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She slightly an angry teenager. Okay no shes a typical teenage snob lol. So after the news one day she stumbles upon her parents fighting. They make their intentions clear, they are sending her to her grandmother for the summer so they can keep her out for undoubtedly messy divorce. So this city girl cant stand this hick town. However there is a bright spot in Chase, and in my humble opinion Chase should be knighted or nominated for sainthood. Because given the way Roxie was raised and her parents current predicament shes quite guarded. And while we are on the subject of those two their earth shattering kisses drove me up the wall!!!!

And please take that criticism with a grain of salt remember im bitter. Im not an asshole I swear!

Knotted Root

I did just notice their kisses were pretty intense which left me wondering if Kight will perhaps venture into soemthing a little more spicy with those two or with out in the future. You know I really liked Katy the girl next door, she was a real sweetheart. And Grandma well I feel like I really didnt get to know her all that well. Like Roxie I just heard the stories and really didnt experience the generosity and kindness of her.

I feel like I couldve really loved her.

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And in all honesty made me yearn for my grandmas. Ahh Im rambling, So let me just say knotted Roots was touching and amazing. Sure I had some issues with Roxie but that in no way effected my affection for the book. Hmmmm — sometimes life does not go according to plan. This summer is just that for our dear spoiled and testy Roxie. Summer in the south you say, summer on a farm…with Grandma. Why yes that is exactly how this plan goes, regardless of what Roxie thinks. Her parents have made up their mind, it is set and this is the plan. Once Roxie arrives on the scene, she is scared and I think a bit judgmental, she has her ideas and she thinks she knows what life is all about.

However, in the chapters, she grows and I did not want to strangle her as much. Actually I grew to love her and her quirks and enjoyed watching her blossom into a girl with the realization of what life is about, and what counts and matters most! The life she had verses the one she had has been opened up and experiencing seems to be what counts. Grandma Betty was one of my favorite characters, I adored her. She is full of love and knowledge — wants for nothing and gives all of herself to those she cares about. She was the best. We all need one, and she was perfect!

Now to get to the boy, because yes we have one and he is just what Roxie needed…heck he is what most of us need. Honestly I do not want to spoil much about Chase, except to say that he was real and raw.

I liked the truth of him and his character. He was genuine and I loved that about his character immensely.

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I am a gal from the south, I grew up on sweet tea and family values. This book has them in spades. You do not have to be blood to be family, it does not matter where you come from or who you are. It is what inside that speaks and your actions. Money does not buy happiness and it does not buy respect. All lessons that I left with after I hit the ending of this book. The story was sweet, it was honest, and it was touching. It made me swoon, shed a tear S and have a huge smile on my face. Ruthi wrote Chase and Roxie with good banter, and I enjoyed the story develop between the two of them.

Wonderful debut novel, I am excited to see where we get to go next with this new up and coming author. Well done Ms. Feb 28, Sarah rated it it was amazing. This was just an awesome story about finding yourself. Ruthie has done an exceptional job with her debut novel! She has filled this book with just about everything from a spoiled brat Roxie to a damaged farm hand chase. Roxie ventures on a journey throughout this book about This was just an awesome story about finding yourself.

Roxie ventures on a journey throughout this book about finding her true self and true friends and maybe even about LOVE!

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During the process of finding herself she finds out what Grandma Betty is hiding from her, and makes a life changing decision. I couldn't put this book down I laughed, cried and wanted to scream at Roxie. I was drawn in from the start of this story and Ruthie did an excellent job making it all feel so real, I could just picture the house the farm and every place she brought us to. The story flowed smoothly, conversations between the characters was realistic and laced with emotion. The secondary characters pulled a very important part in the story and were a huge part of Roxie finding herself.

I look forward to reading more from Ruthie in the future and I really recommend this book to everyone out there. What I took from this book was listen to your heart and run with it! Some things are more important than the materialistic aspects in life. Mar 25, Jennifer Davis rated it it was amazing. This was a wonderful book!! The entire time I was reading it, I kept thinking that this needs to be a movie! Knotted Roots not only gives you a budding romance story, but it explores the true meaning of home.

I was hoping for a good read, what I found was a story that touches on issues so many people are forced to face. Knotted Roots exceeded all my expectations and I am truly humbled to have read this debut novel. I expect great things from this author--I know this is only the beginning for her This was a wonderful book!!

I expect great things from this author--I know this is only the beginning for her!!!! It's what makes it so sweet when things finally fall into place. I had known Ruthi for months before she released Knotted Roots and I was very excited when I first heard about it! I also honestly had no idea that Ruthi was writing a book until one day when I noticed her author page so I was looking forward to seeing what she brought into the book world!

