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Forecasts ranged from a gain of 1. Purchases in September were revised down to show a 1. Sales have now fallen for four months in a row, the first time that's happened since records began in Excluding automobiles, purchases decreased 2. Today's report showed sales at 10 of 13 merchant categories dropped last month, testament to the broad-based nature of the slump.

Auto Slump Purchases at automobile dealerships and parts stores plunged 5. Purchases of expensive goods are taking the biggest plunge as banks turn borrowers away. President-elect Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress are under pressure to push through another stimulus plan even before the new administration takes over. Excluding gas, retail sales fell 1. Sales at furniture, electronics, clothing, sporting goods and department stores were also among the losers. Restaurants, grocery stores and a miscellaneous category were the only areas that showed a gain. The Richfield, Minnesota-based electronics chain said sales in the four months through February will decline more than it previously estimated.

Rival Circuit City Stores Inc. Macy's Inc. Nordstrom yesterday cut its profit forecast for the third time this year The International Council of Shopping Centers has forecast the November-December holiday season will be the worst since Shoppers are pulling back as the labor market slumps. The unemployment rate jumped to 6.

Employers cut more than a half million workers from payrolls in the past two months. Record Expansion The longest expansion in consumer spending on record ended last quarter, causing the economy to shrink at a 0. The economic slump will intensify this quarter and persist into the first three months of , making it the longest downturn since , economists forecast in a Bloomberg survey conducted from Nov.

Excluding autos, gasoline and building materials, the retail group the government uses to calculate gross domestic product figures for consumer spending, sales decreased 0. The government uses data from other sources to calculate the contribution from the three categories excluded. The two quarters of contraction -- the result of this year's surges in the cost of credit, the euro and oil prices -- mark the first recession since the single currency was introduced almost a decade ago.

The losses forced Freddie to request government funds and the company said it expects to receive the money by Nov. Chief Executive Officer David Moffett, named in September when the government seized control of Freddie and the larger Fannie Mae, increased writedowns for bad mortgages and securities and took a charge against most of Freddie's so-called deferred tax credits. Fannie CEO Herbert Allison took similar steps earlier this week and said the company may need government money at the end of the year.

Economic data this week signaled that policy makers have failed to avert a global downturn. Gross domestic product in the 15 euro nations contracted 0. Fourth Consecutive Drop Retail sales in the U. Commerce Department said today. While the governments probably won't coordinate fiscal policy, their actions will likely become increasingly similar, Bernanke said. Since the coordinated rate reduction, the Fed has cut its benchmark rate another half-point to 1 percent.

Corporations with investment-grade credit ratings were paying a premium of about 6 percentage points above comparable Treasuries to issue debt as of Nov. Economists don't expect growth to resume until the three months ending in September The Fed is forecast to reduce the federal funds target rate to 0. Those will be released along with the meeting minutes on Nov. So soll bis zum Zudem soll das Wirtschaftswachstum mit staatlichen Mitteln wieder angekurbelt werden. Darin sei auch der Ruf nach niedrigen Zinsen inbegriffen. Das erste Treffen fand im Dezember in Berlin statt.

Dazu kommen die Gipfelteilnehmer am Samstag zu zwei Arbeitssitzungen und einem Arbeitsmittagessen zusammen. Der Gipfel wolle die Staaten weiter auffordern, den Verlockungen des Protektionismus zu widerstehen und den Verhandlungen zur Liberalisierung des Welthandels neuen Schwung zu verleihen. Auch der globale Konjunkturabschwung stand auf der Tagesordnung beim GTreffen.

Auf der Investitionsseite verlangt der deutsche SPD-Kanzlerkandidat den massiven Ausbau der Energie- und Breitbandinfrastruktur, da es auf diesem Gebiet in Europa einen "erheblichen Modernisierungsbedarf" gebe. Steinmeier fordert auch einen besseren Dialog der Sozialpartner und eine umfassende Bildungsoffensive. GE Jenbacher hat seinen Exportfokus erweitert. Starke Impulse kommen u. Und sich gleichzeitig auch innerhalb des Betriebs aktiv vernetzten - ein Pilotprojekt von GE Jenbacher, das als vorbildlich gilt. The group set a March deadline for recommendations on strengthening accounting standards, derivatives markets and oversight of hedge funds and debt-rating companies.

The call for an overhaul of the world financial industry indicates leaders want future expansions to be smoother than the boom and bust of this decade. A lack of any specific pledges to stimulate growth may disappoint some investors, analysts said.

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Markets may be vulnerable after the weekend meeting because there was no clear pledge for coordinated tax and interest-rate cuts, he said. The group pledged not to erect new trade barriers, guaranteed more resources for the International Monetary Fund if needed and promised to meet again before May. President George W. Bush said. The euro-area fell into its first recession in 15 years in the third quarter and data suggests the U.

China Shudders Emerging markets are also feeling the pain, with Chinese industrial production growing at the weakest in seven years last month. Bush, with only two months left before he leaves office, opposes any movement toward a global authority overseeing financial markets. Capital standards should be raised, they said, particularly for banks' structured credit and securitization activities. The leaders directed their finance ministers to work on recommendations for enhancing disclosure by investors and institutions, including hedge funds, of their financial conditions.

Debt-rating companies, which blessed many of the products that have since gone into default, should be registered, and oversight of their actions strengthened to ensure they provide unbiased information and avoid conflicts of interest.

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  4. Accounting Standards Accounting standards should be harmonized around the world, the group said, and regulators should consider whether current rules properly value securities, particularly complex, illiquid products, during times of stress. The leaders endorsed the use of clearinghouses for financial derivatives to back trades and absorb losses in case of a dealer failure. Such products should be traded on exchanges or electronic trading platforms, the leaders said, and more disclosure should be required for other derivatives traded over the counter. Trade Talks Warning against protectionism as a way to fight recession, the G vowed not to raise any trade barriers for the next year.

    They also said they will seek ways by the end of the year to conclude the Doha round of trade talks that collapsed in July. Some emerging-market nations with large reserves have been reluctant to raise contributions to the IMF unless they are given more of a say in how the organization is run. Leaders will meet again before the end of April, most likely in London, when a new American administration is in office. Sie haben gute Arbeitnehmer, aber ich glaube nicht, dass sie ein gutes Management haben.

    Sie sind nicht innovativ. In gewisser Weise sind sie Dinosaurier. Er sei aber froh, dass Bush diesen Prozess angestossen habe, weil die globale Wirtschaftskrise eine koordinierte globale Antwort verlange. Stimmt,weil die Amis ja nicht "sozialisitsch" sein wollten,haben sie Sozialleistungen u. Sozusagen Sozialismus a la USA. Daran hat ja auch Chrysler zu knabbern. Nur schlecht gemanagte Dinos bleiben sie trotzdem Japan's Economy in Recession After Shrinking 0.

    Fairer Handel statt Freihandel! - Was sagen die Parteien zu TTIP, CETA, TiSA? - Wahlprüfsteine

    Gross domestic product shrank an annualized 0. Economists predicted the economy would grow 0. The slowdown may deepen as the global financial crisis hurts exports, prompting companies from Toyota Motor Corp. Japan has the lowest interest rates among the 20 biggest economies and public debt that exceeds percent of GDP, limiting the government's ability to stimulate growth.

    The gauge has lost 43 percent this year. The yield on Japan's year bond fell two basis points to 1. The yen fell to The yen has gained 9. Europe, U. The economy last contracted over two consecutive quarters -- the technical definition of a recession -- in Germany also fell into a recession last quarter, as did the entire euro zone, reports showed last week, and the U. The Bank of Japan has little scope to contribute further after lowering the benchmark rate to 0.

