she did clerical admin work for the Navajo Breed Underground Network as well.

At age eighteen the year Lauren Maverick died from terminal cancer , Chelsea had finally qualified to work field operations for the Navajo Breed Underground Network, and she did work on a few that were mostly danger-free. For several years, she continued to work for her father's office and smaller Underground Network jobs on the sly.

Eventually, she quit her father's office. She'd been working with Cullen and the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Agency as Cullen's clerical personal assistant in the office for four years, but she'd wanted to go back and work in either Field Ops, Command, or Logistics. Cullen, however, would not let her work such dangerous duties, claiming she wasn't qualified when, in fact, it was really because he was concerned for her safety.

She finally had enough of his blocking her career goals and resigned from the Agency. That same night, Cullen lost control of his recessed Primal instincts and bit Chelsea with a Mating Mark upon her throat. He stopped before it went too far, but the damage was done. Chelsea ran from his house and didn't look back. A week later, she intercepted a transmission and went out to the desert to check it out.

Out there, she rescued a young child, Louisa Cerves, daughter of infamous criminal cartel leader Samara Cerves a. Unfortunately, Louisa succumbed to her injuries and died.

Chelsea was devastated by the news. Soon afterwards, she applied for a job for the Navajo Nation's police force, but was rejected. Then, she tried for a private policing agency, but when they'd asked for references, Cullen had refused to give them, so they wouldn't hire her. Eventually, she took a job working for the Covert Breed Management Division a.

Straight, long, black hair. Brown eyes flecked with green. Light-brown skin. A bit shorter than average height. Graeme Parker believes Chelsea has inherited some of her grandfather's psychic abilities, although she is recessed doesn't recognize them , much as her mate, Cullen, is a recessed Primal Breed. Cullen thinks her psychic ability is mental projection, because he's heard her voice in his head several times over the years. Chet - Human. Hired as private protection for Senator Aaron C.

Ryder at his estate in Arlington, Virginia. Prejudiced against Breeds, who could sense his hatred for them. Killed by Cassandra Colder-Sinclair a. Cassie, the Breed Princess, Halfling ; she threw her knife at him and pierced him through the heart, killing him instantly as he attempted to draw down on her mate, Cainis Ryder a. Cain, Dog in Cross Breed. Chimera Broussard - Jaguar Breed.

First mentioned in: A Jaguar's Kiss. Sister of Saban Broussard. Sister-in-law of Natalie Ricci-Broussard. Claire Martinez - Human. Granddaughter of Orrin Martinez. Daughter of Raymond Martinez deceased. Niece of Terran Martinez.

Cousin of Isabelle Martinez-Morgan. Cousin of Chelsea Martinez. Second cousin on Raymond Martinez's side of the family of an unnamed person who works for the Navajo Nation's Health Department. When she was fifteen, while living on the Navajo reservation in Window Rock, Arizona, she stole her father's car and she and her best friend, Liza Johnson, took it for a joyride. They ended up having a car accident which killed both her and Liza Johnson this happened twelve years before the events in Bengal's Quest. As her body lay dying, through an ancient Navajo ritual, her soul was transfused into the body of Catarina "Cat" Graymore-Parker in an effort to hide Cat from the Genetics Council, who were hot on her trail.

The transfer caused Cat's memories of her past to be repressed, and Claire's soul's will was strong enough to convinced Cat that she was Claire Martinez. Claire's dead body was then buried with a headstone that claimed she was "Fawn Corrigan" Cat's alias to protect Cat from the Genetics Council. Claire's soul continues to reside in Cat's body alongside Cat a spirit possession , but she finally released Cat's former members and made herself known to Cat in Bengal's Quest.

Cole Dagger - Wolf Breed. First appearance: Rule Breaker. Enforcer working under Commander Rule Breaker. Commissioner Jenkins - Human. Supervisor of Cullen Maverick and Ranger. Creed Raines - Lion Breed. Enforcer for the Bureau of Breed Affairs. Son-in-law of Horace Engalls through his mating.

