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Check out the following code:. Most common issues with WordPress multisite network setup occur due to incorrect configuration of wildcard subdomains and domain mapping issues. Make sure that your web host supports wildcard subdomains before setting up multisite. Another common issue is that when using WordPress multisite with sub-directories, some users are unable to login to the admin area of their sites after they add the required code in wp-config. To fix this issue, see our guide on how to find pending unconfirmed users in WordPress. Later at some point, you or another site owner may want to export a site from multisite to its own WordPress install.

This can be easily done.

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For step by step instructions see our guide on how to move a site from WordPress multisite to single install. You may also want to bookmark our ultimate guide of common WordPress errors and how to fix them. It will save you a lot of time by quickly fixing the most common WordPress issues. Many of our users have asked us plenty of questions about WordPress multisite network and how to use it more efficiently. Following are the most frequently asked questions that we have answered. For example, if your websites are not related to each other, then you would be better off with a multiple site management tool, like InifiteWP.

If you manage multiple sites for a restaurant chain, university, or online magazine, then WordPress multisite will be more efficient. Once again it depends on several factors. Better WordPress hosting with plenty of server resources will allow multisite to be faster but then again with these resources, individual WordPress sites will also run faster. However, on a shared hosting account, traffic spikes will increase memory usage and slow down all websites on the multisite network at the same time.

To improve multisite speed, see our guide on WordPress performance and speed optimization. Yes, you can add an online store in WordPress multisite network. Most likely, you will be using an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce for that, which is compatible with WordPress multisite. Some WordPress plugins may not be compatible with WordPress multisite. However, if it is not mentioned, then it is safe to assume that it is multisite compatible. By default, a user who is registered on one site cannot register or be added to another site on the same network.

However, you need to be careful as you may end up giving someone admin privileges to a site. We hope this article helped you learn how to install and setup WordPress multisite network. You may also want to see our step by step WordPress security guide to protect and keep your WordPress multisite secure. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. Trusted by over 1. Unfortunately, the bad news is that I can not see the footer widgets, that contain Contact us, Terms and conditions etc….

It also seems to me that the styling has slightly changed from the main domain to my subdomain… and only slightly, but definitely changed…. You would need to recreate the widgets on a subsite if you have not done so already. I use nginx server. Please help how to config these code.

If you reach out to your hosting provider they should be able to help you get your SSL to cover the subsites. I installed WP multisite with subfolders. When I edit the main site the controll panel is on the well known adresse: domain-name. But when I try do edit the first of the extra sites it goes to domain-name. Hi, I managed to set up the multisite online.

The main site site works perfectly and is live. When I add a subsite for my blog I can see it in network dashboard. When i click on dashboard for that subsite i get this error. What have i not done. Any help is appreciated. Regards Eddie. And they keep referring me to my developer to ask for assistance. What did I do wrong and how can I fix it? It would depend on what error message you are receiving for the possible reason but you could also be running into a caching issue for the subdomains due to your DNS not seeing the change.

Hi there, I managed to fix it. But now, I have a different problem. I need to create 15 subdomains sites part of the network that represent regions. So all the sites needs to look the same, but with varying products etc. Is there a way that I can replicate the primary site in the network? Glad you were able to resolve the issue, using multisite you should have the same themes and plugins available to let you manually recreate the design on your other sites. Worked like a charm.. Glad our article could help. I research the problem in Google, but so far no luck. I have no idea why tools are missing….

Any idea what is wrong? Before setting up network I disabled all the plugins, like you explain in this tutorial. Multisite should not change your storage for your site, it is for grouping the sites together rather than reducing storage. I want to set up a multisite network for an online store and I want each city to have its site which will be on my multisite network. Now after setting up all the sites on my network, how can I create a landing page that will list all the sites using city names as anchor text so that users can click on the link for their respective city stores.

