Viaggi di Versi 115 (Italian Edition)

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Colours are luminous and refined; they are coordinated with each other as well as with the colours of the outdoor fabrics and materials. Giovanni Verga [ Then Etna all at once lit up with gold and ruby, and the paling coast broke here and there into gulfs and obscure promontories. Sicilian embroidery reveals the work of skilled hands and great attention to details; it is an activity, which requires precision and diligence.

The new Paola Lenti rugs originate from a personal and contemporary interpretation by Marella Ferrera of this ancient technique, which once was used to create the trousseaux of noble girls, the precious objects, intended to be handed down from one generation to the next. The result is a rug full of colour and decoration, complex, yet gracefully elegant. Truman Capote.

Il colore influenza il nostro umore e la nostra vita, nasce dai viaggi immaginari e fantastici della memoria attraverso il tempo. Colours influence our behavior and our lives; they germinate from imaginary and fantasy voyages of our minds throughout time itself. The study of colours is a strength that makes Paola Lenti projects unique. To the existing thousands of hues already in the collection, today we add Shades of White: greens, whites, pinks and light blues, which are luminous, almost imperceptible tones, and yet are vibrating with subtle, substantial differences.

Available for all outdoor textiles, the new pastel colours remind us the lightness of the air and the transparency of the morning light. Andrea Camilleri. This was real friendship, Sicilian friendship, the kind based on intuition, on what was left unsaid. With a true friend, one never needs to ask, because the other understands on his own and acts accordingly. The attention to new materials and the characteristics that make them different and unique has always played an important role in the research activities of the Company.

Lava is resistant, long-lasting and does not require particular care. With little squared tiles, which necessarily are never equal to one another, coloured chessboards are created, each time different, in a play of plenums and voids, as if they were cords and fabrics. Viviamo in una rete di arabeschi. Ennio Flaiano […] Countries much smaller and more important than ours have their own single version of the truth; but we have an infinite number.

We live in an arabesque network. Prendendo spunto dai colori della natura, Paola Lenti ottiene dal metallo effetti inediti che ne ammorbidiscono il ruolo strutturale e danno alle superfici un aspetto diverso. Inspired by the colours of nature, Paola Lenti has modified metals with new distinctive effects by smoothing their structural role and by giving the surfaces unprecedented new appearances. Once again, experimentation through colour has allowed Paola Lenti to integrate these particular finishings into the collections, and reinforces the Company focus in the enhancement of its personal and distinct style.

Pane cunzato gr. Pane cunzato 3,5 oz of sliced stale bread 1,7 oz of tomatoes Pachino Basil Oregano Olive oil Pepper and salt In a bowl, shred the bread and add the tomatoes cut in little pieces, oil, oregano, basil, pepper and salt. The art of ceramics is an antique process, which models and hardens clay, the first material used by mankind to produce objects that have since their origin combined functionality with decor.

The division and recomposition of these tops lead to surfaces, which are different each time and yet transform the traditional decorations in contemporary patterns. Il grande Sole non vede forse dal cielo tutte le cose di questo mondo? Eppure ha un occhio solo. Does great Sol not see all this from the sky? Air, Wind e Mat sono stati i primi tappeti per esterno ad apparire sul mercato: vere e proprie innovazioni tessili, hanno ridato valore al tappeto moderno. With 1 of 2 brass catchplates but further with only remnants of the fastenings.

Confessions of a libertine: an extremely rare Dutch erotic novel, with 4 engraved plates. De belydenis van een lichtmis. Bevattende een aantal voorvallen in de galante wereld zo in Nederland als elders; wonderlyke ontmoetingen met vrouwen van allerlei soort; veele potsen meest voorgevallen in de nacht, en achter de gordynen; zeldzaame karakters van beiderlei sexe, enz. Alles beschreeven ten vermaake van de kinderen dezer wereld door den belyder zelve. Contemporary red half roan, gold-tooled spine. Erpenius's excellent Arabic grammar. Rudimenta linguae Arabicae. Leiden, Boneventura and Abraham Elzevier, Small 8vo 15 x 9.

Paris, Giguet and Michaud, With an engraved frontispiece and an engraved plate showing the wreck of La Perouse. Contemporary richly gold-tooled red morocco, with the arms of Tsar Alexander I on the front and back boards, including his imperial monogram, gold-tooled spine, boards edges and turn-ins, gilt edges. Dutch translation of the most successful and influential geometry textbook ever written. De ses eerste boecken Euclidis. Amsterdam, Willem Jansz.

