The Borealis: A True Story Year About Living Aboard While Restoring A 90 Year Old Wood Boat

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Keep Calm and Gourd On. Sugar in the Gourd and Honey in the horn I was so glad when I was born! All Rights Reserved. Powered by HostBaby. Work camper employers look here. Lonnie Dee Robertson began playing music in a hospital in Leysin Switzerland in For you younger readers, was back in the days of The Last Supper.

Since he was absolutely horrible in sports his first yes, literally the first day attempt at skiing on the Chamonix resulted in a compound comminuted spiral fracture of his port side tibia and fibula. To add insult to injury the two bones protruding from his shin also ruined his first and only pair of fancy ski pants. In those rare old times fractures were not repaired with pins and plates. This resulted in a protracted hospital stay. It was cheap because his parents, taking notice of his, shall we say, less than stellar performance at skiing… decided to adopt a wait-and-see position before purchasing a good guitar!

Lonnie, born and raised in Liberia, West Africa, was educated primarily in Europe. He graduated from college in the United States. Jinna, raised mainly in the Caribbean, lived extensively in Florida where she graduated from college. They lived and travelled on the Borealis and played throughout the Keys and Florida.

Jinna played guitar at the time but they decided that she would learn the bass. See our Calendar to find out where we'll be in the near future. Jinna and Lonnie played Caribbean rock and folk based music in the formative years but soon expanded their instrument base and repertory so they could work in the cruise industry.

They learned Broadway show tunes, standards, reggae, calypso, country and jazz. As a result of this expansion of their repertory they worked on fifteen different ships for over ten years. A list of ships is available on our website. Ships, although wonderful and profitable, are a bit like going to jail albeit with a chance of drowning so Lonnie and Jinna decided to go back to their schooner.

They totally rebuilt their Alden schooner, the Borealis, while working in the music business in South Florida. Phenology of catch records in the early twentieth century in Nordic countries shows that whale presences in northern waters was at peak in June. Of all modern whaling grounds in European waters, Hebrides and the Shetland Islands were the center of whaling in the early 20th century, and any records afterwards these catches became scarce in eastern Atlantic where only two cow-calf pairs had been documented.

Some might have reached to entrance of Baltic Sea and northern Scandinavian. Based on historical records, Scandinavian waters once had been a potential feeding area, [] and this idea corresponds with behaviors of the below mentioned vagrant individual "Porter" [] recorded in when he stayed in the fjord for several weeks, indicating the area provided to him a feasible condition for summering.

Historical records suggest that summering grounds could have reached further north to northern coasts of Scandinavian Peninsula, and some might have turned up at the mouth of Hudson Bay. Predicted summering range models suggest that small numbers of right whales could have been present year-round in the Mediterranean Sea although it is unclear whether whales ever penetrated Turkish Straits to Marmara , Black , and Azov Seas historical presences at northern Aegean Sea were considered in this study which didn't include the northernmost basins in study areas.

There have been a few sightings further east over the past few decades, with several sightings close to Iceland in There was speculation that these could be the remains of a virtually extinct Eastern Atlantic stock, but examination of old whalers' records suggest that they are more likely to be strays from further west. Vincent in Portugal , and continuous sightings of a single animal off the southwestern Tenerife in the Canary Islands in Subsequently, there have been two more sightings in Benderlau , La Gomera and some other observations were reported in Portugal and Galicia.

A whale of unknown species, thought to be a right whale, was seen off Steenbanken, Schouwen-Duiveland Netherlands in July and was possibly the same animal previously seen off Texel in the West Frisian Islands. Few recent sightings have also been recorded from pelagic waters such as off Hebrides [] and on Rockall Basin [] as late as in s.

Right whales have also on rare occasion been observed in the Mediterranean Sea. Earlier known occurrences of right whales in the basin include the stranding of a juvenile near Taranto southeastern Italy in and the sighting of two one of which was later captured in the bay of Castiglione Algiers in [] [] and Portugal. Below is a list of some of recent records of right whales in eastern North Atlantic not all of above-mentioned records and excluding vagrant records, according to the Spanish edition of this article.

