The Chance to Say Goodbye:Hope for Grieving Parents

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I miss her so much.

Anticipatory Grief: the nitty gritty

The nurses were kind but no one could save her from her journey. As she took her last breaths, I told her to go find her mum now and that we would be OK. It was a privilege to share those moments but terrifying. Her lid was open and we spent an hour talking to her. Her spirit felt close. I placed momentoes in her coffin and a bag of popping corn just for fun in her hand. She was being cremated and would have loved that! I did not cry at the funeral, nor did I go to view his body. Many times I dreamt of bumping into him on the street.

I think most people find it hard to talk about death either due to a trauma or the death of a loved one, and in many African customs it is taboo to do so. He was my hero. I have been praying over it, and God has helped me to accept the reality, and to stop living in denial. I lost a little boy who was just two months old - he suddenly passed away one night unexpectedly. I did not understand how this could happen to me - not even as a punishment because I felt I had never done anything that would have deserved such a chastisement.

This was when I started to try to find an answer, so I began reading about what happened after death, the meaning of life and death, why we are here on earth and so on.

Grieving Before A Death: Understanding Anticipatory Grief

I got the answer after 30 years of research, so I know now why this happened to me. To me, death means to continue to live in a different form in another dimension where I will be able to meet all my dear ones who died before me and most importantly review all my past life on earth.

I will then know if and how I have progressed spiritually. This will be done without judgment, just with love. Then, I will examine and decide what still has to be improved and go back to earth for another experience. In my mother died at the age of One day she had an accident at home while cooking - she was burnt and taken to hospital where she died two months later. I was so happy that she had been freed at last.

I hope there will be more records similar to mine, so that people grow aware that there is nothing to fear about death - no judgment, no hell, no punishment - only love exists. Popular media images of death and dying often portray an image of inevitable suffering, as does frequent media coverage highlighting the inadequacies of health and social services in providing good end of life care and support. As a result, many people live in fear of death and the dying process and ultimately do not have the death they would have preferred.

My own observations of dying people and bereaved relatives are that those who have talked openly and honestly about death and dying - and who have planned for what they would like to happen when the time comes - tend to have a more peaceful, meaningful time at the end of their life.

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Katie Shepherd, year-old clinical nurse specialist in palliative care, and permaculture designer living in Spain and Yorkshire. Death has shaped my entire life, literally. I became an undertaker, something for which you need no professional qualifications almost 17 years ago after seeing Nicholas Albery of The Natural Death Centre talk about a different way of approaching funerals, environmentally, socially and religiously.

With Hope by Steven Curtis Chapman

Now we do the opposite, encouraging as much family involvement as possible. It is entirely understandable that people find it difficult to talk about death. I dealt with the deaths of those close to me quite badly. The family gathered, and we supported one another. My father died while I was working in Saudi Arabia in the s. My brother sent a telegram, but my employers who had my passport in a safe did not pass the telegram to me. I found out a few weeks later via a letter from my mother which started from the premise that I knew already.

From this experience I learned that it is far easier to grieve and move on if you do it among family and friends. You can share your memories and experiences with us in the comments below. Anonymous, year-old teacher living in the Midlands. I was crying when I read your post. I too lost my only child, my 17 year-old son, suddenly last year. We were a team because it was just the two of us. I have had uncanny signs from Sean; I hope you have them from your son.

I have a voice mail message that my late son left me on Mothers Day before he died. I listen to it each Mothers Day. A gift but also a raw sharp stab to my heart. I am so grateful to have his saved voice. Sending love to all of the grieving parents. I have a few emails from my son that he sent shortly before he passed, Jan. My son was 2 months short of his 55th birthday and the second of 4 children. I miss him every single day. Something will remind me of him and I feel bad all over again.

I got cards from my other kids and I had to put them on the mantle as is the custom but I hate doing it. It would have been from him. My husband and I talk about him from time to time. My son Nick was murdered at the age of 17z He just finished his jr year of high school. On June 24, my son was leaving his friends house which is located in a very affluent side of town. This person shot a people before my son , shot my son and went on to shot another person all these shooting were done within an hour.