Blaeu, With numerous woodcut geometrical figures in the text. Rare collection of 17 popular farcical texts. With general title-page and 17 part-titles, some with woodcut ornaments or illustrations. Avec de nouvelles figures en taille-douce. Nouvelle edition. London, C.

Payne, H. Slater, S. Baker, F. Noble, W. Bathoe, J. Palairet, With richly designed, engraved frontispiece by Claude Du Bosc, and 99 of fine engraved illustrations to the fables on integral leaves plate size about 9. Early 19th-century half calf, for the Signet Library in Edinburgh, each board with the gold-tooled British Royal arms. Restored and with later 19th-century endpapers, but with the early 19th-century printed label with the shelf-mark transferred to the front paste-down. De magistratibus, sacerdotiisq[ue] Romanorum libellus, iam primum nitori restitutus.

Item Valerii Probi grammatici de literis antiquis opusculum. De Ro[manorum]. Basel, colophon: Valentino Curio, May With the general title in a woodcut border, Curio's large architectural woodcut device on the otherwise blank final page.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Colophon: Antwerp, Michael Hillen van Hoochstraten, Dialogi pueriles Christophori Hegendorphini. Dialogi pueriles Contemporary panel-stamped calf, each board with the same 3 panel stamps: 2 virtually identical panels with 6 animals in 2 grape vines the animals from head to foot in the left vine: a monkey, dog and wyvern; and in the right vine: a squirrel, hare and lion in a border of a diaper of quatrefoils in lozenges, the two separated by a small panel stamp sith a peacock, paste-downs made from a leaf from an Aristotle manuscript on vellum.

Only copy located of an Italian verse edition of the popular story of Floris and Blancheflour. Istoria di Florindo e Chiarastella. Naples, [ca. With a woodcut on the title-page 8. Set in two columns. Modern boards. Colophon: Paris, printed by Bachelier, []. Embarrassment of riches,with 25 engraved emblems by the Wierix brothers.

De rerum usu et abusu. Antwerp, Christoffel Plantin, With Latin motto in engraved border on title-page and 25 numbered engraved emblems by Wiericx, one signed I. W, after Gerard Groening. First editions of John Gay's fables, with 67 engraved illustrations. GAY, John. London, printed for J. Tonson and J. Watts, volume 1 ; printed for J. Knapton, and T. Cox, volume 2. Volume 1 with an engraved illustration on the title-page, and 51 further engraved illustrations. Volume 2 with an engraved frontispiece, showing Gay's memorial monument, a small engraved author's portrait on title-page, and 16 engraved plates.

Green morocco ca. Second edition of the first printed version of Cinderella,with 6 other stories, all with new and better woodcut illustrations. Das Irrigschafe[:] Das irrig Schafe Der helisch Lew Der Dreieckecht [running head: "Der dreieckecht Spiegel"] Der Klappermul Der Trostspeigel Strassburg, Johann Greiniger, Small folio With 8 large woodcut illustrations mostly ca. Further with more than woodcut decorated uncial initials 3 series including some repeats. With the main text in 2 columns set in a bastarda type and the title and headings in 2 larger rotunda types.

Recased in 17th-century? The paste-downs have been preserved but the free endleaves are new. Pioneering introduction to the Javanese language, printed in the Dutch East Indies. Eerste gronden der Javaansche taal, benevens Javaansch leer- en leesboek met eene woordenlijst ten gebruike bij hetzelve. Jakarta, Landsdrukkerij, With a general title-page and 3 part-titles. Set in roman and Javanese type with incidental italic and Arabic. Rebacked in later red cloth.

Golius's epoch-making Arabic dictionary. Lexicon Arabico-Latinum, contextum ex probatioribus orientis lexicographis. Accedit index Latinus copiosissimus, qui lexici Latino-Arabici vicem explere possit. Leiden, printed by Bonaventura and Abraham Elzevier, also sold by Johannes van Ravesteyn [and others], Amsterdam, Recased in 17th-century vellum, with 19th-century spine-label and modern endpapers. Libro di novelle, et di bel parlar gentile. Cento novelle Di nuovo ricorrette.