Knotted Roots was a fantastic book! It was pretty short and had short chapters whi "Love is all about the screw ups. It was pretty short and had short chapters which I didn't really like as when I was getting into a certain scene or chapter it would end and go onto a new scene or chapter! Maybe I was just reading it really fast though lol!

This is the only thing I didn't like about this book though! The rest of the book was perfect! The plot was amazing! Rich girl goes to small town and falls in love basically sums it up but Ruthi added her own struggles for the characters to face in this book to make it even more emotional and to make you want to keep reading! I found the plot amazing and I couldn't read it fast enough!

Roxie was the party girl turned farm girl! It was fun to see her change throughout the book and to see how stubborn she was at the start of this book until the end! She changed so much and her opinion of herself changed a lot as well! She went through a lot in this book emotionally and I felt so sorry for her! She made huge changes to near enough every aspect of her life and she grew up so much!

I definitely think that she made the right choice at the end! Chase was the love interest of Roxie and he was hot! He was so supportive of Roxie and he gave her a chance when she was acting like a spoiled rich girl which was so sweet! Most guys would have ignored her or not have admitted what they thought of her but I loved that Chase told Roxie when she was acting spoiled and he was one of the people that helped change Roxie into a better person and I really loved him for that!

I thought that there might have been a love triangle in this book but I was so happy when Ruthi didn't put one in as Roxie and Chase were perfect together! I cried like a baby at the ending! It was bittersweet and absolutely perfect! I would honestly love another book to this one or with other characters from this one but I can understand why the book is a standalone!

The cover of this book is stunning! It really suits the story! I am also really looking forward to more amazing books from Ruthi! Feb 24, Sara Bree High rated it it was amazing. Mar 22, Heather andrews rated it it was amazing. I'm telling you what this book is worse than a woman PMSing in this case it's a good thing. The book was such a damn rollercoaster, one minute everything is peachy keen and the next all hell break's loose. We all know Roxie has some issues, hell who doesn't but honestly I think her Granny went a little too far sometimes, "you're only here for three months Roxie.

It's not fair to him for you to breeze in, steal his heart, and then shred it into a thousand pieces. He's already been through enoug I'm telling you what this book is worse than a woman PMSing in this case it's a good thing. He's already been through enough hell for the last year, so please don't make it worse.

I'm telling you what. Now Chase, how to describe him, well I can't so we'll take a quote from the bookie, "he wore a pair of dark denim jeans that clung to his body, almost like a second skin. His plain white t-shirt was crisp and clean, free of smudges, as if it was fresh out of the package. I could tell, even from this vantage point, that he was stocky, but his body was all muscle. This story isn't about Chase this story is about Roxy, reconnecting, finding her roots, and rediscovering family, and discovering new friends.

It's a great coming of age novel, there were some steamy moments but it never went to far, Chase is the perfect gentleman. I think at some point the pressure got to Roxie or it could have been jealousy, "so that's how it is? You are quick to stick up for them, to protect them, but to hell with me? I'm your flesh and blood! Your one and only grandchild, but I guess that doesn't mean much when you have these two," I pointed my fingers between Chase and Brian.

Fine, I don't want any part of this. Betty can get a lil bit over protective of us sometimes. I refuse to 'make you a woman' out on the here on the beach. I won't be taking anything like that from ya until we're married. I can't wait for the second book in this series. Mar 29, Samantha rated it it was amazing. This is Ruthi Kight Debut novel and all i can say is Damn more please.

I'm sat here with a tear rolling down my cheek shaking my head thinking how the hell am i going to put into words how i feel about this book.?? Well i'm going to give it ago.. Well Written - Tick Great Story Plot-Tick Great Characters-Tick Plays with your Emotions-Tick Big fat Sigh at the end off Happiness-Tick This story totally surprised me when you start reading it you get the build up of the character Roxie and you think to yourself ok this is good then suddenly out of no where BAM you find yourself totally sucked in with the storyline not wanting to put it down till you have read the last page, and to me that is the making of a Awesome book,one that catches you totally unaware.

Roxie has alot of anger inside her and well she shows it to about everyone really and i can't blame her with some of the lies that have been told. But her brattyness did make me want to slap her afew times and tell her to grow up. But this is what the story is about growing up, changing and building on relationships and just letting people in. I don't think Roxie knew just how lonely she really was. So when she comes to live with her Grandma Betty she meets Chase and yes Chase is very swoon worthy they become friends but both know they want more.