All of this is so overwhelming so empty, heartbroken,sad,mad ,angry lost, confused all of the above. Thank you for the article. I am so sorry to hear about your son. He also passed away last June. He was 7 years old. How dreadful and heart-wrenching. God has been faithful through all of this even though my heart still breaks. My special needs son, my only child, died September 22, , two weeks before his 35th birthday of a rare neurological disorder, Neurofibromatosis. Although he was very high functioning, he was my life. We did everything together and he lived life to the fullest and loved the Lord with his whole heart and soul.

We really looked forward to me retiring so that we could do more and travel and for him to be adventurous. I wish we could take tomorrow off the calendar because I know as I look around and see so many happy moms, I know I will not be one of them. I know we will be reunited someday, but my life will never be the same until I can hold my baby in my arms again.

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The next day, my younger son and I found him dead in his bedroom. No cause of death. He just…died. The pain is unbearable, impossible to fully explain. My surviving son and I are trying our hardest to navigate these muddy, unpredictable waters. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who have lost a child.

The grief is ever changing but always constant. It is a different sort of love. I am comforted as I sit in the palm of GOD when my grief begins to overwhelm me. My love and understanding goes out to every mother who outlives her children whether she gave birth to them or not. Fred is my foster son and he could easily have been a twin to my birth son Ed.

Ed and I live on without Fred in our physical lives but every instant something brings back memories to treasure. My boys are always there in my heart.. I might be smiling on the outside, having a seemingly good time, but they are never far away from my mind. My psychologist shared this with me this week. I is always good to hear others thoughts who have experienced such a great loss. I lost my 39 year old son to suicide on March 8, Still a struggle.

Being able to read others thoughts and talk to others about my son is comforting. Thank you for sharing this article. We lost our son to suicide also on August 30, My phone number is Dean Briggs. Have you tried compassionate friends or bereaved parents. I hope this is helpful in some small way. Compassionate Friends is a wonderful group!

My 28 year old only child, mother of my 11 year old grandson, went to sleep on October 17, and will never awake again. She had an undiagnosed heart condition. My world is upside down and the closer tomorrow gets, the more I dread it. I lost my only child to suicide also, on December 20, For at least three years, I did not want to live. I still heavily grieve him. You are not alone. Thank you for sharing this. He was rock climbing with friends and fell to his death. Thank you very much for writing this. It resonates deeply with me. He was the 3rd of my 4 children, all boys.

He was a very special man. After his passing someone said to me, well at least you still have 3 other sons. The death of a child is like the death of a part of your being, your existence. All I could do the first two years was relive each and every stage of his life, I would even dream about him as a child. I love my other sons dearly and they each have a special place in my heart.

I hold them close and let them know I love them regularly. I let him know how much he is missed and loved and I ask God why, why did he take my son at such a young age, why did he take a part of my being, why did he tear a part of our family from us. Certain days are worse than others, his birthday, the day of his death, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas his favorite holiday. May God Bless each and every one of you.

I lost my son David this past September. He was 33 years old, a remarkable young man who loved life. He lost his life to cancer, he always thought he could fight it and had the best outlook even though he suffered every day. He never let on that he was in pain. He was my hero and always will be. I miss him every minute of every day. I bought a locket to wear that I put some of his baby hair in, and I wear it every day.

It makes me upset when the talk about cancer or death so nonchalantly. I feel like they are insensitive. I do have two other beautiful children a son and a daughter. Loosing my son has changed me. I cant explain how, I wish I knew. I just know it has. Hi Denise, we lost my 25 year old baby brother, my only sibling to cancer last July. It transforms you- I am not the same person I was last year.

This day is a difficult one for my Mom. We are all struggling to do our best for Sam, as we know he would want. He was so strong and just worried about us! I know I have to take care, because I am his hands in the world now. Although many do not understand, know there are those out there who do! I am thankful for your sharing. My beautiful son. He was pronounced healthy and then 3 days later they found a bowel blockage which was a rare symptom of Cystic Fibrosis, a terrible genetic lung disease, At the time the median age of survival was 14 years.