    Economic and Fiscal Policy Minister Kaoru Yosano confirmed that the economy had entered a recession that may deepen. Businesses Cut Back Growth in China, which became Japan's biggest customer in July, slowed to 9 percent last quarter, the weakest since Quarter-on-quarter, Japan's economy shrank 0. Capital spending fell 1. Toyota, which makes more than three-quarters of its sales abroad, forecast profit will fall this fiscal year by almost 70 percent.

    The carmaker will fire 3, workers by March, and the Nikkei newspaper reported this month that it will delay adding capacity at a domestic plant that makes Lexus sedans. Canon, the world's largest camera maker, last month forecast profit growth would fall for the first time in nine years and said it will cut capital spending 4. Exports rose 0. Imports climbed 1. Economists predicted a 1.

    Still, Japan will probably suffer less than its biggest counterparts after companies shed debt and streamlined labor forces following the bursting of the property and asset bubble in the early s. Asia's biggest economy will shrink 0. Consumer spending increased 0. The ratio of jobs to applicants has fallen for eight months and the deteriorating profit outlook for companies is also putting pressure on wages. Winter bonuses, which typically account for about 10 percent of a fulltime worker's annual pay, will fall 2.

    Recovery trades are for next year There is no simple rule on timing the end-of-recession trade: lower vol, and fewer downside surprises help. But each recovery rally will initially feel like a bear market rally. We forecast global real policy rates to fall below zero in for the first time in modern times. We remain bullish duration govies and swaps in all developed markets. We are more cautious in EM. Overweight Banks and Asia in EM. Further HF and synthetic credit unwinding pose main downside risk to credit. We remain overall bearish on base metals.

    With the global recession intensifying, we remain broadly in recession positions. This keeps us long fixed income, defensive on credit and equities, and underweight higher-beta countries and sectors. At some point, we need to reverse back into risky markets, as they should recover before the end of the recession. What should we look for in trying to time a recovery trade?

    Charting equities against the economic cycle tells us we need to buy months before the end of the recession. By our forecasts, that points to Feb-Mar next year. But forecasts keep changing, making this strategy hard to execute. The strong negative trend in forecast changes implies one should wait for the first uptick in growth forecasts.

    We find, though, that forecasts do not turn until the last month of a recession and are thus a lagging signal. Many other signals are used to time market turns, including value, positions, sentiment, and volatility. Value is a necessary condition for a turnaround, but is not that effective in timing. With cash soon earning zero interest, most risky assets will have high value versus cash.

    This is supportive, but will not induce buying until investors feel downside is limited. Extreme underweight positions and negative sentiment are similarly good supportive conditions for a turnaround in risky markets, but by themselves have been very mixed in helping to time markets. Clearly, investors have been negative and underweight equities for some time, but that has not prevented a further slide in stock prices.

    We believe an end to deleveraging is necessary to end the bear market. We think we are quite advanced in the deleveraging cycle, but feel there remain serious risks emanating from hedge funds. Two forces that have been quite good at driving turnarounds are a fall in delivered volatility, and a turn away from negative economic surprises i. Neither has turned yet. Overall, we conclude that there is no simple rule to time the recovery trade.

    More likely, the recovery-anticipation rebound in equity and credit markets will start with what will feel like a bear market rally, but will then gain momentum as economic conditions turn. That is, the recovery trade is a bear market rally that fails to fizzle out. It implies that we need to follow bear market rallies, as one of them will eventually become the Real McCoy. Economic outlook The tide of downward revisions continues to run strong in both the consensus and our own forecasts. We lower further our global growth forecasts this week driven by downward revisions in Euro area.

    The global economy is expected to contract at a 1. The Euro area economy contracted by 0. Given the downward momentum in the data into Q4, ongoing stress in the financial system and the still limited policy support across the region, we lower our growth for both this year and next. Western Europe dominates the global easing cycle due to the relatively high initial level of rates across the continent. Fixed income Government bonds continue to grind up, in line with further downside surprises in activity data, and revisions in growth and interest rate forecasts across much of the world.

    EM local markets are again struggling in line with the broad underperformance of the EM asset class. No change in our strategy. We are more cautious in EM, given recent gap moves and sensitivity to risk premia. In Europe, we stay in steepeners. In the US, we moved into bullish flatteners, as effective fed funds is already near zero.

    We stay overweight swaps in major markets as liquidity in the money market is slowly improving and public guarantees and capital injections are improving credit perceptions of banks. Equities Equities fell sharply early this week, retesting October lows in the US, but recovered later in the week.

    While a retest of a previous low has historically been a bullish signal, we feel there are other conditions that need to be met before we can see a year-end rally. Extreme volatility, which has been a deterrent for investors, is receding but remains very elevated. In terms of hedge fund redemptions, although we believe most of the impact from quarterly fund of fund redemptions has been realized, many individual equity hedge funds have and day notice periods. We thus need to pass the Nov redemption window before a year-end rally can take place.

    Economic activity surprises, which have been worsening for more than two months, also need to improve. We measure economic activity surprises by using our EASIs. The EASI is at a record low in the US and we see a decent chance of a short-term rebound, as we have seen after past extremes, as market expectations became extremely negative on activity data.

    Cyclical sectors continue to plummet. We keep a defensive sectoral stance as momentum in prices, earnings and flows remains very negative for cyclical sectors. We overweight Banks and Value vs Growth stocks. In EM, we forecast a severe profit recession in Q4 08 and Q1 09 and favour defensive domestic sectors focusing on banks.

    Asia remains our preferred region as it benefits from a financial surplus, lower inflation and commodity prices, a shift in terms of trade between commodity producers and consumers, and a rapid easing cycle. Credit Conditions in funding markets continue to improve, especially for very short-term credit. Investors continue to inject funds into US prime money funds. With outstandings increasing, money fund managers are more comfortable with their liquidity and more willing to add risk by extending maturities. As a result, demand for longer-term 3-month CP is rising.

    Corporate issuance has also improved. These improvements led us to trim our overall underweight in credit last week but we are not yet ready to move to a long position. The main negative force for credit stems from continued HF and synthetic credit unwinds. Convertible arbitrage hedge funds had a dismal October and are at risk of more redemptions.

    In the synthetic CDO market, we do see increasing unwinding pressure from losses and ratings downgrades. Given that the resulting portfolio has no real diversification around the investment theme, the material question is how far advanced is the deleveraging process. International equity investors have undertaken only partial liquidations judging from mutual fund flows. The motivation for staying long the yen is that in an environment of massive central bank balance sheet expansion, those countries who inflate the most will eventually earn themselves the weakest currency.

    The ultra-dovish Inflation Report from the BoE signalled a further slashing of UK interest rates and an indifference to the fate of the currency. We have therefore marked down GBP forecasts to 0. Alternatives Hedge funds were down 5. It was one of the worst months in history but significantly better than our original estimates based on investable indices.

    Redemptions continue to be the main risk for hedge funds near term. Fears of additional changes in redemption policies and of further deleveraging are likely to lead to significant redemption requests next quarter. We believe that redemption constraints are now more important than requests in determining outflows this quarter. Some redemption estimates for this quarter are exaggerated, as they ignore that most funds can limit outflows.

    Imposing redemption constraints appears not to be a stigma for fund managers anymore. Energy was the main reason for underperformance. OPEC will likely cut production in the next meetings, but weak demand will keep downward pressure on prices near term. Base metals are roughly flat this week, but zinc rallied strongly. We remain overall bearish, but zinc is the least vulnerable. Lead is the most vulnerable now. We see any rally in lead as a selling opportunity. That means there may be more stock declines to come.

    Insider buying, a bullish signal for two decades, lost its prescience this year and now may be a harbinger of a retreat in shares because it signals overconfidence, according to Ben Silverman, director of research at InsiderScore. But the economic slowdown has happened much more quickly and has been much deeper than people expected. The gauge gained 7.

    Executives at financial firms such as Wachovia Corp. Whether it was hubris or being too close, not being able to see the forest for the trees. The Richfield, Minnesota-based company said last week that profit and sales will fall more than analysts forecast. Founder Richard Schulze bought 1.

