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  1. How the terrifying sounds of ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ were made:
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  3. Books for babies and toddlers from Usborne

Carroll has an ingenious solution to this, though: Just shine light of a faster wavelength on the stuff you want to see. In the end, maybe the ability to stop time is one of those superpowers in the "careful what you wish for" category, like reading thoughts and turning everything you touch into gold. If you do happen to possess such a gift, we've just got one piece of advice: Get an X-ray flashlight and a good lawyer. Get stories like this one in your inbox each morning. Sign up for our daily email here. This article contains affiliate links.

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I know this is an old article but hopefully someone can help. I am only starting using white noise now at 8. Is this too late to start? In fact she has cried before when I use it. She still wakes but not to general environmental noise like us on the stairs, the neighbours dog etc. I still use one and my LO is 16 mos.

How the terrifying sounds of ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ were made:

The reason I use it is because he will wake up with the other noise going on in the house. When is it TOO late to take it away before they need it forever is my question?! No no no — embrace it. If you had a different source of white noise say a radio or a white noise machine it would be easier to gently wean off by lowering volume gradually.

That being said I would embrace it. Enjoy the naps. Hi, my bub is nearly 8 months old and needs help resettling at least 3 or 4 times a night. This is in addition to feeding once or twice a night. Hi, super late to this party but can you remember if it was too late? Best sound machine money can buy, if buying one is your thing. This one is loud, runs both on batteries in case of power outage, which has saved my butt during the night three times this summer! The waterfall noise is perfect for my little one and helps with drowning out our creaky old house noises and day to day life and I SWEAR she sleeps better because of it well and because of sleep training.

With Pink or brown noise there is a nice tapering off of the high frequencies and these sound oh so much more calming. There are many new articles on white noise being BAD for babies, in that most generators play them too loud. I recently tried to wean my 17 month old off white noise. Then at its lowest volume, I set the timer to turn off after 1 hour. She woke up crying within minutes of the room going silent. Do I need to worry about this?


Did I go about it the wrong way? She is addicted to the white fan noise. I think you should just leave it on ,and she is addicted, its no big deal. Ive used a fan to sleep my whole life. I feel soo upset and cant sleep without it. I have a friend like that, too. My Previously decent night sleeper has started consistently waking between 3 and 5 am. My DS is 7. This application include white noise sounds, ocean surf, relaxing river, running water, electric fan, vacuum cleaner.

I really want to try white noise, but is she too old to start??? Or could it still work? He did fall asleep nursing oops , but I moved him to the crib after just a minute or two instead of ten like I had been doing. I said some goodnight words and left. He woke up and started to fuss, but a few minutes later he was quiet. Overnight I heard him twice, but it was more like moaning or whining, not even crying.

He quieted down and I assume went back to sleep within ten minutes the first time, twenty minutes the second. So I woke up twice, but I got to stay in bed all night! I put him to bed like that again tonight — no fussing at all! It sounds very similar to ringing in the ears.

Books for babies and toddlers from Usborne

Is this a problem? Or try the radio on a different station sometimes AM works better. He is 18 months old. How loud should it be. I use it on a iPhone all night. But he has been sleeping thru the night after 6 months. We just started now because of the little one coming soon. It was on loud. But it was loud for me. So I put it on volume three. Idk if thats ok. And it worked! I used to play the white noise loud too loud I think and I briefly worried about it but my son has VERY acute hearing!!

In the article you linked, they found the noisemakers produced sounds between Alex says white noise should be no louder than I bet you can download an app that tells you the exact volume of sounds around you if you are still worried. I am a father of newborn triplet girls. While I understand why the white, pink or brown noise is so important, it does not work for me.

My girls spent the first 3 weeks of their lives in the NICU. They were not using any type of noise to help them sleep at the hospital. In fact, I feel as though I should I should have machine that mimics the sound of crying babies and monitor beeps and alarms. They all slept much better in the hospital than they do at home.

They all become more restless when I try to use a noise generator and as an audio engineer, you best believe that the one I own is quite accurate. Oh, and the shush routine only leaves my wife and I aggravated and with sore teeth from doing so. Then separate it out into audio to go with the slides. I also found a program called Levelator from the Conversations Network.

It is great if you have an audio with two people and one was closer to the microphone. It will bring the two closer to the same level, much easier than using your audio editor to try to adjust the one louder person. I have found the perfect recording studio in my home: a nice walk-in closet full of clothes. I have just enough room for a folding chair and a card table, with my laptop and my Samson microphone. Works great, at least until the cat wants feeding and starts meowing at the door. I would like to hear about recommendations for recording software. Jeff Goldman. Great idea of making a portable sound booth.

At times, I will have someone else do the recording, like the SME. I always preferred that they record in my office, which was good for recording. At times it was not convenient and had to go to the SME location. A portable sound booth will probably be a help. Especially for those downtown offices with outside street noise getting through. I use a Plantronics headset, and it works well for the price and convenience. One addition I made though, I went to the local airport because I found a small foam filter there for the headset microphones used by pilots.