Our hearts were broken and we lived in fear of losing him. We also feared trying to have other kids since there is a 1 in 4 chance of having it happen again to another child. He was ill to some extent all his life as the disease is progressive. But he was a great kid [all boy] and he grew to be a kind young man and a best friend to my husband and I. He became more ill just as he was about to complete a college degree and was close to being listed for a lung transplant.

[PDF] The Chance to Say Goodbye: Hope for Grieving Parents Full Colection

He experienced bleeding into the lungs and was hospitalized and started to improve then took a turn for the worse and was sick with sepsis. He was on a ventilator and died about 2 weeks later, a month after his 38th birthday in It has been almost 4 years but seems like yesterday. We still miss our only child every day. Life is very hard now after all those years with him at the center of our lives. It is hard to go on. I am so glad though to have had him with us for so long.

We are both over 70 now and hoping to be reunited with him in the not too distant future. Life now though feels empty. Dear Janis I am so sorry and sad to read about the loss of your beloved son Brendan. The way you describe how you feel is exactly how I feel. Our beautiful daughter Bethany was taken from us by a rare genetic condition last July. We shared the best year, so filled with love, joy, everything. Then her illness began after her first birthday last March. The pain of all that happened and the pain of being without her every day is indescribable.

It is, as you say, so hard to go on. I am holding on to the love we shared, share, and I will hold on to it forever. The love never changes. I just wanted to message you and send you a hug for mothers day, you sound like a lovely mum. Thanks for sharing Suzanne. It is now 3 months since my adult son passed suddenly. No warning, nothing. He lived alone when we found his body. He pops up in my mind all the time. He always chose the exact right thing without me knowing how he did it. He was the 2nd of 4 kids and my first son. I am grateful that my wonderful friend M shared this post.

What a beautiful compilation of the hearts of hurting mommas. Learning to find beauty in the pain is so difficult; but it is possible. Three years ago today my sweet, loving daughter died. It feels like an eternity has passed but the pain never leaves. I love talking about her and when people ask about my children I still say I have three because I do, one just lives in my heart. She was 30 years old and left behind her beautiful 3 year old daughter.

She was one month away from getting her associates degree. We take care of our granddaughter. I miss her so much. I always tell people to love their children and give them hugs. Really well done, well expressed. Such a stupid holiday. Nobody there knew my son. Thank you for posting this. Very difficult to watch your child go through this and suffer. I still am grieving my loss and the pain is absolutely insurmountable.

I have found that I too have changed as a person. Those who have not gone through this do not understand and have no clue of what people who have been through this deal with every day.

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I am fortunate I have a daughter, but this is not something that will ever go away. I liken it to a prison that you are in for the rest of your life. You cannot get away from it. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it. You will never get over it, you have to learn to live with it. I am still searching for a way to do this. I have a lot of faith in God and I hope one day to somehow come to better acceptance of this and also realize life is not fair.

Someone finally described the pain of losing a child accurately. It is like getting hit by a train and living to feel the pain. I lost my beautiful 26 year old daughter last year to a heroin overdose. I will never forget the horror of that Friday afternoon phone call from the coroner, telling me that she was dead. I cry every day for her loss!

Yes, I have 3 younger children who I love greatly, but she was my oldest, and the mother of my grandchild. What about a mother who has lost more than one child? Gave birth to four sons. The youngest died when he was 31……. No way can you explain the loss…hurt…. We have a family in our congregation who lost 2 sons a few years apart to tragedies. I wondered at the time, how can they bear it? How can they get up every day? Then 14 years ago, my granddaughter was stillborn. We were heart-broken, but knew because of her genetic deficiencies, her chances of survival were slim.

Then 2 years ago, on January 18, , her 2 siblings my only surviving grandchildren , ages 18 and 11, were killed on their way to school one morning when their car was t-boned. We were not just heartbroken, we were shattered. Part of us died that day. Not just my daughter and son-in-law, but us as grandparents, and the great-grandparents, cousins, relatives, and friends.

We grieved also for the truck driver who hit the kids and know he will never be the same. My daughter and son-in-law are doing the best they can to continue to be a part of the community that has supported them so well. When grief overcomes us, we have learned to just cry, let go.

