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  1. Numéros en texte intégral
  2. Geographies and Regulation of the Sex Industry
  3. Memory - Poem by Frank Meintjies
  4. (Sub)Urban Sexscapes by Paul J. Maginn (ebook)

Furthermore, the district was identified by French authorities as a source of violence. On April 16, , women were expelled from Bousbir with most of them returned to their regions of origin. Bousbir ceased to be a red-light district. The district was not destroyed, but was used to provide homes for Moroccan auxiliary forces Mokhazni , including those soldiers returning from the French colonial war in Indochina Some of them and their descendants still live in Bousbir.

A school and a police station have been built, and a new gateway has been opened on the north side of the district.

The architecture of the district has changed little, except for additional floors added to some buildings, and decay due to the passage of time and lack of maintenance. The lurid past of Bousbir has been slowly and gradually eradicated. A new memory is being built, which, though unfounded, seems more appropriate. He added, rather proudly, that Bousbir was the oldest part of Casablanca.

The colonial script and theater that had long defined Bousbir are in the process of being rewritten and rebuilt. Historical memory aside, Bousbir is on the verge of being recognized for its local architectural heritage. The reason why Bousbir has not benefited from the same privileged treatment, despite its similar design, may be because rehabilitation runs the risk of exposing its sexual history. To conclude, in exposing the sexual history of Bousbir this chapter may in fact provoke anxieties amongst some people who do not wish to know about this real or imagined past.

This invariably raises potential ethical questions for which there are no easy answers. Anonymizing the place could help protect its inhabitants, but how could we understand anything about Bousbir without knowing it is located in Casablanca? Geographic and historic context is vital in order to understand the socio-spatial and relational dynamics of place. Finally, who is to decide what the inhabitants of Bousbir should or should not know about the place where they live?

The aporia is of course that there is no way to ask them if they do want to know this history without revealing it. Agamben, G.

Numéros en texte intégral

Ashworth, G. White, P.

Becker, H. Bernard L. Brennan, D. Bosc, J. Buck-Morss, S. Canet, N. Casablanca et sa region , Casablanca: Editions Maroc-Presse. Cohen, J. Corbin, A. Cromwell, J. De Becker, J. De Leeuw, H. Foucault, M. Gordon ed. New York: Vintage Books. Leach ed. New York: Routledge. Grancher, M. Gregory, D. Gregory et al. Hardy, M. Heap, C. Chicago: Univ. Howell, Ph. Hubbard, P. Kelly, P. Kerrou, M. Landau, E. Lauro, A. Levine, Ph. Long, A. Mac Orlan, P. McClusky, T. Maghraoui D. Rieker and K. Ali eds. Manderson, L. Martis, J.

Kempadoo ed. Mathieu, J.

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La prostitution dans le Maroc colonial. Meffre, G. Pheterson, G. Roumy, C. Roux, S. Saint-Aignan and Laurent, J. Seigle, C. Taraud, C. Said, E. Staszak, J. Weitzer, R. Louis Bernard, who was then director of administrative services of Tunis city, had been commissioned to visit Algiers and Casablanca in order to study the possibility of building a red-light district in Tunis. His unpublished report provides valuable information on Boubsir. I particularly thank Gislhaine Meffre for introducing me to Casablanca and sharing her great knowledge of the work of her grandfather, Edmond Brion, the architect of Bousbir.

I am in debt to the inhabitants of Bousbir and El Mers who warmly welcomed me to their communities and kindly entertained my questions. I am in debt to the editors of this book and to Daniel Hoffman for their critical readings of an early version of this chapter. It seems to have been at its lowest in the mids, because of the economic crisis Bernard A few written testimonies mention ambiguously male or transvestite dancers in Bousbir, who may have been sex workers. But there appear to have been were very few, if any.

In the s, there were almost none. This idea was consistent with the colonial prejudice toward indigenous women, by which they were all seen as potential prostitutes. On the other hand, it is true that the matrices of race, class and gender domination made Moroccan women easy preys for colonial men. Related Papers. Maginn, and C. Steinmetz, , Abingdon: Routledge. By Chen Misgav.

Geographies and Regulation of the Sex Industry

Sex and the virtual suburbs: the pornosphere and community standards. Table of contents Introduction 1. Sex Shops in England's Cities: From the backstreets to the high streets. Amber Martin 4. Conflict and Coexistence? Housing Sex within the City: The placement of sex services beyond respectable domesticity? Sex and the Virtual Suburbs: The pornosphere and community standards.

Doan Brents Cooper Conclusions Review quote This book is an impressive collection of studies of the geographical and regulatory dimensions of commercial sex. The breadth of the book is reflected in both the various kinds of sexual commerce examined and in its coverage of different nations. The tension between mainstreaming the sex industry and resistance to its growth, is a theme highlighted in several chapters and the book should be of interest to policy makers as well as scholars.

Highly recommended. Readers can dip in and out or read as a whole. Either way Sub Urban Sexscapes successfully highlights the importance of spatiality in commercialising sex. It is a must read for anyone interested in issues of sex, sexuality and space. Robyn Longhurst, University of Waikato, New Zealand This book is a valuable resource that prompts rethinking sex, work, sexuality, policies, bodies, place and space. Original and empirically rich, the collection advances theorising of commercial sex, adult entertainment, and subcultural sexual practices.

Authors draw on contemporary themes and debates in geography, sociology, policy studies, planning, media studies, feminist and queer theories in order to engage with sub urban landscapes of sex work.


Memory - Poem by Frank Meintjies

Crucially, at the heart of the book is the critique of heteronormativity and an exposure of the regulation of bodies and places. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of agency and processes of regulation by which im moral geographies are constituted. Lynda Johnston, Professor in Geography, University of Waikato One of the most interesting developments in the recent study of sexuality has been an increasing focus on its spatial dimensions.

Suburban Sexscapes ranges across the spaces and places of commercial sex, in private, public and virtual worlds and in mainstream and alternative spheres. This is a fascinating, thorough and comprehensive collection which will inspire and stimulate the future study of sexscapes. This collection is a very vigourous contribution to the field with chapters presenting both theoretical and empirically original work. About Paul J. Maginn Paul J. In addition to his research on the sex industry, Paul is conducting research on strategic planning and planning reform in Australia.

Her research on contentious land-uses in the urban environment, particularly the adult entertainment and commercial sex industries in Sydney, focuses on planning and regulation around these land uses, progressive and best models 'in practice' from a global perspective, and the significant contribution commercial sex brings to the night time economy. Hagedorn Afterword Jocelyne Guilbault. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. A Composer's Guide to Game Music.

(Sub)Urban Sexscapes by Paul J. Maginn (ebook)

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