Has had many lovers, both human and Breed number and names unknown , all willing and into rough sex. Mating flavor: Cinnamon and spice. Creed had been one of a few Breeds who had been spared while growing up: the lab he'd been created in and had lived for all of his young life hadn't been filled with sadistic scientists. Also, once Breed rescues had begun world-wide, the scientists, soldiers, and trainers there had worked with the Breeds to see to their safe release and transport to Sanctuary.

As a result, Creed hadn't undergone much of the same trauma as other Breeds in other labs. Once at Sanctuary, he'd decided to join Jonas Wyatt's team, and once Wyatt had transitioned from soldier to politician, Creed had gone along with him to become one of the new Bureau of Breed Affairs' Enforcer teams. Years passed while he fulfilled that role, and for some assignments, he'd be required to change his hair color, eye color, name, etc. Creed never seemed to mind, for being a covert operator appealed to him. One day, Wyatt approached Creed about going deep undercover hiding his Breed status with clever dental covers and scent blocker medications to become Horace Engalls' chief security advisor.

Creed accepted the assignment, which included bodyguard duty for Horace's reckless daughter, Kita. The moment he met her, Creed knew Kita was his mate. He did his best not to let that interfere with his intelligence gathering for Jonas Wyatt and the Bureau, though. For a year, he infiltrated the Engall estate, learning and reporting back what he'd discovered. He'd also spent that time getting to know Kita When things reached a crisis point, where it was clear lines were going to be crossed between him and Kita, and Kita's relationship with her father became strained, Kita fled to the safety of a secret cabin in the Tennessee woods one she'd purchased under a pseudonym.

Unable to help himself, Creed followed her, and despite all his reservations and concerns, he kissed her at long last, beginning the Mating Heat To his relief, Kita wasn't disgusted by his Breed status or angry at him for his duplicity. Instead, she seemed to accept him. They made love, but Creed was careful to wear a condom so he didn't worsen the Mating Heat symptoms for her.

For four days, they stayed at the cabin together, making love with condoms and talking. Kita put together everything she'd read in the tabloids and heard in rumor about Breed mating habits, and decided that Creed didn't want to mate her for life, just for the moment--hence his precautions no kissing, wearing a condom. They fought over it, and it was then that Creed finally understood that Kita loved him back. He admitted his love for her, and mates her fully, this time without a condom and with a kiss.

Cyrus Tallant - Human. General, former head of the Breed training program. Father of Scheme Tallant-Reynolds. Dane Colder - Human. Father of Mackenzie "Kenzie" Deacon. Dane Vanderale - Lion Breed Hybrid. Biological son of Leo and Elizabeth Vanderdale his sperm and her egg were combined in a test tube and implanted into Elizabeth Vanderdale's womb. She incubated and birthed him naturally. Biological brother of Callan Lyons and Jonas Wyatt. The first known naturally-born Hybrid Breed, born approximately forty years before Tempting the Beast.

Was in love with Harmony Lancaster-Jacobs for years before her mating, and still carried a torch for her for years afterwards. Danna "Little Cat" Lacey - Human. Sheriff of Glenn Ferris, West Virginia. Breed Freedom Society member. Former mate of Raine Wallace deceased. Former mother of an unborn child deceased. Sister of Serena Wallace deceased. After surviving being raped and brutalized by Douglas Watts and the other Deadly Dozen members, she discovered her child had died in her womb as a result of the trauma, and that her mate had been beheaded and his head taken as a trophy by her attackers.

She worked with Patrick Wallace, her brother-in-law, to exact revenge upon the Deadly Dozen. Dash Sinclair - Recessed Wolf Breed. Biologic father of Kenton Sinclair. David Banks - Human. Former FBI member pretending to harbor secret hatred for the Breeds so he could infiltrate the Deadly Dozen when they first formed. Former mayor of Wolf Mountain, Colorado. A Breed proponent. David Fields - Human. First mentioned: Megan's Mark. Father of Megan Fields-Arness. Former friend of Malcolm Cooley David didn't know Cooley was using him.