I am so sorry for anyone who experiences the loss of a child, no matter what their age. I pray that you will learn to feel the comfort only God can give and look forward to that great day when we will see them again! Derek leaves his wife , a son cole at 11yrs, and a daighter Kallie at 9 years! That was so peaceful the actual Death. The last two days were very upsetting to watch him literly bleeding to death!

April 2 , Derek was 12 years old and his Sister was 14 years old! The day before Mothers Day this year, i was just so wanting to get a message on Mothers day or a sign from Derek! I have one Daughter 43! My Daughter wrote me a lovely letter about how i showed my Love and helped care for Derek as he wanted to die at home!

I Never slept the night before Mothers Day. Mothers Day i spent in bed till late afternoon then got up and went out for supper with my husband. My two stepdaughters Tracy called me and my other Step Daughter came over for a visit! My Step Grandson called and 2 days earlier had brought me a Ultrasound picture, showing his Girlfriend is pregnant! So that was good news. So i got through Mothers Day Thank God!!

I cannot imagine the pain people who have lost children are going thru. But her father never mentioned it EVER after I came home from the hospital, and we divorced a few years later. I doubt it would catch on, though…. I lost my only child, my son, when he was 14 years old. I think of him every day often, I always will. I also like that idea of using Kidow and Kidowers. I got off of those meds to protect my unborn baby.

After I lost my baby, I began to suffer severe multiple withdrawal symptoms from getting of my meds. I started the Whole30 diet in early February and have lost 37 lbs!

A Mother’s Chorus: Grieving a Child on Mother’s Day

And now my health is so much better because those meds made me feel dead inside for so many years!!! I hope to see my baby in Heaven one day!!! I now set my hopes on things above, not on earthly things. I believe God does not cause our loved ones to die. He cares more for us than we can even begin to fathom. My prayer life has changed. This site also helped me so much!!! I lost my strong proud handsome hard working son at age He became depressed and chose drugs to soothe his anguish.

He made the discussion the take his own life. Michael has been gone now for 14 years. The pain that gets a little less severe, never will leave me. I keep him in my heart and pray that I will see him again. Thank you for continuing to educate others about grief, especially child loss. You helped us through our journey, for which we are eternally grateful.

To know that there are wonderful people working on helping others who have not experienced loss understand those who have is hope for the future! Thank you! I am broke, I have a real fault line on my life now. I have lost loved ones to all kinds of death, how they died had a lot to do with how i felt, how long it took me to get back to life as i knew it, etc.

Losing your child is a grief all its own, no matter how it happened. It stays like a gash across your face. I am a fractured parent. My boy is what used to be in that crack. Sadly, so many of us have! Just get up…get up…hurry. He never will. He also sent his son to suffer and die the way he did….. When my sons ashes were placed on my friends table, I looked at that box and knew at that very instant there is something very wrong in this universe when I am starring at my son in a box.

I appreciated reading others posts because I could relate very closely to some of them, especially the woman who said every day is a little closer to being with your child again and she is no longer afraid of dying. I used to be such a scary cat about dying. Not any more. Vivian, I lost my son Tyler on September 5th, He was 21 years old. He and a friend went out kayaking on Platte Bay and both capsized. He has not been found still. I read your post and I feel your pain and anguish!!! I struggle with a lot of the same. So sorry for the loss of your sweet boy!

Please take care and know that you are not alone! Let God, Our Father, help you in your struggle and grief. Give him a chance to wrap his arms around you in peace. Just ask him. I truly believe he will hear your heart. God bless you. I lost my youngest child Joeseph July 6, He hung himself with his service dogs leash in his garage. He suffered from manic depression for over 14 years. He was 34, married for the 11 years with 3 chilren 2 sons and a daughter. My heart just does not understand, but Ii still love and miss him.

Many say we will never know WHY! Thats for the short understanding, it helps! My daughter died from suicide in and my life has never been the same. I think of her and miss her every day. I am so fortunate to also have a wonderful son; cannot begin to say what comfort this is. Thanks for this amazing site. I have miscarried three times. The agony of it is excruciating. I hear you! I lost one child who was 17 months old, and had a miscarriage after that… I think that the miscarriage was just as hard as the loss of the child that I held… and in some ways it was worse because I never even got to know if the second was a boy or a girl, I never got to hold him or her… There were just so many broken dreams.

