What Would Jesus Do Today

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  1. What Would Jesus Do?
  2. What Would Jesus Do?
  3. What would Jesus do about transgender? | Christian News on Christian Today
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And yes I recognize that life isn't always that simple and that there are those who feel as though they were born in the 'wrong body' and that there are a tiny percentage of people who are intersex and who need help because of that — but what we are talking about here is the ideology that says we can pick and choose and change our gender. Gender is not a societal construct but a God-given fundamental of humanity.

Jesus, as the one through whom all things were made, is not going to go along with the idea that humanity can now re-make itself, without the plans and designs that God gave. What was wrong with the Church of England 'guidance' was not so much what it said, but what it didn't say. The Catholic Church on the other hand has, as is often the case on social issues, been much more robust.

Several years ago Pope Benedict made it very clear how important the issues at stake were — he rightly saw the current fad as a real threat to the future of humanity. No, what applies now is this: it was not God who created them male and female — hitherto society did this, now we decide for ourselves. Man and woman as created realities, as the nature of the human being, no longer exist. Jesus would be especially hard on those who bring harm to children.

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He warned that the lowest place in hell was reserved for them. That's why child sexual abuse within the church is such a hellish abomination.


What Would Jesus Do?

Its also why the Christian Church must stand up against the current fanatical ideology of the trans theorists who deny that biology and gender are connected and who think that we can just tell little children that they can choose their own gender. Many people have pointed out already including those who have been involved in this field for many years that what is now happening is in danger of becoming state sponsored child abuse.

I have so many examples of the harm that this is now doing to so many. Jesus would speak the truth. In love.

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Real love. Sacrificial love. He wouldn't just go along with the culture so that people wouldn't think he was nasty. He wouldn't be concerned about preserving his 'position' in society. He wouldn't be afraid of speaking the truth just because people would accuse him of evil. But neither would he speak with bitterness, frustration and fear.

What Would Jesus Do?

Having entrusted himself wholly to his heavenly Father, he would get on with proclaiming his word and seeking and saving those who are lost. I don't think he would issue minority reports, panic or despair. I don't think he would begin political campaigns. But neither do I think he would compromise at all on the truth of his word.

What would Jesus do about transgender? | Christian News on Christian Today

Heaven and earth would pass away before that happens! He would continue his prophetic, priestly and kingly role.

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And we must do the same. We announce the word like prophets to our culture — whether they like it or not. We intercede with fervent prayers for the confused, hurt and broken people in our society, recognising that we are they. And we proclaim the kingship of Christ above all that the political leaders and opinion formers of our culture tell us is now the absolute truth. It is his will that will be done, not theirs. They are on the wrong side of His-Story. We work on — against the odds — but with the joy and peace that comes from knowing that in the end the Judge of all the earth will do right and that the creation will be renewed, not destroyed.

Follow him on Twitter TheWeeFlea. Home Comment It's that moment you always know will arrive. Reuters The first thing is that we need to understand where the question is coming from.

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So lets return to the question, 'What would Jesus do about transgender? Pixabay 2. We are all equally made in the image of God. He further encouraged women in his congregation to become involved in politics to help in the fight for equal rights for women, including in the workplace. He remained unbothered when the book went on to be one of the top 50 or so bestselling books of all time without him earning much of anything from it; he was mostly just happy the message was being spread, and that maybe more people would spend some time contemplating Jesus because of it.

His message was popularized a little further a few years after the publication of his book in when the editor of the The Topeka Daily Capital offered him full creative control over the paper for one week. Sheldon accepted the offer and endeavoured to run the paper as Jesus would.

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And to ensure everyone felt valued, he listed every person who worked for the paper including the janitor as an editor. A veritable Mr. Rogers was also an ordained minister. So how did this get us to the s and beyond W. She decided to use it in her job as a youth leader at a church in Holland, Michigan where she encouraged her students to keep it in mind as they went about their daily lives.

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I figured a bracelet was perfect: They could wear it all the time and it was even kind of cool. When the company making them, Lesco, saw how popular they were, they quickly began churning out and selling millions of their own. Other companies, seeing that Lesco were raking it in, followed suit. Before long, W. Much like Sheldon, she was initially happy that her little abbreviation, and the message with it, was spreading like wildfire. The people selling the product with W.

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Mike Yaconelli, the founder of Youth Specialties makers of various ministry materials , stated of Tinklenberg and her W. AMazing about the preacher that invented the phrase. His stances on human and animal right were truly ahead of their time. Showing that these ideals have always been at least possible, if not popular. Too bad that today many of his co-religionists would probably treat him as much as a nutcase as his contemporaries probably did.

I would like to get in touch with trademark holder Jamie Tinklenberg if possible.