    The purchases were his first in at least five years, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Immelt, who took over on Sept. The year-old executive works without a contract and has always exceeded a requirement that he hold shares valued at least six times his salary. With his most recent purchase, Immelt now owns more than 1. Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

    Pandit, 51, bought , common shares on Nov. He also bought , preferred shares. Nine officers and two directors at Consolidated Edison Inc. The stock dropped 9. Buy Signals In the past, insider purchases were a reliable indicator for investors looking to buy. Between and , executives at NYSE-listed companies were net buyers on eight occasions, monthly data compiled by Washington Service show. Taylor Wimpey gained as much as 18 percent to 11 pence and was trading at 10 pence as of a. British venture-capital firms 3i Group Plc and Permira Advisers LLP are also considering offers, the newspaper said, citing an unidentified person in London's financial community.

    Oaktree and Apax are considering a plan under which they would hold the London-based homebuilder's shares for five years, the Observer said. Oaktree may also take a minority stake as part of a restructuring deal in which lenders would swap debt for equity, the newspaper said. Another scenario is that Taylor Wimpey's equity would be valued at zero and any acquiring private equity group would take on all the borrowings, the Observer said. Geboren bin ich vor etwa zwei Monaten in den USA.

    Aber mittlerweile hat man mich richtig Lieb gewonnen. Aber schon bald haben die Menschen registriert, dass da noch viel mehr zu holen ist von mir. Wir spielten "Der Plumpssack geht rum". Ich war der Sack, und alle riefen "Yes, we can! Heute habe ich wieder viel zu tun. Dabei geht es um die Frage, ob ich einspringen darf, sollte die Mama der Tochter das Taschengeld streichen. Der Punkte-Katalog scheint also noch schwer einzuordnen zu sein. Japan befindet sich in einer Rezession und damit international betrachtet in bester Gesellschaft.

    Subby hat sein Flugticket nach Tokio bereits gebucht. Dollar 7,26 Mrd. Diese Verhandlungen sind weit fortgeschritten. Readings below zero for the Empire State index signal manufacturing activity is shrinking. Factories are trimming production as banks restrict lending, worsening the economic slump that may be the longest in decades. A slide in overseas demand is also slowing American exports, which were helping manufacturers cushion the slide in U. Projections ranged from minus 35 to minus The gauge measuring the manufacturing outlook for six months from now dropped to 13, the second-lowest reading on record, from The Commerce Department reported last week that retail sales fell 2.


    Vom Schulleiter zum Schulmanager

    The New York Fed's measure of new orders slumped to minus A gauge of shipments dropped to minus Less Inflation The report also showed inflation eased. The index of prices paid for raw materials decreased to A measure of employment plunged to minus Today's report is one of the earliest regional takes on manufacturing this month.

    A report from the Philadelphia Fed, due Nov. Later today, the Fed may report that industrial production including mining and utilities rose 0. The increase will probably reflect a rebound in refining and offshore drilling following the Gulf Coast hurricanes. Eastman Kodak Co. It predicted a third-straight annual sales decline and said it will eliminate more jobs. The 1. Excluding the effect of the storms and a strike at Boeing Co.

    The deepening credit crisis coupled with weakening global demand is forcing companies to cutback on investments for heavy machinery and manufactured goods. Today's report showed output of automobiles, computers, furniture and metals all dropped. Industrial production was forecast to rise 0.

    Projections ranged from a drop of 1 percent to a gain of 1. Capacity utilization, which measures the proportion of plants in use, climbed to New York Manufacturing A separate report showed manufacturing in New York contracted in November at the fastest pace on record as orders and sales plunged. Factory output, which accounts for about four-fifths of industrial production, increased 0. Utility production increased 0. Mining output, which includes oil drilling, jumped 6.

    Oil production operations and other facilities have resumed operations after being shut down because of Hurricane Ike, which made landfall on the Gulf Coast of Texas on Sept. Capacity Use Industrial capacity utilization was estimated to increase to Motor vehicle and parts production dropped 3. Production of consumer durable goods, including automobiles, furniture and electronics, fell 2. Factories assembled just 8. Auto industry figures earlier this month showed cars and light trucks sold at a Industrial production in October also was weakened by a now-resolved 8-week strike by approximately 27, machinists at Boeing, the world's second-largest commercial planemaker.

    Other reports indicate a bleak outlook for manufacturing. The Institute for Supply Management's factory index for October dropped at the fastest pace in 26 years, the Tempe, Arizona- based group said Nov. Slowing demand in the U. Steel Corp. Chief Executive Officer Vikram Pandit is scheduled to announce the plan to employees today. The reductions were disclosed in a presentation posted on New York-based Citigroup's Web site.

    Banks and brokerages worldwide have shed almost , jobs since the subprime mortgage market collapsed last year, sparking a credit crisis. China's third-largest bank by market value said last month that third-quarter profit increased 12 percent on higher interest income. The sale, which will be priced today, is being split between reopenings of benchmark notes first sold in June and in August, Washington-based Fannie said in an e-mailed statement today.

    The company's last sale of debt maturing in longer than a year was on Sept. Economy: Industrial Output Rises on Post-Hurricane Bounce Industrial production rebounded in October after refinery shutdowns from Gulf Coast hurricanes caused the biggest drop since the month before. The New York Fed said its regional factory index fell to a record low. The administration of President George W. Bush ends in less than 10 weeks, and a delay in requesting the cash would leave it to President-elect Barack Obama to tap remaining cash in the bailout money.

    Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has been criticized by lawmakers for shifting the focus of the program to inject capital directly into financial institutions. His initial proposal presented to Congress called for buying troubled assets from the firms. The Treasury Department informed Congress that there would no notification this week, and didn't go beyond that, a department spokesman said today.

    Bernanke will meet today with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders to discuss how the funds are being used and a proposal to rescue the auto industry. The legislation setting up the program gives Congress the ability to block the final installment. The shift in using the funds came under fire last week from legislators in a committee hearing with Neel Kashkari, Treasury's interim head of the TARP program. Paulson and Bernanke are scheduled to testify tomorrow on the program before the House Financial Services Committee.

    Derzeit macht vor allem Ungarn wieder Sorgen. Euro mit Mid-Swap plus 42 Basispunkte relativ teuer bezahlen. You mean the model was right and the market was wrong? Now you tell us. New questions may also arise regarding mark-to-market accounting, which requires banks to record some assets on their books at their market value.

    The wider use of this accounting method, which can trigger big losses and capital hits for banks when asset values decline, has grown controversial. You mean the market might not be omniscient, after all? In any event, if more people had understood all this sooner, a lot of hassles might have been avoided.

    Too late now, though. Die Konzernleitung darf zwar weiterhin Boni beziehen, in Form von Aktien oder in bar. Immerhin waren es ja vor allem Investmentbanker, die die Milliardenverluste der UBS, welche einst als beste Bank der Welt gegolten hatte, verursacht haben. Bei mir ist auch wieder Subby, die kleine Subventionsblase.

    Subby war gestern in Berlin und hat dort viel erlebt. Welche neuen Erkenntnisse hast du? Und in der Krise, so sagt Forsa, fahren immer mehr Menschen Corsa. Bis Weihnachten soll eine Entscheidung gefallen sein. Ich bin mir sicher, ich komme zum Zuge. Die Herrlichkeit dauerte jedoch nicht lange an, und das Plus wurde im Laufe der Sitzung wieder aufgefressen. Die Marktstimmung war gestern insgesamt nicht besonders berauschend. Die Erkenntnis, die industrialisierte Welt befinde sich komplett in einer Rezession, treibt den meisten Marktteilnehmern zahlreiche Sorgenfalten auf die Stirn.

