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Boomers place health insurance as an important decision factor, while younger groups view salary and pursuing a passion as being key elements to a successful career. Finally, generational groups have varying perspectives on how long they would be willing to stay in any one role. Given the above differences, employers will have to think clearly about how to attract and retain talent across a wide scope of generations.

Further, employers will have to learn what motivates each group, as well as what makes them each feel the most comfortable in the workplace. Get your mind blown on a daily basis:.

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After all, if creatives always did things the same way as everyone else, how could they ever produce anything original and truly unique? The end result, thankfully for us, is a wealth of original art that has served to inspire generation upon generation. We highly recommend the interactive version which allows you to highlight segments of the chart to see more specific details on the routines of each creative person.

Ludwig van Beethoven The famous German composer and pianist was a coffee addict, and would count exactly 60 beans for each cup of joe he consumed. Franz Kafka The novelist would have strong bouts of insomnia and often hallucinated. In his defense, with this type of routine, he was able to write 85 novels in 20 years.

Auden The English-American poet took Benzedrine — an amphetamine — every morning for 20 years as a systematic part of his routine and creative process. He balanced its use with the barbiturate Seconal, for when he wanted to sleep.

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His breakfast would include coffee and two raw eggs, and after working for a few hours in the morning, he would take an ice bath on the roof. In the afternoon, he would try to fit in a quick visit with his barber, a date with his mistress, and also some strenuous exercise. In the evening, he would write some more, and then play cards and go out with friends.

Rightfully or wrongfully deserved, the reputation of creative geniuses for doing things differently is something that will likely continue to live on — and the rest of the world will likely pass judgement so long as they continue to receive the fruits of their labors. Here are 11 common phrases that managers should avoid saying to their teams, and what they should replace them with to get a better result.

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Not only are you accountable for the success of your division or organization, but your team is also constantly reliant on you for feedback, coaching, and guiding personal development. To further complicate matters, we all have bad management habits that have compounded over time, and they can be difficult to shed.

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More importantly, it breaks down the negative implications of each instance, while also providing suggestions on how we can evolve our managerial skills to ensure that we are approaching each situation far more proactively. Instead of forming bonds with brands, Gen Xers pragmatically seek out content that offers them great customer service and good deals. They are the most likely to make online purchases with loyalty or rewards programs.

They respond better than other groups to emails from brands. Surprisingly, Gen Xers are the heaviest users of social media.

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Born between and , currently between 55 and 75 years old. Boomers are often most active online in the morning. Even though this generation is not as plugged in to online content as younger demographics, they still engage a lot with the content they enjoy — blogs and infographics, for example. They are increasingly tech-savvy, with smartphone and social media usage still far behind other demographics but steadily rising.

Boomers are less likely to follow and engage with brands on social media, but they do use social media to research products they are considering. They like a mix of promotions and information from brands.

How Different Generations Approach Work

Like Gen Xers, they overwhelmingly prefer to shop in stores. Pay attention to both peak activity times and to the way your target generation prefers to relate to brands — as a trusted relationship, for example, or as a trendy lifestyle spotlight, or as a conduit for bargains. We did everything the same way we always do and then it was over.

Also Sean talks about having a nice time at Arcade Club! So, editing down bits of the hour show for an audio-only show proved to be a total nightmare, so instead we thought we'd just have a wee chat about the live show and discuss our favourite bits and that. Also some chat about what the piss is going on with Monster Hunter, and the results of the Butcher competition, aaand questions. ALSO we announce a fun possibly horrific thing we're doing in just over a month!

Generations midnight release! — The Sims Forums

We'll announce it properly on the tweets and that soon, but have a listen if you want the fuckin scoop eh. Here is an episode of the Midnight Resistance podcast show!

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Andi's on it! There's a bit at the start you should probably listen to! And these games!

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This episode has been recorded in topsy-turvy world, where the questions come before the What Have We Been Playing bit, for reasons that we explain on the show. Also Joe Skrebels is on it! Since the last episode was cut short, here is an episode entirely dedicated to answering listener questions!

Which is doubly fantastic because it takes me half the time to write this blurb. Does it bother you that we forcibly entertain you for more than two hours per fortnight or one hour per week if correctly rationed?