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He remembers feeling like there was no one he could talk to about what he was experiencing. In the film, Dan recounts going to a strip club as an experiment.

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He ended up talking vegetables with a dancer, and still uses some of her gardening tips to this day. He then decided that he still wanted the normalcy of a dating relationship, so he started dating Jason, with whom he was in a relationship for about a year. But his desires for a family and biological fatherhood were reawakened when he found himself falling in love with Kelly, a woman at work.

When his relationship with Kelly ended, Dan said he found himself tempted to find another relationship with a man.

Sons Of The Pioneers:The Everlasting Hills Of Oklahoma Lyrics

Rilene participated in the film because she felt she owed it to God to be as outspoken about him as she had been about being gay. In the film, Rilene recalled that at first she wanted to be loved by a man and to have a family. But after a dating dry spell and a woman making a move on her at a party, she started questioning whether or not she might really be attracted to women. And I needed to be wanted.

But even throughout that relationship, Rilene said she felt restless and often alone.

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After a series of financial downfalls and a marriage proposal from Margo, Rilene left the relationship and eventually found her way back into a Catholic parish. She said she felt like the film was a good chance for her and the other subjects to sort through their thoughts and examine their lives. Paul got involved in the gay scene after moving to New York City in the s. He landed a high-end job as an international model and rubbed elbows with celebrities at clubs in the city. He found himself going through dozens, and then hundreds, and then thousands of lovers.

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When the AIDs epidemic claimed around 90 percent of his friends, Paul decided to move to San Francisco for a fresh start. He met his partner, Jeff, there and they moved to a cabin in Sonoma County. One day while watching T. He cares for you.

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The three people who tell their stories in Desire are the reason it works so well. The trio took part in a panel discussion after the movie was screened Saturday evening at the Courage conference. Their testimonies bring an important and previously unheard voice to the discussion of same-sex attraction in both the Church and secular spheres. They are people who, prompted by God, took a different path: one that led each back to the Church and a decision to live a chaste life.

They are our best ambassadors and the most persuasive teachers because they have the credibility of lived experience.

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That lived experience is on ample display in Desire of the Everlasting Hills, which tells the stories of Dan, Rilene and Paul. No last names are given. Each was raised at least nominally Catholic, but that is where the similarities in their lives end. When he met someone online and drove to Flint, Mich. While Dan knew he was same-sex attracted from a young age, Rilene had never considered it.

Desire of the Everlasting Hills by Thomas Cahill | Books

In her younger years, she assumed she would meet a man, date and marry, but that never happened. Instead, Margo came into her life, and they fell in love. Paul was an international model during the sex, drugs and disco days of Studio 54 and the New York scene of the s. Their stories are unique, as befits detailed portraits of individuals, but the broader contours of their lives will be familiar to many with same-sex attraction.

There is a movement into a lifestyle that is embraced with various degrees of acceptance and gusto, a life as a person attracted to persons of the same sex and then an interruption: an epiphany. Something radical and unexpected breaks through. These moments are what drove the three to go public with their stories. I prayed: Jesus, please give me a few years of strength and energy.

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I thought how good God has been to me if I can help other people with my story. I fought pretty hard for the other team. Both Paul and Rilene tell powerful stories of their encounter with the transforming power of the sacrament of reconciliation.