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  3. "The Conjuring 2" is about a girl being possessed by a demon in London.
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The 50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now

Some say that Cyril outlived his brother by a couple of days , and continued to live in the apartment before eventually dying himself. The terrifying tale of the most famous great white shark ever is based upon a string of shark attacks on the Jersey Shore in Five days later — and 45 miles north — a bellhop from Spring Lake also bled to death from a shark bite. The story only gets more terrifying.

The same shark then swam 30 miles north and 10 miles inland , killing both a boy and a man trying to save the boy in a creek. Finally, the fifth victim was attacked 30 minutes later in the same creek — he survived. George Burgess, an ichthyologist scientist who concentrates on the study of fish , called it the "most unique set of shark attacks that have ever occurred.

The murder of Sylvia Likens is known as the " worst crime in Indiana history. Her carnival-worker parents left Sylvia and her sister in the care of year-old Gertrude Baniszewski, a mother of seven, paying Baniszewski by the week. Three months later, on October 26, , police found Sylvia emaciated corpse, apparently covered in hundreds of wounds. Baniszewski — with the help of some of her kids and a few neighborhood kids — had tortured the girl to death.

Baniszewski served 20 years in prison , but was eventually released on parole. The rest of the children that were involved served between two and seven years. James Haxton posted the real Dibbuk box on eBay with a chilling description of events that befell him after he bought it at an estate sale. He claimed that he bought the box for his mom's birthday, and that she almost instantaneously had a stroke upon receiving it.

He also claimed that the final straw inspiring him to get rid of the box was when his sister, brother, and brother's wife all stayed over, and all reported having the same exact nightmare.

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You might be wondering what exactly a dibbuk is: according to Live SciFi, it's a "malicious or malevolent possessing spirit believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person" that escaped from Sheol Judaism's version of Hell. According to Thomas, he's exorcised the demons from five people, and receives multiple requests for exorcisms daily.

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Father Thomas trained for three months in Rome to become a certified exorcist, completing his training in Of his time there he said "I encountered a lot of people with diabolical attachments I had never seen what I am seeing now. The horrifying tale of the backpackers in "Wolf Creek" is based on a real string of murders that occurred in Australia's Belanglo State Forest in the '90s by Ivan Milat, aka " the Backpacker Killer.

Milat maintains that he is innocent, but was convicted for torturing and killing at least seven people, all backpackers and hitchhikers. Some think that he killed even more. He also kept multiple alligators in an enclosure near the saloon. A known ladies' man, Ball had relations with various waitresses, bartenders, and hostesses — three of which went missing.

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  6. Turns out, Ball had murdered two of them. Many believe he then fed them to his pet alligators, though there was never any evidence — his keeping them as pets was enough to cause concern and create rumors. When the police came around for questioning in , however, he shot himself in the heart. Tom and Eileen Longergan were scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in , when they were left behind by their boat after someone messed up the headcount. They were never heard from again. The diving company didn't even realize they were missing until two days later, when their passports and other personal effects were found on the boat.

    Months after their disappearance, Tom's dive slate was found miles north of their original disappearance. He had written "We have been abandoned Outer Edge. Some believe they were eaten by sharks, while others maintain that it was a murder-suicide pact. Their bodies were never found. The idea for this iconic franchise came from a Los Angeles Times article that Wes Craven, the film's writer and director, read, about a boy that was too terrified to sleep after surviving the Killing Fields in Cambodia.

    Here's what Craven said to Vulture about his inspiration : "He told his parents he was afraid that if he slept, the thing chasing him would get him, so he tried to stay awake for days at a time. When he finally fell asleep, his parents thought this crisis was over. Then they heard screams in the middle of the night. By the time they got to him, he was dead. He died in the middle of a nightmare.

    Here was a youngster having a vision of a horror that everyone older was denying.

    "The Conjuring 2" is about a girl being possessed by a demon in London.

    That became the central line of 'Nightmare on Elm Street. Gabbi Shaw. Page one is the girl sleeping peacefully, and then this! Kazuki is taking out the trash when he sees a gangly girl in a ragged Lolita costume sitting by the garbage. She asks him if he has a sister, and he tells her he does. If he answers yes, the girl will try to become his sister, and eventually give him a twisted death. Things only escalate from here: people are killed, corpses are defiled, and dogs are made into soup.

    And then things escalate some more.

    "The Church in the Woods" [COMPLETE] - CreepyPasta Storytime

    What makes these so effective is that there is never any explanation for anything happening. As the series continues, different kinds of magical girls arrive, each sewing their own unique brand of carnage. The less said about her the better. It honestly may be the most nihilistic apocalypse ever concocted. The story focuses on Kirishima Seiichi, a man who plans to kill his wife while on their island vacation.

    The latter is presumable, and the former is revealed immediately, with the book opening on Kirishima tied up underground, bruised and bloody. The rest of the stories are more traditional ghost stories, feeling like the sort of tale you might share around a campfire.

    They evoke such a visceral reaction that they allow the reader to understand the arguments against free speech — should something like this even be legal to print? Is it great, spooky settings? Copy out your favourite quotes that create an eerie sense of place and re-read when trying to make your own settings more vivid. Actively learning from great authors will improve your mastery of the horror genre. Give every malevolent character a strong, clear motivation. Revealing exactly what the motivation is can be part of the mystery that sustains your story and keeps readers guessing why unsettling things keep happening.

    Readers will scoff if a creepy doll goes on a murderous rampage in your novel simply because somebody took its batteries out. As Wendig puts it:. To write a credible horror novel, in other words, show that the horror-filled situation is dependent on a network of character choices, past or present.

    If the point of horror writing and horror elements in other genres such as paranormal romance is to arouse fear, shock or disgust, think of the things people are most commonly afraid of. Live Science places an interest choice at number one : The dentist. Making readers scared creates tension and increases the pace of your story. Even so there should be a reason for making readers fearful. A terrifying situation should be central to the plot and should be driven by some or other cause even if the reader can only guess, ultimately, what the precise cause is.

    20 Short Horror Stories From Reddit That Are Way Better Than Most Horror Movies You’ve Ever Watched

    Here are some of the most common fears people have. As an exercise, list the reasons why we might find these things terrifying. Fears such as fear of humiliation, inadequacy or failure: Most common fears — fodder for horror novel writing.