Both losses were hard and both were different. I agree! I posted it on May We should be able to mourn our unborn babies with no judgement from others who cannot understand our grief! Liana Joy. This article is so true. I lost my 35 year old son suddenly on January 26 I have 2 other children that I love a lot, but I feel my life will never be the same. The pain is so overwhelming sometimes I wonder if I can go on.

I had a miscarriage years ago and never wanted to go through that pain again. And with this loss I am thinking back to that baby. It is my hope as the months and years go by that the pain will get better, I know it will with Gods help. Its been 3 months since my eldest took her life at 21 yrs old after struggling with mental illness for 6 yrs.

I feel like a pice of me is missing and cannot be replaced and i feel imcomplete. I hold onto the fact that she is no longer suffering , out of pain and has been reunited with her twin brother who i lost when i was 14 weeks pregnant and with her other siblings who never got to breathe plus my sister who passed 11 yrs ago suddenly aged The letter is so spot on and people dont understand and expect me to move on but i cant i need to hold on to her for as long as possible im scared that as time passes memories will fade.

I do not run into other women who have lost children. Folks had no idea how she struggled with addiction. This has been a blessing to hear other moms express their grief. Hugs to all of you. I am the mother of a mother who loss her daughter. She was such a special child, and if you ever met her you would love her. I heart aches for my grand daughter, but also for my daughter. For my love of both of them, breaks and fills heart. The exact bereavements are felt by alienated parents and grandparents inflicted by their adult children due to their own inabilities to resolve conflicts.

We grieve our children everyday who are still alive. Death is overwhelming devastating and yet we will all experience that moment in our lives. It is not a choice for the deceased or those whom loved them. But estrangement is a choice, it is cruel, evil and without morals or integrity. Ha, get the fuck over your petty bs. Ummm…you are an idiot. While I grieve the loss of my daughter, you can roll around the mud hole in which you live.

The loss of the living through estrangement and other ways can absolutely cause the same grief described in this article. But it is. Thank you for contributing this important comment — many many people share in your experience, sadly. I was a mother for 32 years but that all stopped one August day 6 years ago. I lost my son almost 13 years ago he was 23 and had two small little girls 3 and almost 2 years old. It seems like only yesterday. I do have two other children and I love them with all my heart. The loss of a child is horrible. Time does get better they say.

Holidays are still hard for me. I still miss those breakfast no matter what it was. We just never know what the day will bring for us. I lost my son on September 4th He was two days shy of being 8 months old. He was and still is my everything and always will be. He saved me and I know that he has been my angel since day one. I picture him sitting in the living room watching mickey or waking up to his adorable huge smile and his messy baby hair from sleeping on it.

I never truly felt heart break or even had the slightest clue of what it felt like until I lost him. A piece of my heart will always feel shattered and empty. I was so blessed each and every day to have him as long as I did. One day we will be together again forever… tomorrow is going to be extremely difficult as was his birthday Christmas and other holidays.

Talking now? How many more teeth he has? If his eyes are still that same beautiful deep crystal blue or if they changed.. I have so many unanswered questions.. Always and forever you will be my bear bear. You were too beautiful for this earth. I do not know you and have never meet you but I do know is thst we share the same similar feelings.

I could never get pregnant. My ex-husband and I tried but failed. He now has 2 of his own. I being the 2nd could not. He always blamed me for not bearing him a child. Well, years later and now with my 2nd spouse, we got help to figure out why. For me it was a chemical imbalance of to high of a ph balance in the uterus. After time, lossing a little weight, changing the diet a little and luck we were successful. Everything went well until the last trimester when something was not right. We did some testing of our genes and found out that we were carries of the Tasack Disease that Jewish people carry.

Our child had a very small window of surviving the pregnancy and making it past a few hours of living to a few months. We took the chance anyway.

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I had been trying for 15 years what more could I loose? Well, he decided to come early by a month. Then, he only lived 5 days after. We decided we did not want to know the sex of the child, so when he was born, my dream of having boys came true! Yes, this is when we found out the full extent of his kidneys and received a punchered lung on top of it.