With the Giunta's woodcut device on the title-page and a different one on the last page and about woodcut decorated initials about 7 series including some repeats. With the main text set in roman type but the extensive preliminaries in italic. Libro de los inventores del arte de marear, y de muchos trabajos que se passan enlas galeras.

Tocanse enel muy excellentes antiguedades, y avisos muy notables para los que navegan en galeras. Antwerp, Martin Nutius, [ca. With Nutius's woodcut device on the title-page. Set in rotunda gothic type with a few words in a large roman. Blind-tooled brown goatskin s? Important work on navigation and an early mention of playing cards. Le troisieme livre des epistres illustres. With the titles of the first 3 books in woodcut architectural borders; 2 woodcut illustrations in the text and a number of large woodcut historiated initials. Le microcosme contenant divers tableaux de la vie humaine representez en figures avec une brieve exposition en vers francois.

Regia via crucis. Antwerp, Balthasar Moretus Officina Plantiniana , With engraved title-page showing Christ, Saint Teresa of Avila and 2 unidentified men and 38 full-page emblematic engravings. Richly gold-tooled calf ca. Het kasteel van Aigermont, en d'omleggende landtstreeken in de heerlykheit van Nederkan, nevens de stadt Maastricht; in heldendicht afgeschetst. With title-page in red and black with an engraved printer's device and 3 engraved folding illustration plates.

Modern half vellum. Lof-sanck van Jesus Christus den eenigen ende eeuwigen sone Godes: ende zyne andere Nederduytse poemata. Nieuwelijcks oversien, vermeerdert, ende verbetert. Met de uytlegginghen. With a woodcut interlaced decoration on the title-page, a small engraved nativity scene for the Lof-sanck , a full-page engraving of the memorial monument for Jacob van Heemskerk for the Neder-Duytsche poemata and 72 emblematic engravings 4. Including a long poem on the virtues of jenever.

Verzamelde dicht-werken. With 2 half-page engravings in the text. Contemporary half calf. Itinerarius Joannis de Hese presbyteri a Hierusalem describens dispotiones terra[rum] insular[um] montiu[m] et aquar[um]. Ac etiam queda[m] mirabilia et p[er]icula per diversas p[ar]tes mu[n]di continge[n]tia lucidissime enarrans.

Colophon: Deventer, Jacobus de Breda, Rubricated throughout with the blank spaces for initials left open. Including the last blank leaf. Modern calf in period style. Moral novel on the importance of treating one's slaves properly, written by a VOC official. Kraspoekol, of de droevige gevolgen van eene te verregaande strengheid, jegens de slaaven. Rotterdam, Reinier Arrenberg, Contemporary marbled wrappers.

Niels Klim's subterranean journey, one of the major utopian novels. Nicolai Klimii iter subterraneum novam telluris theoriam ac historiam quintae monarchiae adhuc nobis incognitae, exhibens e bibliotheca B. Copenhagen and Leipzig, Friedrich Christian Pelt, Superb Humanist "Sammelband". Venice, printed by Philippus Pincius for Benedictus Fontana, With large woodcut printer's device on last leaf, and numerous woodcut initials.

Venice, Giovanni Tacuino de Tridino, 4 November With woodcut printer's device on verso of penultimate leaf, and fine woodcut on title-page. Reggio Emilia, Francesco de Mazalibus, With fine woodcut at the head of text, and some woodcut initials. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum over wooden boards with 2 brass clasps. Famous poem with moral lessons for maidens, married women and widows. Pegasides pleyn. Ofte den lust-hof der maechden. Matching contemporary vellum. HUGO, Herman. Antwerp, Hendrick Aertssen, With letterpress title set in a emblematic woodcut, woodcut coat of arms of Pope Urban VIII, introductory woodcut emblem, 45 woodcut emblems by Christoph van Sichem the Younger after Boetius van Bolswert and 18 white on black oval ornamental woodcut tailpieces.

Only edition of a Dutch political emblem book on the campaign of Gustavus Adolphus.

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Den onderganck des Roomschen arents, door den Noordschen leeuw. Amsterdam, for Crispijn van de Passe the Younger, With engraved title-page, letterpress title-page with engraved device with coat of arms of Gustavus Adolphus, and 29 engraved plates in text ca. Ghent, J. Poelman, With lithographed portrait of Charles van Hulthem as frontispiece.