    War der Unicredit-Analyst in seinem Vorleben Kabarettist? Aber net wirklich. Darin bekannte er sich in allen Anklagepunkten mit einer Ausnahme schuldig. Diese betrifft aber nur den Anklagepunkt wegen nicht erfolgter Information der Landesholding. Striedinger beharrte als einziger Angeklagter auf seiner Unschuld.

    Der Akt umfasste nicht weniger als Sie habe auch eine Stellungnahme zu dieser Art der Verbuchung ausgearbeitet. Das waren mehr als viermal so viel wie noch Ende September als 6. Unternehmen melden vorsichtshalber an, die Tendenz sei allerdings steigend. Producer Prices Plunged 2. The larger-than-forecast 2. So-called core producer prices that exclude fuel and food rose a greater-than-anticipated 0.

    Recessions in Europe, Japan and the U. Deflation, or a prolonged decrease in prices, is displacing inflation as a threat for the Federal Reserve and other policy makers throughout the world. Troubled Asset Relief Program. Davis said of the banks and savings and loans Stifel covers, less than a dozen have turned down TARP funding. Bernanke said lending conditions in the U. Cities on Foreclosures Home prices tumbled in a record 80 percent of U. The median price of a U. The price fell in U. Treasuries, as foreign investors sought the relative safety of government debt as stocks plunged 9.

    China led all foreign official investors in September by posting a net increase in U. Japan was a net seller of Treasuries for the fourth month in the past six. The results signal Hewlett-Packard is withstanding an economic crisis that has sapped sales at other technology companies, including Cisco Systems Inc. Corporate spending will grow at less than half the pace initially predicted next year as financial clients pare orders, researcher IDC said this month.

    The New York-based analyst is top- ranked on computers by Institutional Investor magazine. Earlier the stock climbed as much as 15 percent, the most since November The company plans to report full results Nov. Falling Spending Global technology spending probably will rise 2. Growth in the U. Hewlett-Packard led personal computer shipments in the most recent quarter, with 18 percent of the market, according to Gartner Inc.

    Dell had 14 percent, the Stamford, Connecticut-based research firm said. Net income climbed to 84 cents a share from 81 cents a year earlier, Palo Alto, California-based Hewlett-Packard said today. Met de zionistische agressie tegen Gaza op de achtergrond wordt een plaatselijk agent van de Mossad hypernerveus. Een eerlijke Joodse slager en traiteur, medeverantwoordelijke van het Leer- en Gebedshuis van de Satmarer Chassiedim moet het als eerste ontgelden, zo hij weigert om aan het zionistisch bevel gevolg te geven om Shmiel Mordche BORREMAN de deelname aan de gemeenschappelijke gebeden te verweigeren.

    De Slager Traiteur en zijn vrome gemeenschap, rustige stille vrome Joodse mensen, die men als passieve antizionisten kan omschrijven, moeten het ontgelden, gegijzeld worden, door een zionistisch machtswellusteling. De heilige Schrift leert ons dat Haman bodemloos Mordechai haat, en ook welke zijn einde is.

    Zo ziet het religieuze Zionisme uit… Na Schabbes krijgt U, met Gods hulp, meer details van dit treurig verhaal. Northwest Voices Letters to the Editor. Welcome to The Seattle Times' online letters to the editor, a sampling of readers' opinions. Join the conversation by commenting on these letters or send your own letter of up to words.

    December 30, PM. Remember the past. Three hundred men, women and children are murdered and 1. The upcoming Israeli elections are undoubtedly another reason for the slaughter -- as is the likelihood of testing President-elect Barack Obama. Isra-l must immediately end its devastating bombing of Gaza, one the of the most densely populated places on Earth. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and other Israeli leaders are the cause of a humanitarian catastrophe that amounts to genocide against the Palestinian people.

    Judah Maccabee, who is remembered on Hanukkah, did not lead his fight for Jerusalem in order for his people to become barbarian butchers. The government of Isra-l has created a Gaza ghetto that shames me and fellow Jews and everyone who remembers the Nazi Holocaust with horror. The Jews and gentiles of the Freedom Socialist Party demand an immediate halt to the siege of Gaza, respect for Palestinian lives, freedom for all Palestinian political prisoners, and recognition of the right of return for the original inhabitants of Palestine.

    Isra-l's Lie Machine Working Flat Out To Dodge "Killer" Question By Stuart Littlewood Stuart Littlewood shows how Isra-l's public relations strategy frames and defines the situation in Isra-l's own terms regardless of the truth and, using advanced propaganda skills and the elaborate Isra-l lobby network, it seeks to persuade Western politicians and media to accept Isra-l's version of events. But experts say there is little chance of cuts in aid to Israel despite its military operation in Gaza. Hamas accuses senior Palestinian aides of spying for Israelis: Mr Barhoum alleged that Fatah had formed a cell with the purpose of "contacting various Fatah followers in Gaza to collect information on secret Hamas locations and on the whereabouts of the leadership" that is hiding from the Israeli military.

    The cell was under the leadership of a senior Abbas adviser, Tayeb Abdul-Rahim, and information gathered would be passed on "through the channels of security co-operation with the enemy," Mr Barhoum added. Egypt arrests anti-Israel ralliers Thu, 01 Jan GMT Egyptian police have arrested nearly demonstrators protesting at Cairo's inaction amid continuing Israeli aggression in Gaza.

    Rockets hit Israeli towns Thu, 01 Jan GMT Palestinian groups have continued their rocket attacks on Israeli targets despite massive offensives and air raids launched by Tel Aviv. Hamas 'hits main air base in south' Thu, 01 Jan GMT Hamas's military wing says it has targeted an Israeli military base in the city of Beersheba, more than 40 kilometers from the Gaza Strip. Israeli nonstop raids enter 7th day Fri, 02 Jan GMT Israeli fighter jets continue air strikes on Gaza Strip amid speculation that Tel Aviv is to start a ground offensive into the coastal region.

    Iranians volunteer to fight to death for Gaza Thu, 01 Jan GMT University students wearing military fatigues march in unison in the thousands in a symbolic show of readiness to engage in combat in Gaza. Iran advises against storming embassies Thu, 01 Jan GMT Iran has warned protestors not to break into foreign missions following violent demonstrations at the British Embassy compound in Tehran.

    US Prof. Quote: "The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do. Gazans Fight Cold and Hunger as Supplies Run Dry By Azmi Keshawi in Bureij, Gaza Strip ,Their windows smashed in the dead of winter by bomb blasts, Jihad Hamed, his wife and seven children huddle together every night in one bedroom of their freezing house, trying to keep warm and as far away as possible from the next explosion, wherever it might come from.

    A few days ago, Isra-l trotted out only an infinitesimally more credible excuse -- the Hamas rockets case -- as justification for its own murderous shock and awe in Gaza. To portray this as a conflict between equals requires some imagination By Mark Steel Condoleezza Rice, having observed that more than Gazans were dead, said: "We are deeply concerned about the escalating violence. We strongly condemn the attacks on Israel and hold Hamas responsible.

    Iran Urges Arabs to Act on Gaza By Al Jazeera Speaking on Wednesday as Arab ministers met in Cairo, Ahmadinejad warned that setting up committees and making speeches would not be an adequate response to the offensive that has killed nearly Palestinians. How Hypocrisy on 'Terrorism' Kills By Robert Parry Isra-l, a nation that was born out of Zionist terrorism , has launched massive airstrikes against targets in Gaza using high-tech weapons produced by the United States, a country that often has aided and abetted terrorism by its client military forces, such as Chile's Operation Condor and the Nicaraguan contras, and even today harbors right-wing Cuban terrorists implicated in blowing up a civilian airliner.

    Satire Isra-l Attacks US By Jerry Ghinelli In an operation termed "Friendly Enemy," hundreds of Israeli F fighter jets streaked across the Atlantic in precise formation and fired surgical air strikes at alleged terrorist strongholds in densely populated Muslim communities all along the northeast corridor of the United States. Now the big fish have no where else to feed but at the government's bailout trough, transferring the debt-ownership society to our children.