Records and confirmations close to Newfoundland, Iceland, and Cape Farewell are also excluded. Some eastern sightings have been officially confirmed to be of vagrants from the western population. This individual was later confirmed to be "Porter", an adult male in the catalog No. In January , one animal was sighted off Pico Island , Azores , the first confirmed appearance there since This animal was later identified as a female from the western Atlantic group, and nicknamed as "Pico" according to this event. Some individuals are known to show interesting patterns of movements which may possibly help researchers to deepen understandings of future re-colonization to eastern Atlantic, if possible.

As above mentioned, the existence of a possible third population, ranging from near Iceland or Greenland in the north to Bermudas or Bahamas in the south, has been mentioned by several biologists. In , right whales appeared in waters around Greenland [] although their origin was not confirmed. Several sightings in the area made in the s may or may not be of right whales, as the critically endangered population of Bowhead whales are also present in the area. For southward migration, the sighting of two whales displaying courtship behaviors in the Bermuda was recorded by a team of researchers including Roger Payne in April, On a global level, the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals CMS , or the " Bonn Convention " is a multilateral treaty specializing in the conservation of migratory species, their habitats and migration routes.

CMS has listed the North Atlantic right whale on Appendix I , which identifies it as a migratory species threatened with extinction. Vincent in southwest Portugal to Casablanca , Morocco , and on the east by the Straight of Gibraltar. Being so listed prohibits international trade import or export in specimens of this species or any derivative products e.

Either land based or organized whale watching activities are available along east coasts from Canada in north to Virginia , North Carolina , Georgia, Florida to south. Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary has also been designated for watching this species. There are some piers used for lookout points such as at Jacksonville and Wrightsville. With their low profile on the water, right whales can be difficult to spot, so all fishermen and boaters transiting through potential right whale habitat should keep a sharp lookout.

Right whale sightings can be valuable to researchers, who recommend all sightings be reported either through the U. Due to the species' status, as of , there is no whale watching location in eastern and mid Atlantic, and oceanic islands feasible to observe right whales regularly. Among these, only off Iceland right whales have been encountered during watching tours save for expeditions and land-based observations targeting for birds and other faunas , and several observations were made in Iceland during the s.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. North Atlantic right whale [1] Mother and calf Size compared to an average human Conservation status. See also: Whale surfacing behaviour. Main article: Eubalaena. Main article: History of whaling. See also: History of Basque whaling. Further information: Vessel speed restrictions to reduce ship collisions with North Atlantic right whales. See also: noise pollution. Cetaceans portal Mammals portal Marine life portal. In Wilson, D. M eds. Johns Hopkins University Press. Retrieved 26 December Retrieved 20 January ITIS on-line database. Integrated Taxonomic Information System.

Retrieved 6 September World Cetacea Database. Retrieved 29 September August Retrieved 9 December The western North Atlantic population numbered at least individuals in and at least in Waring et al. Retrieved 17 June Retrieved North Atlantic right whales in danger. Science, , May Archived at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved on May Retrieved on January Retrieved 14 May Pourhomayoun, P. Dugan, M. Popescu, and C. Clark April 3, Molecular Ecology. February 7, Retrieved March 26, Coastal Management. Retrieved 22 August Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals.

Academic Press. Genetic analysis of 16th-century whale bones prompts a revision of the impact of Basque whaling on right and bowhead whales in the western North Atlantic. Canadian Journal of Zoology 8 10 , December National Marine Fisheries Service. Scientific Reports of the Whale Research Institute. Archived from the original PDF on Archived from the original PDF on 14 August Fishermen's Voice. Archived from the original on Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society website. Mar Mam. Archived from the original on August 16, Marine Ecology Progress Series.

Retrieved 17 March Associated Press. FOX News. January 24, Lawrence; One Washes Ashore — Whales online". Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The Royal Society. Retrieved 11 February Natural Resources Defense Council. September 10, Archived from the original on October 17, Retrieved September 17, National Geographic. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Report of the International Whaling Commission 10 [Special] : — Retrieved 27 January Journal of Cetacean Research and Management. North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium: 5. Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

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Lawrence River Skiff originally used by fishing guides. Many featured sprit sail rigs and were raced without rudders, using weight and sail trim to maneuver. This boat features two rowing thwarts, short decks with bulkheads, and a low coaming around the cockpit. Hull is okoume plywood on white oak keel and stems.

