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  1. Learn to Draw Cartoon Faces With Simple Shapes
  2. Vary the Shape but Maintain the Centerline
  3. How to Draw Cartoons
  4. Learn to Draw a Cartoon Character

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Color the iris around the pupil with your preferred hue. Keep in mind the emotion that you are trying to convey with your cartoon character's eyes. The thickness of the iris helps your audience better understand how your cartoon character feels. The color that you choose for the iris can also help to convey an emotion.

Or, the color can simply demonstrate your unique creativity and the embodiment of what you envision your cartoon to look like. Add eyelashes and eyebrows to the eyes and forehead. It is up to you how you shade in these characteristics, as it will depend on whether your character is male or female. You might want to simply thicken the top line of the eye, with tapers at either end, to indicate eyelashes without drawing wispy lashes. Alternatively, you might want to add a number of eyelashes. Fewer numbers of eyelashes, or even no eyelashes, are common with circular cartoon eyes.

High arching eyebrows indicate surprise or fright, while lower, less arched eyebrows might indicate boredom or sadness. Method 4.

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  • Decide where you want the eyes to sit on the character's face. They can be placed anywhere on the face, but you have to add other features, as well. If they sit higher on the face, you might have to make them smaller or make the eyebrows smaller. In most cases, you will likely want the eyes to be an even distance apart from each other, as well as level with each other horizontally. Draw two almond-shaped eyes on your face, using the cross as your guide for placement. For cartoon eyes with this shape, typically the wider end is placed on the inner part of the eye, close to where the nose will be.

    Sometimes the wide end is exaggerated, making the inner part of the eye very large, while the outer part of the eye tapers down to a small point. This is good for conveying concepts or emotions like innocence, surprise, and youth. Almond-shaped eyes are often used for female cartoon characters to create the ideal of beauty and femininity.


    Learn to Draw Cartoon Faces With Simple Shapes

    Shade pupils into the circles, in a place that makes sense. Almond-shaped eyes convey a slightly different set of emotions from the other two methods above, and they are more human-like. This potentially opens you up to a wider range of emotions for your cartoon face. Color the iris around the pupil with whatever hue you like for the character. Remember to make your iris thicker or thinner based on the emotion you want your cartoon face to convey to your audience. If you are going for a flirty, feminine character with this eye shape, then it could be fun to use colors such as purple or pink for the iris.

    Colored pencils are the most useful tool for this type of coloring, as you can sharpen their tips to keep the coloring crisp and neat. Add eyelashes to the eyes and eyebrows to the forehead. For female cartoon characters with this eye shape, it is common to place eyelashes only on the outer edges of the top eyelids. This gives off a flirty, feminine vibe. With more emotions available with this particular eye-shape, you must take care to match the two together. While it doesn't focus on cartoon airplanes, you can learn the basics in Draw a Plane.

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    The addition of cartoon eyes would easily make the plane cartoonish. Yes No. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 5. Check out How to Draw a Realistic Eye. If you want you can combine the techniques in that article and the ones in this one to make something "semi-realistic. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 3. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Express your own creativity and ideas as you create your cartoon eyes.

    There are lots of tutorials and examples, but this is your opportunity to make your creation your own. How to Draw Sadness from Inside Out. How to Draw Olaf from Frozen. How to Draw Pusheen the Cat. How to Draw the Hulk. How to Draw Link from the Zelda Games. How to Draw Winnie the Pooh. How to Draw the Cheshire Cat. How to Draw Yoda from Star Wars. How to Draw the Flash Logo. How to Draw Lippy Lips from Shopkins. How to Draw the Grinch.

    How to Draw Captain America.

    Vary the Shape but Maintain the Centerline

    How to Draw Santa Claus. How to Draw a Fairy. How to Draw an Angel. How to Draw Naruto. How to Draw Minnie Mouse. How to Draw Mermaid Ariel. How to Draw Goku from Dragon Ball.

    Why people believe they can’t draw - and how to prove they can - Graham Shaw - TEDxHull

    How to Draw Super Mario. How to Draw Hello Kitty. How to Draw Darth Vader. How to Draw Batman Logo. How to Draw Deadpool. But don't stop there. Continue to experiment with him. Try repositioning the basic structural shapes of the cartoon to make your character move, dance, sleep, jump, or whatever else you can imagine.

    How to Draw Cartoons

    You can also bend, stretch, and twist these shapes to add even more interest to your character. Just remember, you're not expected to be a pro after simply reading this short tutorial. You need to keep practicing. If something looks funny, try again, this time changing things up a little. Eventually your confidence will grow along with your skill level. Before you know it, you'll even be adding hair and clothes to your character, developing your own set of unique characters.

    Easy Drawing Tutorials Homepage

    Maybe you should also try to make your own character. Then maybe you'll know how to make them rather copying it from another's book. Atleast make your line confident. Reply 7 months ago. Hey guys, good to be connected. Reply 1 year ago. Reply 2 years ago. As previously discussed, the key to drawing a successful cartoon character is lots of practice.

    Learn to Draw a Cartoon Character

    So, we'll need: a clear workspace plenty of paper a pencil an eraser hopefully we won't need this too much time and patience. The basic cartoon character is made up of basic shapes. So begin by practicing some simple 3-D shapes: 1. Practice drawing a box, a sphere, and a cylinder like the ones pictured above. Keep practicing until you feel comfortable drawing in three-dimensions. Once you feel comfortable drawing these shapes, begin experimenting with them. Twist them. Now that you know how to manipulate simple shapes, you can begin to combine them to make more complex shapes.