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  5. Things got pretty weird down there.

Friday night, one o'clock at night, three hours to Annie Os appearance. In a pompous fur coat with leopard pattern runs Annie O. Annie undresses at the cloakroom, where jackets, pants, tops and underwear are also worn. The tuition fees of 7, euros per year were taken over by her parents. For the open day, she had borrowed her mother's silver Audi, even though she already owned a car: "I would not have dared to go there with my red Golf 3," she says.

#fetishclub hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

Under her photo in the yearbook, Oelmann wrote a quote by literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki: "Money alone does not make you happy, but it's better to cry in a taxi than in the tram. At 21 she did an internship at investment bank Merrill Lynch in London. She worked at least twelve hours a day, left the house in the morning in front of her roommates, and came back after them, pressured to exceed all expectations.

Immediately after the internship, she got a permanent position at the bank, starting salary: , euros a year. She was the youngest in the team and the only woman under 15 men. Finally she had done it. Some people attend these clubs to act out being their own Nemesis.

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I met Mike, a town planner and his wife Marie, a teacher, both from Stoke-on-Trent. Both in their early thirties, describing themselves as a quiet, almost plaintive couple. So they shroud themselves in anonymity and go to clubs in other towns, in their White PVC Platform boots, won on eBay, and latex trousers delivered by online fetish stores. They have a wild night, flex the muscles of their sexual imagination and perform, for each other, in a playground of like minded non-judgemental people.

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Once they leave they are shy professionals again. I spoke to a cute Scottish girl, wearing only an Agent Provocateur quarter cup bra, suspender belt, heels, stockings, red nipple tassels and Merkin, about the Gym classes she runs for Age Concern. Such detail. Still, Zoe and I were curious. As soon as we stepped in I saw Marie the teacher with her legs wide open , her white boots in stirrups hanging from the ceiling, her lying on a bean bag beneath and Mike happily lapping her Lilly. She gave us a polite wave.

A Fetish Club VS. A BDSM Dungeon.

There was approximately fifty people in there, going at it like Billy O. When the volume of the music intermittently reduced, ecstatic moaning is all that could be heard.

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Zoe and I sat on a Chez Lounge and chatted. A few others did the same. Marie let out a Lupine Howl as she had a massive come.

Fetish Clubs: My Bizarre Night Inside The Sex Circus

I had to stop Zoe from applauding her. As you read this you may find this scenario bizarre, but at the time the shenanigans going on in there seemed no more inappropriate than the lusty consummation of creamy beverages and cookies that I see people indulging in, in the Primrose Hill Teashop from where I write this article. The strangest part of the evening was leaving. Riding in a taxi, seeing the herds of Disco Zombies in the Kebab shops, having probably schlepped along the same route as the previous weeks. In the same way, anyone who oversteps the mark or ignores requests to stop will quickly get a name for themselves.

No one touched us at all, no one drunkenly leered at us and we never once had to ask someone to please leave us alone. Though the erotic practices are often about female submission, Nimhneach really opened my eyes to the female empowerment that comes with BDSM. While we witnessed several admirably fierce dominant women, it was the submissive women I found most intriguing.

At Nimhneach, I witnessed men restraining women with ropes and flogging them mercilessly and the women were loving every minute of it. Fair play to them, I thought. They knew what they wanted and they were getting it.

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Once a safe word is uttered, that is where it ends. The women are in an incredibly safe space where they can explore and figure out what it really is that gets them going. Though we were all wearing outfits that would turn heads in any other place there were no bitchy up-and-down looks at one another. Source: Tumblr. There were women of all shapes and sizes, old and young and they all looked comfortable in themselves and at ease in their surroundings. As the night wore on, we moved upstairs where there was a four-sided contraption with people strapped onto all sides, men and women, all being flogged or whipped.

Berghain: Berlin Fetish Club Becomes High Culture

In another corner was a man lying on the ground with two women standing on him with their heels. One was standing on his face and he looked more relaxed than I think I have been in months. Behind them, a woman in her early twenties was being flogged by a man almost three times her age. When they were done, she turned to him with a massive smile on her face and thanked him.

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They hugged, wished each other a good night and went their separate ways. And again when it was over that was the end of our interaction and there was certainly no expectation that I was going home with him.

Things got pretty weird down there.

I wondered the same and remembered a woman from earlier in the night in the ladies toilets with brutal lashes on her rear end. She tried to explain the appeal to a baffled bathroom attendant. For her it was a freeing experience, a relief from tension — and without an orgasm. In fact everyone I saw participating in scenes throughout the night looked relaxed and comfortable.

While BDSM practices and sex go hand-in-hand for some people, and there were certainly some couples there who were going home afterwards to have at it, for others it does not have to involve sex. In the end for me it was essentially like most other Saturday nights out with a friend meeting new people, except with some rather more interesting things happening in the corners of the room than drunken saliva exchanges. You can obtain a copy of the Code, or contact the Council, at www. Please note that TheJournal. For more information on cookies please refer to our cookies policy.

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