    A bandage covered her head, and dried blood scarred her face. Shrapnel from an Israeli airstrike was embedded in her brain, poisoning her blood. She was in a coma. Isra-l ordered to let international media into Gaza: Isra-l's supreme court today ordered the government to allow the international media into Gaza to report on the effect of the air strikes on Palestinians. Iran to hold rallies in support of Gazans Thu, 01 Jan GMT Iranians will stage rallies across the country after Friday prayers in condemnation of Isra-l's heavy offensive against the Gaza Strip.

    Quote: Politically speaking, tribal nationalism always insists that its own people is surrounded by "a world of enemies", "one against all", that a fundamental difference exists between this people and all others. It claims its people to be unique, individual, incompatible with all others, and denies theoretically the very possibility of a common mankind long before it is used to destroy the humanity of man: Hannah Arendt, from her book The Origins Of Totalitarianism p.

    In an era when many academics were content to hoe narrow specialties, he bestrode whole disciplines; writing seminal works on international relations, comparative government, political theory and American politics. In the early s a colleague asked the Harvard professor, then writing the work that would make him a household name, why he had chosen to focus on civilisation.

    Haniya vows victory in war Wed, 31 Dec GMT The Hamas Premier has vowed a final victory against Isra-l's 'crazy war', calling for an 'unconditional' halt to the onslaught. Iran bans daily for labeling Hamas terrorist Wed, 31 Dec GMT An Iranian newspaper has been banned after publishing an article which authorities say has condoned Isra-l's attacks on the Gaza Strip.

    Bert De Belder Indymedia. Vanmiddag, op de laatste dag van het jaar, stroomden al voor 14 uur vele honderden actievoerders samen op het Brusselse Muntplein. Tegen de start van de betoging was de groep aangegroeid tot een paar duizend. Onderweg bleven zich grote groepen betogers aansluiten, en uiteindelijk trok een mars van Daar werden nog een uur lang slogans geroepen, in een veelkleurige zee van vlaggen en spandoeken, waarbij de Palestijnse kleuren overheersten. De organisatoren — een tal verenigingen die begaan zijn met vrede en ontwikkeling — zijn erg verheugd over deze zeer grote opkomst.

    De organisatoren roepen op voor blijvende mobilisaties zolang de bombardementen en blokkade van Gaza voortduren. Civilians Are Paying the Price in Gaza' By Haider Rizvi International aid groups, including several United Nations agencies, are warning of a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza if Isra-l does not stop its military action there immediately. What I'm referring to is the holocaust we are all witnessing and responsible for in Gaza today and in Palestine over the last 60 years.

    Balles Paul J. Balles exposes Isra-l's warped definition of self-defence, which it uses as a cover for its murder of innocent Palestinians, including women and children, and its destruction of universities, mosques and other civilian infrastructure in the occupied Gaza Strip. Gaza: The Logic of Colonial Power By Nir Rosen As so often, the term 'terrorism' has proved a rhetorical smokescreen under cover of which the strong crush the weak.

    Charter Article He's made himself disappear so Israel can continue its killing spree in Gaza. The last time a president shrunk this small was when Ariel Sharon took his wrecking-ball through Jenin during the second intifada. Israeli Electioneering With Bombs By Jonathan Cook "all Israeli leaders are competing over who is the toughest and who is ready to kill more. If Gaza Falls. How can the impoverishment and suffering of Gaza's children - more than 50 per cent of the population - benefit anyone?

    International law as well as human decency demands their protection. If Gaza falls, the West Bank will be next. Peace is a threat to Zionism. It demands compromise. Twice this year, the leaders of Hamas indicated their readiness to accept a Palestinian State within the borders. Pirates Of The Mediterranean By Yvonne Ridley NOT content with committing war crimes and human rights atrocities in full view of the world, Isra-l has now confirmed itself as a rogue state by launching into international piracy. The Twilight Zone By Jim Kirwan An unforeseen global crisis has erupted in Gaza with the declaration of 'All Out WAR' on the Palestinian people; and Obama hid behind a date on the calendar when what he might have said could have altered this entire situation.

    Israeli raids harbinger of regional developments: Ahmadinejad Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip is the harbinger of major developments in the region. Arab Connivance in the Gaza Massacre By Alberto Cruz, The most wretched of all the Arab leaders is Mahmoud Abbas , who styles himself, "President of the Palestinian Authority" at the same time as he accuses Hamas of responsibility for the massacre for refusing to give in, as he himself has done, to Zionist and Western designs.

    Taking advantage of the bloodletting, he has already said he will take over the administration of Gaza if Hamas is defeated. A Letter to Mr. Therefore, I ask you to resign from your post, dissolve the PA, and make demands from the occupiers to ensure the welfare of the occupied as stipulated in the 3rd and 4th Geneva Conventions. Hammond Isra-l's crimes against the Palestinians simply could not take place on such a massive scale were it not for US support. The American people, therefore, have a responsibility to act and pressure their government to end its financial, military, and diplomatic support for Israeli violations of international law -- a necessary first step towards any viable and sustainable peace.

    No one is safe. In light of the escalating tensions, we're bringing back one our most moving documentaries, a hard-hitting expose of life in the Occupied territories. We speak to the children caught in the crossfire and find out the true cost of Israel's targeted assassinations policy. Why I Am a Socialist By Chris Hedges The corporate forces that are looting the Treasury and have plunged us into a depression will not be contained by the two main political parties.

    The Democratic and Republican parties have become little more than squalid clubs of privilege and wealth, whores to money and corporate interests, hostage to a massive arms industry, and so adept at deception and self-delusion they no longer know truth from lies. More than 1, Palestinians have been wounded and hospitals are running out of medicines and other products needed to treat them. Palestinian resistance fighter killed, another wounded in Israeli attack: A Palestinian resistance fighter was killed and another was injured on Tuesday in a new Israeli air raid targeted the eastern outskirts of the northern Gaza Strip.

    Local sources report that a missile destroyed a house belonging to Talal Hamdan in Beit Hanoun today, killing his two daughters of 12 and 4 years old. A son is reported seriously injured. Yesterday Israeli forces killed four sisters and a four year old boy. Israeli cabinet to discuss Gaza ceasefire Wed, 31 Dec GMT Isra-l's security cabinet is to discuss international proposals for a truce in the Gaza Strip as Palestinian rockets hit deeper into Isra-l.

    Protesters worldwide condemn Isra-l Wed, 31 Dec GMT People from across the world hold protests to denounce Israel's bombardment of the Gaza Strip that has killed hundreds and injured thousands. Bush has been postponed, a court spokesman says. As the world waits for Obama to voice his opinion on Gaza, America's President-elect hits the golf course: Barack Obama remained silent over the violence in Gaza as Israel today threatened to continue its attacks for weeks.

    This silence is part of the deliberate appeasment to his Zionist handlers. He is not facing any dilemma such damned if he speak and damned if he doesn't. Of course, if he opens his mouth, he will be lyinglike any of the past presidents of Isra-l in the White House. I appeal to everyone who can possibly do so to attend the many demonstrations that are being held here so that the British government is left in no doubt as to the strength of opposition there is to this war. Iran demands end to Gaza media blackout Wed, 31 Dec GMT Iran has officially requested that Arab media outlets provide responsible coverage of the developments in the besieged Gaza Strip.

    Iran sets up court for Gaza criminals Tue, 30 Dec GMT Tehran has set up a criminal court to bring to trial the perpetrators of the Gaza Strip offensive, Iranian judiciary spokesman says. Iran seeking practical solutions for Gaza Tue, 30 Dec GMT Iran intensifies its efforts to bring an end to the suffering of the impoverished Gaza Strip as Israeli air strikes enter their fourth day.