Carousel An Ed Monk Sr. We are her fifth owners. Based on engine data plates, she was repowered in Bremerton, Wash. Designed by Ed Monk Sr. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, she was commissioned by the Coast Guard Auxiliary to patrol the Sound in search of submarines. She spent most of her life in Washington until coming to Portland in She was in a sad state, having been converted as a live-aboard and then abandoned. Since she has been undergoing a restoration to bring her back to her original look, including a complete rebuild of her cabin, rigging and pilot house.

No matter what your baby is made from, when you bring her to Townsend Bay Marine you can count on the kind of TLC we gave this classic wooden yacht. Owners all over the west coast. Chesuki David built this boat and then single-handed it through California and Mexico. We now sail in the San Juans and brought her up to Desolation Sound. He mainly plays at the festival, and races her in the festival small boat races.

Renton, Wash. Her cabin has sitting headroom, a solid-fuel cabin stove and two berths. She carries a 5hp Mariner outboard and a sculling oar for pleasant exercise on a calm morning. Her backbone is Douglas fir with Pacific yew frames and western red cedar planking.

For Sale Spars are solid Sitka spruce and decking is caulked Douglas fir. Clupea Built by the Boeing Co. She served out of Port Hardy until the late s, when she was decommissioned and sold at auction to Doc Freeman of Seattle. She was towed to Seattle, where she underwent a year conversion from workboat to private vessel. Although her interior was extensively renovated, the exterior retained her original workboat lines.

Since being relaunched, Clupea has extensively cruised NW waters and has gone as far as Mexico and Alaska. Everett, Wash. Contessa Built in and launched in , she is a stretched version of a George Stadel Jr. I bought her there and trucked her to Everett in June Lake Stevens, Wash.

With the help of many friends, I brought my boat home and have been learning how to sail her. We are becoming a familiar sight on Port Ludlow Bay. Port Ludlow, Wash. Arraial d Ajuda, Brazil. Vashon, Wash. Elmore Elmore was used to carry passengers and freight between Astoria and Tillamook before the road was built. She was then used as a ferry to Alaska during the s Gold Rush.

She continued as a tugboat until , when she was stripped and sold as a hull. Floyd Waite then bought her and restored her. Since , we have cruised her to Alaska and the San Juans.

Emma Thompson: What You Learn From a Week in the Arctic | Time

Dorjun Built for the U. In she sailed through the Straits of Magellan on a trip documented in National Geographic. She sank in the Portland flood and spent several years on the mud before being rescued and stored. In Dorjun was brought to Port Townsend for a loving restoration and relaunched at the festival. Dulcinea Cormorant I built Cormorant as a wilderness surfing vehicle.

With a canvas boat tent, gas stove and a couple of surfboards, I have made numerous single-handed expeditions to the Santa Barbara Channel Islands as well as along the Pacific Coast of Baja, including a mile winter journey from San Diego to Cedros Island. After the festival, I plan to trailer her to Vancouver Island for further wilderness surf immersion. San Clemente, Calif. Her hull is mahogany planking and plywood on frames of sawn white oak. In we installed a rack on her hardtop, allowing us to carry our kayaks to the San Juans, using Grebe as a mothership while we enjoy paddling.

Originally used in Bristol Bay, Alaska, as a sailing gillnetter, her hull was barged to Seattle in the early s and converted to a k e t c h. Ro g e r Owner bought her in , rebuilt her and rerigged her as a schooner. She has offered day-sail charters in Coupeville since Coupeville, Wash. Buckminister Fuller imported her in the s, sailing her out of Boothbay Harbor, Maine. In the s she went to Michigan. When we purchased her in , she had not been in the water since the s. Legendary Yachts rebuilt her, replacing her entire underwater construction. Built by Aspoya Boats. Her canvas cover with degree windows provides berths for two, a pack-away galley and gear storage, and a warm, dry spot to spend the night or wait out the rain.