Lives in Broken Butte, New Mexico. Description: Thick black hair that is peppered with gray. Black eyes. Customarily wears blue jeans. Dawn Daniels-Lawrence - Cougar Breed. Commander and enforcer. Dayan - Cougar Breed. A secret Council operative. Was originally part of Callan's small pride, and in secret spent years whispering awful things into Dawn's ears about her time in captivity and the rapes she endured.

Was eventually outed as a spy and killed by Callan Lyons. Del-Rey Delgato a. Alpha of the Coyote packs at Haven. In charge of the New Mexico Wolf labs. Mother of Hope Bainesmith-Gunnar. Of Irish descent, and has the accent to prove it. Devon Marshal - Human. Ex-husband of Rachel Broen-Wyatt. Biological father of Amber Diane Broen-Wyatt. Cruel and greedy man, who hates Breeds. Diane Broen-Justice - Human. Mate of Lawe Justice Lawe's Justice. A covert operative of the Bureau of Breed Affairs, she and her team infiltrated Phillip Brandenmore's private security force in an effort to bring the Genetics Council down.

When Kita Claire Engalls-Raines' life was threatned by a deranged Phillip Brandenmore who had, by then, escaped Breed custody and tracked his niece down to a cabin in Tennessee , Diane was there to stop Phillip. After Brandenmore was taken back into custody by Wyatt, Diane and her team pulled out, and were reassigned to the Gideon Cross case specifically, finding him and bringing him in for Jonas Wyatt.

It was there, while on assignment in New Mexico, that she met Lawe Justice, the Breed who was to be her mate. Dougal Mackenzie - Human. Former Genetics Council scientist. Biological grandfather of Styx Mackenzie. Douglas - Human. First mentioned: Enthralled: The Devil's Due. Mary Katherine "Katie" O'Sullivan's fiance. Douglas - Feline Breed. First mentioned: Coyote's Mate.

He was the junior-grade soldier stationed at the Citadel who attempted three separate times to murder Anya Korbin-Delgado. Was killed, along with seven other Advent city council members and Timothy Raines when Jax and a group of enforcer Coyotes found them and rescued Anya from them. Former Vice President of the United States. Former head of the Genetics Council. Ordered the termination of all Wolf Breeds. Douglas Watts a. The Reaper - Human. Ex-"husband" of Cassa Hawkins-St.

Laurents technically, he'd set up the marriage to seem real, but it hadn't been. Cassa had believed it to be, however. Traitor working with the Genetics Council to destroy the Breeds. Member of the Deadly Dozen and responsible for the brutal deaths of nineteen of Cabal St. Laurents' blood-related family members at the Germany secret Breed facility only Cabal and four others escaped , as well as several other Breeds he'd canned hunted with the Deadly Dozen including a female Breed who was pregnant at the time; he raped her repeatedly until she and her unborn baby died.

Prideful of the fact that his family could trace its roots back to the Mayflower. His spine was severely injured in Cabal's escape from the labs, and he was held in a secret prison in the Middle East by Jonas Wyatt so he could live out the remainder of his life immobile and helpless justice for his crimes. He was briefly released from the prison by Jonas Wyatt and taken to Glen Ferris, West Virginia to try to draw out Azrael, who was after all of the Deadly Dozen members. To accomplish this, Douglas was given a bio-mechanical chip that would allow him to walk again for a brief period of time.

When Azrael kidnapped Cassa and offered to sell her to Douglas a ruse to get the man out in the open so Azrael could kill him , Cassa escaped. Douglas was injured in the fight to try to reclaim her, and he was returned to the Middle East prison, completely unable to move from the neck down. He was a broken man after that, giving up every bit of information he knew on the Deadly Dozen and the Genetics Council, hoping Jonas Wyatt would show him mercy and end his pitiful life for him in exchange for his full cooperation. Wyatt did not kill Douglas, however, instead leaving him in the same condition as he'd been before: paralyzed and unable to die, lying alone in a room without any stimulation for the rest of his life.

