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With thousands of people voting, that's quite the squeaker. Also noteworthy: Hobbes pulled an upset over Hello Kitty so much for thinking of Japan during this difficult time.

Marches Madness: Walk Like An Egyptian

Full results available at the link above. Now it's time to move forward, upward and onward!

The giant, gentle fluff of the Maine Coon has won many a heart, but Keyboard Cat has come to define the very essence of YouTube and viral video garnering some 13 million views. One is sentiment, the other Web 2. If there were an upset to be had here, the money's on Keyboard Cat. So what's it going to be?

Future Marches In Lyric Video -- Hillsong UNITED

Maine Coon 6 vs. The Middle East, for instance, is aflame with challenges to long-standing American interests — and leadership.

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Start with Egypt. The democratic transition is stalled, military tribunals abound, protesters are harassed, detained or killed, the media are being muzzled, the Muslim Brotherhood is poised for electoral victory, and Cairo is re-opening diplomatic ties with Tehran after plus years.

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In Libya, while no one will miss Khadafy, the uprising has created hundreds of militias, some bent on revenge. Questions persist about Islamist influence. The chances of their falling into the wrong hands are pretty darn good. Plus, nary a thing has been done about the brutal crackdown by Syrian security services on regime opponents after months of protests — with, perhaps, the exception of some feckless economic sanctions and lots of finger-wagging.

Madness marches on

New talk of negotiations with the opposition is plainly just an effort to buy time while the regime works to snuff out the fires of revolt. Only a small military advisory group will remain behind at the US embassy. Speaking of Iran, has there been any real progress on putting the wrap on its nuclear weapons program? That means they run wildly to form ridiculous shapes—like the Snapchat logo during the Rose Bowl—to ridiculous scripts.

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County Courthouse during jury selection for the O. Simpson murder trial.

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The band has adjusted and become less caustic in recent years. While I was at Stanford, one nominee drank a Bloody Mary made out of his own blood. One nominee had a friend waterboard him in public—he was running on a human rights ticket.