Mukilteo, Wash. HammerP We knew HammerP was in need of repowering, so after much research, we decided to convert her to all electric. We would keep the old generator to assist in charging the batteries. We can travel about 40 to 60 miles on a charge, and until the generator is replaced we must take time to plug in and recharge for a return trip. Our cruising style has not changed since the conversion — we always traveled from trolling speed to about 6 knots.

To conserve power, we plan our trips with the tidal currents and prevailing weather, just like a sailboat. Gig Harbor, Wash. Overall, she provides an economical and eye-catching way to enjoy the Sound. Lyman ordered his troops to build boats for navigating the Hudson. Lyman switched to fiberglass in and closed in Fire Fly takes her name from her current caretakers — Tim is a retired fire captain and Laura is a flight attendant. Winthrop, Wash. Grilse Bill Garden designed her as a camp tender.

She was built in Bowser, B. I bought her from her second owner in Portland in Although she has a displacement hull, with a V8 engine she can do 32 knots. Victoria, B. Halcyon Designed by William Garden, she was a burned-out shell when Friday Harbor shipwright Sam Fry began For Sale a complete restoration that would ultimately take 12 years. Over the former fish hold, a new aft deckhouse holds a modern galley; the wheelhouse looks original but has been totally rebuilt.

Halcyon was one of several troller conversions featured in WoodenBoat No. Hama In this Petersondesigned and -built cruiser went out to the end of the Aleutians. Ruston, Wash. Happy Talk was Kettenburg 50 hull No. Fo r 35 years, the Burnett family sailed her in Southern California.

Our Cruises and Expeditions

Charlie DeWeese purchased her in August and began a full restoration both inside and out. DeWeese spent the month of March sailing her north to Lummi Island, where she now resides. Lummi Island, Wash. The hull is built batten-seam and planked with mahogany on mahogany frames. The Detroit N diesel engine has a mile range. Hohum Construction began in fall ; she was launched in April Hohum is built using sawn mahogany frames and laminated keel, planked with plywood and epoxy-saturated cloth.

She burns only 1 gallon per hour at 7 knots. Puyallup, Wash. Small Crafts to Large Vessels We work to skillfully turn raw wood into boat quality lumber. McClanahan Lumber supports and promotes the preservation of the maritime working waterfront heritage. Rumor has it that the boat will actually appear at the festival this year as planned!

We acquired her to restore and sail. We plan to return her to her original beautiful condition. We see her as a piece of history and a work of art, which came to us with much of her history documented. Oklahoma City, Okla. Iris cutter Iris was commissioned by an Oregon lumber mill owner who supplied the air-dried yellow cedar for her construction. Designed by John Alden, she was built to last at Stone Boatyard. The original was built around , a working boat for lobstermen when sailing qualities were desired. Current owners Doug and Rayma Mery have been her caretakers for the last 15 years.

Mountlake Terrace, Wash. She was built in my garage and driveway from to One Christmas vacation I used a large conference room at my job as a sail loft. The result is a sweet-sailing pocket cruiser that has brought our family much joy and satisfaction. Palo Alto, Calif. She is built of oak, Port Orford cedar and Douglas fir. Camano Island, Wash. She later captured the Golden Roman Bowl. Twelve years later, she was the model for Wanderer III, captained by Eric Hiscock for several daring global circumnavigations.

During the last six years, owners Geoff Alexander and Gerry Toward have restored Kalliste to her current condition. Materials are okoume plywood, Honduran mahogany and oak, fastened with copper bronze and galvanized nails and screws. She cruises well and catches the eye on lakes here in Idaho, as well as being right at home cruising the San Juans. Salmon, Idaho. Although she has not yet made that trip, she spent many years as a private charter yacht in Southeast Alaska and has seen much of Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. After a complete refit in , she is currently available as either a bareboat or crewed charter.

She was totally refastened and recaulked in , with silicon bronze screws.