    Isra-l has been in violation of international law since , protected by the United States' veto of UN Resolutions condemning Israel for its violent, inhumane, barbaric, and illegal acts. Leaders Lie, Civilians Die, and Lessons of History are Ignored By Robert Fisk The Bush administration, not to mention the pusillanimous reaction of Gordon Brown, reaffirm for Arabs what they have known for decades: however they struggle against their antagonists, the West will take Israel's side. As usual, the bloodbath was the fault of the Arabs - who, as we all know, only understand force.

    Ron Paul: No Such Thing as an Independent Isra-l By Jihan Hafiz I don't think there is such a thing as an independent Isra-l doing anything, because I think no matter what they do its our money, its our weapons, and their not going to do it without us approving it and if they get into trouble we're going to bail them out, so there is no separation between the two. Arab World Losing Tolerance For Indifferent Leaders By Roshan Muhammed Salih When people feel there is no justice in the world and no legitimate outlet for their justified frustration, things tend to boil over.

    And that's what happened at a huge anti-Isra-l, pro-Hamas demonstration in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a. Resistance to Israeli occupation - a right? Palestinians are a people under occupation who has the right to self-determination under the UN Charter. The use of force as part of resisting occupation in the Palestinian case is therefore derived from the international legitimacy to recourse to armed struggle in order to obtain the right to self-determination. They don't destroy and cause chaos and panic in entirely residential areas.

    If we accept - by silence or without questioning - that anything and everyone can be defined as "terrorist infrastructure", then we are designating all civilians in Gaza as being targets. Lebanese take to the streets over Gaza Sun, 28 Dec GMT As Isra-l pounded the Gaza strip, hundreds of angry protesters in Beirut took to the streets calling for a halt to the deadly strikes.

    Reports Canadians protest Israeli strikes against Gazans in freezing rain, snow Isra-l launches fresh raids on Gaza Mon, 29 Dec GMT Israeli warplanes have launched dozens of fresh airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, killing at least 10 Palestinians and wounding 40 others. Israel allows aid trucks into Gaza Tue, 30 Dec GMT Israel has allowed dozens of trucks carrying international humanitarian aid to enter the blockaded Gaza Strip, a military official says.

    Israeli boat rams int'l aid ship off Gaza Tue, 30 Dec GMT An international aid boat carrying a consignment of medical supplies to the Gaza Strip has been reportedly rammed by an Israeli patrol vessel. Rabbiner Dr. Mein lieber Benjamin! Der Vorschlag bleibt freilich auf halbem Wege stecken. Eine Oase, ein Ruheplatz. Ihr Name ist Gott. Weil er die Einheit ist in allem Bunten, weil er einzig ist und sein Name einzig. Die Einheit in allem war und ist Gott. Teil unseres Studienprogramms Herbst-Winter , wird fortgesetzt. Can there be any doubt who the real terrorists are?

    A mother whose three school-age children were killed, and are piled one on top of the other in the morgue, screams and then cries, screams again and then is silent. By Robert Fisk Let's kick off with the man who is not going to change the Middle East, Barack Obama, who last week, with infinite predictability, became Time's "person of the year". But buried in a long and immensely tedious interview inside the magazine, Obama devotes just one sentence to the Arab-Israeli conflict: "And seeing if we can build on some of the progress, at least in conversation, that's been made around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be a priority.

    Britain and US refuse to demand end to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza: Britain and the United States were on a collision course with their European allies last night after refusing to call for an end to Israeli airstrikes on Hamas targets in Gaza. Obama said in July.

    Gaza carnage Obama's litmus test: The Israeli bombardment of Gaza Saturday left at least dead and wounded, making it the biggest such atrocity in 60 years of Isra-l-Palestine conflict. Pelosi: US must stand strongly with Isra-l: Nancy Pelosi issued a statement concerning the Israeli operation in Gaza in which she wrote that "When Isra-l is attacked, the United States must continue to stand strongly with its friend and democratic ally. Bush urging him to intervene to end Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip. Iran says all Muslims should defend Palestinians against Israeli Gaza raids: "All Palestinian combatants and all the Islamic world's pious people are obliged to defend the defenceless women, children and people in Gaza in any way possible.

    Whoever is killed in this legitimate defense is considered a martyr," state television quoted Khamenei as saying in a statement. Across Mideast, thousands protest Israeli assault: The prime minister of Turkey, one of the few Muslim countries to have relations with Israel, called the air assault a "crime against humanity. War Hysteria under Fire. Genocide in Gaza, Arab world silent Iran urges intl. Killing for votes in Gaza By Hassan Hanizadeh The relentless attacks on the residents of the Gaza Strip, which have so far led to the martyrdom of about people and hundreds more injured, including women and children, seem to be a show of force by Israeli leaders who are attempting to give the appearance that they are tough on Palestine in order to gain more votes in the upcoming parliamentary election.

    Dictator Stalin strong contender for most popular Russian MOSCOW Reuters - Soviet dictator Josef Stalin remains one of Russia's most popular historical figures despite the purges that marked his rule, according to the latest results in a nationwide poll. Auf dieser Basis war klar, dass sich Mr. Was haben Sie sich dabei gedacht? Um so etwas zu verhindern, mussten wir Mr. Also dachte ich: Warte mal. Ich war sicher, dass innerhalb dieser stark marginalisierten Community niemand nach Mr.

    Nichts von dem, was Mr. Insofern war es auch nicht illegal, ihn zu beherbergen. Die Familien sollten sich nicht einmischen und ihn gehen lassen, falls es so weit kommt. Wussten Sie von dem Film?

    Materialien zur bGE-Online-Petition + zur Anhörung von Susanne Wiest im Petitionsausschuss:

    Das war einfach nicht abzusehen. Sechs der sieben Asylgesuche der Snowden-Refugees waren bereits in den Jahren und abgelehnt worden. Das ist relativ normal. Das alleine zeigt schon, wie kaputt dieses System ist. Aber das war noch nicht alles. Diese Bedrohungslage hat RoG in einem globalen Report untersucht. Bundestagswahl am User:Benny Brett — Eigenes Werk ….

    Autokratisch regierte Staaten haben damit wenig Probleme, sie nutzen diese Veranstaltungen zur Aufpolierung ihres Images. Profisport ist ein gewichtiger, hoch profitabler Teil der global agierenden Unterhaltungsindustrie. Taxiarchos — Eigenes Werk …. Juli — bekannt als BDS-Aufruf. Das Neue des Aufrufs bestand nicht in der empfohlenen Taktik — Boykott- und Desinvestitionskampagnen waren schon vor verbreitet. Zu Beginn der zionistischen Bewegung Ende des Mit jedem Detail aber, das aus den zahlreichen Friedensangeboten bekannt wurde, erschien der Deal fauler.

    Israel reagierte nicht sofort auf BDS, dann aber mit voller Wucht. Srr94 — Eigenes Werk …. Jnestorius — Eigenes Werk …. Bis vor gar nicht allzu langer Zeit war das noch anders. Vor ein paar hundert Jahren erfolgte die Trennung von Produzenten und Produktionsmitteln, und es entstand der Widerspruch zwischen Arbeit und Kapital. Nur noch ein Tag, dann ist endlich Wochenende! Psychologen berichten seit Langem von Sonntagsdepressionen. Offenbar ist da also auch heute noch eine Art von Zwang im Spiel.

    Erwerbsarbeit steht im Mittelpunkt einer jeden kapitalistischen Gesellschaft. Wer bei einer Party auftaucht, wird von Unbekannten in aller Regel neben dem Namen zuerst nach seinem Beruf gefragt.