I wrapped this around the headset mic with a small rubber band and I usually place the mic below my mouth level and it helped reduce the pops and noise pretty well. Travis Smith. Here is a good blog on the subject. My biggest issue is the sound clean up by WavePad or Audacity. The free versions seem to cause what I call computer noise, and they drive me nuts. Jenise Cook. For a mic, I found this one at Radio Shack. Use your favorite search engine to find voice coaches in your area. As usual, thanks for such a great post Tom! These are really simple tips but make for vast improvements in recording.

Nothing ruins a great course like crummy audio. I had figured out some of these things over the years after obtaining less than stellar results. But now I really want to build my own Port-a-Booth! In addition to Audacity, Wavepad is another great free! Excellent… as usual. Great tips as always. Thanks Tom! We did some very intensive e-learning last year for a firm-wide software rollout and I got dreadful OOS RSI from leaning into a desktop stand. Great post, I just wish I would have had this information when I started recording.

I have played with several microphones and I do have a favorite from Radio Shack. It was already in our equipment when I started so I have no idea how much it cost. I am looking forward to the next post. Keep them coming! Tom Moore. Great ideas Tom. I ordered the mike and materials to make a sound booth.

Anyone have ideas on a good camcorder to produce video clips for your elearning? I personally have never heard great results from a headset mic — from myself or others. For me, a desktop mic and pop filter are mandatory. Oh, and for the Mac users out there, GarageBand free with your Mac is a great app for narration recording. Mark Drechsler. And I just love the headphone socket built in. Pay attention to the earlier comments about posture — most VO professionals do short sessions standing, and long session on nothing lower than a bar stool so the hips are not fully folded.

In the office, you may be able to find a small store room — ours came complete with rolls of fabric left over from something ancient that we could use to deaden reflections. Mattresses are good too, stood on end behind the person speaking. Protools I use the real one for top-end jobs, but there are lower cost versions is definitely overkill and not for amateurs at all. And they give great support! Excellent control over amateur things like teeth clicking, throat clearing, coughing etc when the person stops talking, as well as compensating for level differences.

Even if you have to do a conversation in real time, I would always try to give everyone their own mic, their own channel, and expect to clean up afterwards. Also makes it easy to drop in theme music, stings, and so on — as well as chopping up into segments for training content. Sound Quality versus file size! Anyone found the right balance between sound quality and file size. Are you saving as MP3?

What quality do you use — stereo mono etc.. Thanks in anticipation Pat. Jim Dickeson. I started out with a no-name headset mic actually intended for voip phone usage. It was… OK. I record in Audacity, which lets you edit out errant noises and the ever-present hiss. I love both of these tools. I really think that the most important factors for sound quality are at the beginning and the end — the microphone and the headphones.

Something to note about the Samson mic. It has the driver built in that self loads onto your computer the first time you plug it in. Then removing the drivers so you can reinstall is hard. Jenny Gregory. Great info as always. Thanks for the great article on audio recording. I was surprised there was no reference to noise-reducing microphones. A future article with a few tips on setting and maintaining consistent recording levels would be useful.

Stefaan Lesage. June 3rd, Great article, and I will have to try out a few of the tricks in here. Nicole: in the publish settings, you can change the compression and bit rate for your audio. You want to play around with the compression to find the right compromise between file size and audio quality. Second, among the desktops, the Snowball is probably the best choice with high recommendations […]. June 8th, Record a few seconds of ambient noise at the beginning of each session to be used by the noise reduction feature.

Export as a high quality file like. Articulate will do the mp3 conversion for you, and meanwhile if you want to publish a high quality version to CD, for example then Articulate will have the high quality sound files available. June 9th, Last week, we looked at some basic tips to record high-quality audio. Those tips leaned more on the technology. I use a music stand, not the fold-up kind, but the type you see at a symphony concert.

You do still have to turn pages, but I usually take a pause so any paper shuffling noise can be edited out. These tips are invaluable, but I would love to see a recommendation for a wireless USB mic. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced wireless USB mic? To Dana Thomas on where to put the script. If you have to work around the sound box, be sure your font is large enough for the distance your script is away from you, but in either case, I use a stenographers stand, similar to a book stand, or stand for a piece of artwork.

This allows your script to stand upright so that you can sit up straight and focus on your delivery of the narrative you are recording. Hope this helps. I was getting too much bounce off of my hard walls.

Acoustical foam for my hard walls would be a good purchase but the cost was a little more than I wanted. My past life experience in recording studios indicated it would be good. I was also able to form them behind me to reduce the ambient sound. June 10th, Thanks for the tips. Please advise. Music Recording Program. June 15th, I would like to thank you for sharing your tips.

You are putting very good effort into the stuff you post. Keep up the good work. Mike Williamson. June 18th, I use a Rode Podcaster and my levels are way too low. I am trying to record into Garage Band. Thanks for any suggestions. Sam Tanner. July 11th, I have a question u might know a little about or know sumone who knows.. I have my recording gear set up: a mic into a USB recording interface. So when i play it back my voice sounds higher and its out of time with the music its too fast. Its not a problem with the interface coz i used it on the Mac computers at school and it worked fine, it just seems to be with Windows computers.