Contemporary half goatskin. Antipapal dialogues , with a lovely woodcut of Fortuna. Febris prima. Febris secunda. Trias Romana. With a lovely woodcut of the blindfolded Fortuna on title-page by Hans Weiditz? Printed in roman type. Harderwijk, Johannes Mooijen, With text in Arabic type and with Scheidius's manuscript signature at the back of the title-page. Modern bordeaux red cloth. Gheraert Leeu's first illustrated book: no copy in the Netherlands, in the tradition of Arabian Nights. Historia septem sapientiu[m] Rom[a]e. With 4 full-page woodcuts plus 14 repeats.

The first initial is supplied in manuscript, in a rich ornamental uncial style in red and blue with brown penwork. All other initials are supplied by hand in simple red uncials. The text is rubricated throughout. Most of the plates are lightly highlighted in yellow and red, by a contemporary hand. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment without a spine, so that the sewing is completely visible.

Kept in a modern brown half morocco clamshell box. First edition of an important German emblem book,in an attractive binding. Emblemata politica. In aula magna Curiae Noribergensis depicta quae sacra virtutum suggerunt monita prudenter administrandi fortiterque defendendi Rempublicam. Small 4to 19 x 14 cm. With an engraved title-page, engraved dedication with the Nuremberg coat of arms and the coat of arms of the eight Nuremberg Senators, and 32 engraved plates with emblems, with engraved captions above and four-line Latin verses below.

Concorso poeti e poesia "Viaggi Diversi"

Modern brown morocco with a large panel on both sides of green imitation reptile skin, encrusted with small gems in centre, chamois endleaves, with matching half morocco chemise and matching half morocco slipcase Perez-Noriega, Emblematic representation of Horace. Zinnebeelden, getrokken uit Horatius Flaccus, naer de geestrijke vinding van den geleerden Otto van Veen, op de zeden toegepast; en met bygedichten, op nieuws gerijmt.

Amsterdam, Justus Dankerts, With engraved portrait of Horace on title-page, and engraved emblems by A. Loeimans and A. Seil after Otto Vaenius. One of the earliest surviving examples of the Portuguese language and chancery hand. Rey de Po r tugal Coimbra, 3 April Document in Portuguese, written in brown ink on sheepskin parchment 23 x 44 cm in an upright gothic cursive, with 16 full lines of text plus one word on a 17th line and the signatures of the two judges. Description de la ville d'Amsterdam, en vers burlesques. Selon la visite de six jours d'une semaine.

Amsterdam, Jacques le Curieux, With engraved frontispiece, woodcut vignette on title. Very rare Swedish edition of French versions of German fables. Stockholm, Johan Imnelius, Contemporary gold-tooled red morocco, gilt edges. One of the best Dutch satirical poems of the 17th century. Hedens-daegse Venus en Minerva; of twist-gesprek tusschen die zelfde. Dordrecht, Hendrick van Esch, Modern boards, cloth spine. De imitatione Christi libri quatuor, de Latino in Arabicum versi a P.

With the title in Arabic and Latin in a frame built up from cast fleurons, woodcut Propaganda Fide device on the back of the title-page. With the main text set in Arabic type and the preliminaries also in roman and italic. Gold-tooled red morocco ? Historie van mevrouwe de hartoginne van Pompadour. Zaltbommel, Johannes Willem Kanneman, With engraved frontispiece and title-page printed in red and black.

Recased in 18th-century vellum, later endpapers, preserving the original publisher's printed wrappers. De vermakelyke avanturesse, of de dienstmaagd van fortuin. Vervattende hare zonderlinge levensgevallen, ontelbare wederwaardigheden en rampen; zeltzame ontmoetingen, en koddige vryagien; deszelfs driejarige dienst als lakye, gevangenneming op de Moorsche kusten, en hare slavernye in Asia by de Arabieren. Amsterdam, Steven van Esveldt, With engraved frontispiece. Contemporary mottled half calf, gold-tooled spine, later endpapers.

Laudatory poems on the paper cutting art of Joanna Koerten. Het stamboek op de papiere snykunst van mejuffrouw Joanna Koerten, huisvrouw van den heere Adriaan Blok. Bestaande in Latynsche en Nederduitsche gedichten der voornaamste dichters. With an engraved medallion portrait of Joanna Koerten surrounded by putti as frontispiece dated and an engraved illustration on title-page, each designed and engraved by Jan Punt.

Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine, later endpapers. Very rare enlarged Dutch edition of a beautifully illustrated fable book. Den schat der fabelen. Brussels, widow of G. Jacobs, With 3 different engraved frontispieces and engraved illustrations, all designed and engraved by the author. Contemporary polished calf, gold-tooled spines. Primer in a Bantu dialect for the Finnish Lutheran mission in Namibia. Ondonga kielen ABD.

Omukanda uatango koshindonga ua piangoa. With 2 title-pages, the first in Finnish and the second in Ndonga, a brief preface in both languages, but with the sample texts in Ndonga. Contemporary brown textured cloth. More than emblems explained. Wesel, Jacobus van Wesel, With engraved frontispiece and 48 engraved plates incl. Contes et nouvelles en vers. Avec un discours sur la fable. Paris, Gregoire Dupuis, With engraved allegorical frontispiece by N. Tardieu after Charles Coypel, engraved vignette on title-page by C.

Simeneau after N. Petersburg, Senat for N. Worobieuffl, Bound in a later green buckram, original orange painted wrappers preserved. Vaticinium Severi, et Leonis Imperatorum, in quo videtur finis Turcarum in praesenti eorum imperatore, una cum aliis nonnullis in hac re Vaticiniis Brescia, Pietro Maria Marchetti, With 16 numbered engraved emblematic illustrations.

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One of the best Robinson Crusoe imitations. The hermit: or, the unparallel'd sufferings and surprising adventures of Mr. Philip Quarll, an Englishman: who was lately discovered by Mr. Dorrington, a Bristol merchant, upon an uninhabited island in the South-Sea; where he has lived above fifty years, without any human assistance; still continues to reside, and will not come away. Wren, J.

Jefferies and J. Fuller, With engraved frontispiece and engraved map. Contemporary tanned sheepskin. One of the earliest books printed in the Middle East. Early spiritual emblem book with poems and engravings by Jan Luyken. Jezus en de ziel. Een geestelycke spiegel voor 't gemoed. Bestaande uyt veertig aangename en stichtelycke sinne-beelden. Amsterdam, Pieter Arentsz. With engraved frontispiece and 39 engraved emblems in text, all engraved by Jan Luyken.

Attractive set containing most of the emblematic works of Jan Luyken, with a total of engravings. Amsterdam, widow of P. Arentz, and Kornelis vander Sys, - 10 vols. Bohn, 1 vol. Contemporary uniform half calf, richly gold-tooled spines 10 vols. First edition of a popular spiritual emblem book. De onwaardige wereld, vertoond in vyftig zinnebeelden, met godlyke spreuken en stichtelyke verzen.

Amsterdam, widow of Pieter Arentz and Cornelis van der Sys, With an engraved frontispiece and 50 engraved emblems in text by Jan Luyken. Ottens reprint from the plates of the pirated edition of the most famous book by the Luykens. Afbeelding der menschelyke bezigheden, bestaande in hondert onderscheiden printverbeeldingen.

With richly engraved emblematic frontispiece, engraved publisher's device on title-page, and numbered engraved plates plate size ca. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum, gilt and gauffered edges. Zemire en Azor, zangspel. Met konstwerken en balletten. Gevolgd naar het Fransche. Amsterdam, Jan Helders, Abraham Mars, With an engraved title-page including a vignette by H.

Meyling, a letterpress title-page with an emblematic engraved vignette by Reinier Vinkeles. Extra added in this copy are an additional letterpress title-page, also dated "", but with a portrait of Pieter Pijpers engraved by Theodorus Koning dated , accompanied by the letterpress explanatory leaf with a poem "Op myne afbeelding door Theodorus Koning", dated , signed by Pijpers in brown ink.

Further with 3 extra added engraved plates, plus 1 repeated in an earlier state with no lettering, depicting scenes from the play by various Dutch artists A. Fokke, H. Myling, W. Immink, A. Hulk Jacobsz , 1 dated And finally with 6 engraved plates by various French artists, made for the original French edition. The engraved title is richly coloured and highlighted with gold incl. The six French plates are splendidly coloured and highlighted with gold and gum arabic by a contemporary hand. A popular collection of fictional lawsuits concerning love.