Cecommerce has a plugin that does that. Thank you and keep up the good work. Please see our guide on how to fix internal server error in WordPress. Hi can I host multiple websites if I buy the 25 per month plan How many websites I can host is there any number or space I need to host 50 website they all are small websites 4 pages pictures Thanks. That would depend on your specific hosting provider. If you reach out to them with your requirements they should be able to point you toward what you need.

So many people having problem setting up multisite. For example bluehost doesnt support multisite with any plan. So ask your host whether they support multisite or not.

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This article was created using BlueHost, you can create a multisite setup for this with them but you will need their plus or prime plans normally. You can choose default theme and plugins for new sites. You can also modify the text thats added to default sample content.

Multisite User Roles: The Super Admin

Might be an idiot question but hey, ill try. If i want sites linked between two different hosts, lets say one. If so, would it be an easy process? You gave very good information. I have seen many such websites but they do not understand their technology. Your article has cleared the whole story as water. In fact, the solution comes on your website.

I would like to have subdomains. In case I dont want to run multiple sites under the same wordpress installation then what should i do?? Do I upgrade my current basic plan with bluehost, or do I purchase a new plan? Of all the articles and blog posts on how to setup WordPress Multisite, this tutorial worked for me.

What about multisites as in TLDs? Not subdomains nor virtual directories, can a single setup support different personalities that way? I Have some issues that I need clarification on though, which are: Will deactivating my site plugins during multisite set up affect my SEO and can I enable those plugins immediately the multisite setup is completed? So I did what any savvy person would do — I googled.

Up popped your tutorials, thank goodness! We are glad you found WPBeginner helpful. Hi there, Thanks for all your work. I followed you instructions to check if I had an issue on my installation which was not working for the creation additional sites. I found in the comments that some other peaple had this issue. Additionally, a Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. The creation of the page does not really work.

The directory only contains a cgi-bin folder. Do you have any idea what went wrong? Any help or ideas why? I completly deactivated my plugins already. Thanks for this. Very helpful! I have 2 domains from 2 different host providers. Now I want to create 2 websites for these 2 domains, and manage them from the same wordpress account. Is that possible? The article looks like the wp multisite installation only works for sub-domains and sub-directories for domains that are managed within 1 single host provider. What should I do in my case? This was very helpful to ensure I was on the right path for installing the multisite.

But I hit a snag with my child theme. It returns the following message:. Broken Theme: Template is missing. Standalone themes need to have a index. Child themes need to have a Template header in the style. The tutorial only mentions subdomains and sub-directories. I have people purchase my products on a domain but then I manually give them access to it from a subdomain. Is there a way to skip this step and give them immediate access once they purchase the products, maybe by using their purchase contact information to create their account information on the subdomain, automatically?

Thank you, very well done. Hi, I am new to WP and learning in baby steps. My husband and I have several websites whose website builder went out of business. So we have a host and domain names. I opened up a wordpress account and am in the process of transferring over one of my sites. But, since I read your article above, it looks like a multi-site network might not be best, but I cannot find any info online on how to open up a new and different WP account with a different website. They are all different kinds of sites that do not relate to each other at all.


The WordPress Multisite Overview with Examples - MultilingualPress Docs

You can sign up for a hosting provider and host multiple websites on the same hosting account. You can also add multiple domains and install multiple instances of WordPress for each website under the same hosting account. However, if your websites get more than you should consider VPS hosting or managed WordPress hosting. After following all the instructions on this post, I always get the same problem with the themes. I have a theme for the main website and it works perfect, even the theme selector area is fine.

However, the 2nd and the other websites created after are completely void of any style, also the theme selector has nothing. I cannot find any proper solution for my problem. After that you can go to your other sites and activate theme you want to use on those sites. When i create multisite on hostgator, i got a warning message to remove www. But i want my websites to look like www. So how can i do like this?

Please wpbeginer give me a solution! I deactivated all plugins at once and suddenly my site stopped working. How to solve this? The problem I am having is that after I create a new subdomain site2. I need to allow users to sign up for a site using multi site but also need my main site duplicated for the user. Can this be done? If so, how? Great article and super easy steps to follow.

