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In a big, lost painting of , he pictured himself, blood-spattered in a natty suit, gaily strewing female body parts around his studio. But was he a misogynist? Oh, boy. In , he lured away Martha Koch, the wife of a doctor who was a portrait subject and a friend; they married in and had three children. A winsome little girl appears, too. Dix claimed to have invented the definitive Weimar art movement, Neue Sachlichkeit the term, dubbed by a Kunsthalle director, in , is usually translated as New Objectivity, but with connotations of sobriety and banality.

Certainly, Dix tops the Neue Sachlichkeit field, which includes the antic Grosz and the icily obscene Christian Schad. Dix gained his edge with a fluent mastery of varied styles, from steely realism to poetic though hardly dreamy fantasy. His great portrait of Dr.

An Otto Dix retrospective.

Mayer-Hermann, made with an archaic method of oil glaze over tempera on wood, is Neue Sachlichkeit for the ages. Dix had a thing for doctors, such as the fashionable psychiatrist who stares from a canvas of with demented eyes worthy of a midnight-movie maniac.

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The artist could be formally inventive: witness a startlingly gorgeous, Cubism-inflected painting, from , of a jolly, red-faced officer disporting with a prostitute, in which parts of the image are reflected in mirrors. With primitivist touches, it suggests a dirty-minded Chagall. But Dix would readily uglify any image rather than let it escape his pugnacious temperament into merely aesthetic avenues. A general exception sets in, sadly, with sugary landscapes from the nineteen-thirties.

Dix lay low through the Second World War. Dragooned into the last-ditch Volkssturm militia, in , he surrendered to French troops and spent nearly a year in a prison camp, where he painted portraits of his captors. Recommended Stories.