Arresta amorum. Rouen, Thomas Mallard, With title within an ornamental woodcut border. Emblesmes royales a Louis le Grand. Paris, Claude Barbin, With 60 numbered half-page engraved emblems and one unnumbered emblem on extra inserted leaf. Modern marbled boards. MELA, Pomponius. De situ orbis. Itinerarium provinciarum. De regionibus urbis Romae. De situ orbis Prisciano interprete Poema de orbis situ. With Aldus's woodcut device on the title-page repeated on the final, otherwise blank, leaf and numerous spaces with guide letters left for manuscript initials.

Set entirely in the famous Aldine italic. Later vellum made from a leaf of a 16th-century manuscript choir book. Rare school book in the Zulu language. Incwadi yesifundo. Port Natal, printed for the American Mission colophon: printed at Esidumbini mission station , [ca. Narrow 12mo 18 x With 11 woodcut illustrations on text. Contemporary dark brown cloth. Satire disguising the French elite as Arabs. Mahmoud le Gasnevide, histoire orientale. Fragment traduit de l'Arabe, avec des notes. Rotterdam, Jean Hofhoudt, Contemporary marbled calf, gold-tooled spine, boards, board edges and turn-ins, both boards with the gold-tooled coat of arms of Louis Marie Alexandre, Duc d'Aumont, gilt edges.

Amsterdam, S. Baalde; Utrecht, J. Near-contemporary tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spine. Zodiacus, sive, duodecim signorum coeli hortulus: libellis tribus concinnatus. Paris, Charlotte Guillard, Small 8vo 17 x 11 cm. With Guillard's woodcut armorial device and 4 woodcut decorated initials white letters outlines in black, on a delicate background of foliage. Late 19th-century marbled boards. Sedighe onderwijsen der creaturen.

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  7. In rhijm ghestelt. Antwerp, Jacob Mesens, Oblong 8vo Advice from an Ottoman divan poet to his son. Conseils de Nabi efendi a son fils Aboul Khair. Contemporary half morocco. Ancient text on antidotes to poisons. Gorraeo Parisiensi medico interprete. Paris, Michel de Vascosan, Clever poem against peace, noting Spain's Peruvian treasures. Rare first and only German edition, with 20 emblematic woodcuts. NOOT, Jan van der. Theatrum das ist, Schawplatz, darein die eitelheit der irrdischen unnd vergencklichen dingen und die ubertreffenlichste gottliche und himlische sach getzeigt und erkleret wird, With each page in an elaborate woodcut border, large woodcut coat of arms and portrait of the author, and 20 full-page emblematical woodcuts 9 x 7.

    Set in fraktur types with prelims in italic and Schwabacher, and incidental roman. With both coats of arms and the borders and decorative panel of the last sixteen pages partly coloured in yellow. Beautiful richly gold-tooled dark blue morocco ca. Cort begryp der XII. Antwerp, Gillis van den Rade, With 1 engraved plate portrait of the author , 17 full-page engravings ca.

    Coornhert after designs of the monogrammist CVSK and a full-page woodcut of an obelisk at the end, signed with the monogram "HE". Lofsang van Braband. Hymne de Braband. With 4 full-page woodcuts portrait of the author, allegorical illustration, arms of Brabant and the other 16 provinces, and an obelisk. Verscheyden poeticsche werken. Divers oeuvres poetiques. With full-page woodcut portrait of the author, and a full-page woodcut obelisk at the end. All 3 works with text in Dutch and French. Early 18th-century gold-tooled mottled calf.

    With: 2 Metamorphoseon libri XV. Tristium lib. De Ponto lib. Rare 16th-century German edition of the ancient Sanskrit Bidpai fables. With half-page woodcut illustration on title-page, further 1 full-page and smaller ca. Modern blind-tooled calf in 16th-century style. Les abus du mariage Misbruick des houwelycx Misbrauch des ehlichen Standes. Small oblong 4to 15 x 19 cm. With engraved frontispiece, an etched plate, and 25 engravings in text ca. The etching shows a cart drawn by two goats, a satyr as driver, and on the cart a joyful party of three women and two men. The snow sculptures of Antwerp.

    Berigt, van constig-gemaeckte sneeuwe beelden van half Januario tot het begin Februarii tot Antwerpen gezien. Antwerp, Joannes Petrus de Cort, With title-page in a geometric border built up from cast fleurons and each page in a thick-thin border built up from cast units. Important sources for the history of the Aztec Nahuatl language, printed in Mexico. Farol Indiano, y guia de curas de Indios. Summa de los cinco sacramentos que administran los ministros Evangelicos en esta America. Mexico City, Francisco de Rivera Calderon, Arte de el idioma mexicano.

