A Hundred Hundred-Word Stories

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  1. 100 Word Stories
  2. How to Write a Story in 100 Words
  3. Fissures: One Hundred Word Stories by Grant Faulkner — Press 53
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Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. About Highlights Events Links. Share this: Facebook Twitter More Email. Like this: Like Loading Published July 19, July 18, Previous Post Math-staches. The artwork? This was profoundly different from your usual posts. The movie had a huge budget for special effects.

Hired the best actors and actresses available. Costumes, set design, the musical score. And the greatest director of all time, with his ace cinematography crew. They had it all. Except for a writer. The director and producers went through script by script, shaking their heads and demanding rewrites. Until it was too late. The financial backers backed out. Everybody sued everybody else. And the studio went under. One of the crew made a documentary about the colossal failure. He picked up an Academy Award for it. The producers sued him, too.

Hi there. Every week, I post a topic for the Weekly Challenge, where you come up with the stories and I collect them up and share them.

100 Word Stories

Want to give it a try? Write a word story on that topic. Then, send it in an email to isfullofcrap at gmail. Do you have a website where people can learn more about you and your writing? Include the URL to that website. Most importantly, include a recording of your story. Be sure to introduce yourself to the audience. I put the episode together on Sunday morning. However, if you need more time, I can put your story up on the feed in a separate post.

Comedian Buddy Buster spent a lot of time writing jokes. He put them on notecards and organized them in a card file. Over time, the card file grew large enough to take up several filing cabinets. He bought a white van so he could drive from gig to gig with his props, his wardrobe, and those joke files.

How to Write a Story in 100 Words

And record albums and tapes to sell after each of his shows. They even filled the gas tank and got it washed. That was my grandfather Bernie. It was his second time to apply to the school. Last year,the school had rejected him and he had been devastated. But he was a resilient individual with a singleness of purpose that bordered on the manic.

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So he applied again. Mike Gillock August 25, PM. At last I was a college freshman and totally on my own. Nobody was going to remind me when to get up or go to bed, to get ready each morning, go to meals, or to attend my classes. Organization and self-discipline were yet to be learned.

Although I made myself a class schedule for my desk, I neglected to make one to carry with me. Entering the room and taking a seat in my very first class, I exited soon after class began. I was in the wrong class! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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  4. How to Write a Story in 100 Words.
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  7. Learn how your comment data is processed. I want it to be a complete story. Beginning, middle, and end.

    Not just a vignette — not just a snapshot of a scene. And I want you to write with the explicit goal of making us feel something. Joy, pain, fear, sorrow. Some emotion. In words only.

    Fissures: One Hundred Word Stories by Grant Faulkner — Press 53

    Crack the whip, word-herders. Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading Okay, I am getting this in last minute! Hope you guys enjoy! We waited.

    How to Trim

    She pulled her ball out. Here we go. Your point? Not too old. No fuel. Pale skin became exquisite surrealist art. Their world became light. An exertion of will turned his eyes away from the window. She waited outside.

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    6. Jake meant it when he offered her. The room grew warmer.


      Ray sipped his drink, ice chattering. A tell. Ray glanced down at his cards.