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Our Executive Suite Room can accommodate up to 4 guests, these room vary in sizes between sqm with total rooms 3. Our Family Suite Room can accommodate up to 6 guests, these room vary in sizes between sqm with total rooms Our Grand Suite Room can accommodate up to 8 guests, these room vary in sizes between sqm with total rooms 3.

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Whiz Residence Darmo Harapan Surabaya A new meaning to life from commitments in continuing to set the standard of convience neigborhood. Subscribe to our Newsletter Submit. You have a limited number of characters to use so each post must be snappy and engaging.

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The power of twitter is that you are able to reach a wide audience and join communities with the simple use of hashtags. If your content fits into trending topics you can increase your visibility further by capitalizing on the current trends. Twitter is a great platform to connect with like-minded individuals and to promote your content.

Event Budgeting: The Guide to Master Your Event Budget - Eventbrite UK Blog

You may also find that influencers within your niche could find your content valuable and share it with the community. This will increase your authority in this space. The best measure of impact in this platform is through engagement. Twitter is a fast-paced platform and therefore it is more acceptable to share your content several times a day. Remember to make posts instantly captivating and always try to include: images, videos, gifs, infographics, links shortened , catchy text such as quotes from the content, abstract thoughts or questions.

Instagram is a photo sharing app that has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms around due to its simplicity of design and high impact visual style. The platform is associated with the Facebook company but occupies a different niche. To encourage this, many of the features of this platform are only available through the mobile app.

It is a fantastic platform to share both behind the scenes raw content and highly curated content to promote your show. Pinterest is another visual social media platform, however, unlike Instagram, it is more commonly used as a creative research tool. People can create boards to showcase products, service outcomes and artistic creations. If your podcast is associated with a creative and visual niche then this platform may be useful. However, for many, it will not be a suitable platform.

LinkedIn caters to a very different audience compared to the others mentioned before. It is used by professionals and companies to communicate, recruit and network.

Welcome to WhizzAct Solutions

Individuals will be managing their online personal brand and companies will be looking for talent to hire. This platform offers a lot to those podcasts which provide value in a professional setting.


If your show is about upskilling of any kind, it could be very beneficial to have a presence on this medium. These social platforms will allow you to promote your show, engage with fans and share content across the world.

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  • I know social media can be time intensive, but it is necessary within this digital landscape. Below are also some other digital tools to speed this process up.

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    One major advantage of Facebook is the advertising software they have. It is both simple to use and powerful, allowing you to reach a wide potential audience. This tool offers complete customisation action over your advertising campaigns.

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    • This is a paid service, but one you can navigate the software you can truly hyper-target your ideal audience by customizing the settings. You can even choose the goal of your campaign. Do you want to generate traffic to your podcast or do you want greater brand awareness? It is the easiest way to get started.

      Books by John Mepham

      Do you want greater brand awareness or would you prefer to increase traffic to your show? The opening page of the wizard will allow you to choose your outcome. This will decide what metric Facebook will use to charge you. Hover over the icon to learn more about each goal. It is important to make your ad visually appealing and eye-catching at a glance. Make use of capitals, emojis, videos, images and even brightly coloured graphics.