    Dedicalo a la dicha Santissima Provincia. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment; 18th-century library or owner's name branded on top edge. Napoleon's imperial credentials. Paris, Delaunay, With 16 illustrations on 8 full-page engraved plates. Contemporary light brown mottled calf, richly gold-tooled spine. Tales of passed times by Mother Goose. With morals. Avec des Morales. The six[! Melvil, With an engraved frontispiece and 8 engraved plates after Hendrik Immink, one for each fairy tale.

    Rebacked in modern half brown morocco. First edition of a 17th-century best-seller: a popular Dutch emblem book. Bellerophon, of lust tot wysheyd.


    Begrijpende veel zeedighe, stichtelijcke en leerlijcke sinne-beelden met haere verklaringhen. Amsterdam, Dirck Pieterz. Pers , Small 4to 19 x With engraved emblem printed on title-page and 31 numbered engraved emblems in text, engraved by Joost de Bosscher. De scriptoribus Frisiae, decades XVI. Franeker, Jacobus Horreus, With engraved title-page 4to and partly folded and 16 engraved emblems within varying baroque frames, with manuscript text below.

    Contemporary sprinkled paper wrappers. The first illustrated Phaedrus fables published in The Netherlands. With engraved allegorical frontispiece by Christian Hagen, and finely engraved half-page illustrations in text. Early 19th-century? Poem on the properties of animals.

    De animalium proprietate, ex prima editione Arsenii et libro Oxoniensi restitutus a Joanne Cornelio de Pauw, cum ejusdem animadversionibus et versione Latina Gregorii Bersmanni. Accedunt et eodem libro Oxoniensi non pauca hactenus inedita.

    Appunti di Viaggio. In Sicilia | Travel Notes. Sicily by Paola Lenti - Issuu

    Utrecht, Willem Schouw colophon: printed by Pieter Muntendam , Modern gold-tooled brown half morrocco. De symbolis heroicis libri IX. Antwerp, Balthasar Moretus, With an integral engraved allegorical title-page by Cornelius I Galle after a drawing by Peter Paul Rubens, the Plantin-Moretus woodcut device facing the colophon, an engraved portrait and engraved coat of arms of the dedicatee, the future Cardinal Pier Luigi Carafa, 7 full-page engraved family trees, about engraved emblematic devices with mottos and a few other engraved and woodcut illustrations in the text.

    Contemporary Italian gold-tooled red goatskin morocco, gilt and gauffered edges. Rebacked with the original back strip laid down. First edition in Spanish of two comedies by Plautus. La comedia Including: La comedia Antwerp, Martin Nuyts Martinus Nutius , Small 12mo With 2 title-pages, each with Nuyts's woodcut device, and a different woodcut showing the same device and motto on the last printed page. Late 18th-century gold-tooled mottled sheepskin blue on beige.

    Very rare first editions of the neo-latin poetry and emblems of Cornelis Plemp,the friend of Vondel and Hooft. Amsterodamum monogrammon. Including: Quisquiliae seu elegiarum liber unus. Emblemata quinquaginta. Amsterdam, Joannes Walschart, With woodcut coat of arms on title-page, woodcut on individual title-pages and 51 woodcut emblems with a diameter of ca 73 mm.

    Musius, sive rhythmi cum poematiis. With woodcut device on title-page and a woodcut illustration in text same in ad 1. Early Flemish panel-stamped binding signed by Anthoine de Gavere. Epistolarum libri X. Panegyricus Traiano principi dictus. Julii Obsequentis Prodigiorum liber. Basel, colophon: Andream Cratandrum, March With publisher's woodcut Fortuna device on verso of the last leaf and fine decorated woodcut initials.

    Contemporary blind-panel-stamped calf over wooden boards, with 4 different blind-stamped rectangular panels 2 on each board , each with 6 or 8 birds and animals in floral decoration, surrounded by text, 1 panel signed by Anthoine de Gavere, gilt and gauffered edges. Pliny's Natural history, annotated by the Italian scholar Hermolaus Barberus. Opus divinum, cui titulus historiae naturalis, multoqua[m] antehac unqua[m] prodiit in luce[m] castigatius, una cu[m] annotationibus Hermanolai Barbari Paris, Jean Petit colophon: Nicolaus Sauetier , With title-page to the main work bound second printed in red and black and title-page to the index bound first , each in a four-piece woodcut border.