Originally I was getting a site not found error and added FollowSymLinks to my. Any suggestions how to fix that? Using subdomains as it was an existing site.

Just not sure where to go from here. Feels like the site is not finding the WordPress installation. Then, my question: Can a multisite network be installed itself in a subdomain? I would use subdirectories for the individual sites of the network. Yes, you can install a multisite network on a Subdomain and use subdirectories for each site on the network. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I just tried and it works perfectly. Once more congratulations for this article.

BR Cristiano.

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Is there an option to implement woocomerce in this multisite thing, the meaning of this is that if one subdomain site sells an item it will show the order on the subdomain site as wel as one the admin site wich can make other sites etcc. Its useful to know if that part would work so there can be one place where all the orders of the subdomains collect. Hi, I noticed at least a couple of others running into this same issue, but no answers: When I try to view my newly-created additional sites, I get a error — no permission to view.

What did I miss? I would like to categorize my self hosted blogs individual domains and then let my blog writer only access blogs from a certain category so he can maintain them with fresh content. How do I do that? For categorization I already found this plugin:. Gave name to my new subdomain 2. Then clicked on create button. Please help me in this and also can you help me installing WordPress in my subdomain. It is OK, your path can be different depending on how your web hosting company has configured their servers.

Should one use sub-domains or sub-directories? What are the pros and cons of both? Please add a small guidance on this issue in this article. There is either no index document or the directory is read-protected. Is there any way to have a set theme already created like content, design, etc. All the sites hosted under WordPress Multisite Network are hosted on the same server. Therefore, all the sites consume resources from the same server. Web hosting such as VPS and dedicated hosting are preferred for Multisite setup as they offer better hardware and server scalability in case of larger sites.

We will walk you through the whole process step-by-step but it would be a plus if you are already familiar with FTP and basic WordPress installation. For backing up you can use any plugin or manually make a backup of both files and database. Fresh WordPress installation does not require any additional steps. We will be using FTP throughout the article. Copy the file and open it in any text editor of your choice for example, you can use Sublime Text.

Happy blogging. Now log in to your WordPress dashboard and disable all the plugins. If you intend to use subdomain feature of Multisite, you need to enable wildcard DNS record on your server. This can be configured using cPanel. Note: cPanel provided by your hosting service might look a bit different than the one I have. Once the network is completed, the network configuration page will pop up containing necessary code that needs to be inserted in both the wp-config file and.

We have successfully created our network and you can also see the change in the WordPress admin dashboard. Upon clicking on Dashboard list of options, the side menu will change and new options will appear for managing Multisite. On this screen we can now add a new site to our Multisite Network. Follow the same step to add other sites as well and all the added sites can be viewed under All Sites tab under Sites option. This is how we can edit each site individually using Multisite admin dashboard.

One of the key features of managing a network of WordPress Multisite is to add and install themes and plugins. The multisite feature gives the site-specific control for both themes and plugins. Once the theme is installed it will appear in the theme list. Here you can specificity whether to enable the theme for the network or not.

You may also enable a specific theme for a specific site.

Themes list access for WordPress multisite single site admin

In the case of multiple sites, this feature comes in handy to activate a specific theme on a single site. Head back to Network Admin dashboard as plugins can only be installed by the administrator. Go to Plugins and add a new plugin of your choice. Unlike themes, plugins cannot be activated for a specific site. Instead, once the plugin is installed by the administrator it can be activated for each site if needed. Note: Only the plugins which are network-enabled by the administrator can be activated. Other plugins can be seen on the list but cannot be activated.

Therefore, it cannot be activated by this sub-site.

How to Create WordPress Multisite

Securing Multisite is as important as securing any WordPress website and the same principals can be applied:. WordPress Multisite is an amazing feature to manage a network of virtual sites using a single WordPress installation. In the article above we saw how easy it is to create and manage one.