Sea Cows at Play: Cartoons of Udder Nonsense

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Udder Art Prints

Overview This cartoon book is pure fun on one side, but on the corresponding side to each cartoon is a serious message from God's Word. Many cartoons will leave you laughing hilariously but others will have a profound message of truth in them. This book is more than just a cartoon book in that is uses humor to present the Word of God. The end result is that "Sea Cows at Play" marries the ridiculous to the sublime in a creative way.

The Dairy Industry’s “Udder Truth” is Utter Nonsense

It shows that God is indeed serious and that He means what He says, but He is not a "stuffed shirt. Obey His Word, but don't take yourself so seriously. After all, this life isn't about you or me anyway, but it is about Him. Suited for age adult. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. In this volume of short and long tales the Pacific Desperado offers the curious reader In this volume of short and long tales the Pacific Desperado offers the curious reader a selection of unexpected takes on life here in the Golden State: An artificial intelligence experiment goes awry in an out-of-the-way coffeehouse.

A romance survives View Product. Telepathic tree creatures on the planet Oomb have welcomed Ludi and Pedro Perez with open Telepathic tree creatures on the planet Oomb have welcomed Ludi and Pedro Perez with open branches, to build a new life for themselves light years away from Earth. Likewise, Olive has that tough Brooklyn accent she sported in her earliest appearance rather than the high pitched tones of Mae Questel.

Sea Cows at Play: Cartoons of Udder Nonsense

The fairly recent Wii video game, Epic Mickey , has brought this nearly forgotten black-and-white Mickey Mouse classic back into prominence, as it should be, since The Mad Doctor is one of the best installments in the original Mickey Mouse short film series. Late one dark and stormy night, Pluto is kidnapped by a hooded figure. Mickey tracks the fiend back to his castle lair, but once inside, finds himself besieged by skeletons. Meanwhile, the Mad Doctor prepares to perform some unnecessary surgery on poor Pluto.

All Movie, Cartoon, and Disney Medleys Full | Scratchpad III Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

While many of the later black-and-white and especially the color films were content to have Mickey put on musical performances or unceremoniously pass the baton on to Donald or Goofy while he drifts off and does nothing, this short sees Mickey closer to being the action-adventurer he was in the newspaper comics, trying to rescue his beloved dog from the crypts of an ancient castle, avoiding monsters all the while. Sadly, it loses some points for recycling animation from the aforementioned The Skeleton Dance and, perhaps most obviously, from an impressive moving background sequence showcased in the Silly Symphony Egyptian Melodies.

The use of the skeletons in this short is great, though, as they hide in pillars, grandfather clocks, beneath staircases and pretty much everywhere, harassing Mickey at every turn. A man is driven to insanity by the milky white eye of the old man he cares for. But after dispatching the old timer, he is haunted by the beating of an unseen heart beneath the floorboards.

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The art design is fantastic, as the environments and atmosphere become ever more unsettling and abnormal as the narrative progresses and the madman grows more unhinged. The house he lives in comes to life and takes on Dali or Escher-like shapes, defying logic and reality. The narration by James Mason grows from soothing to erratic and it sincerely horrifies the audience. Porky and his five siblings have arrived at the rickety estate of their recently deceased uncle Solomon for the reading of his will. Kindly, Lawyer Goodwill relates to them that, should anything happen to them, he would inherit all their newly acquired property.

Of course, Lawyer Goodwill has a bottle of Jekyll-Hyde Juice and, after a quick transformation, proceeds to hunt the pigs down one by one. But savior may come from an unlikely source…. The Case of the Stuttering Pig , though, actually pulls off a rather freaky tone amidst its nonstop gags, thanks mostly to the big empty house and the gruesome appearance of Lawyer Goodwill voiced by Billy Bletcher, better known as Pete from the classic Mickey Mouse shorts. Sometimes it can suck being a public domain cartoon. Bad VHS picture quality.

The two curious dogs, on the run from a dog catcher, wind up in the abandoned home of the magician Sham-Fu. Exploring the bizarre home full of disappearing doors and living magic tricks, one pup contends with the effects of a magic wand while another has to put up with an obnoxious rabbit. I had this short on a tape with a dozen other public domain cartoons and I recall it giving me the absolute creeps when I was little.

It had to do with the reality of the house changing, I think; doors vanishing, wall tiles turning into drawers and other weird phenomena like that. Again, in any other cartoon such antics would be mundane, but as a kid, it put me on edge. And it even ends with that obnoxious proto-Bugs getting socked in the face. Thank you. Not likely, considering all three were from different studios, but man, if it were true, that would have to be the most messed up tape of cartoons ever.

Still, his one attempt, Who Killed Who? He chases a hooded fiend around the sprawling and seemingly haunted mansion, overcoming all manner of insane pratfalls along the way.

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Like all Tex Avery cartoons, those one blows by at a mile a minute, with basically one gag after another in rapid-fire succession. You can sit down and watch the thing three or four times in a row and laugh at every viewing. Tex Avery cartoons are just that good.

Who Killed Who? The opening, with the driving rain, screaming woman and overthetop evil laughter as the camera pans through the cobwebbed mansion is great to listen to and sets up the gag pictured above , while the organ music is downright creepy, being more than just a score but sound effects to accentuate certain gags. Also, Who Killed Who? Though not my favorite classic Mickey Mouse short that honor goes to the aforementioned The Mad Doctor , my favorite of the original Ub Iwerks-animated shorts is, naturally, The Haunted House.

Unfortunately for the corporate mascot, the house is populated by a cruel, hooded figure and his army of skeletons. The Cobweb Hotel is open for business and very quickly flies begin checking in… but not checking out. A newlywed fly couple soon arrive on the scene and do their best to avoid getting eaten while rescuing the rest of the menu.

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  • The premise is rather grim and disturbing in its seemingly harmless cartoony sort of way, though some rather freaky imagery slips through, particularly during the opening song by the spider as he shows off all the flies caught in death traps. However, the aforementioned strengths allow it to stand out above the more typical cartoons of its breed.

    This is the third Ub Iwerks cartoon to make my list; the guy sure loved his dead and spooky things. Down in the pits of Hell, Satan is having a regular ole jamboree!

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    • But when he starts feeding his demonic servants to Cerberus for fun, one of his underlings decides to make a break for it. In the end, somebody gets a spanking. Man, what a statement Walt Disney must have been making back in the 20s to produce three pretty much Satanic and occult cartoons in one year for mass public consumption. And they were all a hit, too! So we get far more imaginative fare than bugs dancing on flower petals or birds fluttering around cherry trees: we get dragon-cows that milk fire and fanged serpents that swallow bats, sprout wings and fly away.

      So in that regard, I actually find it to be more creative than The Skeleton Dance in terms of visuals.