    Contemporary or near contemporary calf, with the boards richly blind-tooled in a panel design; rebacked with part of the original backstrip laid down. Plutarch's famous schoolbook in four languages.

    I software autore per la didattica

    Frankfurt, Erasmus Kempffer, Set in 2 columns. Contemporary green vellum. Very rare edition of an emblem book on vanities and vices. Het masker vande wereldt afgetrokken. Antwerp, widow and heirs of Jan Cnobbaerts, []. With engraved title-page by Antony van der Does and 13 engraved emblems and 8 engravings in text by Frederic Bouttats.

    Extremely rare novel on the fictitious pirate captain William Gordon. Lotgevallen van den kaper kapitein William Gordon. Naar het Hoogduitsch. Amsterdam, Johan Christoffel van Kesteren, With engraved frontispiece and engraved title-page. Modern calf. First edition of an emblem book on the theme of the heart.

    PONA, Francesco. Cardiomorphoseos sive ex corde desumpta emblemata sacra. Verona, superiorum permissu, With engraved allegorical title-page signed ''G. Each is printed from an oval plate One of the first small-format editions of a classic textbook on rhetoric, with a message for today. With a title-page containing only the author's name, but with the title in the heading to liber I, and Giunti's woodcut device on the verso of the otherwise blank final leaf. Set entirely in an Aldine-style italic with upright capitals.

    Vellum ca. Important first Aldine edition of the Roman world's greatest work on rhetoric. With Aldus's famous woodcut anchor device on the title-page, repeated on the back of the last text page. Gold-tooled red morocco ca. Index capitum totius operis.

    Conversio dictionum Graecarum, quas ipse author in latinum non transtulit. Narrow 4to in 8s 21 x 13 cm. With Aldus's anchor and dolphin publisher's device on the first and last pages. Set entirely in a single size of Aldine italic, with some headings, running heads, etc. Hamburg, for Barent Adriaensz. Berentsma, Historie van den oorsprongh, geslacht, geboorte, opvoedinge, en leere des grooten valschen propheets Mahomets.

    1. Dont Know Jack Issue 1.
    2. The Odor of Sanctity.
    3. The Key Peninsula (Images of America)!
    4. Amsterdam, Broer Jansz. With engraved frontispiece and 9 engraved illustrations in the text. Prophetien, of voorseggingen der beyde Keyseren Severi en Leonis, die beyde in Orienten geregeert hebben. With 15 numbered engraved illustrations. Alcorani textus universus ex correctioribus Arabum exemplaribus summa fide, Eadem fide, Padova, Typographia Seminaria, Folio Blind-tooled vellum ca.

      With an engraved frontispiece by A. De nocte et nocturnis officiis, tam sacris, quam prophanis, lucubrationes historico-philologico-juridicae; Arnstadt, Caspar Freyschmid, Hortorum libri IV. With an engraved frontispiece; the engraved arms of Louis XIV on the title-page; 2 engraved armorial headpieces; 5 further engraved headpieces with pictorial scenes; 3 large engraved tailpieces with baroque decoration; 7 engraved decorated initials. Early 18th-century gold-tooled tan calf. Dutch poems on Biblical narratives. Bybelsche keurstoffen. Rotterdam, Philippus Losel, With an engraved title-page and an engraved vignette on the title-page, both by Frans van Bleyswyck.

      Contemporary gold-tooled red morocco, richly gold-tooled spine with short-title, sides with gold-tooled fillets and an ornament in the centre, gold-tooled board edges, gilt edges. The history of Hawaii: only edition in Hawaiian and French. REMY, Jules translator.

      Ka Mooolelo Hawaii[. Moolelo Hawaii[. Paris, A. With original Hawaiian text on the left and the French translation on the right page. Modern brown half morocco, with the original printed wrappers bound in. Illustrated German Reynard the Fox in richly blind-tooled binding dated Small 4to 20 x 16 cm. With letterpress title-page printed in red and black in an illustrated woodcut border partly coloured by an early hand , 53 small woodcut costume-figures and 44 large woodcut illustrations in text.

      Including the first edition of the life of Reynard's son Reynardine.