Agullera - Human. Scientist in the Wolf labs in Mexico. Depraved and perverted, acts superior. Responsible for creating the aphrodisiac used on the captive Breeds to force their bodies to want to have sex, despite their mind's will. Bennett - Human. First mentioned in: Bengal's Quest. Responsible for the repeated torture of Gideon Cross.

Had his heart ripped out by Gideon Cross. Foster a. The Breed Maker - Human. Seemed saddened by the deaths of many of the other Breed 'subjects' in the experimental labs. Draeger - Wolf Breed. Supposedly not aligned to any pack alpha. When Ranger attempts to attack Chelsea at Cullen's house, Draeger steps in between and serves as a shield. He is asked by Cullen, eventually, to escort Ranger off his property. Afterwards, Draeger and Cullen talk about the danger Ranger really presents. Description: Short, black hair. Blue eyes. Drey Hampton - Human.

First mention: Megan's Mark. Threw a cocktail party that Jonas Wyatt attended. Dunkirk - Human. He died in a boating accident in Window Rock, Arizona the summer before the events in Stygian's Honor. When the authorities found Dunkirk's body in the lake, they also found a bag of bones belonging to unknown people lying on the lake's bottom these were the Genetics Council soldiers who had been trailing after Catarina "Cat" Greymore, a. Elam March - Human. Elder - Coyote Breed. Mate of Morningstar Martinez. Was killed by the Genetics Council during an experiment live dissection.

Elizabeth Colder - Human. She is not the same woman as Elizabeth Colder-Sinclair; she merely shares the same first and maiden name. A short story or quote accompanies each New York City resident, perfectly showing New York City for the melting pot that it is.

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Although it is a nice bonus not to have hair all over the place. Sorry if breeder offended you I completely understand that mix breeds are not actual breeds. Sorry not trying to sound defensive here I'm not trying to start a debate over adopting, rescuing, buying No, I really am fine with buying from a breeder but not for a mixed breed and only from a reputable breeder.

I consider a true breeder to be someone who does it for the love of the breed and wants to preserve the breed - not to make money. You don't sound defensive to me; I just wanted to make sure you knew that you won't find good info on this mix of dogs because there isn't a standard. But I understand the desire to want to hear from others who have the same mix and see what your dog might be like. Just wondering - why you wouldn't go with a poodle? What does the golden retriever bring into it that appeals to you? I've always wondered why people wouldn't just buy a purebred.

Esp a poodle! So smart! Rescues are sometimes hard to find, glad you have been trying. Poodles, as I said, are smart and gentle and I really like their temperment, personality,etc. Goldens also have those things. So when you combine them you get the same great package in a uber-cute wrapping. I've also read that their life span is longer and they tend to be healthier than a poodle or golden purebred. Which if true, would be a plus. I think it's just something in my gut that is telling me to get a goldendoodle or another standard poodle.

I see other dogs and think they are cute, but then I see this one and my heart melts. As for the rescues, not only are poodles hard to find, but standard poodles are extremely rare down here, even at the poodle rescues. Most are toys and after getting used to a 55 lb lap dog, I just don't think I could do a dog that would fit in my purse. Joined Oct 16, We have a Labradoodle! He is Lab and mini poodle, so he should be around pounds which is just the size that we wanted!!

He is now 8. He is the smartest and most loving pup that we have ever been around. He is a great dog and I am so glad that we got him. He does shed, but I figured that he would, I didn't know that poodles didn't or do they? I have heard both?? But anyhow our neighbors had a goldendoodle and they ended up finding a new home for her. They just didn't have the time to spend with her and she was tearing up everything in their home She is a great dog, just not great for them!

Now back to our dog. We got him from a petstore.