    Täglich News und Meinungen aus der Grafikszene

    Mit dem Entstehen der protestantischen Arbeitsethik im Zur ideologischen Perfektion hat dieser Umstand im Neoliberalismus gefunden. Sie erfahren immer weniger soziale Sicherheit. Aus diesem doppelten Zwang entsteht Leid. Ziko-C — Eigenes Werk …. Karl Gunnarsson — originally posted to Flickr as Waterboarding …. Die Behauptung, dass diese Argumente antisemitisch seien, ist absurd. Unsere Haltung als linke InternationalistInnen ist demzufolge:.

    Man kann die Veranstaltung im Netz anschauen. Dezember feststellte. Die Annexion ist in vollem Gange. Das alles ist euch bekannt! Wir erwarten von euch:. Bitte erinnert euch an den 5. Kerstin Cademartori, Hannover. Annette Groth, Stuttgart. Ingrid Jost, Duisburg. Eckardt Kaiser, Freising. Clemens Messerschmid, Ramallah. Norman Paech, Hamburg. Thomas Zmrzly, Duisburg. Jnestorius — Eigenes Werk. Takver — originally posted to Flickr as Israel — Boycott, divest, sanction.

    Abgelegt unter Europa , Kriegspolitik , P. Bis Mitte Dezember genehmigte die Bundesregierung zwar weniger neue Exporte als Im gesamten Vorjahr waren es noch 6,24 Milliarden. Sonaz — Eigenes Werk …. Es war der 1. Deren Vorsitzender Matteo Salvini wurde Innenminister. Gleich am ersten Tag seines Amts fuhr er nach Sizilien. Im Vorjahr war einer von je 42,5 ertrunken. Im Vorjahreszeitraum waren es Noborder Network — Flickr : cayuco approached by a spanish coast guard vessel. Eine funktionierende Stadt zu leiten, die weltweit als ganz besonders lebenswert gilt, ist in der Tat ein Privileg.

    Leistbares Wohnen sei dabei ein wichtiges Kriterium. Walter Reinhard hat nie woanders gewohnt. Er ist erst vor knapp 20 Jahren dort eingezogen. Nicht ganz. Wasser und Toiletten auf dem Gang waren eher die Regel als die Ausnahme. Allerdings wurde in den er Jahren in Wien das Mietrecht novelliert. In den letzten 15 Jahren sind keine Gemeindebauten mehr errichtet worden. Bwag — Eigenes Werk …. Es ist ein Treppenwitz der Geschichte, dass die Sozialdemokratie gerade in diesem Moment ihr ganzes Elend und ihre Bedeutungslosigkeit beweist, in aktuellen Umfragen auf Werte um die 15 Prozent absinkt — bundesweit!

    In der Nacht zum 6. Die wiederum war bekanntlich von Anfang an als schiefe Ebene angelegt, auf der das Land in die Nazi-Diktatur hineinrutschte. Solche intuitive Analogiebildung ist nicht methodisch kontrolliert, sondern folgt zumeist aktuellen Sorgen und einem diffusen Geschichtswissen. Sie im strengen Sinn zu verifizieren oder zu falsifizieren, ist wegen der Art der Aussage ausgeschossen. Am Vormittag des Als entscheidende Weichenstellung auf dem Weg in den Krieg wird dagegen die Selbstblockade der Reichsinstitutionen herausgestellt. Die auf Ausgleich und Kompromissfindung angelegte Verfassungsstruktur des Reichs wurde durch die Entstehung protestantischer und katholischer Parteien, der Union und der Liga, paralysiert, so dass es, als sich die Konflikte immer weiter zuspitzten, keine Instanz des friedlich-schiedlichen Ausgleichs mehr gab.

    Zu Beginn des Zuletzt gab es nur noch 16 katholische Haushalte, deren seelsorgerische Betreuung in einem an der Stadtmauer gelegenen Benediktinerkloster erfolgte. Das wurde jedoch vom Wiener Reichshofrat, der in die Angelegenheit eingeschaltet worden war, als Bruch des Religionsfriedens gewertet. Jahrhunderts mit der Bildung von Union und Liga der Fall war. Ziko van Dijk …. Ajay Banga ist der Sohn eines indischen Offiziers. Dieses Geschenk der Gates Foundation an Mastercard — und es ist in der Tat mehr ein Geschenk als ein Darlehen oder eine Investition — ist nur eines von vielen, welches die Stiftung den reichsten Unternehmen der Welt anbietet.

    Von Vodafone bis zu Bildungsunternehmen wie Scholastic Inc. Doch diese Spenden beinhalten versteckte Kosten. Ein Beispiel sind die Mittel, die die Stiftung an die Weltgesundheitsorganisation spendet. Einige Kommentatoren argumentieren, dies sei eine positive Entwicklung. Doch dieser Definition entgeht die Art und Weise, wie sich der Begriff entwickelt hat.

    Jacklee — Own work. Verbotsdrohungen gegen die Rote Hilfe e. November berichtete. Internationale Hausdurchsuchungswellen — beispielsweise am Mai in Hannover. In Moskau lautet das Motto ganz offensichtlich: Ruhe bewahren. Was wird man finden, wenn sich der Rauch der ersten Stunde gelichtet haben wird? Machen wir einen Versuch:. Wird Russland diese Last schultern wollen? Zwei miteinander untrennbare Fragen erheben sich dabei ganz unmittelbar: Wie wird Russland mit den Kurden umgehen? Sie mussten ihr Leben lassen, nur weil sie am hiesigen, selbst gewaltsam erwirtschafteten Wohlstand teilhaben wollten.

    In der Tat. Quer durch Europa, um ganz Europa herum dasselbe Bild: Menschen, die sterben mussten, weil sie leben wollten. Autor : Donald In der Sache hat Juncker ohne Zweifel Recht. Sie versucht eine Umdeklaration der Aufgaben des Verteidigungsfonds. Das aber sei ein handwerklicher Fehler und eine offensichtliche Rechtswidrigkeit. Doch das scheint nicht der Fall zu sein. Doch ein solches Gutachten der juristischen Dienste ist bisher nicht vorgelegt worden. Wie wird nun die Kommission bzw. Ersatzweise wurde der Fiskalpakt dann als eine Art Zwischenstaatlicher Vertrag verfasst. Die Rechtslage scheint damit eindeutig zu sein.

    Wie Der Spiegel am Somit stellt sich die Frage, wer gegen die Einrichtung des Fonds rechtlich vorgehen kann. Nichtprivilegierte Klageberechtigte — wie einzelne Unternehmen, ggf. Die Voraussetzungen richten sich nach nationalem Recht in Deutschland Art. Von dort sind keine Aggressionen gegen die EU zu erwarten. Landgrenzen gibt es im wesentlichen zu Russland und zur Ukraine. Diese Lizenz erlaubt es, diese Texte und Fotos zu verbreiten, zu remixen, zu verbessern und darauf aufzubauen und unter gleichen Bedingungen weiter zu verteilen, allerdings nur nicht -kommerziell.

    Secretary Carter is traveling in Europe to hold bilateral and multilateral meetings with European defense ministers and to participate in his first NATO ministerial as Secretary of Defense. Photo by Master Sgt. Master Sgt. Adrian Cadiz — Secretary of defense visits Germany …. Nadia Murad Basee Taha. Denis Mukwege. Sobald sich das Hoftor zwischen den hohen Mauern geschlossen hat, wird es ruhig. Doch die seelischen Narben bleiben. Sie zeigt auf ihr Handy.

    Sie sitzt ganz ruhig aufrecht da und atmet tief ein und aus, so wie sie es in den Meditationsstunden gelernt hat.

    ‎Vom Schulleiter zum Schulmanager on Apple Books

    Dezember erhielt sie in Oslo gemeinsam mit Denis Mukwege den Friedensnobelpreis. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt — 9. Dezember , — war sie bei Flickr unter der unten stehenden Lizenz freigegeben. USAID-supported health programs have assisted rape victims with counseling, training, employment, and safe living environments.

