Serving in Excellence: A Guide for Serving in the Body of Christ

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It allows the gospel to do the promoting. To honor God and find success in your calling, begin by following these six steps to excellence in ministry. A ministry of excellence is a ministry that does not plan to fail. Whatever you have been called to—pastor, apostle, prophet, evangelist, teacher or any other role in the Body of Christ, the Lord will not revoke the assignment given to you Romans , so you are responsible for how you handle your calling.

To do that, you must be dedicated to excellence in every area of your ministry and dedicated to success. When you stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ, it will be in the light of your calling—not what you did, not what you meant to do or wished you had done, but what God said you were appointed to do. He ordained you before the foundation of the world, but He did not leave you on your own! God has provided the power, furnished the weapons and equipped you with everything you need to fulfill your calling. Your part is to make a decision to be dedicated to your calling—a decision to pursue and maintain excellence in your ministry.

What does it mean to have singleness of purpose? It means to be single-minded and driven in one direction. But when you have singleness of purpose, everything you do will drive you in that one direction.

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What is your single purpose as a minister of God? To meet the needs of people. Many individuals and ministries often lose sight of this purpose. They get distracted with the number of people responding to them, the budget, projects or publicity. Your adversary takes the first step. You find yourself on the defensive, with Satan ahead of you and beating you at every turn.

If you are not single-minded about your purpose for the calling God has for you, you will not have any definite direction. You will always be wondering what you are supposed to do. A double-minded man tries to operate in fear and faith at the same time. A man of faith never makes provision for failure. You will never find God playing nine-inning games.


He plays until He wins. Meet the needs of people. Be determined to have excellence in your ministry, to live by faith, and to meet the needs of people. The path to excellence in life and in ministry is always the same—follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit. God has called you to a particular ministry, and He fully intends to lead you into excellence, success and a life beyond what you could ever imagine on your own.

A person who desires a ministry of excellence should pray in tongues at least an hour a day, and particularly before you preach or minister. Then, learn to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit within you.

What We Believe

You will find yourself equipped with the answer to any challenge that comes your way. Kenneth Copeland has found this to be true throughout his more than 50 years in the ministry. He once shared about a time when he first started in the ministry and found himself in a position where he needed the ministry of the Holy Spirit while he was preaching. I felt like someone had stood up and doused me with a fire hose. She grew louder still. By this time, the service was in shambles. This continued on for what seemed like an eternity.

He had already run half a dozen preachers out of town with the same trick. I am not going to make a move until You tell me what I am to do. It was so simple that my carnal mind would never have thought of it. I would not have even acted on it if I had thought of it! Excellence in ministry requires an excellent spirt in every area. This includes the conduct of those who work with you in ministry, as well as the operations of your place of ministry. For example, if your ministry is in your home, determine to have a home that is run with excellence. This means your home will be neat and clean, it will run in an organized way, and your children will be well-behaved.

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