July 12th, Sam: you might have to do some research but this is usually indicative of the audio playing at the wrong sample rate. What are you recording with? August 25th, August 28th, Tom Kuhlmann, in his Rapid eLearning blog, has published some excellent hints here and here. Share and […]. October 1st, Tom Kuhlmann, in his Rapid eLearning blog, has published some excellent hints here and […]. Voiceover Germany. October 23rd, Great article. We do voiceovers here in germany since a long time. Waht about ISDN? Many voice talents just have this and work the whole day with it.

December 20th, APTX Berlin. December 21st, Very nice. January 22nd, Hello All — could someone help, I am looking for a free reliable virus free recording programme I can download to my pc to record and edit speech and voiceover material. Something which is not too technical to operate but will give broadcast quality results. Also wonderings what microphone is best to use in a porta studio a dynamic or condenser mike. I have heard good reports on the Samson Q1U — please help.

R de Beer: try Audacity. Also, I use the Samson C01 for my demos and screencasts. You might like the newer Samson C03 since it has different pick patterns. April 3rd, I use a lot of sound effects and music also and my Blue Snowball picks up the audio from these superbly well just by placing it in front of the computer speakers. April 4th, Is there some equipment available to solve this problem? I really love how the mic makes my voice sound really warm and bright. But the noise becomes a problem whenever my client needs dry voice only reads. April 5th, April 28th, Have anyone used this one to do voice over?

Is this a better option comparing to Blue Snowball mic using Articular software? April 29th, I use a Samson C01U and am very pleased with it. I actually just bought a Samson Go Mic via Amazon. Plus the price is great. May 5th, You may not believe it. Not only we placed our order of Samson C01U the same day we read your comments, we received it yesterday and played with it. We love it. It is simply to assemble, sounds great, packaged in a very nice box easy to store plus at reasonable price.

Your blog is wonderful! The Samson GoMic might be the next step. Thanks for making it easy! May 13th, I am trying to record high quality narration onto PowerPoint slides. The recording seems to develop a lag and then drops out portions of what I say. I have read elsewhere that the only way to fix this is to reinstall Windows. It sounds like some of you are using Windows, are you having problems like this? Is there any other reliable solution other than reinstalling Windows? Try this PowerPoint site for more detailed help.

Try recording with another app and see if you run into the same issues. In either case, the PowerPoint pros at the other site, can probably help you diagnose your issue. May 18th, Anyone have any tips on avoiding the page turning sound when recording? Will using the Porta-Booth clear up that problem? May 19th, That way, I can edit out the sound without affecting the VO. But well worth it to avoid the editing woes! I prepare my slides in PPT with pretty intricate animations, record and edit the narration in Audacity, then sync the two slide by slide.

The Schwa /ə/ Sound - Endings British Pronunciation & Spelling Tips - -er -ar -or -our -ure -re

I keep the breaks invisible to the learner by publishing multiple slides together into swf files by lesson or topic. From time to time I do get a gravelly or garbled sound in the VO; not sure where it comes from; any ideas, anyone? June 1st, Vershetta Heflin. June 7th, You can find some additional tips in these posts on recording high quality audio and recording narration like a […]. August 23rd, Engine Optimization Software.

October 3rd, Thanks so much for the article. I was just about to start a recording campaign for promotional videos and this gave me some great ideas. I had never thought about or seen a portable sound booth! Previously I had always just used the built in Mic for the MacBook Pro which is very nice but you still get that little bit of static type noise. Tim Underwood. October 9th, Your four basic tips are indeed crucial to improving the quality of an audio recording. As a way to save money or so I thought , I was determined to try my hand at remodeling the back section of a small home I was living in.

Nothing major mind you; no load-bearing walls to deal with or concrete to pour, just a little framing and Sheetrock work I thought…easy, right? Later that month, still immersed in measuring, sawing, cursing, mudding, taping and cursing more, I was nearing finishing point and mostly fed-up with the experience.

Without much debate, we relinquished ourselves to hire a professional carpenter to come in and finish the job. Hopefully, this little story should underscore something of larger importance: even if you have the best of intentions and think you have the right tools, a professional performing their craft will produce markedly better results.

I know when to check my ego at the door. I know the difference between well-done and wannabe and I wish more people did. If you want to have fun with consumer-grade equipment and an untrained voice, go wild on YouTube or make your significant other an audio greeting card. The reasonable investment you make will pay you back many times over and save you a mountain of frustration, money yes, time is money and embarrassment in the process. October 11th, I believe you may be describing what could be the result of latency.

This sometimes sounds like a warbled voice with a pitch change, it could also sometimes just sound like a squeak. The gravely sound may be when it slows more drastically. The best way to correct this is to clear your cache, run only what programs you need to run during recording and disconnect from the internet.

You may want to verify your cache settings at this time to see how much your system is allowing to store and make adjustments accordingly as well as verify your start up sequence and check for any programs that run automatically that you may be able to remove from your start-up queue. As far as page turning, at first I thought you were directing your comments at me, but realized you were not. However, if you happen to include a page turning or laptop clicking or bodily sound while recording, you can edit that out quite simply with just a little practice.

October 13th,