Heart Of Oak

Now she resides in Anacortes and can be seen mostly cruising the San Juans. Anacortes, Wash. Crealock from an early 19thcentury Danish tax vessel. Space originally designed for cargo now provides a saloon and forecabin with head and shower. She has been in the Allen family since and sailed in many Master Mariners regattas as well as a trip to Mexico.

Katie Ford Designed by Heine Dole and built at Astoria Marine, her planking and beams are Alaska yellow cedar with steel floors and knees. Her decks and sole are teak. Interior is Honduras mahogany and knotty white pine; spars are Sitka spruce. In , we brought her to Victoria. A major refit by Bent Jespersen repaired her transom rot; Brion Toss refurbished her rig. Sidney, B. Kona Trader Built in Stockton, Calif. In the s a Seattle coffee importer renamed her Kona Trader. In she was repowered with twin Detroit Diesel s. We purchased her in Marina del Rey, Calif. She sports new spars and house.

Her hull is fully restored, with new keel bolts and a rebuilt Volvo MD After a complete rebuild in , she was relaunched as La Boheme. We bought her in and have had her completely rerigged, sailing the San Juans, Gulf Islands, and the B. Lady Clipper Brothers Ernie and Irv Sigler built plywood boats in Tacoma from to , when the advent of fiberglass production boats undercut demand. This particular boat was operated by her original owner until , when she was retired to a single-car garage, sitting unused until we purchased her in Marty Loken began her continuing restoration in June , at our shop on Marrowstone Island.

The Lady Clipper is powered by a Johnson 25hp outboard. Nordland, Wash. She was bought out of the fishing fleet in , converted back to a sailing vessel in Denmark, and served as our home until Her hull is swamp cypress, which accounts for her good condition. She once sailed the Mediterranean as well as operating as a charter vessel in Hawaii before coming to the Northwest. Monte Sereno, Calif.

live aboard couple Restore old wooden Sailboat to SAIL AROUND the WORLD

She was built in England and was designed over years ago for sailing on the English Channel. The inside is varnished mahogany and brass. Mountain Home, Ark. As he learned each new skill, he would complete that part of the project. Blanchard Co. Longbranch, Wash. Though nearly years old, Lotus remains historically complete. All hull construction is Lapacho. Almost all the planking and fasteners are original. The wheelhouse was rebuilt and expanded in the s after a fire. The boat is new to us; we just purchased her in San Diego, sailing her up the coast in June The boat will be part of our fleet at Service Education and Adventure.

Lyra In Santa Cruz, Calif. After WoodenBoat No. Lyra also appeared in Small Craft Advisor, May Martha Built in for J. Crowninshield design. She recently celebrated her centennial with a complete below-the-waterline restoration. Owned and operated by The Schooner Martha Foundation since , she takes both youths and adults on sail-training adventures.

Martha is not only the oldest working sailboat in Washington but is also the oldest living flagship of the San Francisco Yacht Club. Open , Wed. Let our experience guide you from start to finish She has newer engine gear, shaft, wiring For Sale and electronics, with new keel bolts in Bellingham, Wash. Over the last several years I have replaced floors, keel bolts and interior and have also wooded and varnished all her brightwork, replacing the oil and Cetol that had built up over the years.

Nais is used as she was intended: for family cruising. She sailed in occupied Denmark before being shipped to California, then headed north for a decade in British Columbia. Martha J is frequently seen setting marks for races or serving as a chase boat for on-the-water events. She completed a major engine and drive train overhaul in She was built by Ed Martin and is a culmination of progressively larger sailboats built by him in Brinnon along Hood Canal.

Most of her trim and interior wood was milled from local trees. In addition, the fuel tanks and interior appointments are being replaced. Brinnon, Wash. On a whim, the family posted on Craigslist a free slip in return for the use of a boat. Within minutes, Shelby called. We embarked on a restoration, including the original colors that were only two layers down.

Kingston, Wash. Hull is cold-molded cedar. She sails particularly well in light air and is generally sea kindly, if not quite dry enough for my daughter. Fall City, Wash. Rio Nido, Calif. Mundeamo Homebuilt in San Pedro, Calif. Her first major adventure was a cruise to the South Pacific, visiting the Marquesas, Takaroa and Tahiti. Ill health and the impending war sent her to Hawaii, where she was sold in The son of her builder and original owner will be aboard for the festival, along with photos, newspaper clippings and film of her first South Pacific voyage.