    Doch auch die kennt nur eine Richtung: nach oben. Offenbar sind hier Effekte wirksam, die sich mit den demografischen Horrorprophezeiungen nicht so recht vereinbaren lassen. Die heutigen Werte hatte vor 10 oder 15 Jahren niemand vorhergesagt. Tankstellen, denen das Benzin ausgeht. Ein Land im Chaos. Macron ist da keine Ausnahme. Damit hat er das zuvor kategorisch Ausgeschlossene getan: Er hat nachgegeben. Erstellt von DL-Redaktion am 9. Aber auch die Huthi-Rebellen sind skrupellos. Dontworry — Own work …. Students say neither the school, nor themselves, have taken any side in the war.

    Noch wissen wir nicht, wie das Tauziehen um das Haushaltsgesetz und die Machtprobe zwischen der italienischen Regierung und Europa ausgehen wird. Ein Rechtsruck nach polnischem Vorbild, der unter aller Augen stattfindet und mindestens so sehr alarmieren sollte wie die Haushaltsfrage. Schenkt dem Vaterland ein Kind, das Vaterland wird euch mit Land bezahlen! An die Spitze des Familienministeriums wurde Lorenzo Fontana berufen.

    Er ist ein Gegner der Lebenspartnerschaft. Er steht der extremen Rechten von Verona nahe. Und er ist vor allem ein erbitterter Gegner des weiblichen Rechts auf Schwangerschaftsabbruch. Bereits heute kann das Gesetz nur unzureichend umgesetzt werden. Woche eine Fehlgeburt erlitten hatte und dringender Hilfe bedurfte.

    Sie alle tragen gelbe Warnwesten. Die Biker sind auch mitgefahren. Auch heute sind sie wieder gekommen, um zu protestieren. Er selbst aber will nicht so schnell aufgeben. Eine einfache kleine Studentenwohnung in Amiens kostet rund Euro. In den umliegenden Orten sei es billiger. Die Gilets jeunes waren geboren — die Gelbwesten.

    So wie Dechamps und Durand geht es vielen, die in Amiens leben. Selbst ein nationales Symbol, der Triumphbogen, blieb nicht unversehrt. Parteivorsitz und Kanzlerschaft — in Oppositionszeiten: der Fraktionsvorsitz — blieben dabei die meiste Zeit bei einer Person. In drei von vier Legislaturperioden musste sie die Macht mit den Sozialdemokraten teilen. Jetzt ereilte es zum ersten Mal auch die Union. Dem sekundierten unausgesprochen auch die Sozialdemokraten. Drittens erleichterte es die Oppositionsrolle der Union bis , die rechte Flanke des Parteiensystems weiter erfolgreich abzudecken. Xylophilon ….

    Abgelegt unter Kriegspolitik , Medien , P. Unmut brodelte. Da trat der Vorsitzende ans Pult. Er war heiser. Und die freie Arztwahl. Das ist der Erfolg kluger, leidenschaftsloser, weitblickender Realpolitik. Die Vorsitzende verbat sich Grundsatzkritik an der Groko. Es klang fast ein wenig drohend. Verletzt wird damit auch das bilaterale Abkommen zwischen Moskau und Kiew von Soweit die Fakten. Doch auch sie werden wirkungslos verpuffen. November Das Thema Migration vergeht nicht. Worum geht es? Was nicht der Fall ist. Was ist daran? Er irrte sich gleich in mehrfacher Hinsicht.

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    Aber ist der Konflikt damit wirklich vorbei? Sind Gebiete sicher, nur weil dort keine Bomben mehr fallen? Und sollte sich Europa vor diesem Hintergrund an einem Wiederaufbau des Landes beteiligen? Tatsache ist: Syriens Machthaber Assad hat geschafft, was bislang keinem arabischen Despoten gelang. Assad hat gewonnen — und zugleich verloren. Denn zum Zuge kommt nur, wer sich die Gunst des Regimes mit besonders loyalem Verhalten verdient hat. Es ist deshalb nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis der Frust sich in der einen oder anderen Form wieder Bahn bricht. Eine Fortsetzung der Assad-Herrschaft bedeutet auch, dass Millionen Syrer ihre Heimat dauerhaft verlieren und mittelfristig staatenlos werden.

    Mehrere Hunderttausend Kinder syrischer Eltern sind in den Nachbarstaaten bereits als Staatenlose auf die Welt gekommen. Ohne Papiere werden sie nicht registriert und strukturell diskriminiert. Sie haben keinen Anspruch auf Gesundheitsversorgung, Bildung und grundlegende Rechte. US-Dollar kosten soll. Der Brexit hat aber nicht nur gezeigt, wie vielfach gespalten die britische Gesellschaft ist. Er hat auch offenbart, mit welcher Inbrunst gewisse Kreise die Idee einer glorreichen britischen Vergangenheit hochhalten.

    Mit breitbeinigen Posen von gestern aufzutreten ist nicht gerade die beste Idee, wenn es darum geht, in Sachfragen von heute voranzukommen. Rohstoffe, die aus allen Teilen der Welt zu uns kommen. Bei metallischen Rohstoffen, d. Wir kaufen weltweit am meisten Erdgas aus dem Ausland und verbrauchen insgesamt am siebtmeisten. Bei der Kohle liegen wir auf Rang sechs bei den Einfuhren und betreiben sechs der zehn dreckigsten Kraftwerke innerhalb der EU.

    Dementsprechend sind die deutschen CO2-Emissionen im Strassenverkehr seit auch nicht gesunken. Doch die Folgen des Klimawandels sind auch in Europa sichtbar. Ohne Smartphones, Laptops und Tablets ist unser Leben kaum noch vorstellbar. Doch einen der wichtigsten Rohstoffe dieser Technologien kennt kaum jemand: Kobalt. Sie arbeiten ohne Schutzkleidung. Auch bei landwirtschaftlichen Rohstoffen sind immer wieder Menschenrechtsverletzungen zu beobachten. Im Lebensmittelsektor liegt das auch an der Marktkonzentration, d.

    Der Reichtum geht und die Armut bleibt. Wahrscheinlich sehr oft. So oft, dass manche Zeitungsleserin und mancher Fernsehzuschauer irgendwann beschloss, gar nichts mehr zu glauben. Giftgasangriff in Syrien? Schon sind wir in die Falle getappt. Dabei gibt es sie, die Wahrheit — erst recht im Krieg. Er besagt, dass Kriegsparteien ungeachtet der Tatsachen gerne ihre Versionen des Geschehens verbreiten.

    Aber ist Wahrheit nicht relativ? Hat nicht jeder seine eigene Wahrheit? Nein, jeder hat seine Wahrnehmung, seine Sichtweise auf bestimmte Ereignisse. In Syrien gibt es so viele Versionen dieses Krieges wie es Syrer gibt. Nur dann kann er puzzeln. Der Krieg in Syrien wird dann wahlweise auf einen westlichen Regimewechsel, einen geplatzten Pipelinedeal oder eine Anti-Iran-Intervention reduziert.

    Dadurch machen sich ihre Verfechter ausgerechnet das zu eigen, was sie kritisieren: eine zutiefst paternalistische Sichtweise. Deutschland will an die Weltspitze. Es geht also um viel. In diesem Feld, man muss es so deutlich sagen, war Deutschland bislang nicht eben als Wegbereiter bekannt. Konkret wird es allerdings an den wenigsten Stellen. In welchen Wissenschaftsgebieten diese Professuren eingerichtet werden, ist bisher nicht benannt. In den offiziellen Statistiken tauchen diese nicht auf. Um hier die besten Ergebnisse zu erzielen, ist es sinnvoll, Daten zu teilen. Ein Problem stellen hier vor allem personenbezogene Daten dar, etwa aus der Medizin oder von Versicherten.

    Die Bundesregierung wird hier, analog zu anderen Anwendungsgebieten, die Vor- und Nachteile einer umfassenden Bewertung unterziehen.