I do not know what your child passed from but when you yern for something so bad and than granted with it. He than was ripped away from you and I. It is just a cruel, cruel joke.

I ca now broadly say I have entered into the breeders circle and now can be called a mom BUT I too am now missing something that should be by my side. His name is Irvin Gideon Stockfish and would have been 7 months old by now. You know how many mothers are helpless to do anything about their abused and raped children? Some of us have suffered from our children trafficked and unable to do anything. Since for me and thousands of other moms. No one knows the truth about Dv and family violence by proxy, court sanctioned pedophilia. I am so sorry for what you are going through and you are right, many mothers grieve losses of children that are not deaths, but that are excruciating and devastating.

You can find a post of ambiguous grief grieving someone who is still living here and one on disenfranchised grief not getting support and validation from society here. He was the best part of me, and I miss him. God took him home, and I know in my heart that Ryan is in Heaven, and he is at peace.

Those that he left a wife, a son age 4 at the time, brother, and his mother, struggle with the passing of a man that dedicated his life to his family. All of us that are in the midst of this loss of a child know that each day is a challenge, and each day is also a blessing, because we were blessed to have our child with us for as long as God allowed that, in that way I find a little peace, because having never had the child that is no longer a part of this earthly life would that not have been equally as painful as losing them.

I loss my son and my daughter on May My hold world changed that day. It still seems like yesterday. I can still hear the phone call that i received on that day. I never could have imagine loosing one but two at the same time. Sometime the pain seem to be so unbearable. He was only 25 and served active in the USAF. My son was born a leader with passion and a huge heart. BUT darkness found him. He became a victim of domestic violence. He had the physical scars and notes to prove it. Recently, I have surrendered this battle to God. God gives me strength.

The spiritual world is very real. Satan is very real. God is in full control and will give me justice. Until then, I thank God for allowing me to raise His son. I feel very blessed that I was his mom — even for a short time. I miss him like crazy……. I miss hugging and kissing him, texting and hearing his voice, holding and laughing with him…….

Our loved ones are always with us — but in a different form! Hello I can relate to all who has lost a child.. The machines were keeping him alive….. They say time will heal all wounds.. On Aug. My mother died suddenly the following year. Life was never the same after my son was born, and I became a mother. Life held such joy and happiness, such hope for the future. Then life has never been the same since he died. And I have hope in Jesus…. I will be with Danny again. Peace to all who have children living in heaven.

My loss is still so fresh. My daughter was 38 years old and passed unexpectedly January 22, Like everyone here I have good days and then not so good days. The image of her is still too fresh in my mind. She comes to me in dreams and I just want to hold her again. I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter. Sudden death is a blessing for them but so hard for us. We would never want to see them suffer but then you have some time to prepare.

I feel your daughter is coming to you in dreams to comfort you. In the beginning, grief is like a knife in your heart. Pain in every movement, every thought. Then I had numbness but slowly I could smile again. I know Danny would want me to be happy. Slowly I am healing. Pray and remember all the good times. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children.

And I always will be. I am grieving the lose of my second born, and have been for going on 5 years. This coming August will be 5 years. The day my second born passed I felt as if all time stopped. I was utterly lost. My son was 26 years old when he passed away. And the letter you have posted is exactly how if feel. But we all must draw strength through God and continue on. Thank you to all who have shared there loses. Everyone grieves differently but yet so alike. In our wildest imaginations, no one can know how tragic and truly devastating losing a child is until it happens to you. I also have lost 2 children, a daughter Dawn 19 in and my son Randy in 17 in I also lost a granddaughter Alexis 11 in and I wonder if it was ever going to end!!

I was instrumental in starting a bereaved group in town which is an international group beside USA. Would I ever be able to smile or laugh again?? You hear all kinds of things people say about getting over it! Let me tell you, you never get over get over it, you learn to live with it!!! I had 7 children and used to vision all the kids and their families at a big Holiday table but all that changed. We celebrate but in my heart there is always someone missing. I carry them in my heart and thoughts and get signs and it means they are always close to me.

Songs bring back memories and I will drop a tear in a store in a minute if the overhead plays a familiar song.