Kamloops, B. The adventures of Messenger III and her crew are recorded in the book Splendour of the Sea and in a feature in Life magazine in the s. In , she was retired from missionary service and acquired by the Scott family, who remain her owners to this day. On her maiden voyage up the Inside Passage to Alaska, she went without masts, sails or rigging. Now completely outfitted with full sails, the Mycia is the accomplishment of a lifelong dream realized through the hard work and vision of a family effort.

Her complete history is unknown, but we believe her design dates from the late s or s. Why the boat was constructed so late remains a mystery, but she evidently was never used for commercial fishing but rather as a deep-sea-fishing pleasure boat. Pender Island, B. She has galvanized standing rigging, and spruce masts and bowsprit.

Gabriola, B. Unlike most plywood drift boats, her hull is cedar strip and epoxy. There are almost no metal fasteners in the entire boat; wooden dowels are used instead. All the trim is ash with curly bubinga accents. Construction has taken just over two years. This is my first boatbuilding project and has been a complete joy. Geary specified there were to be no scarf joints in the stringers, clamps or shelves through the middle portion of the boat.

The builders went one better, and all long structural members are full length with no joints of any kind. Seattle, WA. I found her in after searching several years for a Beetle anywhere on the West Coast. Kenmore, Wash. I found Pia nearly derelict at anchor in in Cortez Island, B. She has single-sawn grown timber on station, with steam-bent frames between. Planking is tight joined, like a barrel. All but two of the original 26 square-meter Klasse Spidsgatters ever built are still accounted for and sailing. I purchased her in from Schooner Creek Boatworks, the builder, which had her on consignment.

She was in perfect condition and has been maintained that way ever since. Although small, an Eel is a proper yacht in every regard and is a perfect fit for my small family. Moored primarily in Portland on the Columbia River, she has been trailered all over. Tigard, Ore. Designed by Frank Prothero, building began in but was not yet complete when Frank died in Over the next decade I slowly finished the boat, with help from others.

We motored to Port Townsend for spars and rigging by Freyja Boatworks, and sailed her home to Anacortes in October Mount Vernon, Wash. I bought her in , not rigged and with no interior. She has since been rigged and repowered, and thanks to Jim Metteer and Eagle Creek Restoration, she has a new cockpit and interior. Plans are available from the Smithsonian.

La Conner Sea Scouts serves coed youths ages 14 to Rejoice is an excellent training vessel for both sailing and teaching wooden boat restoration. La Conner, Wash. Ben Seaborn won with his design for the fast yet easily built Thunderbird. The Wooden Boat Foundation uses Risa and her sister ships for adult sailing classes.

She is fastened with rivets; her stern knee and transom are black locust. Built by Stephens Bros. Her first owner ran a marine hardware business. He equipped Sea-Dog with extra fuel tanks, loaded her up with samples, and sold and cruised from Mexico to Alaska. In she was conscripted into the U.

Best Trips 2016

After she was prominent in the yachting activities of the Los Angeles and Newport Yacht clubs. In she began a complete restoration, initially in Friday Harbor and later in Seattle, under the direction of Patrick Curry. She is in better condition now than the day she was launched. The hull was cold molded using Florida cypress.

The sail plan is masthead sloop, boasting sq. David restored her over 11 years and launched her in We have sailed her in the San Juan and Gulf islands, having a great time. In December , the boat was hit by a windstorm, and again David restored her, and we sailed off again! The guides needed an easily rowed hull capable of dealing with adverse weather and stable enough for standing fly-casting. As in the design, the passenger is treated to a comfortable seat with removable backrest. The floorboards are easily removed to allow for cleaning. Sande is typical of those rentals. Probably built by a commercial fisherman home for the winter, her hull relies on saltwater soaking to minimize leaks.

I found her on a trailer I was buying in I replaced the broken ribs and have been bringing her to the festival ever since. Poulsbo, Wash.