Chase does have his own Demons and deals with alot of guilt but he is just so damn nice how he puts up with Roxie sometimes i do not know. And i found at times i just want to knock their heads together and say sort it out. I do have to say i admire a man who wont give up and sticks with you no matter what. When Betty reveals her secret to Roxie she does what she does best and runs and when Betty ends up in hospital this is where you see a change in Roxie she has to grow up and she finally sees all the mistakes she has made and comes up with a plan.

Now the last chapter and the Epilogue had me in tears even if i still wanted to slap Roxie up side the head again but she makes up for it. So yes Ruthi made me feel every emotion and thats what a Great Author should do so well done Ruthi you certainly have a new fan and can we have more Chase please. Apr 26, Ann-marie rated it it was amazing. She had everything she thought she ever needed in New York, parents who gave her whatever she wanted, friends she thought she would have forever, and the freedom to do as she pleased. No matter how much she begged and pleaded, they would not give into her tantrums.

So what if they were going through a divorce? A lot of children have to deal with that. Besides, she planned on being at the beach all summer with her best friend, Amber, anyways. Grandma Betty was eager to have her granddaughter come stay with her on her farm, regardless of how hesitant and unreasonable Roxie was acting upon arrival. Roxie could never imagine how many ways her life was going to change that summer. All the resent she had for her grandmother who she thought never cared since she never saw nor heard from her, would soon be forgotten once the truth and secrets were revealed. Can Roxie forgive her for the years that have passed, for the relationship they never had, and learn to love the woman that was loved by so many in town?

Do not be afraid to laugh, to cry, and to get upset, because this is one of the most amazing books I have ever read. Kudos to the author, she captured my attention from the beginning, and I was unable to put this book down once I started ready which was less than 24 hours ago. I am eagerly awaiting Book 2, and her Novella.

Apr 12, pinK rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance-contemporary. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to reach through the pages to smack people. This book contains a myriad of emotions and drama. There were so many times where I wanted to reach through the page and slap Roxie.

There were times where she was just so frustrating! After mor "I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, and this time it slammed down with such a vengeance that I couldn't imagine coming back from it. After more thought, I realized that the feeling I felt with Roxie was just about the exact same feeling I get when my neice of the same age does something stupid.

The author did such a fantastic job adhering to common actions for this age group. Many books feel like you're reading about mini-adults, but here you get a true taste of a sixteen year old girl. Not only does this book have seemingly flawless character development, but it has something that many romance novels have to fake-character GROWTH. I can't think of a single book that I've read in the past year or so that can even come close to character growth in this story.

There's so many mixed feelings about this book that I can't even begin to explain without giving something away. This is definitely a book that is worth reading. I can even see this as a fantastic gift for a young adult that's going through a hard transition in their life. What would I want next? Yes, I definitely want a sequel. I think that I would really enjoy reading more about Jenn and Brian. Jenn had a small role in this book, but I instantly thought there was a lot that needed to change in her life.

I think these characters would be great for a second book! So I given this book to give an honest review. Though I am sad to say I dropped my book in the mud by accident and I had to cry!! Now I need to get me a new copy. Not sure if it is perma free or not but check it out. Second I love the cover, high heels and hay bales it has to be good. So we are introduced to Roxie who is your normal teenager, though her world goes upside down when she has to live with her Grandma. Roxie came across as a very rude and spoiled character. I mean when a guy bares his heart to you and yet you still cry and yell and run away something is wrong with you.

I really did enjoy the whole story! I thought it was well written and the characters well developed. I really liked how this author did not over do the whole kissing scenes even though it would seem it could get a bit heavy it didn't. We see how Roxie gets to grow up and get a dose of how life is somewhere else she realizes the person she is, is not the person she wants to become so we get to see her grow later on. Chase oh poor Chase he has had it rough but yet Roxie's grandma has always been there for him.

Which makes Grandma so sweet and kind. Chase is a stubborn guy because he kept letting Roxie hurt him with words and running away, though yet kept coming back. Now Grandma I really like how she was hard working and so kind and giving. It broke my heart to see Roxie treat her mean though she never gave up on Roxie.

Knotted Roots (Knotted Roots, #1) by Ruthi Kight

I did want more back story on why Roxie's mom never had her mom really be in her life. I felt there was a story there that just sat under the surface that needed to be opened. Overall a really good book. Follow Knotted Roots on the Lake on. Interested in this vendor? Write a review. Quality of service: 5. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much. You ladies are the sweetest and I am so excited and honored to be a part of the happiest day of your lives : Can't wait! See more reviews. Awards 9. Yes What is the starting site fee for wedding receptions during peak season?

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